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The Adventures of Little Debbie Ch. 03

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Big Tits

This story is a further instalment in the series written for a sexy lady who is the star. The ideas are her fantasies and ideas or experiences. As this is a fictional world safesex is not always mentioned.

Debbie rang the bell of the apartment and the door was opened by a brunette who smiled an embraced her warmly.

“Hi Debbie, long time no see!” Jenna said as she let Debbie through the door.

Both women walked into the kitchen and Jenna took two bottles of chilled beers from the fridge.

“It has been a hot one.” Debbie said commenting on the fact it had been a really hot summer’s day in Nevada and although it was later afternoon now the beers together with the air conditioning would be a relief.

“What today? Or your recent life?” Asked Jenna raising an eyebrow quizzically.

“Mmmmm. I thought you might be keen for an update.” Debbie said winking.

“Well I was a little annoyed you cancelled Saturday’s plans, stating you had to go to work indeed. It had better have been worth it!”

Debbie took Jenna’s hand in her “Come with me and I will tell you all”


Jenna and Debbie at down on the sofa and placed their beers on the coffee table.

“It started badly the other week when Dave called me into his office. It turned out he had met up with my client Marc at a do.”

“THE client Marc!” Jenna said.

“Yes, and Marc drunkenly told Dave all about the blow job I had given him and how good I am at it! A lovely compliment I know but to tell my boss. Dave was not happy and to be totally honest I thought that was it and I was looking for a new job.”

“And not to mention the problems at home…” Jenna added.

“Exactly.” Debbie confirmed before taking a drink from her beer. “I spent the afternoon dreading seeing him as well as thinking how the hell could I tell people I had lost my job without explaining why!”

“You should have called me babes, I would have tried to help!” Jenna added supportively.

“Yeah, I know. I went into Dave’s room ready to fight my corner. We chatted and then he moved his chair back and exposed his massive hard on!”

“Filthy bastard.” Jenna exclaimed.

Debbie laughed. “To be fair his cock is impressive and we all know my reputation for giving guys oral. He asked me to show my talents and how could I refuse.”

Jenna laughed “Did you make him cum?”

“Oh yes I gave him oral, a tit wank and then I drained his semen down my throat! He said it was the start of close ‘working relationship’ was how he tactfully put it.”

Jenna shifted her body and reached forward to get her beer. The girls drank and the Debbie continued. “Last Saturday was a day of crappy internal housekeeping at work. Dave kind of punished me by making me help.”

“Oh yes….. He punished you with work did he?” Jenna winked.

“It was strange, I expected he was going to take advantage but he was almost reticent and we had worked and he got us a pizza lunch. Then I sort of took the lead.”

“Mmmmm Debbie taking the lead, now that is sexy.”

“You like me taking the lead?”

“Always.” Jenna replied smiling.

Debbie placed her right hand on Jenna’s leg and then without a word she moved her palm upwards feeling Jenna’s warm flesh under her skin. Jenna offered no resistance and did not speak. As Debbie’s hand reached up Jenna parted her thighs. Debbie’s fingertips reached the edge of Jenna’s underwear and as she moved towards the gusset her eyes widened.

“My Jenna, is that dampness I can feel?” Debbie asked.

“Oh yes.”

Debbie moved her body towards Jenna and kissed her lips softly and her tongue was extended as she parted Jenna’s lips and she kissed her deeply. She broke the embrace and knelt on the floor in front of Jenna.

She eased the material of Jenna’s skirt down and discarded it to the side. She parted Jenna’s legs and saw her white cotton knickers had a damp circular stain in the gusset. She moved forward until her face was approaching Jenna’s groin. She could smell the musky smell of Jenna’s arousal as well as sensing the heat which was emanating from Jenna’s sex.

Without a word Debbie poked her tongue forward and she pushed against the warm damp material. She placed the tip of her tongue at the base of the damp patch and leaned forward so the surface of her tongue was brought up against the warm and musky gusset. The receptors or her taste buds took in the taste of Jenna’s juices before she wiggled her tongue all over the material. Debbie could feel the flesh of Jenna’s labia under the knickers and she could feel Jenna start to move and squirm beneath aydınlı escort her.

