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The Boy Scout Leader

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Thanks for reading this! Positive comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy! – Jack

Michelle walked into the dark basement of the First Baptist Evangelical Church without concern. She was always there early and she was always the last to leave. She cut through the basement rooms and flipped the light switch and rooms lit up with bright overhead florescent lights.

“Aw damn!” called out Rick who was lying on his back on a set of 3 folding chairs covering his eyes. “Woman, I was getting some rest!”

Michelle smiled to herself as the boy scouts made their way into the room behind her. There were 12 boys that marched in that night which was a record high for the last 3 years in the small town of Woodley Falls, South Carolina. Much of that increase had to do with Rick taking over the program. Though he worked the graveyard shift and was often tired, Rick found time for the kids and he made each and every one of them feel special.

Rick established a yearly plan that was filled with activities and events for the year. It included meetings every other week, laser tag, camping, and trips to museums. The scouts of Woodley Falls never had much money and they were always hurting for gear but a new sporting goods store opened up in the neighboring town and funded part of their camping trips and the laser tag adventure to their sister store. It was Rick who had made the first contact with the store and Michelle who had followed up and closed the deal. Rick had made this scouting troop a place to be for both kids and parents. Most parents wanted to be on the Steering Committee and Michelle was no exception. She worked hard and tried to be the best scout mom ever in the hopes that she could fill the vacant position on the committee.

The boys gathered around Rick, 2 fathers, and Michelle as Rick laid out the plan for the evening. It involved some games, some learning and exploration and some eating of the cake that Michelle brought. The kids all cheered for the food and Michelle giggled and Rick’s thin face smiled.

The evening went as planned ending with kids getting in their family sedans and Michelle washing a few plates in the kitchen. Michelle’s two boys were waiting for her in the car as Rick leaned on the door entering the kitchen. He tossed his keys to his son, Mike. “Get ‘er started but don’t you dare move it!” he called out. The boy was out the door in a flash.

Smiling, his blue eyes inspected Michelle in front of him. Her arms moved and washed the dishes but they also moved the mountains of her chest causing a deep stirring in his loin. “Honey, why do you hafta do that?” he asked as a smile slid into place on his face.

Michelle smiled back at him with an impish grin. “Do what?” as her breasts continued to wobble and shake.

“You know. Just lookin’ like you do. The Lord has given me a burden and it must be to see a woman like you and wanting to treat her right.”

“Doesn’t sound like much of a burden to me.” As she dried her pans causing more shaking of her generous breasts. The discussion got her nipples got hard and they began protruding through her blouse.

Rick shook his head. “If size matters, I’ve got an under-appreciated burden that grows every time I see you”.

Michelle chuckled at the flirtation. “No Rick, we’re both married and I’m sure Susan appreciates all that you do for her!” They had always flirted but this was getting a bit more explicit. Michelle wasn’t sure how to handle it but she was sure that the attention certainly got her wet and she definitely liked it given her own home situation.

Rick grabbed the pans and escorted Michelle toward the door. “I tell you honestly,” he spoke in a whisper as he leaned toward her. “She hasn’t touched me in over a month and won’t let me touch her either”

“Why is that?” Michelle queried as she approached her car. The boys were busy in the back and the windows were closed. Rick’s boy was playing with a gameboy.

Rick put his hand on Michelle’s minivan. “It’s too big for her. And, I don’t understand why she won’t let me ummm you know, pleasure her with my tongue anymore.”

Michelle’s knees went weak and she could feel the heat pouring from between her thighs. She spread her legs a bit to allow some air up her skirt to relieve the moisture.

He looked down, over to his boy, and then back to Michelle’s eyes. “I just need to know if I did something wrong or if there is something wrong with me. I guess it is time to go” He turned, waved goodbye and got into his truck.


Michelle could not remember the ride home. She drove quietly and the boys behaved themselves in the back seat. Her husband, Dan, was in the rear bedroom where he spent most of his time. His back had been bothering him for over 3 years and it was often tough for him to get out of the bedroom. On top of that, they took care of his mother who occupied the bedroom next to Michelle and Dan.

