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The Beach

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My name is John McKenzie and my story starts the day I was laying out on my own deserted stretch of beach, just minding my own business, reading a book and trying to get some tan to my almost fish-belly colored body. I work as a computer programmer for a very unknown computer company with a very small slice of the revenue pie, but we are supposed to be an up and coming concern, if we can ever get off the ground. Still, I don’t get out too much and my tan has suffered no end. I do work out a bit whenever I can fit it into my almost non-existent schedule. You see, I am the CEO, CFO, and only programmer for this company–in fact the only employee–but I do like to dream about making it big one day.

Anyway, I was out on the beach stretched out on a blanket. Since I was wealthy enough, thanks to my father, God rest his soul, I owned this stretch of secluded beach and was laying naked on the blanket letting the breeze keep me cool while the sun burned my skin through the SPF 50 sun block I had poured all over myself. The one thing I hate about sunblock is how sticky it makes you feel after it starts drying on your skin. Actually, I think the sun block was feeding the bugs or something because they seemed to want to swarm all over me. Ah well, to burn to death from the sun or die of insect bites. What a toss up of a choice. I chose to be eaten that day because I know I burn too easily with my reddish blonde hair and freckled skin. I was just trying to connect the freckles and not really succeeding too well.

At six feet even and two hundred twenty pounds, I was not an Adonis, but I wasn’t Frankenstein’s monster either. I have a home gym set and workout on an occasional basis so I am not overly flabby and have a decently flat tummy with just a hint of a washboard. At fifty years of age I’m not as trim as when I served in the Army, but I haven’t let myself go completely to seed either.

The book I was reading was some light, erotic porn and my cock was half aroused and sticking up from my belly just enough to be noticeable to somebody walking by on my secluded section of beach, which of course was not supposed to happen. Occasionally, I would give my dick a tug or two as I read, enjoying the feeling of the hardness in my hand.

The wind was blowing in gentle breezes and the waves were breaking on the shore in a gentle soothing roar after their long march across the ocean. The sun had heated the white sand to an almost unbearably hot temperature. The cove is open to the ocean, but is really very closed on the landward side being hemmed in by rocky cliffs and dense thickets of trees and underbrush. In other words, it is the perfect place to take a nude sunbath.

Since I was getting a bit warm, I decided to take a quick dip in my little secluded piece of ocean. With my semi-erect cock leading the way, I walked down to the wter’s edge and tested the water temperature with my toe, not that it mattered much since I was going into the water anyway. The water was fairly warm and I quickly walked out until just the head of my cock bobbed in the water, then I dove in and came up sputtering but much cooler than I had been just a few minutes earlier. I soaked in the salt water for about ten minutes or so and started a slow side stroke towards the beach. When I reached shallower water, I stood up. My cock had become flaccid during my swim and dripped water from the tip as if I were pissing. I dripped my way back to my blanket and flopped down. I figured that I’d let the sun dry me before I went up to the house and had a drink.

After about five minutes, I decided I was dry enough and stood up to pick up my stuff. That’s when I saw the girl or young woman emerging from the water in my private cove. My eyes travelled from her head to her foot, llingering a bit longer when they reached her lovely bouncing tits and flat tummy. She wore a small string bikini that left little to the imagination, covering only her nipples and her vagina. The rest of her body was open to inspection and my eyes were definitely working. She was five foot three or so and couldn’t have weighed much more than 110, but my eyes were drawn by a set of mammaries that seemed as if they should be on a much larger woman. They were firm with only a little bounce and her nipples were showing through the fabric ofthat covered their splendor. Her hair was flaming red even plastered to her forehead and her eyes were a lovely blue color.

“Hi, there! My name is Beth.”

“Hello, mine is John, John McKenzie. This is my private beach you know. It’s posted at both ends of the cove.” I made absolutely no effort to cover my nakedness and I noticed that Beth didn’t blush as her eyes examined me, finally resting on my cock.

“Yes, it is. I saw the signs.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I wanted to see the cove from this angle. I do oils and love to paint good scenery. This cove looked ideal from the ocean side, but I wanted to see it from here to see if it would be worth painting. Do you always run around naked?”

“Only when I’m at home and not expecting company and since I have no clothes or a towel, you can either get excited at my nakedness Pendik Escort or get offended. It’s no difference to me either way. Do you always wear bikinis that cover so little of your body?”