“Oh yes Debbie that feels fantastic.” Jenna moaned.

Debbie lifted her face and smiled at Jenna. She moved the material away from the groin and applied her fingers to the soft, damp flesh.

“So where was I? Oh yes I stripped and teased Dave telling him he had to stay silent and motionless or I would stop. He was such a good boy and you could see he was struggling but he did as I told him. Having stripped down to my underwear I took down his trousers and his penis was starting to get solid, so solid, and was making such a prominent bulge in his boxers.” Debbie softly stroked and rubbed Jenna as she spoke.

“As I took off my bra before him I could see he wanted to move but did not dare and as was as turned on because my little pink nipples were so very hard and sensitive. When I moved my hand into my thong as was almost as wet as you are now!” Debbie carried on rubbing and teasing Jenna.

“Oh yes Debbie that is so good. Your tits are incredible I know my Tom always says he loves mine but admits he drools over your tits.” Jenna panted he eyes closed and he head leaning back. Debbie probed her and paused from her story telling to lick Jenna’s engorged clitoral hood.

Stopping Debbie started to speak again “Then I stepped out of my thong and allowed Dave to look at my naked body for the first time. I asked if he liked and he nodded. Then I commanded him to strip but not touch his cock. Oh the power over my boss was mind blowing at this point I had him hard but so docile and compliant. I asked him had he been deep throated. I climbed on the desk and laid out offering my mouth and he face fucked me pushed his cock into my throat. Then I told him to fuck me which he did and god did I cum on his cock Jenna.”

Debbie rubbed as Jenna started to climax and she writhed about as Debbie fingered her pussy which was pulsing and twitching. “Then as he was getting carried away I ordered him out and let him fuck my titties. He could not hold back and jetted his sperm into my face and tit flesh.”

Jenna was slowly recovering as Debbie finished the story. “Then we showered to get clean and he licked my pussy and gave me another orgasm!” Jenna’s head fell back as her body recovered.

“Very sexy but I missed who the lucky man was.”

Debbie turned to the figure stood in the doorway and Jenna’s eyes opened.

“Tom, how long have you been there?” Jenna asked her husband.

“Long enough!” He replied.


The two women froze and Tom stood looking at them.

“So my beautiful wife and her gorgeous friend have been playing! And as I asked who was the lucky man?”

“My boss Dave.” Debbie replied.

“Jealous?” Jenna asked.

“You know how I feel about Debbie, darling so in a word…. YES!” Tom responded.

Jenna looked down at Debbie. “I take it you have no problems with the three of us going upstairs do you?”

“Not at all.” Debbie replied.

With the response Jenna stood up and approached her husband. She cupped his face in her hands and she kissed him deeply and sucked on his lower lip. Without a word she took his hand and started to lead him out of the room. She looked over her shoulder to Debbie and winked.

Debbie followed them out of the room and she watched them walk up the stars ad followed them. Once in the master bedroom Jenna sat her husband down on the bedside stool by her dressing table. She kissed Tom.

“As Debbie told Dave sit down. You say and do nothing until we tell you.”

With that she turned and pulled Debbie onto the large bed. The cuddled, embraced and kissed and forgot Tom. Jenna could taste her juice on Debbie lips and face from where she had been licked and kissed.

Jenna removed her top and unclasped her bra. Her 36D breasts fell from the material and she was left in her white cotton panties. Debbie quickly shed her clothes until she was left in her black thong. The two women sat facing each other on the bed cupping and stroking each other’s breasts. Jenna leant forward and sucked long and hard on Debbie’s left nipple while Debbie reached across and tweaked Jenna’s right nipple between her fingers. When Jenna lifted her head Debbie leant forward and returned the favour to her friend.

The two ladies cupped and played with each other’s titties before leaning forward and pressing their chests together. Jenna whispered in Debbie’s ear and they both giggled and looked at Tom. The both got up and approached Tom. They each went to the side of Tom’s lap and bağdat caddesi escort held the titties up for his inspection. Debbie presented her bust to him and he licked and sucked her nipples. This was repeated by Jenna.