The dishes from the day were not cleaned up and Michelle dove into them washing İstanbul Escort them by hand. The dishwasher had broken in the winter and they hadn’t had the money to buy a new one. She could hear her mother in law calling out to Dan for a glass of ice tea. Michelle made it quickly and had the tea in the glass and the ice with it before Dan called her name asking that she bring some ice tea for his mother. As she dropped it off, her mother in law had some ugly words for her that Michelle promptly pretended to ignore.

Looking in on her husband, she found him on his back in the bed watching TV. His clothes were on the floor from the previous night and he was still in his pjs. Michelle crawled sexily on the bed and nuzzled his chest. He turned off the TV and lifted her chin and kissed her. Their tongues played as his hand felt her heavy breasts and hard nipples. She lifted her cotton top and leaned in so he could suck her long, thick and pink nipples. He obliged her and sucked hard. She could feel her excitement grow. It had been a long time.

Michelle reached into his pjs and found his soft cock. It was small but not tiny. It was good enough to give her two wonderful boys, she told herself. But that was before he gained all his weight and hurt his back.

Leaning in, she sucked his cock into her mouth. It began to get hard and he continued to play with her nipples. She wiggled her butt in his direction but he did not notice. She was able to take his entire length into her mouth and his pubic hairs tickled her nose. As her sucking continued, he got harder and lost focus and stopped playing with her tits. Within moments, his cum spurted into her mouth and she swallowed it down.

He breathed a deep sigh “Thank you” he smiled, stroked her hair for a moment and then turned on the TV.

A few minutes later, Michelle found herself in the bathroom with one leg on the toilet seat and her right hand frigging her clit while her left hand pinched her nipple. She sooo needed some relief. She kept thinking of Rick and his “burden”. The excitement of doing something “bad” turned her on. Their problems weren’t so different. They both had inattentive spouses. She wondered about what Rick had said. Just how big was it? As the thought of him showing his cock to her crossed her mind, she climaxed and her cum dribbled down her leg.


A week later, the Boy Scout meeting moved outside to the woods surrounding the Church. The food had been eaten first and the other two parents, Jerry and Scott, were taking the boys on the mini trail around the Church. Michelle washed the dishes while Rick dried them and put them away.

When their work was finished, they sat in the basement lounge waiting for the boys’ return. Michelle stood up on a stool to look out the basement windows.

“It’ll be another 20 minutes before they are back. I’ve done that route a dozen times with the kids and the first one back will be Tommy and … ” he looked at his watch “he will be here right at 9:00” he stated proudly. Rick examined Michelle’s rear as she stood on the stool looking out the casement window. There certainly was some meat on her bones but no one would call her fat. It was just how he liked women … with something to hold on to. He liked fucking from in back of a big behind where he could put his hands on her hips and push hard.

She sat down across from him and crossed her legs. She wore a flowing skirt that reached just below her knees. Her blue cotton top with a scoop neck was tight across her ample bosom but she covered all that with a light button up sweater. Her dark brown hair floated silkily past her shoulders and framed a pretty face with small glasses.

He smiled and she nodded.

She smiled and he nodded.

“So, what happened last week?” she asked.

He frowned and missed the question completely.

“With your burden. Did you have trouble with it?” she giggled.

He smiled and examined the dimples on her cheeks. “I had to take care of it in the bathroom.”

“What a waste!” and she could not believe that she had said that. “Um, what were you thinking of when you um, took care of it?”

“You, silly! I thought of you and what you looked like in that blouse last week. It was just all hard and I knew if I didn’t take care of it, that I would be angry all week.” He paused. “A ‘waste’ huh? What did you mean by that?”

Michelle was embarrassed and felt her face flush and she felt warm. Without really thinking, she unbuttoned her sweater revealing her blue scoop neck cotton top. Her cleavage excited Rick instantly and after the sweater was on the chair, she realized that how she had removed the sweater was extremely sexy. She decided to be honest. “Well, I had a ‘burden’ too. I’m embarrassed to say this, but you got me excited. I went home and attacked Dan. Let’s just say that Dan was satisfied and ummm nothing was wasted but I wasn’t satisfied until I snuck into the bathroom.” She stretched and leaned toward him slightly Escort Bayan giving him a full view as her demi bra gave way and show part of her nipple.

