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The Curse and Blessing of Skype

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The Curse and blessing of Skype…….

I’d been living with Briony for a few months when she and her mother discovered Skype. It had been a great few months. Briony, 23yrs old, at 5 foot 6 inches, slim, long blonde hair, was great to live with. Her body was shapely without being too large – or too small. She was hot, kinky and experimental in bed……..and in the kitchen, and in the living room, and in the shower, and three times in our backyard! And Briony had another characteristic to treasure as well – she was a great cook! It was something she had learnt from her mother, and an obsession she still shared with her mother. Often they would phone each other asking for tips, wanting to know how to prepare some obscure ingredient, sharing recipes.

I had met Briony months before when she was on a trip for work to the town where I live (30 miles from where she lived), where we met in a bar. After dating for a month or two, quite out of the blue, her company asked if she would take over the office in the town where I lived. I asked her to move in with me to save on the rent for both of us, and it was the best thing I had ever done. Not only did I get the best sex ever, I got the best cooking as well!

Briony’s mother June was rather different to Briony – perhaps Briony took after her father. Different psychologically, not physically. June was the same height as Briony, same build – she was Briony 25 years older. Her hair was shorter, but she was still a very attractive woman, despite dressing and living very conservatively. June had been brought up in a rather puritanical home, and was fundamentally a puritan herself. However, in her innocence and naivety in her late teens she had been swept off her feet by the local Romeo, and married him despite the warnings of her parents. Her parents had been right. After two years he had taken all of June’s earnings, salted away all of June’s savings, and disappeared with the girl who worked on the till at the local shop when June was 8 months pregnant.

Many people had tried to court June, but from there she had dedicated herself to looking after her daughter, something she did wonderfully, while working full time as a dental receptionist to pay their way. Briony had lived at home with her mother through college, and worked for a local insurance company when she left college. Briony had always been a bit wild, but had kept most of that from her mother. June refused to hear anything bad of her daughter, even when rumours did reach her.

June was a bit ambiguous about me. I was the sort of guy most mothers were happy for their daughter to be seen with. Six foot, with a footballer’s body. Short dark hair. Working as a surveyor after college, doing well. On the one hand I was mister good guy who was good for her daughter, but on the other hand no-one would be good enough for her perfect daughter. We got on fine. I enjoyed her staying with us. I think she liked to visit. When they were together Briony and June were happy, with 80% of the conversation being about cooking. They were actually two women who enjoyed “being in the kitchen together!”

And then they discovered skype.

Why we put it on the computer we had in our bedroom I will never know. But we did! And because it was free, they felt they could talk as long and as often as they wanted. At first I smiled when they were talking. Then began to get irritated every time that deep sounding beep went off. And then it got very very irritating. It seemed like every time we were about to have sex, or in the middle of sex, or warming up for sex the bloody thing went off. And Briony could never leave it, or turn it off, or pretend it wasn’t there. “Mum might need me,” she would say.

The final straw came one day in a particularly hot session just after we both had got home from work, before we had even thought about what we were going to eat. We had ended up doggy style, on the floor, on the deep pile carpet we had in the bedroom. It was a pink carpet! I was moments away from filling Briony’s pussy with cum, when I heard it. The dreaded deep peep. Why couldn’t skype have a call sign like everyone else’s? And Briony had simply crawled away on her hands and knees, pulling herself off my cock before I could move, standing up, grabbing a dressing gown and began to talk to her mother. I was left with a stiff, sticky wet cock, and balls about to empty, with nothing to empty them into!!!!!!

After they had chatted for about ten minutes, I put on my dressing gown, said high to June, explained that our meal was just about ready and we had to go. I turned off skype and gave Briony the screwing I deserved. And she thoroughly enjoyed!

