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Tennis Anyone?

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I hung up the phone and headed out the door. Lisa had just called and asked if I wanted to play tennis. Lisa was my best friend’s sister and she was a babe. 5 foot 2 120 pounds of well rounded cock magnet. She had the cutest blue eyes and dishwater blonde hair that caressed her soft shoulders. I was 23 and she was eighteen. I had tried to hit on her in the past, but she always seemed too busy. I had seen her the night before and mentioned playing tennis and she said maybe.

I was working at the country club as assistant golf pro and one of the perks was the use of the facilities during non peak hours. It was about 9:30 when I pulled up in front of Lisa’s house. She ran out the front door and swung her sweet ass into the bucket seat of my Jeep. “Hi Jack,” she smiled as she turned to throw her racket into the back seat. Her black nylon shorts rode up her firm young ass and I caught a glimpse of her tight black panties. She had on a white tank top with thin spaghetti straps and I could tell she had on a strapless bra.

Her soft blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail and her sweet face was shining. She settled into the seat, and we headed for the club. We volleyed for a few minutes til Lisa said that she was ready. Watching her bounce back and forth across the court had me ready for action, but not tennis action. Lisa tits were working their way out of her bra and pushing out the top of her tank top. When she bent down to pick up a ball, they were threatening to fall out.

My cock was uncomfortably hard in my shorts as we began our first set. Now, not to brag, but I am a fairly good tennis player and I easily defeated her in the first set. Lisa pouted and said that I was not going to beat her the next game. She turned her back to me, and I couldn’t make out what she was doing. When she turned around to serve, I realized Şerifali Escort that she had pulled her bra down below her firm tits. Thru her tank top, I could clearly see her firm rose colored nipples pushing against the flimsy material. She served and I could barely get a racket on the ball since my full attention was on her sexy breasts. Lisa laughed as she easily beat me in the first game. When it was my turn to serve, she bent down low to receive the ball, and her titties almost spilled out. With my attention on her tits, she was easily able to break my service. The second set was hers, zero to six. When she approached the net, she pulled her tank top down and flashed her perfect tits at me. Lisa smiled and said, “All is fair in love and tennis!”

My hard on was throbbing as Lisa said,” I think I’ve had enough tennis for one day. Let’s get out of here.” I had another thought. “Hey, Lisa,” I said, “I have to stop at the pro shop for a minute, okay?” She nodded her head and I watched as she tucked her gorgeous tits back into her bra. “No free shows for anyone else,” she laughed. We walked towards the pro shop. I looked at the sign on the door, COURSE CLOSED TIL 4:00 P.M. I knew the golf course was closed due to some specialized insect treatment that had been applied that morning. I just wanted to make sure that my boss wasn’t there. I unlocked the door and we went into the shop. I checked my boss’s schedule and saw that he wasn’t coming in until three. Hmmmmm, four hours with no supervision and a hot young pussy. I got two sodas from the cooler and we sat down, cooling off and chatting.

There was a shower in the rear of the pro shop and I really felt like I needed to wash off the sweat. I offered Lisa a chance to shower, but she just smiled and said, “No, I’m not really all that hot. But if you want to take İstanbul Escort one, I can just wait here.” I said, “Okay, it’ll only take me a couple of minutes. I ducked into the shower area and turned on the water. As I stripped down to my black bikinis I thought about the show that Lisa had given me so I walked back out into the office. Lisa had her back to me and with the water running, she didn’t hear me approaching. I was right behind her when I realized she had found a porno magazine and was playing with her pussy while looking at a guy secrewing a girl. Her right hand was up the pantleg of her shorts, and she was battering her clit. My cock jumped to full attention and half of my cock was out in the air above my bikinis. I was going to try and leave, but when I moved, I brushed against a clipboard and it fell from the wall. As Lisa turned I tucked my raging hard on into my underwear. Not knowing that I had seen what she was up to, she said,”Hey are you done showering already? What are you wearing? Let me see.”

I stepped out of the shadows and Lisa got to see me in my bikinis. My hard on was still throbbing and the only reason it wasn’t out in the air was that I had wedged it diagonally in my shorts. Lisa licked her pouting lips and said,” Nice underwear, Jack.” I looked down and saw a pre cum droplet ooze from my erection right through the thin nylon. I blushed and Lisa came over to me. She knelt on the floor in front of me and put her face inches away from my cock. She studied every bit of my cock thru the nylon. She finally reached out and cupped my cum laden balls. She smiled up at me and slowly slid her soft hands up to the waist band and slipped her fingers under the elastic. She carefully slid my underwear down and my hard on towered over her head. All seven inches of my cock throbbed and pulsed with Ümraniye Escort excitement as Lisa slowly rubbed the precum the length of my shaft.

The purple head of my cock was shining with the precum when Lisa slowly slid her perfect mouth over it. As I felt her hot tongue begin to swirl around the head, I felt her hands caress my swaying balls. Lisa began a slow rhythm with her mouth that she matched with her hands. I reached down and pulled her bra and tank top over her breasts. She stopped sucking my cock just long enough for me to get her top over her head. She got right back into the rhythm and my fingers found her rock hard nipples. I pulled and tweaked her nipples and she continued slurping and sucking my rigid member. I massaged Lisa’s breasts, and she moaned and whispered, “I wanna taste your cum.”

I slowly lowered myself down on the floor next to her and while she continued her incredible suction, I slid her shorts and black panties down her perfect tan legs. Her pussy was beautiful. Full pink lips showing a little wetness flowing out. Lisa had shaved her cunt and it looked like a picture. I laid on my back and Lisa lowered herself down over my mouth.

She tasted perfect, slightly salty and sooooooooo sweet. I licked her clit and my fingers gently played with her soft puckered asshole. When I touched her ass, she started deep throating me. My cock was bouncing off her tonsils as my tongue caress her soft cunt lips and hard hot clit. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I unloaded spurt after spurt of steaming cum deep into her mouth. I slid a well lubed finger into Lisa’s virgin asshole and my tongue and lips assaulted her clit again and again. She took my soft cock from her mouth and yelled,” Oh God I’m cumminggggggggggggg!!!!!!!” I felt her asshole clamp down on my fingers again and again as orgasm after orgasm ripped through her tight body.

After a couple of minutes, she settled down and said, “That was awesome, Jack. Can we play tennis again tomorrow?” I kissed her soft cum coated lips and said,”Sure, babe as long as we can do this again too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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