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The AirBnB Ch. 05

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~~~~ Continued from Chapter 04~~~~~~

After shopping at Mills Mall, Trina, Trish, Bailey, and I, all agreed to continue our little girls’ day by turning it into a girls’ night in Trina’s hot tub. We agreed to meet at Trina’s in an hour or so.

Trina needed to take something to her brother’s house, and had another errand to run, Trish wanted to go get her swimsuit and grab some tacos for everyone, and Bailey and I needed to do the same.

Bailey didn’t have a swimsuit packed but said as long as I had bottoms and it was just going to be us ladies, that she’d be fine in a tank top.

We all met at Trina’s at around quarter to 8. Bailey and I walked around the back per Trish’s instructions as they were back there and the front door instantly locks itself.

I was wearing the white strapless bikini I got in Cancun a few years ago. I didn’t love it as the top always fell no matter what I did and the bottoms were closer to a g-string than a swimsuit. I only bought it because Chris thought it was incredibly sexy and I only ever wore it to tease him when we went swimming with his friends.

Bailey wore my turquoise swim bottoms and a black crop top tank top that had the CU Bison logo ok the front. I offered the bikini top that matched the bottoms, but she was afraid I was too busty and that it wouldn’t fit. Even then, I swear, she makes no effort and I crave her.

Bailey and I walked through the cute picket gate and into Trina’s backyard. She was sitting at the table by the back door of her home, with a seltzer bottle in hand.

Trina was wearing an extremely adorable tropical print bikini. It had black ties that went around the neck and brightly colored flowers all over it. The top squeezed her giant boobs together and really made them stand out. Her bottoms were high-waisted and didn’t reveal as much of her perfect ass as I had hoped for. She finished her gown with a light mesh shaw, that she wore around her waist and a cute cabana straw hat.

When I saw Trina again, my mind began replaying the events that had unfolded in the H&M dressing room earlier in the day. I knew I would be, and ultimately was, 100% submissive to her. This is something that I was always intrigued with. I’m not into ball gags and torture sex or anything like that, but the thought of being completely controlled sexually and dominated by a mistress was getting me incredibly aroused.

Her house wasn’t big it was maybe half the size of mine, but her backyard was huge. She had a 10ft deep pool connected to an oval-shaped hot tub that was pouring into the pool via a small waterfall. The hot tub had a gorgeous tiled ledge that was about 2 to 2.5 feet wide, and the hot tub itself was already warmed up and bubbly with some cute purple lights turned on under the water.

She had a round table with an open umbrella in the middle of the table. The table had cheese, nuts, and seltzers on it. She had tiki torches all over the yard surrounding the pool, all of them lit, with various shrubs, flowers, and small trees all along the pool and fence. The house had speakers on the corners of her patio and they were softly playing some Latin dance music.

“Aww, your backyard is so fuckin cute!” Bailey remarked walking over to the table, kicking off her flats, and grabbing a blackberry seltzer.

“Ya know, being a realtor I have to say, this is a great-looking backyard. Good job!” I said following Bailey’s lead, grabbing a handful of cheese, and slowly feeding myself as I began walking around the pool checking out the yard.

“T’ank you so much! Mi hermano is very good at landscape. He takes care of it for me. I just pay the bill.” Trina said standing up and giving Bailey a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Trish came out of the house with a tray of street tacos in hand,” You bitches ready for a party!!” She yelled placing the tray on the table.

“Damnnnn, those look delicious Trish. Did you make them?” Bailey asked, sitting down in one of the chairs at the table.

“Pft, she wishes,” I yelled from across the pool. “Trish hasn’t cooked anything like that in her life.”

“Fuck you bitch!” Trish retorted, popping open a raspberry seltzer and grabbing and sitting in the seat next to Trina. “But, she’s not wrong. I got these from DelToro’s 5 minutes from my house.”

“I love DelToro’s,” I chimed in. “I’m sorry for my rude comment, knowing now that you have bestowed upon us the delicious tacos from the heavens,” I joked.

Trish was wearing her patented ‘Orange Thang’ bikini as she called it. Like Trina’s, it tied around the neck but had white ties instead of black. It had orange triangle cuts that barely covered any of her gorgeous tits. They actually were struggling to keep them contained. With every step, her boobs would almost bounce free. Her bottoms completely matched the top with ties going around each side of her hips, and of course, it was a g-string.