He chuckled and fidgeted with his fingers.

She looked right in his green eyes and saw that he understood exactly what she was saying. He smiled slightly and knew that her husband did not satisfy her. He had met Dan before and it was easy to surmise.

“I would satisfy you. You are a very sexy lady and you deserve to be satisfied!” He marched around the lounge as if he were a knight in shining armor, there to protect her from the dragons of sexual frustration.

She laughed and as he hopped around, she could see the bulge in his pants and stopped laughing. She felt bad and felt like she was betraying Dan. She thought about how he used to be before he hurt his back but that was many years ago. This wasn’t cheating, this was just playful fun. “I see you have your burden back again! So how big is it?”

Rick smiled. “Big enough for you, sweetheart!”

Michelle looked around the room and leaned back scratching her thigh absentmindedly. “I don’t believe that you are as big as you say you are.”

Rick looked down “Want to see it?”

Michelle gasped and blurted out “Rick!!! Ummm Yes!! But what if the kids come? You know they are always looking through these windows!”

Rick walked to the men’s room door and propped it open with his foot. Michelle stood outside the door. He stood where she could see him but even someone coming in the basement door wouldn’t see him. Quickly, his belt was undone and his zipper down. He reached into his pants carefully and extracted his cock.

Michelle was not an inexperienced woman and she had seen a few cocks in her youth. Rick was the largest she had ever seen in person. The head was thick and almost purple and tapered in to the shaft that was thick with veins swirling around to the base. She stepped forward. “It’s very nice. I’m curious, have you ever measured this burden of yours?”

Rick looked up at her and stroked his cock for her with just two fingers so she could see it. “Last I measured it, it was 8 ¼ inches long. I have no idea how thick it is. Now, do I get to see something of you?”

She was dazed by its beauty and her desire for it. She wanted to suck it and feel its velvety head press against her throat. The precum was sticking to his fingers. She turned and propped open the door to the women’s room, that was across the hall. Slowly, Michelle reached her hand into her scoop neck top and pulled her left tit out. It was big and hung long. Her pink nipple stood out and she pulled her right tit out and they hung there pressed together by the top’s scoop neck. She enjoyed the lustful look in Rick’s eyes as his stoking intensified. She hefted her breasts in her hands and as her eyes locked onto his, she lifted her nipple into her mouth and sucked and licked it.

“Imagine that it is you sucking on these nipples, Rick” she murmured softly. A trickle of pussy juice flowed down her leg to her knee. “Think of me riding your hot cock and burying your face in my tits!”

With that, Rick’s cum exploded onto the Church tile floor almost out the door of the men’s room. The ropes of cum squirted 6 times before it dribbled from his cock to the floor between his feet. It was more cum than Michelle had ever seen. Quickly, she was dressed again and getting paper towels to help clean it up. Rick barely could fit his thick cock back into his jeans but after he did, they were on the floor together cleaning up the gooey mess.

As they heard the boys coming down the stairs, Michelle went to intercept them while Rick finished with the paper towels.

Later, the boys played as Michelle started her van. Rick walked slowly up to her. “Thank you for that but I guess it was another ummm waste.” He smiled at using Michelle’s words. Michelle nodded as she felt her soaked panties between her legs.

Rick continued “Y’know, I don’t like to leave a woman unsatisfied. I know that you were unsatisfied tonight and ummmm” He looked around. “I’m really good at oral sex and I just know, I could probably break some log jams for you sometime. I mean” he leaned in the window. “I would like to kiss and lick between your legs until you scream for mercy”

Michelle laughed “Maybe some other time!”

Rick smiled “Of course. I just wanted you to know that I would take care of you.

Michelle got home and took care of her husband and mother in law as usual. Once they were content in their separate rooms, Michelle began preparing her salad for the next workday. She noted the small zucchini on the counter and looked around the kitchen anxiously for the kids. They were both in the living room completely absorbed in their video game.

