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The Cuckold Humilations

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Cuckold humiliations

Chapter 1

My name is Steve and I work at MicroComp and this is my story. I have been married to Nancy for about 2 years now with no children. My past dating experience has been very disappointing to say the least. I have a one inch cock and apparently size does matter. Past girls friends would just laugh at me. I told them ahead of time but they did not realize just how small that was on me. Nancy was always nice but I could tell she was very frustrated. Over time I became more submissive because its hard to be dominating when you just can’t deliver. She became more dominating and that did not bother me in fact it turned me on.

There are times I would pick her up from work because her car was in the shop. As I go through the mall parking, I see her waiting at the far end of the parking lot. She is a successful Realtor for a top company in the city. She is dressed in a white miniskirt and business jacket with no shirt and bra. She has great cleavage which she like to flaunt. I see her making out with some guy I recognize from her office.

There was a time she notice a tall dark man eyeing her. She made it a point to bend over and show off her tits to him. On another day we were having dinner out, I went to istanbul travesti the bathroom. When coming out I noticed her spreading her legs in front to some guy that was checking her out. and I was shocked that she was not wearing any panties.

Things changed one day, I came home and saw her car in the driveway. I went into the house calling for Nancy with no response. I was a little confuse so I thought maybe she went out for a walk. I then heard some noise from the downstairs. I quietly walked down the stairs while looking around just in case it was a prowler. I heard some noise again from the bedroom. The door was ajar so I peaked through the crack. I saw my wife with her legs spread apart while this guy on top of her fucking her really hard. He was a total stranger to me.. I became so aroused watching when he stuck his tongue down her throat. I open the door a little wider and my wife saw me looking in.

“Hay Steve, get out, can’t you see I’m busy, do the chores or something and make dinner.”

I closed the door and went back up stairs. I did what I was told which turned me on even more. I cleaned up and made dinner while hearing her moan and the bed hitting the wall. He is really pounding her hard, I thought. There was a silence travesti istanbul then I heard someone coming up the stairs, it was her boyfriend. On his way out, he said;

“Okay, I am finished fucking your wife.”

He then laughed and left. It was humiliating and arousing at the same time. My wife later came up stairs;

“Steve, after dinner, please clean up the downstairs bedroom and don’t forget the laundry.”

Upon opening the bedroom door I could see her clothes thrown about. I picked up one item at a time and put them in the laundry. I then found a towel with this guy’s sperm on it. It turned me on so hard I rapped the towel around my cock and masturbated like never before.

Chapter 2

Later that evening while we were trying to watch tv, she started talking about the size of his cock the guy had.

“I swear his cock was so long I thought it going to stick out of my mouth.”

She told me about chocking on his cock when he shoved it down her throat. After I closed the door she told me how he fucked her ass.

We still did couple things together. We went out for dinner, movies and even dancing. We would walk in a club hand in hand and we had a good time. There were times she came home late from showing a home. I istanbul travestileri can imagine the prospective client bending her over and fucking her brains out. weather it was true or no I don’t know.

I had to a computer convention in Las Vegas. I had to show off the company’s new computers. It’s also a lot of fun. The other guy’s went to see the strippers while I just imagine my wife with her boyfriends. She deserves it I thought for so many reasons. When it was over I took the plane home but it was delayed and I ended up home very late. I came through the door and put my suitcase aside.

My wife came down the stairs:

“Hi honey, I thought you were coming home tomorrow?”

“No, I would have been home earlier but the flight was delayed.”

“I have my two boyfriends over right now, can you sleep down stairs?”

“Yes I can but I was hoping to watch at some point.”

“I will keep that in mine for the next time.”

I made my bed downstairs and sneaked upstairs anyway to spy on my wife. She left the door wide open and I can see them split roasting my wife. I thought, that’s how woman look like when they are being satisfied.

In the morning we all had breakfast together. One of the guys gave her a present which was a huge dildo. He bent my wife head all the way back and shoved the dildo down her throat. I could see the bulge going up and down her throat. It was really hot. My wife just smiled at me the whole time.

Chapter 3

To be continued

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