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The Birth of a Mistress Ch. 02

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Group Sex

I was up early and let Jamie sleep in. I watched him sleeping contently in my pink Camisole. I had the gist of his Mistress/Slave fantasy, but still had many questions. My main concerns revolved around Jamie wanting to be a ‘Sissy’ husband. How far would he go with this? Is the turn on feminine clothing, or the humiliation of me making him wear them? Was this a bisexual thing? Would he suck cock, if I made him? I was fine with the whole concept, but decided to ask Jamie more questions later that day.

I also decided not to tell Serena about my revelations. Jamie would have to be comfortable with that disclosure. Serena texted me about it, and I responded… “I’m working on it.”

I went down to make coffee, and prepare a list of chores for Jamie. I printed them out, and left them on the kitchen table. It surprised me how sexually aroused I was writing it. We have a two bedroom house with two bathrooms, Kitchen, Living room, Den, basement and outside patio. We also have a small in ground pool in the yard, with attached Jacuzzi. It was late spring, and the weather was warm.

The list read: Daily Duties

1. All floors and carpets, to be mopped or vacuumed.

2. Bathrooms and kitchen will be sparkling clean.

3. Rooms will be dusted, and furniture polished.

4. Laundry washed, folded, Ironed, and put away. Lingerie hand washed!

5. Sheets and pillow cases changed.

6. Breakfast, lunch and dinner served at your discretion. (Buy it or learn to cook!)

Weekly Duties

1. All windows cleaned.

2. Drapes and blinds washed.

3. Wood floors waxed.

4. All glass light fixtures cleaned.

5. My Lladro collection dusted. ( each figure separately)

6. Refrigerator emptied and washed.

Of course my car will be routinely waxed and vacuumed, and the grass and pool area immaculate. Enjoy! Mistress Nicole

I decided to run a few miles on our treadmill down the basement. I always keep shorts, t-shirts and sneakers down there. I was running a couple of miles when I heard Jamie walking upstairs. I would have liked to see the look on his face when he read his chore list. I wondered if he got hard reading it. I forgot to bring a water bottle with me, and I texted Jamie.

“Mistress is thirsty, and needs water. I’m on the treadmill.” Less than a minute later, a cold water bottle was before me. Jamie was wearing his robe, and I wondered if he shaved like I told him. I was full of sweat, and slowed down to a walk. I sipped my water and looked at Jamie.

“Remove your robe.” He complied quickly. There he stood in my purple panties that I wore last week… completely hairless. His skin looked so smooth, and his legs looked strong and toned. His erection was protruding down on his thigh. I motioned for him to turn, and his cute ass was facing me. I giggled to myself, at my creation.

“I will inspect you closer later, you are dismissed.”

“Yes Mistress.” Then he picked up his robe and ran up the stairs. I patted myself dry, thinking how lucky I was.

When I went up Jamie had the list posted on the refrigerator door, and he was on his hands and knees cleaning the pantry floor. I could not remember ever cleaning it, this was great! I put my bare sweaty foot, where he was cleaning.

“Since you are doing such a good job, here is a treat.” I held my foot to his lips, and he put my toes in his mouth, he then licked my soles, arches and tongued in between each toe. I switched feet, and he repeated his worship.

“What do you say to Mistress? I made them nice and sweaty for you.”

“Thank you for my treat Mistress they taste delicious.”

“After my shower I would like Earl Grey Tea, and toast with jam. Have it ready when I come down.”

“Yes Mistress. Can I run the shower for you?” Wow he was into a sub zone! Not wanting to disappoint him,

“Yes…hurry up, and not too hot!” I walked slowly up the stairs, as he frantically ran ahead of me in my panties. I was truly feeling like a Goddess.

After my shower, I decided to tease Jamie a bit. I wore black pantyhose, with a white mini-dress, and silver five inch stiletto sandals. My mascara and eye lash extenders highlighted my blue eyes. My lipstick was a glossy red.

Jamie was dusting the furniture with a feathered duster; my toast and tea were waiting for me in the kitchen. I walked past him like he wasn’t there. After eating, I sat in the living room watching TV. My legs were crossed exposing most of my ass. I continued to ignore him as he dusted away.