Scooping up the zucchini, she marched to the bathroom hiding it in the folds of her skirt and when she had locked the door behind her, she pulled her panties off. They were soaked with her warm juices. She smelled Eskort them and liked the smell. “I must be insane” she thought as she looked at the zucchini. Sitting on the closed toilet seat, she raised her left leg onto the porcelain tub beside her. She examined the vegetable and it did look about as long and as thick as Rick. It was much thicker than Dan and it concerned her. Would it fit? Would it stretch her permanently?

She reached down and spread her pussy lips and that small touch alone caused her to gasp and smile as she imagined his tongue flicking her pussy lips. Her fingers dawdled on her clit and played spreading the moistness of her pussy all over her pussy lips and her clit. Positioning the zucchini between her spread lips, she pressed into her hot cunt. Her lips gripped it instantly and she sucked in her breath as the hard vegetable invaded her and spread her. She thought of Rick and his thick cock and how good it would feel violating her pussy.

Deeper she went and almost blacked out as she had to tell herself to breath. She worked it in and out slowly as her lubrication flowed around the zucchini onto her fingers and down her thighs. She pulled out her camera phone and took a picture of her zucchini filled pussy. Her juices continued to flow and she could not remember ever being so wet before.

There was a sudden and loud knock on the door that shook Michelle and caused her to jump up. The zucchini plopped out of her pussy onto the floor with a loud thud and Michelle picked it up quickly.

“What the hell are you doing in there??” It was her mother in law screeching as usual. “I’ve been waiting to use the bathroom forever!”

Michelle scooped up the zucchini and hid it in her skirt as she left the bathroom. She washed the zucchini and looked at her phone. This was getting out of hand, she thought as she sent the picture of a zucchini entering her twat to Rick.


The normal weekday scout meeting was cancelled because the troop was camping the following weekend. Michelle was anxious as this was a test of the both the boys and her. She was fast becoming a woman to be relied upon and the only woman leader in the group. The boys would all get merit badges while if the weekend went well, she might be allowed onto the scout steering committee. She would be the first woman on the committee in 15 years.

The Friday night trip to the local forested mountain was a quick one. The evergreen trees greeted them and after a very short hike, they were at the campsite for the night. They had all eaten on the way so they set up tents and built a campfire suited for 12 boys, 3 men and 1 woman. This was their home base and would do day hikes on Saturday and Sunday before breaking the camp down and driving back to their home town. It was a nice area and they were the only campers there.

Rick helped her put up her tent and enjoyed the view of her ample cleavage as she leaned over toward him to pull up the tent fly. “It is good to have a fly over your tent” he remarked.

She smiled at him as she knew something else was coming.

“And it is good to have a fly that goes down easily.” He smiled.

“And it is good to have a woman that goes down too” and she replied with a giggle.

His smile turned serious “Do you think we could get together this weekend?”

Her thighs quivered. She had really forgotten all about that idea until just this moment. She had been horny right up until Wednesday night when she began packing. After that, she was so busy, it had escaped her that she was going to be with Rick for the weekend … and of course, a bunch of other people! “I just don’t want to get caught. That would be terrible!”

He nodded and added how dead his wife would make him if she even found out that he was even flirting with her!

They had a bed check at 11:30 and all the boys were in their tents and many were asleep already. Michelle headed off through the woods to go the bathroom. While heading back she heard Rick whisper to her and she followed his voice and met him where the path led to the waterfall. She smiled at his skinny butt as she followed him down the path. He showed her into a grove of tall pines with a thick, soft bed of pine needles. He explained how he had told his two tent mates, Ken and Rob, that he had to drop a load in the woods and wouldn’t be back for awhile.

With the sound of the waterfall behind them, she grabbed his face and pulled his lips to her. She was breathing heavily already and his hands found her heaving breasts. He pulled her T-shirt over her head breaking their kiss just to get the shirt off. She undid her bra for him but then immediately knelt down on her knees and pulled down his blue jeans around his ankles. She smiled up at him and licked her lips slowly for him. His face was sweet in the moonlight as he dropped his boxers to pile on top of his jeans.

His cock stood out magnificently. The head was thick, bulging and almost purple. He stroked it for a moment and the veins on the side bulged out. It was thick but the helmet head was impossibly thick and she creamed as she imagined this slab of meat pistoning inside of her. It was so much more beautiful than the brief and dark glace she had in the bathroom.

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