It was enough – I had to do something. I couldn’t have every bout of sex interrupted: my balls would explode! But thinking about Skype, and her mother interrupting, and me turning her mother off, started to give me ideas. Fun ideas. Even kinkier ideas. And the truth is – I knew Kinky was Briony’s nature as well, and her desire for bahis firmaları ever more kinkiness. Luckily I know my way around a computer. It took a few days when Briony was out to set it up, but changing a few settings quickly had the computer as I wanted. The magic of “hotkeys!” I’d be ready the next time she Skyped……

It was almost a week later when it happened. We had both got home from work, both feeling really horny after Briony’s period. I had nearly ripped her clothes off when she had got in, and had rid myself of mine just as quickly. I knew it was the evening June was likely to Skype – she often did on Wednesdays, so I took my time. I caressed Briony all over, spending extra time playing with her breasts, squeezing her nipples until they were hard, then sucking them to even greater size. I let my hands roam. I explored between the cheeks of her ass, before caressing between her legs, gently caressing her clit, pushing one, then two, then three fingers inside her, threatening one day to give her a real a good fisting. She knew I wouldn’t, but just talking about it turned her on even more (talking about kinky things was always good for extra excitement for Briony).

After she came down from her first orgasm I heard it. The deep beep. Skype calling. Rather June was calling on Skype, just as I was wondering what to do with the hardest erection I’d had that week. I was left lying on the bed, stiff cock waving in empty space as Briony pulled on her dressing gown quickly to talk to her mother.

I left it for about 5 minutes, before moving over to the computer, putting my head into the shot to tell June that sometimes the power cable on our computer monitor (with inbuilt speakers) gave out, so sorry if the connection broke down while she and Briony were talking. I’d already mentioned it to Briony before, who had probably told her mother of the problem before this evening. I hung around as they chatted a bit more about cooking Langoustines then pushed the Control and caps locked button on the keyboard. Instantly our screen went blank, as if the computer had shut down.

I apologised to Briony, said I’d get it going again in a bit, but why not finish off business first? She gave a smile, so I pushed her chair back, then turned it sideways towards me, then pushed her head down to my cock, thrusting my cock into her mouth. It was all sexy fun for Briony, and she started giving me the blow job of my life. Her tongue swirled around the tip of my cock, then she took as much into her mouth as she could, then pulled back again. Her hand was squeezing my balls, until I was uncontrollable. Briony sat still on the chair as I thrust my cock in and out of her mouth harder and harder, telling her she was the best cock-sucker I’d ever known – which was true. Suddenly Briony had stopped, pulled her mouth off my cock, looked hard into my eyes and said “Fuck my mouth honey, and shoot your spunk right down my throat.”

It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse – I pulled her head back onto my cock and began to fuck hard. She was so good with her tongue – in seconds I was moaning, thrusting hard, filling her mouth with my cum, pumping hard, over and over, as she swallowed as much as she could. Even then, some of my cum seeped out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Briony smiled up at me, knowing she’d milked every last drop of cum from my cock, and said – “Nice starter, now let’s eat those langoustines.” She disappeared, carrying her dressing gown with her. As she disappeared I turned back to the computer, again pushed the control and caps locked buttons for the screen to come back on, and to see a figure disappearing from the Skype screen.

It was later I got the real benefit as well. Not only had I set the control and caps lock buttons to killing our monitor and speakers, but to start the record function as well. When Briony was watching her favourite soap opera I went to watch the recording. It was amazing. A small picture in the corner of Briony giving me the best blowjob she could, the big screen showing her mother’s reactions as she watched. That terrible, exciting mix of horror and fascination covered her face. But she stayed watching……. The final moments of the recording showed June rushing away from the computer. I imagined her rushing to her bedroom to relieve herself.

Chapter two.

It took a few days to work out what to do next. It was helpful to know that it worked! That I could kill the computer monitor and speaker our end, while June continued to watch, and I could record what we would have been seeing on Skype if our monitor and speakers were on! It was also good to have June believing there was something wrong with the connection, so she might be hearing and seeing, and we weren’t. The next time we would just give her a show she could watch. It was again just after Briony and I had arrived home from work.

I had arrived first, and gone to our bedroom, waiting for the door. In the next 5 minutes I had cleared our desk, leaving kaçak iddaa our cam at the far end, and had removed all my clothes. After a further 5 minutes or so I heard Briony’s key turn in the lock. As she took off her coat and hung it in the hall I simply put the call through on Skype to June. It was all a bit rushed, but I called Briony to the bedroom, and pushed the control and capslock buttons as I did so. When Briony came into the bedroom, the computer looked dead, although I knew June would be watching.