Standing, she walked over to me, punched me in the arm, and then gave me a long hug. “I forgive you.” Her breasts pressed bursa escort into mine and her breath on my neck gave me chills. She walked over to the tanning bed behind me, folded it up, and brought it over to the table with the other girls. I followed.

“SoOoOoOo…what do we want to do tonight? Last night was very fun…you missed quite the festivities babe” Trish stated, winking at Trina who was untying her shaw as she took it off and folded it over the back of one of her chairs.

“But don’t feel bad for missing it, Trina,” I started, “we are happy that you put family first and that your mom is ok.” I sat down between Trina and Bailey, reached over and grabbed one of the Al Pastor tacos on the tray, and began stuffing my face.

“T’anks! I hear I miss a really good night,” Trina smiled glancing over at me, her hand finding my leg under the table.

“Well, we could just eat, drink and chill in the hot tub. That doesn’t so too bad to me,” Bailey suggested.

“That sounds great, to be honest. Just relaxing in the bubbles with some delicious tacos.” I agreed.

“I don have lots of games, but maybe we can find something fun to do as well?” Trina asked grabbing one of the Carne tacos and taking a big bite. “MmMm..these are really gooood. I was not sure cause American tacos are usually not very good.

Bailey stood up, took a sip of her seltzer before placing it back down on the table, and began walking around the yard as I had done just moments ago.

“So, do you live here alone?” I asked looking at Trina, whose hand was lightly trailing on the inside of my thigh, moving to and from my knee.

“Normally, yes. But sometimes mi hermano, Memo, stay with me. He travels for work so he come and go.” She replied, taking another bite of her taco.


Turning around, I see a silhouette in the light of the setting sun under the water. Bailey had jumped into the pool and was swimming to the shallow end of the pool. She broke the water’s surface, her head leaning back to keep her hair from falling on her face, pushing her chest up and out of the water. She looked like she was in a music video or something. Her nipples pressed hard against the now soaking-wet black crop top.

“Sorry! I couldn’t help myself! It’s been a while since I jumped in an outdoor pool. Not many of those in Colorado.” Bailey half-apologized as she shimmied out of the pool and became the first in the hot tub.

“You apologize too much, ” Trish laughed as she grabbed a fish taco and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth.

“Geezus,” I laughed. “Showing off your throat skills there Trish?”

“Always,” she winked back.

“So” Trish started, gabbing her seltzer from the table and making her way to the hot tub, “what, are we just gonna get in all alone?” She laughed sliding into the hot tub next to Bailey.

“I mean…ha… you are welcome to join! I just got cold quickly after jumping into the pool” Bailey replied scooting over to make room for Trish on her right.

Trina put on some different music, placed her phone down on the small table near the hot tub, and leaned over to whisper in my ear. “I have present for you” she winked before stepping away and slowly getting into the hot tub. She placed one leg in the water as she backed her way in, giving the whole party a perfect and erotic view of her great ass..sets. She sat across from Trish and Bailey.

I eventually made my way over to the hot tub myself, frozen at first to what Trina meant, after finishing my taco and my drink and grabbing another. “I just love this yard, and the dropping sunset makes it look even more appealing,” I managed to compliment as I broke my thoughts and walked over to the hot tub and sat right next to Trina.

Trish had her arms draped on the edge of the hot tub, causing her tits to float on top of the water, Bailey playfully poking at them like a cat.

Taking a drink from my seltzer, “so Trina, any thoughts on what we could do besides enjoying the wonderfully warm water and spectacular views?”

Trina shrugged and reached for her bottle of blackberry seltzer. From my angle, I got a perfect view down her top. Trina has beautiful golden skin, and her breasts were big and perky. The purple lights illuminating from beneath the water left little to the imagination as I could clearly see her toned legs leading up to her thick-figured hips.

My mind began to drift into what Trina tasted like and how I was still her submissive. Whether or not, she knew that or not I don’t know. She can come off as extremely innocent, but maybe that’s just the language barrier speaking.

“So Bailey…our young and sexy friend…what are your plans now that you’re out of college. Are you going to be living with your parents?” Trish blurted out, bringing me back to reality.

“For the time being. I have a job interview at a gym not far from their home next Wednesday that would at least give me some cash flow as I decide when/if I’ll continue my studies.” Bailey responded, taking bursa escort bayan a drink from her seltzer and placing it down on the hot tub’s ledge.

“So…you’ll stay in the area?” I asked with a smile forming on my face. I had never thought about anything more with Bailey than a fun weekend, but the thought of her being at most 45 minutes away had my mind racing at the possibilities.