“Is Mistress going out? You look lovely.”

“If I do or don’t is not your business, you will be very busy today. Have you made bursa escort me a list of female names?” He went to the kitchen, and gave me a list. He didn’t have to but did. He had lots of names starting with J. I had him sit next to me, as I looked it over.

“You will be called Jayne…I like it with the Y” I put my hand on his hard cock, and slowly stroked it.

“But before you become Jayne, I have a few questions. Do you want to be a girl or do you want me to make you dress? Does my submissive husband crave cock, or does he want me to feed it to him? I need to know if you are bisexual. It will be ok if you are, but I need to know.”

“I guess its all about the humiliation of it all. You having me dress feminine and serving you is a total turn on. I am not bisexual, but the ultimate humiliation would be for you to penetrate me and use me as your slut. I never thought about men or cock. Am I making sense?”

“Yes Jayne you are. If humiliation is what you want, Mistress will give it to you. Stand up and let me feel how smooth your body is.” I slowly let my hands glide over his skin, and pulled down his panties to inspect his balls. I massaged them slowly, letting my wrists glance his hard cock. He pulled away.

“Sorry Mistress, I was close to Cumming.”

“Now, now Jayne you must learn to control your clitty. Turn around and bend over, I want to inspect your pussy.” He did, and his ass hole area was hairless. I playfully placed my finger at its entrance, and let it sit there. Sure enough, Jamie moved his hips towards my finger.

“Jayne… Don’t be such a slut! You have lots of work to do. I know you have been looking at my panty hose, would you like to touch them? Go on, you may worship Mistress’s legs.” He got on his knees and kissed from the top of my thighs to my feet, I turned and he kissed my nylon covered ass.

“Did Mistress say you could kiss her ass? I said my legs.”

“No Mistress, sorry Mistress.”

“I was going to let you wear my hose tomorrow, but now I may not. We shall see if your work is up to par.”

I now understood his desires, and decided to have fun with them. His cock was leaking cum, and I scooped up a glob with my finger, and held it to his lips.

“Jayne you will show Mistress what a good cum slut you are.” I stuck my finger in his mouth, and he sucked it like a cock. I could tell he didn’t like it much, but he obeyed. I pulled his panties up.

“Good girl…now get back to your chores.” I was so wet!

At mid morning, our doorbell rang. Jamie was frozen in the kitchen. I went towards the door as if I was going to open it, and then stopped.

“Jayne you may go upstairs.” I wondered if he would have stayed if I made him.

“Thank you Mistress.” His long legs climbed two steps at a time. I was amused.

We have a pool guy named Paul, and he has been taking care of our pool for a couple of years. I know he has the hots for me, but I always kept him at a distance. Jamie knows about his flirting, and was a bit jealous. I let Paul in, and his eyes were all over me.

“Hi Nicole, is this a bad time? You look like you’re going out.”

“Not at all Paul, it’s that time of year again.” I walked to the yard with him following me, and could feel his eyes on my ass. I was sure Jamie was listening from upstairs. We walked around the pool, and I saw Jamie peeking out the window at us. I decided to have some fun. I made sure to touch his arm and stand close to him as we talked. My laughs at his jokes were over done. I invited Paul to sit on the patio, and brought him some water. My legs were crossed as we sat, and he was drooling. Jamie was still looking through the blinds, and I was sure he could hear us.

“If you don’t mind me saying Nicole…you look great!” Paul is about 24, has a surfer type body, and looks quite young.

“Why thank you Paul! Since I hired a cleaning lady, I have time to care for myself. Jayne is upstairs cleaning as we speak.” There was a fly near Paul, and I made a vain attempt to swat it, and we both laughed together.

“Is your husband home?”

“No, he won’t be home until late tonight. I thought I would do some shopping today. Maybe buy a new bikini for our upcoming pool days.” I straightened my back and had my hands behind my neck. Paul put his hand on my knee.

“I can’t wait to see you in it.” I let his hand stay there for awhile, then I grasped his hand.

“Well silly, then you better get to work. The pool isn’t going to clean itself.” Paul smiled, and we both stood. I noticed a bulge in his jeans.

“I will be here next week to start your service…and Nicole that means any service.”