“Only when I’m swimming or sunbathing. Today I was swimming and sunbathing. This is really a very lovely cove and I’d love to paint it, with your permission of course.”

“Well, I’d have to be persuaded that it was in my best interests to let you paint here. You’ve already picked up one strike against you when invaded my privacy.”

“I’m sorry about that. What can I do to make up for it?”

I turned to go up the hill just as my cock gave a nice twitch and was beginning to show just how much this vision of loveliness was having on my libido. “Go back the way you came. When you are polite enough to ask permission in a proper manner, I will consider the request. Please don’t drown on your way out.”

With that I walked up the hill to my house, dropping the blanket on the deck and putting the rest of my stuff on the counter in the kitchen. I poured myself a double Glenfiddich, took a healthy gulp, and went back to the window overlooking the cove. Beth was almost to end of my property and swimming strongly. I grabbed my binoculars and watched her steady strokes. Her muscles rippled with the movement and my cock drew a bit more blood from my body.

I went in and took a shower to wash the salt off my skin. Just as I finished drying myself, the doorbell rang. I threw on a pair of cutoffs and walked barefoot to the door. I opened it and that same young lady was standing at the door.

“Hello, I’m Elizabeth Montrose. My friends, and some acquaintances call me Beth.”

“I’m John McKenzie, what can I do for you Miss Montrose?”

“Please call me Beth.”

“OK, what can I do for you Beth?”

“May I come in?”

“Sorry, my manners seem to be lacking today. I seem to have left them on the beach when I confronted a trespasser. Of course, please come in.”

“I’m sorry to hear that you had a trespasser. Mr. McKenzie, I came to ask your permission to paint a landscape of your cove. I wouldn’t be a bother in any way and I will clean up after myself.”

“Please, have a seat. Drink? Coffee, tea, Diet Coke, something stronger?” I poured myself another double Glenfiddich.

“No, nothing thank you.” Beth sat in a chair almost directly across from my seat. She was wearing a tube top that showed her breasts to perfection and a pair of loose fitting shorts without underwear. I knew the last because from time to time her leg openings would give me a flash of her red pubic hairs.

“You have a lovely house.”

“Thank you. My wife did most of the decorating.”

“Oh, you’re married?” I saw a slight frown come over her face. I was quickly gone, but it had been there.

“Widowed. She died of multiple sclerosis last year.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“Well, she’d been sick for most of her life so, in a way, it was a blessing for the end to come when it did. She went to sleep one night and never woke up. Officially, she had a heart attack. But, I knew what had really killed her and it was the MS.” I sipped my Glenfiddich and set it down. “So what brings you to Loch Mourne?”

“Loch Mourne?”

“That’s what I call my cove.”

“Oh. Well, to answer your question, I am on vacation from my job in New York–“

“What do you do?”

“I’m a computer analyst for a rather nice bunch of people, but it does get hectic.”

“I know, I’m a programmer.”

“Really? What language?”

“Mostly Pascal but some C++ from time to time when the mood strikes. Go on with why you are here.”

“I went swimming today and saw your cove from the ocean side.”

“You went swimming alone in the ocean?”

“Oh, I’d never do that. My sister, Diane, was with me, but she didn’t want to enter your cove because of the signs and stayed on the beach. Anyway, when I swam into the cove to see if it would be worth painting, I met this really good looking guy who was really mean down on the beach. He suggested that I come and ask the owner if I could possibly paint a landscape of his cove. So here I am. May I?”

“May you what?”

“May I paint your cove?”

“I don’t know yet. I’ll think about it. Where’s your sister Diane now?”

“She’s at the motel. After all that water and salt she didn’t feel up to coming with me.”

“Which hotel might that be?”

“The Beachcomber. We share a room.”

“I know the place. Nice. You must have a good salary to be able to afford to stay there.”

“We saved all year for this trip and now some nasty man has put a damper on our entire vacation.”

“Well, Beth Montrose, I am sorry of that gentleman on the beach got nasty, but that’s what he does when somebody comes into his cove uninvited. Now I have a few more questions for you.”


“First of all, do you always go around in a tight tube top that shows your tits to perfection? And,” I raised my hand to stop her from answering right away, “do you always were shorts with openings large enough to expose your lovely redheaded pussy? Now you may answer.”