“Okay, I think you will like this big boy!” Said Jenna. At this point the ladies pushed their titties together above Tom’s erection. Silently they lowered their chests and allowed Tom’s cock to emerge between the four compacted titties. The girls rubbed their breasts up and down relatively slowly trying to keep their chests together and to also stimulate Tom’s cock. Sensing this was a little too exciting for him Jenna turned to face him and asked.

“So what do you think Tom, mine or Debbie’s tit’s and mouth to bring you off?”

“Mmm it’s got to be Debbie!” Tom replied.

With Tom having made his decision Jenna removed her knickers and moved across the bed. She lay on the bed with her head and shoulders propped up in the pillows. She had pulled out a large pink vibrator from her bedside table and as she looked at her friend undressing her husband she started to rub her labia with the end of the dildo and teased her left nipple with her free hand. Her breasts were almost as big as Debbie’s but were very slightly less taut and tight.

Once Tom was naked his 8 inch penis was swaying and bobbing in front of Debbie. She moved forward and began to rub the shaft slowly with her right hand. They both looked back and could see Jenna’s nipples had tightened and were fully erect. She had moved from teasing her lips to slowly moving the dildo in and out of her pussy. Debbie turned and faced Tom’s erection and she licked the shaft as she wanked him. He was solid and once she had covered his skin with her saliva she took two hands to his shaft and she massaged his cock. She twisted her grip around the penis and drew her hand up and down. She leaned forward and took one of his testicles in her mouth and sucked on his ball.

Behind her Debbie could hear Jenna panting and moaning as she fucked herself with the pink phallus. She took her mouth and clamped her hot wet mouth over the head of his cock and sucked on him as she massaged his shaft. She looked up and saw Tom’s eyes fixed on his wife as she was clearly, from the sounds Debbie could hear, bring herself to another orgasm. Tom was bucking his hips and Debbie released him from her mouth. She shifted her weight on her legs and cupping her full and heavy breasts she lifted them and smothered Tom’s penis within her cleavage. She pushed up and down and Tom rolled his head back and gasped as he enjoyed the feel of Debbie’s titflesh masturbating him. Debbie turned her head as Jenna screamed out.

“Oh fuck me that was fantastic.” Jenna cried out.

Debbie concentrated on Tom as she gave him a tit wank and he was obviously getting excited. As the head of his cock burst from the cleavage a large drop of clear pre-cum slid from the opening on Tom’s penis. Debbie moved her body and gripping Tom she returned t giving him oral sex.

As Debbie bobbed her head up and down on Tom’s penis she was aware Jenna had neared her and she could feel Jenna’s hand on her rear. Suddenly Debbie felt her vaginal opening being stretched as Jenna inserted the dildo into her. For a couple of moments this carried on and Tom was clearly getting close to orgasm as indeed was Debbie.

Debbie pulled her mouth from Tom and turned her face toward Jenna. “Fuck my ass Jenna.” She demanded before resuming the oral she was giving Tom. She felt Jenna finger her anus and she moved so her legs parted and she moved so Jenna had easy access to her bottom. Then she felt the tip of the dildo pushing against the flesh of her anus. Jenna leant forward and penetrated Debbie’s rectum. Jenna’s fingers of her right hand moved and rubbed Debbie’s pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Debbie moaned as Tom filled her mouth. As she moaned her mouth, tongue and jaw vibrated around the large solid cock she was sucking. An orgasm started on Debbie’s anus and vagina. She rubbed harder and faster moaning on Tom’s shaft. Suddenly Tom grabbed her head and his penis erupted in her mouth and pulse after pulse of salty semen flooded her mouth and was all over her tongue. She could taste his sperm and she sucked hard to draw as much spunk down her throat as she could but she was aware as she moaned a dribble of seminal fluid had escaped onto her chin.

Jenna withdrew the dildo from Debbie’s anus and she hugged her friend. They turned to face one another and Jenna licked her face softly to clean her husband’s sperm from her skin. bahçelievler escort The hugged and kissed as Debbie massaged Tom’s wilting penis.

“I will clean him up honey.” Jenna said and Debbie moved back onto the bed and she watched as Jenna slowly and lovingly licked her husband’s penis clean.