“Blimey – you’re ready for action!” Briony smiled, as she stared hard at my already stiff cock. I wondered whether June was staring hard as well. I only wondered for a moment! I stepped across to Briony, lifted her over to the desk and bent her over it. I lifted her skirt, pulled her black lacy panties to her feet, lifted her feet and pulled them off. It was just as I had planned – Briony’s face was inches from the cam, looking straight into the cam, although she wasn’t aware the cam was working or turned on.

I noticed that the lips of Briony’s pussy were already glistening. Perhaps she had been dreaming of something like this on the way home from work – we often did before we ate our evening meal. I let my hand rest on Briony’s pussy, and gently eased a finger inside her, playing around inside her pussy, trying to press on her G-spot. Briony was purring, moaning softly, softly saying “Yes, yes……..”

After a couple of minutes I removed my finger, moved right behind her and let my cock rest under her pussy, moving softly across the lips. I whispered to Briony “What do you want me to do?” I know Briony loves to talk to dirty, and she didn’t disappoint.

“I want you to fuck me!”

I hesitated, and asked her again what she wanted me to do.

“I want you to put your cock in my cunt. I want you to pound your cock in and out. Fuck me, please.” Briony increasingly begged, getting louder and more yearning. I wasn’t going to disappoint her! I pushed hard into her, plunging my 7 inches fully into her. Briony’s moan of relief as I filled her was unmissable, and she said in obvious desire: “Oh, your cock feels so good in my cunt, feels so good in me.”

I held for a moment, then slid half-way out then plunged back into her. I repeated it three of four times, each time Briony moaning in desire.

After plunging in and out of her I stopped, and let my finger start to play with her beautiful tight rose, gently pushing my cock in and out of her pussy at the same time. Briony was breathing hard, then suddenly cried out “Do it, please do it.”

I knew what she meant, but asked her “Do what, honey?”

“Put your finger in my asshole. Fuck me hard. Fuck my cunt. Finger fuck my hole, please…….. both……”

I still played naive, although we both knew it was part of the game. “What do you want me to do with my fingers? Why?”

Briony didn’t hesitate. “I want you to finger fuck my asshole. It feels so good, when you are fucking my cunt with your hard cock…………….”

I was too aroused to wait, I began to thrust my cock hard and deep into Briony’s pussy, Briony pushing back to meet my thrusts, moaning loud. I let my finger thrust in and out of her asshole at the same time, feeling it on my cock through the membrane. Faster and faster we fucked, louder and louder Briony moaning until she screamed out loud, her body shaking, wrything in orgasm, as I pumped my cum deep inside her……………………..

Later as Briony was loading the dishwasher I watched the recording from Skype. In the corner of the screen I could see Briony’s face, and hear her crying and moaning, speaking crudely. On the main screen I watched June responding to what she was seeing and hearing on her computer. I don’t know which was hotter – watching Briony responding to what I was doing, or watching June as she watched, her hand clearly between her legs over the jeans she was wearing…………..

Chapter 3.

I’m not completely sure what effect my teasing of June was having – although I could guess. When we saw her, and her and Briony were chatting – normally about food and recipes, their great love, there was no sign that June had been watching us. Of course Briony didn’t know, and June didn’t know that I did know, and had recordings of her watching us. I was still wondering whether and how I should push things even further, before I confronted June. I didn’t know how June would react. I knew that Briony would blow her top when I told her that I had been recording her, and recording her mother watching, and that I had tricked June into watching. I also knew that Briony’s innate Kinkiness and lust would take over very quickly, and it would be the beginning of something even kinkier.

I decided – one more session of teasing June, although the final part would take a little more setting up, with an extra microphone or two. Thank goodness there was a Maplin’s around the corner from our flat with all I needed.

The forecast for the following kaçak bahis Saturday was terrible. Wet, rain, more rain, on top of more rain as well! I hoped I would have time to set things up on Saturday morning when Briony was out shopping with her mother, and have time to make sure it was working. Truth be told, it set up very easily – the extra microphones, linked to the computer through a multi-socket. The hardest part was hiding the cable under the carpet, although hiding the microphones themselves was easy enough, and I did no more than hide the multi-socket behind the computer. I still had time to drink a can of beer before Briony got back.

