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The Beach House Escapades Ch. 05

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The girl’s asses are both cherry red from the administration of my corporal punishment. I’ve been spanking them both till my own hand feels like it’s on fire, till they are no longer giggling and squealing like naughty little vixens!

That damn ecstasy I’ve given them is still running hot through their veins, and I’m about ready to tie them both up side by side on my bed and really let them have it. First I’ll drizzle a bit more of the drug into their mouths, feeding it to them at the same time they are sucking the come from my cock. I’ll slip a hit in my own mouth and let it dissolve, and then drool the stuff into their eager little mouths. After their last lessons they are more anxious to please me than ever, allowing me to do anything to them I want.

Even Amy has come to the realization that there are no limits in sex, no perversity, no deviance. It’s all just a matter of allowing it to happen. Welcoming it, in fact, for through obedience comes reward. She’s watched me fuck her little friend’s ass while the girl cried as much from pain as pleasure.

Vika has learned that in pain there is pleasure, for her, and for me. Especially for me, and that’s the object of the lesson: My pleasure is her reward. Soon it will be Amy’s turn to also reach that epiphany and find the joy in her own heart which over rides the pain and turns it to what she craves. She will be most happy when she’s making me happy. Simple as that.

I’ve got the hits of ecstasy right there in the bathroom cabinet in a tiny vial. I put both girls on the floor in front of me sitting on their heels like well trained puppies, but much much cuter. I take two tabs out, then remove two breath strips from a container nearby. These are those little slices of vegetable plastic treated so that they’ll melt instantly in your mouth leaving behind a blast of flavor.

“Vika, show Amy how to suck my dick the proper way,” I command. “I want you to make me come in less than three minutes….starting…. Now!” as I look at my watch and note the time.

Vika begins furiously sucking and stroking my dick, knowing that I’m not fucking around. Her ass is so red that I know she’ll have a hard time sitting down for two days, yet she’ll be proud nonetheless of how such a thing came to pass.

It’s all just a matter of conditioning. Rewiring their minds to my own ends. Soon I’ll have them salivating like Pavlov’s dogs at the mere mention of my name. The right drugs, the right mindset, the right environment, proper coaching, peer pressure, and the desire to please are all it takes, and I’ve got the whole package working perfectly.

“Friction, girls, friction!” I snarl. “And visuals. Amy, I want you to suck on Vika’s little nipples while she’s sucking my dick, and at a minute and a half, I want you two to switch places. Turn so that I can always see your faces. Rub your pussies, or do something erotic for me, or else you won’t make the cutoff time. You don’t want any more spankings tonight, do you ladies?”

Holy shit, you’ve never seen two sluts more motivated to getting me to shoot a load down their throats. Vika’s little hand is going a thousand strokes a second while her eyeballs are bulging from my dick crammed to the back of her throat. She’s retching and swallowing whenever I let go of the back of her head, sucking in a quick gulp of air before I’m shoving pole down her gullet again.

Amy needs a bit of convincing, so I yank her up by grabbing her under her armpit and give her butt three hard slaps. Her eyes tear up, but she doesn’t try to flinch away. They’ve learned that lesson, too. I push her back down and call the time at 90 seconds. Amy takes my dick in her hand and strokes it while balancing the head on her outstretched tongue. It looks pretty good, so I let her get away with that. I move her hand to the hot spot and show her the tempo I like.

Vika has leaned under her and is licking my balls from my asshole to the base of my dick. I’m almost there….

“OK, girls, here it comes,” I announce. “Sit up and put your faces together.” I slip the mint strips and the ecstasy into my mouth. “Don’t waste a single fucking drop of my sauce,” I grunt as the ejaculation approaches. Both girls look up expectantly, eyes wide open, mouths at the ready.

“Ahhh…. Unh!” I shoot a line of jizz into Amy’s mouth first, then turn quickly to give Vika her treat next. “Keep your mouths open, whores!” I shout. I lean down when I’ve finished coming and spit half my saliva into one girl and the other half into Amy. “Now swallow!” Both girl’s eyes grow wide at the intense flavor of the breath strips. They gulp down their treats and giggle, sitting back and rolling their necks to ease the tension built up from their cock washing. “Now into the bedroom, both of you. Lie down side by side on your stomachs and wait for me there.”

