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The ‘Bust-A-Nut’ Business Trip

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I didn’t even want to go, but to make things worse I ended up sharing my hotel room with a superior. It was only supposed to be a team of 2 to do the installation, but instead it ended up being 3 of us, and the 3rd one was “Rebecca.” When we arrived at the hotel in London they informed us they did not have any additional rooms, so the new girl ended up getting her own room… mine! and I ended up sharing a king size bed with my boss… talk about NO privacy!

Rebecca is our new head of Sales and Marketing, she has her MBA, which she tells anyone who will listen at least once a day – that and a nice rack gives her the delusion that she can boss everyone around, and that everyone is inferior to her. She hasn’t even been with the company for 2 months, and she’s already the most hated person there. She talks down to people, interrupts you in meetings, and demands that you help her with her “crisis-of-the-day” no matter what else you are doing. That doesn’t go over well with me.

When I heard she was coming on the trip I argued with the big boss, but was shot down. He agreed with her reasoning that she needed to understand the product better, and what better way then to assist in a large installation and training at a customer’s site.

As you can tell I really didn’t like this chic, and I could go on and on why, but basically she rubbed me the wrong way on too many occasions… instead I’ll skip ahead a few hundred pages…

When we are out of town on an installation, especially out of the country, I like to have some “fun.” I like to sample the local cuisine, see the sites, and well, I usually come back to my room with a girl or two (depending on whether I had to pay or not.) Yes I’m married. No my wife doesn’t know. But one thing you have to understand, I am a true sex addict. I must get my rocks off at least once a day… by getting a blow job, hand job, fucking, even masturbation – what ever works! Well now I’m in a bit of a quandary. I am sharing a room with a straight-laced superior, so it is going to be nearly impossible to have any “quality” free time. Sure Anadolu Yakası Escort I can jack-off in the shower – but where’s the fun in that?

Well by the fourth day, I was crawling up the walls! I hadn’t let loose in 3 days! My balls felt like they were twice there normal size and they were sensitive to everything! We met downstairs for breakfast at the hotel restaurant like every morning. Half way through my meal I realized that I was more then partially erect… shit!

We were waiting out front for the car to come and take us to the customer’s site. I noticed Rebecca had a big grin on her face. I wondered, a bit embarrassingly, if my “situation” was that noticeable. The car arrives, we get in and proceed to the customer’s site.

This day is going to be a short one for me, I should be done by 2 p.m., and be able to break away from my two cohorts and see what type of entertainment I can find for a few hours. Around 1:30 p.m. my boss informs me that Rebecca wants to go site seeing, and since neither of us will be needed for the rest of the day, and I know my way around, I am to take her site seeing! Noooooooooooo! I almost bust a nut right then and there!

We get in the car, and she immediately tells the driver to take us to the hotel. I look at her with a confused look on my face, when she puts her hand on my thigh and says “I think we both neeeed to freshen up a bit before we go site seeing.” She squeezes my thigh, and sha-bam! My cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum. She then removes her hand, and doesn’t say another word the rest of the 20 minute drive back to the hotel. I’m stunned. My “mortal” enemy has just propositioned me, and given me wood to boot!

When we get out of the elevator on our floor she takes my hand and leads me straight to her room. We get to the door and she says “How’s that saying go… ‘What happens on the road, stays on the road…’ Agreed?” I look at her still stunned, then say “agreed.”

In her hotel room she leads me to the bed. She gets on her knees. unzips my pants. they drop to the floor. she pulls Bostancı Escort down my underwear. grabs my cock and starts sucking like mad.

“Oh God… I’m going to blow right away,” I say.

She looks up at me as she noisily sucks my cock. Her right hand wrapped around the shaft moving in sync with her suctioning lips. The other caressing my nut-sack. One of my pubes gets caught on the rock of a wedding ring she is toting – ouch!

She speeds up her motions and increases the suction on my dick.

“I mean it… ohhhh… shiiiiitt… Here it [grunt] coommess!” I announce in a strained voice.

My legs tighten. my balls twitch. Blood surges into my cock – more then seems possible, and I start pumping cum into her mouth. She stops moving, but increases her suction.

“Oh my fucking God! Suck It!” I yell as more cum moves from my nuts to her throat in lightning speed.

She gags a bit, but doesn’t stop the suction. She’s strokes her hand up and down my shaft with a strong grip… she squeezes my nut sack the way you would a cow’s teat. Milking me.

I look down, and my cum is actually dripping down and off of her chin. My knees weaken, I fall to a sitting position on the bed. With that motion, my cock falls out of her mouth. I shoot another (smaller) load, and it lands on her cheek. My orgasm begins to subside.

Before I can even think about what just happened, she is standing up unzipping her skirt. it drops to the floor… she’s wearing no panties, and she obviously enjoys a smooth slit as much as I do… not a single pube on her mound. And it is a beautiful mound! There is only one thing I enjoy more then getting my rocks off, and that is eating pussy. I TRULY love it!

She climbs onto me in a flash, pushing me into a horizontal position as she goes. Straddling my face. She says “Eat it!” in a very authoritative voice. Before the “it” even reaches my muffled ears, I have begun to suck on her cunt.

The taste, the aroma, the texture… I can’t describe in words how good her cunt tasted! I worked my tongue from anus to clitoris… Erenköy Escort circled the clit with my tongue, giving it a hard “push” with my tongue before traveling back down, stopping at her cunt hole. I insert my tongue and begin to tongue-fuck her hole, all the while rubbing my nose back and forth across her swollen clitty.

She starts to buck uncontrollably, grunting in a low, but loud voice, “Ohhhh… Yesss…put…it…in…Ohhh GOD! YESSS! tongue…. my… grrhhhh… YES!… Ohhhhh YESSSS! pussy!…” And as she finished saying ‘pussy’ I felt her cunt clasp around my tongue which was deep inside her mound. She went stiff as a board, all of her muscles contracting as the orgasm washed over her.

After several seconds she released my face from the vice grip of her thighs. By now I’m on my way back to a full erection. She slides down me, right onto my cock! A professional dancer couldn’t have choreographed a better move! We both moan as my cock penetrates her very wet, very hot, very tight cunt…. I must have died and gone to heaven!

Our mouths find each other, tongues intertwine. The taste of each other’s sex exchanged. Our breathing quickens. Hips begin to thrust into each other. My cock hardens completely. She grunts. again, louder this time. She breaks off the kiss. Her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Breathing heavy. I grab her waist and begin to thrust. harder. longer. deeper thrusts. Her cunt tightens. then releases. tightens again. over and over. Her mouth is open. She is panting. Sweat covers us both. Strands of her hair all over her face – in her mouth.

Thrusting faster. my hands gripping her just above her ass cheeks. I am thrusting into her, at the same time pulling her into me. I wouldn’t doubt if her ass is bruised when I am done.

She begins to wail. low at first. building in pitch and intensity. My balls ache. begging for a break. My cock won’t give it to them. thrusting. I can feel wetness running down my balls. hot liquid. In between breathes she says “soo good…. [long grunt] another… [grunt] don’t stop…”

My balls twitch, there’d pulled up toward my body. I explode. “God yes.” I say with teeth gritted. She opens her eyes… desperation – worried that I will stop. She begins to thrust in earnest. My erection lasts. I stare into her eyes and say “Cum now!” She does.

The End?

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