“Only Kurtköy Escort when I am trying to seduce a man that has a cove that I want to paint.” She smiled a beguiling smile that would have made any cock harden and mine was no exception.

“Does that happen often?”

“Up until today, it has never happened.”

“I guess I should be flattered then.”

“Well, I was really hoping for horny.”

“Being a dirty old man who loves women, especially naked women, I’m always horny. How old are you?”


“Hmmmmm. Old enough to fuck without having to worry about daddy’s shotgun and yet young enough to be worth the trouble even with the shotgun. Take your clothes off.”

“What?” A look of shock crossed her pretty face.

“Do you want to paint my cove or not?”

“Yes. Yes, I do. But what does one have to do with the other?”

“I love the human form especially the form of the female of the species. If you pass muster in that department, and I will feel your body for any deformities, then you can paint a landscape of my cove. Agreed?”

“How do I know you won’t rape me?”

“You don’t, but up until the present moment, it has never once happened. My sex partners were always delighted to have my cock inside any or all of their holes.”

Beth stood up and removed first her tube top and then her shorts. Her tits were firm and bounced only once or twice before sitting up proudly on her chest. The vee formed by her legs was covered in soft looking red hair. I got up out of my seat, took a sip of my Glenfiddich, set the glas back down on the table and walked over to her. I reached up with my hands and weighed her tits with my hands gently squeezing them and rolling the nipples with my thumbs. Beth moaned. I ran my hands down both sides of her bodies until I came to her hips. I left one hand resting on her hip and moved the other hand to the hair covering the prize I sought. Without a word being said Beth opened her legs wider to allow me access to the treasure. I gently ran my hand across her outer lips and then extended my middle finger and probed her opening, running all the way from the back to the hooded clit in front. Beth was dripping wet and moaning almost continuously as I teased her clit between thumb and forefinger. Her hips started moving involuntarily in a dance as old as mankind. Then she reached into my cutoffs and took my cock in her smallish hand tugging it gently. It was now my turn to moan about my rising lust.

“Beth, I think we can be more comfortable in the bedroom.”

“I’m only giving a sample today, lover. You get the real thing when I finish my landscape. Not before.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. A girl has got to have some respect for herself. I never ever fuck on the first date. Maybe the second or third, but never on the first date.”

“Oh, God damn! You’ve got my cock as hard as a rock and you expect me to let you leave?”

“You promised not to rape me. You said you had never raped anybody before.”

” I won’t and I have never raped anybody, but by God, you are making it tempting. This isn’t fair you know. OK. You can paint your damned landscape.” I watched with a incredulous gaping mouth as she pulled her clothes back on and turned to leave. “Wait! Don’t leave. You can’t leave me like this. Don’t you have any mercy?”

“Yes, I can leave and I am leaving. I’ll see you in the morning, sweetheart. I’ll bring my oils and canvas with me. As for being merciful, I was taught that mercy was a fault and since I have no faults, I have no mercy, at least not when it comes to sex. Oh, don’t bother to show me out. I can find the way.”

As the door closed behind her, I called Beth almost every name I had ever heard a woman called and then invented a few more of my own. I ended up in the bathroom taking matters into my own hands so to speak. The stream of sperm that shot out of my cock would have easily filled three women to their brims, it I’d had three women to fill. As it was, it took me a while to hunt it all down and clean it up. I had sperm everywhere in that bathroom!

The next morning I awoke late after having one lurid fantasy about Beth’s body after another. I had not slept well and my cock was still as hard as a bar of steel.

I got up and took one of my few cold showers in an effort to make my dick behave. I threw on the same pair of cutoffs that I had worn the evening before and went down to fix breakfast. As I was cooking the sausage and eggs, I happened to look out the window overlooking the deck. Beth was sitting behind an easel painting her landscape. She wasn’t wearing a stitch of clothing.

I finished breakfast and cleared the dishes into the sink. Took two cups of coffee and, after shucking my shorts into the corner, walked naked out to sit down under the umbrella on the deck. As I sat down I called out and asked Beth if she wanted a cup of coffee.

“Just a minute. I just want to get this right before I lose the light.”

About ten minutes later she climbed the steps to the deck and took the cup of coffee that was sitting opposite me. A quick bulp brought a look of disgust Maltepe Escort to her face.