“I will görükle escort keep that in mind. See you next week.” Then he followed me out with his hard -on in tow. I think I flirted enough to get Jaime’s attention, but not enough to give poor Paul hope.

“Jayne you can come down now. Paul left.” He came down, and I immediately rubbed against him.

“I saw you spying on Mistress; did it excite you to see me flirting with Paul? Were you playing with your clit?”

“I admit it Mistress, I was. I was jealous and turned on at the same time. I got on the chair, and pulled my pantyhose down.

“Paul made me so wet, come clean up his mess.” He was on his knees licking my clit in seconds.

“That’s it Jayne, lick Paul’s cum from my pussy. You were hiding upstairs in my panties, and he was fucking me good…like a real man! Get used to his taste, because he is coming back next week. I might let him fuck me by the pool, so you could watch. Then you could serve us drinks in your panties. Would you like that Jayne?” Jamie was moaning and groaning into my pussy, and he found my g spot. I exploded my juices all over his face.

“Your panties and face are a mess. Leave that cum on your face and continue your chores. Mistress needs a nap. Then I am going out.” I didn’t know how much longer he could hold out without Cumming, but this is what he wanted!

After a short nap, I went down and grabbed my keys. Jamie was vacuuming our area rugs.

“Your face is so shinny from my love juice; it might be good for your complexion. I am going out. Don’t forget to change the sheets, and clean the bathrooms.”

“Yes Mistress. What time will you be home? I ordered dinner for seven.”

“I’m not sure. But Jayne, be a dear and keep it warm for me.”

I wiggled my ass to the car, and took a ride to the mall. For some reason, I felt powerful and confident as I browsed the stores. There is something about wearing five inch heels that attract men. I got the attention of many, and had a great feeling of freedom… and I think it showed.

I went into Victoria’s Secret, and bought a few pairs of sexy panties, with matching bras. All were lace, and see through. I also purchased a red string bikini. It didn’t cover much, so I knew it would drive Jamie crazy. Was I becoming a ‘Hot Wife’ that I often read about? I wasn’t sure…but I liked the feeling.

One of the stores had adult toys. I had never been in there, but I was interested. I walked around nonchalantly amazed at all the wild stuff. I managed to get up the courage to buy a beginners butt plug. The young sales girl smiled and told me it was their best seller. I giggled, and asked her if they had a web site to order from… and she politely gave me a business card.

In reading Jaime’s web sites, there was a lot of mention of ankle chains. It claimed if a married woman wears one on her right ankle she is ‘available’. I stopped in the jewelry store and bought a pretty silver chain decorated with shinny green garnet chips. I wondered how Jamie would take it. It was after eight o’clock when I left. I began to bring the small packages into the house, but stopped myself. I would have him do it. Jamie had the table set with lit candles. Wine was on ice, and he was waiting in the kitchen. I smiled when I saw him wearing my flowery apron.

“Dinner is ready when you are Mistress. I thought you would like salmon steak over rice.” I was stunned how efficient he had become.

“Yes Jayne, I am famished and ready to eat. My feet are killing me from these heels. After dinner you may rub them.” They really did hurt.

“It will be my honor Mistress; may I pour your wine?” He poured my wine, and we were enjoying our dinner. I complimented him on his apron.

“I have packages in the car. After we eat you can bring them upstairs. I will show you what I bought later. Did you get the lotions and oils I told you to get?” I thought for sure he forgot.

“Yes Mistress, you will find different varieties in the bathroom. I hope you are happy with their scents.” I was impressed.

“I will lounge in the den. After you clean the kitchen, you may use them to massage my feet.” I stood and fused with his hair.

“Good job today …and you may wash your face silly girl.” I think he was blushing. Things were certainly progressing.

I went to my lap top, and tried to get some work matters done. But I remembered the web site from the adult toy store. I was lying with my feet up, as I roamed the site. I purposely left my shoes on. Jamie was busy cleaning the kitchen. Some of the items got me aroused. I was particularly interested in a vibrating strap escort bayan on dildo. It was rubbery, and very realistic. I put it in my shopping cart, and continued shopping. I also clicked on a maid’s uniform, and put it in my cart. After a few minutes, Jamie came in carrying his oils.