I’m not sure if I’m full blown lesbian or not, but these last few weeks altered my thoughts and perspectives. On one hand, I love dick and love everything about it. On the other, I have never cum the way I came with these 3 women. I could see myself dating any one of them, but the thought of that also got my heart racing and made me nervous.

“Looky looky, you got Luce all sorts of excited,” Trish giggled, as she pointed at me now staring at her blankly, lost in thought.

“Oh shut it,” I replied, adding ” though, it will be nice to have a new friend who lives close by”.

“Trust me, we will be hanging out alllll the time,” Bailey smiled.

Trina piped back in, “so…what’s that game you Americans play at girl parties?”

“What do you mean?” I answered back.

‘”You know…honest or action?” Trina guesses innocently.

“Oh babe, you are so cute…do you mean truth or dare?” Trish laughed, finishing her drink and placing her bottle down.

“Yesss!!” Trina exclaimed. “Dat’s the one! I’ve always wanted to play but never known how,” She continued as her English became more and more broken.

“I’m game” I agreed while taking a drink.

“Me too!” Bailey laughed. Something about her laugh just sent chills down my spine. It was innocent yet sexy. Was I more into her than I thought?

“Game on Bitches!!” Trish chanted. “I’ll go first then. Trina….you sexy Latina fox…Truth or Dare?” She asked glaring into Trina’s eyes.

“Oh..hmm…Dare?” Trina answered nervously.

“That’s my bitch!! Brave as ever…I dare you to hop up on the top of this tub and twerk,” Trish demanded.

We all laughed as Trina emerged from the water and climbed up on the ledge of the hot tub. She bent over right next to my head and began shaking her big beautiful ass. She bounced her ass up and down, hands moving to her knees to give her better balance. I reached up and smacked her ass. She moaned in acceptance as she kept dancing.

The song quickly came to an end as she stopped dancing and slithered back into the water. “10 out of 10” Bailey complimented.

Something about black and Hispanic girls, no one can shake their asses quite like them.” Trish commented, pointing at Trina, “Your turn babe.”

Trina took a swig of her drink and then looked directly at me, “Truths or Dares?”

“Truth” I answered, smiling evilly at Trish knowing she’d give me shit.

“Pussy” Trish immediately said on cue, getting out of the water and walking to the table, grabbing 4 bottles, and heading back to the hot tub.

“What do I do?” Trina asked, perplexed at the cultural difference.

“You ask her something and she has to tell you the truth. Like, is it true that you cheated on your ex..or something like that,” Bailey explained.

“Ah…si..ok….Lucy, is it true that you want to join us in dat alley?” Trina asked, putting her hand on my leg under the water and squeezing my thigh.

“Oooh, good question…” Trish jumped in, opening a seltzer for herself and Trina, handing it to her from across the water.

“At first, I was confused and wasn’t sure for the last few weeks. But now, I know that I wished I had joined.” I said, taking a sip of my drink and licking my lips.

“You should have..” Trish interrupted.

“Trish, since you have so much to say, Truth or Dare?” I asked, wasting no time.


“Pft….Dare!” She commanded as she stood up from the water, her tits popping up from under the water.

Hands-on her hips, Trish glared in my direction, impatiently waiting.

“I dare you…to text a picture of your tits to a random person in your phone.” Grimacing at Trish.

Surprisingly, her jaw just dropped. She stood there motionless. “Well…you’re such a bad bitch…what’s it going to be?” I asked, antagonizing her, taking a sip of my seltzer, and leaning back cockily with my arms on the hot tub.

“Fuck it.. let’s do this!” That was all Trish said. She hopped out of the hot tub, grabbed her phone from the table, and walked back to the party in the water. “Here,” she motioned to Bailey, “will ya help a girl out?”

“Absolutely!” Bailey replied, winking at her as she did so. Grabbing the phone, Bailey stepped half out/half in the water. Trish pulled her top up and over her head and let her wonder-tits fall free. She grabbed them in each hand, pulled them closer to her face, and opened her mouth as if she was putting her nipple in her mouth. She paused there as Bailey took the photo.

“Oooh..that’s very sexy!” Trina commented, “You send to me too?” She asked, grinning.

“You got it, babe!” Trish smiled, taking escort bursa the phone from Bailey and sending a text to someone named Rick in her phone. She additionally sent the picture to me and Trina in a group chat.

Stepping back into the water after pulling her top back on, she grabbed her drink and took a big gulp before slipping back down, her tits disappearing beneath the bubbles. “My turn is it?” She confirmed.