“Ugh! This stuff is stone cold.”

“It wasn’t ten minutes ago.”

“Well, you could have warned me.”

“Not my job. If you want fresh, there’s some in the coffee pot.”

“Thanks. Don’t mind if I do” she replied tossing the cold coffee over the railing and going into the kitchen after more. “I’m sorry about leading you on last night. I wasn’t very nice of me.”

“Not at all lady-like. I at least solved that problem. Images of strangling you sort of helped arouse me enough to finish the job that you had started.”

“I said I was sorry.”

“Well, you only have today to finish your painting. After that, my permission to enter my property is rescinded.”

“You can’t do that!”

“As the property owner, I most certainly am within my rights to do whatever I want with my property.”

“It isn’t fair! I won’t have time to get even halfway done by this afternoon.”

“I never said I was fair. To paraphrase something you said, fairness is a weakness and I am anything but a weak man. I suggest you get a camera and take a photo of the cove from where you are sitting because after today, you won’t see it again in person.”

“You bastard!”

“I’ve been called worse. And, there may be a remote possibility of that being true.”

I stared at Beth’s naked body, drinking in her magnificent tits and small rounded tummy without ever getting even a hint of a reaction from my “little head.” I was still too angry at her for the way she had left me the night before and sex with her was, for the moment, the farthest thing from my mind.

Beth jumped up and stomped her barefeet all the way to the sand. I watched the muscles of her buttocks as they extended and contracted while she ran for her easel and beach bag. I had been treated to a beautiful sight and my cock began to stir just a little when I thought about how much I was going to regret the stand that I had taken with her.

Beth grabbed a blouse and a wraparound skirt and quickly threw them on before rounding the corner of the house. I heard a car door slam shut and she was back in a couple of minutes with a digital camera taking pictures of the cove from every conceivable angle. Then she threw the camera into the beach bag along with her paints and unused brushes. Grabbing the easel she turned once again for the side of the house and stomped her way around it. A few seconds later I heard a car door slam and an engine started with such ferocity that she must have red-lined the tach in 3 seconds flat. I figured that I would never see Beth again. I was wrong.


That night brought more dreams of a lovely nubile 25-year old body bouncing on my cock while red hair was flying in all directions. When I awoke at five in the morning, my cock was very, very hard–how hard you ask? Hard enough to drill through rock, never mind into a pussy. Even a cold shower couldn’t bring it down so I resorted to a repeat visit by Maggie and her four daughters. They succeeded in making my dick behave with only about three minutes worth of work. Once again, the sperm had flown everywhere in making their escape from my balls and cockhead.

I fixed breakfast for myself and added a generous dollop of Royal Lochnagar Scotch to my coffee. My big head was telling me I needed something to take the edge off the headache I had. My little head was still thinking about Beth and what an ass I had made of myself where she was concerned. All the rationalization in the world could not change the fact that my pride had taken a beating and I had retaliated without thinking.

I remembered that Beth had said that she and her sister Diane were staying at the Beachcomber which was one of the fanciest, if not THE fanciest in the neighborhood. They either had some money or they were going to be hitting the bottom of their pocketbooks in short order. It was that kind of place with those kinds of prices. Even with all the money I had stashed away, I avoided the Beachcomber like the plague.

Feeling rather sheepish and in need of doing some serious apologizing for my very bad behavior, I called the Beachcomber and asked for Ms. Elizabeth Montgomery. They had never heard of anybody by that name, nor had they heard of her sister Diane. Now that was just something that made little sense. Thinking she may have made a mistake in the name of the hotel, I decided on a course of action. Since there are only a couple of motels and hotels in the area, I called them all with the same results. As far as having accomodations in one of the local establishments, the two of them didn’t exist.

About this time, I decided I needed to get some clothes on and go looking for my wayward trespasser so I pulled on a pair of gym shorts that barely did the job of covering my essential genitalia and a cut-off t-shirt that showed my stomach in all its unholy shape. Slipping a pair of sandals on my feet, I walked out my back door and, much to my surprise found that there wasn’t a need to search any further. I almost tripped over the two of them as I came down from the deck. Both of them were wearing very skimpy bathing suits that, while they covered everything that mattered, left little else to the imagination. They were both still asleep on blankets laid on the sand and I took a moment to enjoy two beautiful semi-naked women.

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