I wet a couple of washcloths with cool water, and sprinkle on some tea tree oil and aloe vera gel. When I go into the bedroom the girls are stretched out just Side escort the way I’ve told them. I put a washcloth on each of their cute asses, letting the mixture soothe the burning from those spankings I’d given them. I alternate letting the cloth sit with blowing softly on the inflamed skin after the rags are removed, making the girls moan with pleasure.

Amy’s little derriere is actually quivering from a muscle spasm, so I reach between her legs and begin stroking her pussy to soothe her further while gently massaging the muscles beneath the skin. She’s got a terrific ass; more plush and developed than Vika’s hard little bubble, but just as tight.

Despite the amount of sex we’re having, all of us remain amped up; the girls perhaps from the ecstasy, and myself from just plain horniness and the promise of even more debauchery to come. Vika says she needs a break for a little while if we don’t mind – saying that she’s thirsty. Is it OK if she goes out into the living room and drinks that milkshake I’d made for her earlier? I know she’s just pretending, wanting me and Amy to have more time together alone. I think she probably knows that her friend is still a virgin, and wants to give her a chance to decide whether she wants to remain that way without any outside influence. Like she’s got a choice in the matter…

Amy is suddenly very shy with me, so I take my time with her. I lie along side her and softly caress her, then begin giving her a total massage, using the light oil I keep on hand. I begin at her neck, piling her hair off to one side on the pillow and knead the muscles from behind the ear down to their connecting points in her shoulders. Working my way down, I spend almost thirty minutes on her back, legs, calves and feet. She’s so quiet I’m not sure she’s even awake, until I stop and she whispers a “thank you” and rolls over onto her back. I put a few more drops of oil on my hands and begin working on her front, but this time not on muscles, but on her erogenous zones.

She closes her eyes after staring up at me with an expression which tells me she’s mine to do with as I please.

“Amy, do you want to know how to please a man?” I ask softly. “What feels good to him?”

“I guess,” she answers unsurely. “Yeah,” she admits. “I don’t know anything, do I?”

“Babe, you are so fucking hot you don’t need to worry about it.” I whisper as I kiss her, causing her to shrug her shoulders and giggle. I notice her nipples harden immediately.

“Well I want to know the stuff you’ve taught Vika,” she adds, suddenly enthused about the prospect.

“When it comes to sex, guys don’t have the emotional depth of women,” I tell her. “We only need the slightest bit of encouragement and we’re ready to go. Just looking at a pretty girl gets us excited. Then if we can get her to give us a bit of friction, she’ll have us under her control.”

“Friction?” she asks inquisitively. “You said something about that in the bathroom a little while ago.”

“Yeah, friction. You know… hand job, blow job, dry humping as a last resort. Guys will take any kind, but we like fucking the best, although a good hummer is hard to beat. We also like girls with boobs like yours to let us titty fuck them so we can give you a pearl necklace.”

“What’s a pearl necklace?” she asks in a serious tone.

I kneel over her and slide my hard cock between her breasts, holding their sides so they squeeze together around it.

“If you let me do this till I come, I’ll end up giving you a pearl necklace,” I grin down at her.

Amy laughs and says she can’t believe it’s that easy. I reply that it is just that easy. A sexy look, a bit of skin, an innocent brush up against a guy — even a nice, feminine fragrance like perfume or body sweat can make us aroused.

“Body sweat?” Amy asks, laughing.

“Oh yeah, it’s full of pheromones. Sex smells.” I nod. “All a girl has to do is create an interest and from there it’s easy for her. Once the guy is on the hook he’ll almost beg her to satisfy him. Sometimes you merely have to tell the guy to get himself off and he’ll be glad to oblige, as long as you keep up with whatever it was you did to first get him aroused. ‘A bit of skin, a sexy look, an aroma that he finds stimulating….'”.

“I don’t understand,” she complains.

“OK, here’s an example. I find you very arousing.” I point to my cock, which is standing erect, which is about the only ways she’s seen it in the three hours since she’s been here.

“So you’re saying that all I have to do is to tell you to jerk yourself off – to give you my permission? – and you’d be satisfied with that?”

“Yup. If that’s as far as I believe you’re willing to go,” I agree. “But you have to keep in mind that some guys are more demanding in temperament, or maybe if alcohol is involved it probably won’t be that easy. Then you’ve got to be careful you don’t get raped if you’ve aroused a guy and he’s looking for you to provide the friction he craves. Side escort bayan You’ve got to be aware of the circumstances, is what I’m saying. Don’t ever forget that there are some real assholes out there, and that alcohol makes smart people stupid and nice people mean.”