Debbie winked at Tom as she removed her thong and lay on the bed before him and parted her exposed pussy showing her completely shaven pubic area. She licked her fingers and she started to masturbate keeping her eyes locked on Tom. She licked her lips and rubbed faster and faster. Debbie tried to keep quiet and not disturb Jenna or give any indication what she was doing.

“Hey, what’s getting you so hot so quick?” asked Jenna as she looked up in surprise at her husband. Her hand was stocking his cock which was starting to solidify once more.

She turned and saw Debbie masturbating brazenly in front of Tom.

“Oh, Debbie he likes you. I think to get him this hard so quickly is exceptional.” Said Jenna as she turned and sat herself down on her husband’s erection. She eased her body down as his shaft filled her pussy inch by inch. She then slowly started to move up and down on him as Debbie lay masturbating.

“Let me know when you start to get close Debbie.” Jenna said.

“Don’t get to comfortable as I have rippled and it’s building to a good one!” Debbie said with her hand flashing over her outer lips.

Jenna turned her face to her husband and whispered to him and kissed him passionately. She lifted herself off of Tom’s lap. Tom approached Debbie and knelt before her and with his large manly hands he shifted her thighs apart and buried his face into her shaven flesh and licked and lapped at her. Jenna walked to stand above Debbie’s head and then she moved over her so the two women were in the 69 position. Jenna licked all over Debbie’s clitoris as her husband was licking Debbie’s vagina and fingering her pussy with the fingers of his left hand and his right hand was seeking out her anal opening.

Debbie pulled Jenna’s pussy closer to her face and kissed and licked her again as the couple both gave her oral sex. Debbie was sucking on Jenna’s outer lips as her body started to buck and thrash about as she had a huge orgasm.

“Fucking hell Jenna. Her pussy is so tight and I could feel her cunt and anus muscles go wild.” To cried out as Debbie had the first wave of a multiple orgasm. Jenna pushed down on Debbie’s face as she moaned and licked wildly all over Jenna’s groin.

Tom left Debbie’s groin as she recovered slowly. Debbie opened her eyes and saw Toms erect penis swaying in front of Jenna’s pussy. She carried on licking Jenna’s clitoris as Jenna slowly and gently kissed Debbie’s now throbbing and sore pussy. As Tom moved forward he impaled Jenna.

“OH FUCK ME!” Jenna screamed as her husband roughly started to take her from behind. Debbie carried on licking Jenna’s clit as Tom’s penis pistoned into Jenna. She licked and sucked on Jenna moving her friend closer and closer to orgasm.

“Oh Jesus I am cumming!” Jenna called out as her body fell onto Debbie. Debbie moved her hands and grabbed Tom’s swinging balls. She rubbed him and lifting her head she placed her tongue and licked all round his testicles. In order to make Tom cum Debbie opened her mouth as wide as she could and crammed his balls into her mouth and sucked hard on him and her fingers moved in between his arse cheeks and she probed his anus with her finger. She felt his balls tighten and she pushed her finger into his anus.

“Ohhhhhhh shit!” Tom groaned and his legs wobbled and Debbie felt his testicles move. She released his balls from her mouth and as he withdrew a drop of sperm fell onto to Debbie’s face and she could see the creamy white semen sliding out of Jenna’s vagina.

Jenna moved her body and sat over Debbie’s face and she lowered her pussy over Debbie’s face. She moved her thighs and when she was over Debbie’s expectant face she moved her vaginal muscles to start to expel the semen down in large drops. Debbie allowed the mix of Tom’s spunk and Jenna’s juices to drip onto her extended tongue. Debbie lifted her face until she could close her lips over Jenna’s pussy opening and she sucked the fluid into her mouth. As Jenna got off of Debbie she moved to lay side by side with her friend.

“Thank you for that.” Jenna said.

Without a word Debbie pulled her friend close to her and kissed her deeply. Jenna’s eyes opened wildly as she realised Debbie had not swallowed and she was now twisting and mixing the sperm into Jenna’s mouth between their tongues. Jenna clicked her fingers to draw Tom’s attention to them and they opened their mouths to show Tom the fact they were snowballing his semen between them.

They flicked their tongues back and both women swallowed the respective shares of the salty fluid.

“You are welcome.” Replied Debbie. “I loved it.” She said kissing and embracing Jenna once more.

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