We had lunch, and decided going anywhere was really out of the question. Briony had already been soaked once just going from the supermarket to the car, and loading the car. She didn’t fancy another soaking. As she washed the few lunch dishes, I crept up behind her, put my arms around her and grabbed a handful of tit, and squeezed. Briony tried to push me away, but not too hard. She told me to let her finish the washing up, so as she did I reached under her t-shirt and undid her bra.

Before I realised what had happened, Briony had spun around and thrown a glass of water all over me, giggling. Cold water.

“You little monster!” I pointed at her as I shouted it.

Briony pouted. “Now you know how I felt earlier doing your shopping!”

It was a typical exchange – the mock row, which often ended up in gentle wrestling, and hot sex! This was no different. We shouted at each other. We wrestled. We ended up kissing each other hard, as I pulled her hard to me with my hands on her ass. At last Briony pushed me away. “You’ve got me all wet,” she complained. “You’re soaked. Get upstairs and get your wet clothes off!”

It was all the invitation I needed. “Only if you come and take yours off as well!” I insisted. I ran up the stairs – I knew Briony would take her time, that she would saunter up in a few minutes. As soon as I got to the bedroom I clicked on the Skype, to contact June, and when she answered I quickly pushed the Control and Caps-lock buttons on our computer, to kill the sound and screen our end, as well as starting the recording of what we would have seen had our speakers and screen been on. I quickly removed my clothes, and lay on the bed naked. I knew June could see me clearly on the bed, and would be able to hear much more clearly what we would say to each other with the ultra-sensitive microphones we had around us.

Seconds later Briony appeared wiggled her body provocatively. She smiled before speaking: “No, I’ve decided I’m not going to take my clothes off!” She turned for the door, knowing I wouldn’t let her escape. I didn’t – I leapt to my feet, grabbed her and we started to struggle, both of us giggling. I quickly removed her t-shirt. Her bra, which she hadn’t done up, fell off at the same time. It took a bit more struggling, before I managed to remove her jeans, and pull her panties down her legs, then off her feet, with Briony lying on the floor laughing helplessly.

“Right madam,” I said in a commanding voice. I picked her up, threw her on the bed on her back, and was lying on top of her in seconds. I immediately thrust my cock deep into her pussy, which was already sopping wet, and held her hands above her head. Half-heartedly she attempted to throw me off, but she didn’t struggle enough to make me fall off her, and quickly sighed, stopped struggling and seemed to give in.

One of the things we like to do is for me to lie on her, in her, and chat – kinky hot chat. We had plenty of time, so I thought I should start chatting. “Do you know what I’m imagining this afternoon?”

Briony smiled, knowing this could end up somewhere kinky before replying. “No, what are you imagining?”

“I’m imagining,” I began slowly, after a pause when I pulled my cock out a little and pushed back in, causing Briony to moan softly. “I’m imagining we’re having a threesome with another hot woman. I’m imagining she is naked, and on the bed with us, and you are going to make hot, wild love to her.”

Briony sighed. “Typical man – always dreaming of watching two women.” I knew Briony had been with a couple of other women: she had told me on another occasion like this. “Which of my friends are you thinking of now?” She spoke with a mock resigned tone.

“Oh, not one of your friends. Much kinkier than that.” Again I eased my cock in and out gently, causing Briony to sigh.

“Kinkier? What’s kinkier than that?” Briony managed to gasp out the words.

Time to drop the bombshell. “Your mother.”

“My mother?” Briony said in a shocked voice, but I felt the pulse from her pussy, suggesting it had another effect on her as well. “You’re mad. I’d never dream of that………………” I thrust into her a couple of times, making her gasp, feeling her pussy was soaking.

“Would love to see it.” I paused, then continued quietly, talking softly into her ear. “Imagine. You naked. She’s naked, and very nervous. But we roll her onto the bed, onto her back, then you sit on her face with your pussy, then lean forward and bury your head between her legs.” Again I felt Briony respond as I spoke.

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