“You don’t need to tell me about that,” she sighs. “My mom’s a drunk. I never know what kind of mood she’s gonna be in when she’s been drinking.”

“Well let’s not get diverted down that sad road,” I suggest. “We’re talking about sex. How you can be in control, at least most of the time. Sometimes it’s more fun to give up the control and see what happens. … If you trust the person and the situation you’re in.”

“Kinda like what I’ve been doing tonight?” she suggests.

“Exactly. You arrived not knowing exactly what to expect. I tried to put you at ease by showing that I appreciate you as an adult… That I find you attractive… That I wanted to experience what it would be like for us to share a sexual experience together, on the condition that you can say ‘stop’, or ‘no’ at any point.”

“I haven’t reached that point yet with you Derek,” Amy smiles wryly.

I lean down and kiss her. She wraps her arms around my neck and pulls me down on top of her. She wiggles herself around so that I’m between her legs. We kiss deeply until I pull away from her and look into her eyes. I brush a strand of hair gently from the side of her face.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you darling?” I ask.

“Yes, but I don’t want to be anymore, Derek. I want to be a woman for you. Like Vika is. She’s so happy since you and her did it. I guess I want that same feeling.”

“Are you sure, because I really want you that way too. But once you give up your cherry you can never get it back,” I caution. “And you and I have to agree that if we do have sex — if we fuck — it doesn’t mean that we’re staking claims on one another’s lives. You know what I mean by that?” I ask.

“You mean that I shouldn’t expect you to fall in love with me, right? That I shouldn’t expect you to come riding up on a white horse and whisk me off to some castle where we’ll live happily ever after.”

“I couldn’t have said it better, sweetheart,” I say, kissing her again, moving myself so that my cock is pushed up against her cunny.

I begin rubbing my hard on up and down the outside of her slit, causing her to moan. I move so that just my cock is making contact with her. She looks down to watch.

“God, this is so much better than I ever could have imagined,” she sighs contentedly. “I always thought I’d end up my first time with some stupid guy who had no idea what he’s doing, like I’ve heard lots of other girls describe. This is so much better.” She pauses for another moment to watch my cock glide up and down against her pussy.

“Fuck me, Derek!” she demands. “I don’t want you on a white horse. I don’t believe in fairy tales. I only believe in this moment right now, and right now I want to feel that dick of yours inside of me.”

“God that’s sexy,” I breathe into her ear, making her giggle. “Do you have any fantasies of how you’ve always wanted it to be your first time? Like you dropping down onto me, setting the pace? Or getting it from behind, doggie style? Or like this, missionary style, with you looking up at me and me looking down at you as we share this magic?”

“Like this,” she says immediately. “Just tell me what to do to make it easier. I don’t care if it hurts a little. Vika told me it did for her at first, but then it felt so good that she forgot about it. I really like her, don’t you?”

“Vika is a one of a kind,” I agree. “She’s her own person, just like you are, Amy. She acts on impulse, pushing herself into new situations without worrying too much about consequences or control. You approach things more carefully, but with a sense of adventure nonetheless. You use your intelligence. She uses her courage. Both are exciting as hell to me.”

I grab a tube of K-Y and put a drop on the entrance to her sweet cunt and another drop on the head of my dick. I push her ankles up so that her knees are bent, then I lift her ass and prop it up on a pillow. I put the washcloth right under her puss puss. She’s good and wet, but I want her to stay lubricated because I know I’m going to fuck her six ways from Sunday, and it’s only 10PM on Saturday. I kneel between her legs, playing with her pussy, then lay down atop her, using my hand to guide my schlong into her. Just as the head finds her outer lips I kiss her. Our tongues wrestle for a moment, then as I begin pushing inside her she pulls her mouth away, focusing all her attention on this new sensation.

I go slowly, making her dig her nails into my shoulders, urging me on. She doesn’t seem to feel any pain as I sink deeper and deeper into her. She has her eyes scrunched shut and makes funny grimaces with her mouth as I slide deeper and deeper inside her. There’s no feeling of something breaking, but she’s tight Escort side as hell. It feels great. Her pussy walls clasp my dick in their smoothness, as if her cunt and my dick have been waiting for each other forever. I’m almost up to my hilt when I feel the head touch her uterus. She’s been dead quiet throughout, gasping now and again and exhaling slowly, willing her pussy to open wide enough for my large crank. Our eyes are locked upon one another’s, and I lift myself off her when our pelvises finally make contact so that she can see her young pubic mound swollen with my girth and length.