“Hmm…Bailey, Truth or Dare?” She asked, turning to our friend to her right.

“Truth!” She replied innocently.

“You ladies are so BORING!!” Trish complained. “Ugh..well since you want to be scared of my dare…who had a better-tasting pussy, Luce or me?” Trish asked, biting her lip as she looked back at me.

Almost simultaneously with her look, Trina had begun rubbing her fingers up and down my thigh. Looking over at Trina, I watched as her eyes were fixated on Bailey awaiting her answer.

“Well, as good as you taste Trish, Lucy has an absolutely delicious pussy.” Bailey answered, smiling at me seductively.

“MmMmmph, such an unfair answer, you’ve only tasted me once” Trish spat back.

Trina’s look went from intrigued to confused as she began to understand what the question and answer meant. “Wait…did you 3 have sex?” she asked.

“Oh ya! You missed out last night babe” Trish joked as she reached her foot across the hot tub and stroked the inner thigh of Trina’s leg.

Her face became agitated, as her hands stopped their movement on my leg.

“Don’t be jealous, love, you’ll have your turn I’m sure of it. Luce has become quite the slut in the last 48 hours.” Trish smirked as she put her arm over Bailey.

Completely ignoring Trish’s comment, I kept my eyes on Trina as she faced me and smiled. “Lucy!” Bailey blurted out. “Truth or Dare?!”

Looking back at Bailey, I answered, “Dare”.

“Finally! Someone other than Trina and myself with some balls!” Trish commented.

“I dare you to jump into the pool, ” Bailey said, pointing to the pool behind Trish’s head.

“Ugh! IT’S GOING TO BE SO COLD!” I complained, “but fine!”

Trina’s fingers lightly scratched down the sides of my thigh, making eye contact with me as I stood up and out of the water. Stepping up and over the edge of the hot tub, I made my way to the deeper part of the pool.

“Let’s go!” Trish complained impatiently.

I scowl in her direction as I dive into the pool. Trying to push myself, I swam underwater all the way to the steps at the shallow end of the pool. Trying to imitate cute Bailey, I lean my head back as I emerge from the water.

“Ow! Ow!” I hear as I come up for air. It didn’t take but 3 seconds before I caught the reason I heard Bailey catcalling me. When I dove into the pool, the water had pushed and pulled my swim top down to my hips, completely exposing my naked flesh.

Normally quite reserved, instead of covering myself with my hands, I pulled my hands up to my fully erect nipples and gave them a slight tug, making eye contact with Trina as I did so.

Climbing up and out of the water, I quickly made my way back to the hot tub, the brisk wind hurrying my steps. Jumping back into the hot tub, I temporarily left my top down. My naked tits are afloat on top of the water as I adjust my top from underneath.

As I start to pull the top back up my abdomen, I catch Trina’s eyes 100% staring at my tits, biting her bottom lip.

“Trina,” I call out.

…. “Si?” She replied.

“Truth or Dare?” I asked, slowly pulling the top back over my breasts, giving her as much time with them as I could before re-covering them.

“Um…Truth,” Trina answered, breaking her stare as she shook her head. Trina reached to her right, took a deep breath, and grabbed her drink.

Trish had shifted her body, her legs now draped over Bailey’s lap. I could see Bailey shift herself underneath Trish, in an effort to get comfy.

“Is it true that you liked what you just saw?” I asked, feeling frisky and confident.

She whipped her head back locking eyes with me. “Well..did you like what you saw?” I asked again, pushing my breasts back out of the water.

Her eyes follow my movements, making their way back down to my breasts and then back to my eyes, she nods. “Sorry, we can’t hear youuuuu,” Trish mocked.

“She’s right, we can’t hear you,” Bailey repeated, giving her a seductive smile, still shuffling under the water.

“I like what I see,” she said, moving her hand back to my thigh under the water, this time she was inches away from my crotch.

Leaning over to whisper in her ear, “good, I wanted you to see all of it”. My body shuttered as I said this into her ear.

The events of the last 30 or so hours had awakened something within me. A horny beast craving a woman’s touch. After the incident in H&M earlier, I was feeling more and more confident with these desires. I loved being submissive, and I wanted Trina to take control again.

“No secrets you two!” Bailey squealed from across the hot tub.

“Calm down, I was just telling Trina it was her turn,” I lied, feeling Trina’s hands working their way to my suit-covered pussy and starting to rub.

“Trina, babe, who are you going to choose,” Trish said, snapping Trina out of her trance.

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