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The Balcony Pt. 01

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It was sunny, mid-morning. She’d been trying to get some work done, but kept getting distracted. She was wearing a dress, with a ruched top and flare bottom, cut off at mid-calf. Pretty conservative, even for her. But she couldn’t concentrate.

She glanced out the window, at the sky. Clouds floated serenely in the blue expanse, and the sun shone down lustily. How she wanted to be out of doors, feel the sun’s warmth on her bare skin. She turned and moved closer to the window, closed her eyes as the sun caressed her face. She imagined the sun’s rays were hands, moving down her body. She squeezed her thighs together, relishing the feel of her bare legs rubbing against each other.

She went out to the patio, and sat down in the large wicker chair, spreading her legs slightly. She arched her back, enjoying the sun’s caress on her breasts. Her own hands followed the sun’s path, almost unconsciously. For a moment, she thought about stopping; there was only a low wooden banister hiding her from the neighbor’s windows. She knew they could probably see through the slats if they chose to look out their windows. She moved her hands down to her legs, and all thoughts of the neighbors flew out of her mind. She hiked her skirt up around her thighs, luxuriating in their softness as her hands slowly explored their contours. Her hands slid over the top of her thighs, and dipped inward, brushing against her panties as they moved.

A light moan escaped her as she pressed her fingers against the thin cotton, feeling her engorged pussy lips even more firmly. She spread her legs a bit more, and rubbed one hand up and down, pressing her middle finger into her warmth. She slid her hand under her panties, and caressed herself, pussy lips warm, and slightly slick with moisture. The simple movement caused her to put her head back. Her other hand traveled back up her body to caress her breasts, encased in the fabric of her dress and a lacy bra. With her other hand, she pressed her middle finger lightly against her clit, and began to circle it slowly. It was thick and soft, and she dipped her middle finger lower, until it was against her hole, feeling the wetness that was slowly seeping out. She looked down, and could see her hand moving slowly, her pink lacy panties wet throughout the entire crotch.

Her fingers Ümraniye Escort had lifted them away from her body, so as her hand moved lazily across her clit, eliciting pleasurable feelings through her entire body, she could also see her pussy lips, full and sexy. She rubber her hand against them, and pressed it fully against her wetness. The suddenly, in an effort to surprise herself, she slid a finger completely into her vagina. She gasped, throwing her head back, hair hanging down the back of the chair. She knew her neighbors could probably see her and tell what she was doing, but she didn’t care.

She hooked one leg up over the side of the chair, so that she was fully spread open to herself. She pulled her already wet panties to one side, and began rubbing her clit vigorously, spreading her wetness over her entire pussy. Her wetness was clearly audible, and turned her on even more. She slid two fingers into her vagina, and began to fuck herself slowly. She heard a whisper of a sound, and glanced over to the windows, but saw nothing. She looked down at herself again. Her chest was thrust out, but still covered by her dress, which was pulled up to her waist. Her panties were dripping wet and pulled to the side, and her legs were open wide, so anyone who looked on the balcony would be able to see her wet pussy being ravaged by her own hands. She moved her leg down and pulled off her panties, settling her bare butt back into the wicker chair. It bit into her ass deliciously, and she threw one leg over each arm, so her pussy would be completely exposed. With her left hand, she started rubbing her clit again, in slow, agonizing circles. With the other, she started fucking herself again, with three fingers this time. She knew they were watching, she could feel their eyes. Silent, intent. She was gasping now, little moans coming from her lips as her legs trembled with each slow pass of her fingers over her thick engorged clit, and each time her fingers plunged into her vagina, she felt herself come a little.

“Oh, fuck!” She almost screamed, but she was never sure if it was out loud or silent, as she came suddenly, all in a rush. Her body clamped up, and she dragged her fingers over her clit again, enjoying the feeling as she shook and shuddered in the grasp of a massive İstanbul Escort orgasm. She lay back, fingers playing gently with her clit.