“Jayne you may begin. But aren’t you forgetting something?”

“I brought your packages upstairs Mistress.”

“Bring me my wine. Mistress will like to drink it as you worship my feet.”

“Sorry Mistress, I should have known…It will not happen again.” I was getting in the groove, and Jamie was fueling my fire. After serving me my wine, he knelt at my feet.

“I know you always liked my feet in hose. It’s been some time since I wore them to work. They are moist from my long day. Un-strap my shoes and enjoy.” Jamie took my shoes off like they were a Christmas present. I rubbed them on his face.

“Go on baby, sniff them. I know you want to.” He held them up to his nose, and inhaled. He alternated on sniffing and kissing. I put them in his mouth, and he sucked on my sheer hose, savoring every minute.

“How do they smell and taste Jayne? I know it’s a special treat for you.” He was still sucking the moisture out of each foot.

“The mixed taste of leather and your feet… is incredible Mistress.” I held my feet up.

“Put your girlie cock between my feet, and enjoy yourself Jayne.” He pulled down his panties, and slid it between my two feet. I knew the feel of my nylons would enhance his pleasure.

“That’s it, fuck my feet, and keep your hands behind your back.” Jamie was thrusting his hips, and I made a nice tight slot between my soles.

“I think I am close to Cumming Mistress.” His pre-cum was dripping on my hose.

“That’s not permitted my foot slave, show some self control.” I let him go a bit longer, and then dropped my feet. His face was beat red. I took off my hose, balled them up, and stuffed the feet part in his mouth. He looked ridiculous with them hanging out.

“I want to be fucked good and hard. But don’t you dare cum!” I slid to the edge of the chair, and his rock hard cock slid in easily. The arms of the chair supported him, and he pumped away. It felt amazing, as I gasped each breath.

“Jayne fucks a lot better than Jamie! Harder bitch, harder.” His balls were slapping my ass with each stroke. Then he completely froze.” I knew he had to cum.

“Finish me off with your mouth, I am almost there!” I pulled the hose from his lips, and he quickly found my g-spot. I held his head, and my screams echoed through the house. I rested for a couple of minutes, rubbing his head which was still in-between my legs. I sat up and told him to stand.

“Jayne you were fantastic, I think I will keep you.” I then put the tip of his cock between my lips and lightly sucked. I brought him all the way in my mouth, and ever so lightly sucked him off. My lips were barely touching the skin of his six inch cock. He was jerking his hips in my mouth, buy not feeling any pleasure. It was a wicked tease. But I had my reasons.

“Jayne, I will give you a choice. I will give you a great blow job and you can cum in my mouth… Or we will continue this tease and denial. If you want to continue, go lie on the floor, face up. He was looking down at me, perplexed. After a minute, he got on the floor.

“Good choice Jayne, Mistress was testing you. As a treat I will sit on your face.” I really wasn’t testing him; he would have gotten a fantastic blowjob! I squatted and rested my ass on his mouth. I was facing his feet, and as he rimmed my rose bud, I lightly slapped his erection.

“Stick that tongue up there! You have shown your devotion. What real man would rather lick his wife’s ass than get a blow job? Tomorrow we will find out more about your feminine side. Wearing panties and cleaning house is not enough. I had a long day lounging and shopping… my ass should taste extra spicy!” His cock was swaying back and forth as I pushed it side to side… and then his muffled words.

“It tastes delicious Mistress.” I knew then and there, Jamie was playing for real. As bad as he wanted to cum, his submissive desires won. I would fulfill his fantasy without regret. After he cleaned my ass, I sent him upstairs to bed.

“Wear something pretty for Mistress. I will be up shortly…and Jayne, don’t brush your teeth, you may savor the taste of your goddess all night.”

“Thank you Mistress.” I continued shopping on line, and bought an array of kinky items, for the both of us. I thought of Serena, and her ‘Maid’ Danielle. Jayne would certainly make a sexier maid!

I went upstairs and found Jamie in my black lace baby doll, with matching thong panties. He looked adorable, and was fast asleep from his long day. I cuddled next to him and slept in the nude, I thought about the week ahead and Jaime’s transformation.

To Be Continued

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