She gives me a big smile, her mouth all full of braces. She thinks it’s been easy. She’s proud of herself for not letting it hurt too much. I smile back at her. I’ve eased all eight inches into her so slowly that it made me want to scream. There will be screaming all right.

I begin withdrawing, slowly, slowly, till just the head is inside the opening to her moist tunnel. Suddenly I drive it in, pushing so hard it almost knocks the wind out of her. Her eyes go round and her jaw hangs open in surprise. I begin pumping her, a few deep strokes and then a series of shortened ones, keeping her guessing, not establishing any rhythm that she can join in with. I want her to feel what it’s like to be fucked for fucking’s sake. Where a man uses a woman for solely his own needs and she’s just an aid to his masturbation.

I grunt and make caveman noises as I pound her relentlessly, squeezing her tits and reaching between her legs and diddling her clit. She doesn’t know what to make of it, and lies there with a shocked expression on her face, knowing she’s being raped and knowing that she more or less has asked me to do this to her. Pretty soon she begins crying out, making squeaks and grunts that are half filled with fright and the other half with a pleasure she can’t account for. This is like nothing she’s ever experienced.

I slow down and begin a rhythm that is soothing and relaxing, now letting her feel how it is to be made love to instead of being fucked. She smiles, showing me those cute brace-lined teeth again. I hold her hips and roll us over so that now she’s on top. She’s pretty athletic and very enthusiastic now that she’s no longer scared, and begins bouncing up and down, clenching her eyes closed and moaning as she uses me as her sybian.

I show her a technique I know will further her arousal, again holding her hips and grinding her backward and forward so that her clit receives plenty of stimuli. She’s close to an orgasm. I pull her even further forward so that my pelvic bone is contacting her clit, but now my cock is so deep that it’s hitting the tip of her uterus again. Her eyes fly wide open and she begins climaxing instantly. She begs me not to stop what I’m doing, as her sweaty body goes deeper and deeper into her orgasm. Her boobs are bouncing wildly and her hair is hanging across her pretty face.

Her hands are on my belly, her nails digging and raking me as she spasms. She’s having a multiple, and I let her go on for as long as she can handle, not caring about the scratches all over my torso. The little dear holds one continuous note as she lets herself flow with her climax.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she sighs in a decrescendo. Her body sags limply still astride me, her spine curved and her head hanging forward like she’s unconscious.

“Did you like that?” I ask, rolling her off and alongside me. She smiles and nods her head shyly, her eyes soft as a fawn’s.

“It was wonderful,” she says. Especially that last part, when I was on top and you were moving me that way. You were so deep inside me!” she exclaims in wonder.

Her pupils are still dilated, telling me the ecstasy is surging in her system again. I tell her to relax there while I get us something to drink. I get up and leave the bedroom, finding Vika lying naked on the sofa watching the sports video again while slowly caressing herself. I pull her to her feet and kiss her, thanking her for being such a wonderful lover and friend.

“Did Amy have a good time?” she asks, looking at me expectantly.

“Yeah,” I answer, kissing her again. “She gave me her gift, and I took it gladly. It was a lot different from when you and I fucked for the first time, but it was OK.”

I scoop her up and carry her into the kitchen, holding her while she pours a couple of glasses of water. She holds one to my lips to sip, then takes a few swallows herself.

I carry her into the bedroom and she passes Amy’s drink to her as she sits up in the bed. The air is cool in the room, making Amy shiver as her body temperature drops. I set Vika down next to her, and the two of them wrap up in each other’s arms, nestling like kittens.

I walk over to my dresser and remove from one of the drawers two shiny new vibrators, each smooth and about 6 inches long. I toss them on the bed after making sure they work, causing the girls to smile first at me and then at one another. I pull on some sweatpants and a T-shirt and grab my laptop and a pair of ear bud headphones.

“Where you going, Derek?” Amy asks.

“Just out on the back deck for a little bit,” I answer. “I just had an idea for the show. I want to get it down while it’s fresh in my mind.”

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