“Hey there.” Her head snapped up and she pulled her rubbery legs down, eyes wide, as a man she had never seen before mounted her balcony. He was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans, his bulge evident, as he walked toward her. “Now, you look like you’re having fun.” He said.

“I, uh…” She responded, unable to form words. She knew she should be embarrassed, but she wasn’t. She was always told, as a young girl, not to be wanton, because it attracted the wrong kind of attention. She opened her mouth to tell him to go away, but he unzipped his pants, and pulled out his cock. It was huge, and he stroked it slowly, looking at her breasts the entire time.

“Quite a show you put on there.” She closed her mouth slowly, dragging her eyes from his cock to his face.

“I-I didn’t mean..you should…you should probably go.” She said, standing up, and pulling thee edges of her cream cardigan over her still-clothed chest. He stepped closer to her, so close, his dick brushed against her skirt. She wondered, for a wild, fleeting moment, if he had gotten pre-come on it.

“Do you really want me to do that?” She looked at him, mouth open. She touched her upper lip with her tongue. “Turn around.” He ordered her. She did. He pushed her gently, toward the railing. She felt him lifting her skirt, felt the warm sunshine on her bare ass. His cock was against her, and he push it, with one swift movement, into her vagina. She gasped, and staggered a bit, grabbing onto the railing for balance. “Spread your legs,” he whispered in her ear.

She did what he said, and he leaned over her, reaching around to cup her breasts with his hands. “You’re so fucking hot,” he said, moving his hips slowly, pressing them against her buttocks, and then pulling out slightly. The slow movement undid her, and she moaned. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He asked, pulling out more, until only the head of his dick was inside her. She moaned again. He slapped her ass. “Answer me.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“I can’t hear you.” He said, rotating his hips in a way that had her gasping for air.

“Yes. Fuck me.” As the words left her lips, she felt his hands grab onto Anadolu Yakası Escort her hips. He pushed his penis all the way into her and withdrew again. Her legs were trembling.

“You like that?” He said, and did it again. This time she followed him with her ass, pressing it against his pelvis as she moaned intelligibly.

“Yeah, I think you do.” He said, and leaning forward to the balcony, he put his hands over hers on the balcony. He undulated his hips, cock caressing her vagina, and started to fuck her. Slowly at first, but as she pressed her hips back against his, he moved more quickly, until the sounds of flesh slapping flesh filled the air. She threw her head back on his shoulder, and cried out loud,

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me hard! Oh Fuuuck!” She screamed, and came again for the second time that day. Her fingers clutched the banister. He laughed gently, and bit her shoulder. She opened her eyes and looking across the yard, saw the eyes of her neighbor, an elderly lady who was always in the habit of giving her disapproving looks. She smiled, and he laughed, gently, standing up. Her legs were so shaky she would have fallen if he wasn’t holding on to her. He turned her around, and kissed her on the mouth. She felt like she was being devoured, and she loved it. She pressed her body against his, and kissed him back, hard.

He was still hard. She pulled him into her room, and pushed him up against the door.

“Stand here,” she ordered, and went to her knees, taking his cock in her mouth. He tasted of her, and the thought made her moan, as she sucked on his cock, running her tongue along it’s ridged length. He groaned, thrusting gently into her mouth.

“Fuck,” he exclaimed, pulling her up against him, “you’re gonna make me come again.” He buried his tongue in her mouth, grabbing her ass and pulling her body against his. She could feel his hard, wet dick at the juncture of her thighs, and she ground her hips against it as he claimed her with his mouth.

“Good,” she murmured against his lips. He pulled her dress off, breaking the kiss. She was clad in a black lack bra, and he reached out almost reverently, to cup her breast.

“You’re so hot,” he growled. “I’ve been watching you for so long, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to see you this morning.”

“Show me,” she said breathlessly. He went to kiss her but she stopped him. “Wait. You’re still wearing too many clothes. She pulled off his shirt, and he shucked his pants and boxers until he was naked. She reached back and took off her a bra, drawing an appreciative murmur from him.

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