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Telemedicine Ch. 18: Competition

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I was once again fully equipped: robo-bra, anal probe, ball cuff, and cock cage.

It was mid-afternoon, and Kat had just finished teasing me within an inch of my life. She’d carefully locked up my cock, balls, and ass before letting me out of bed. She’d left everything turned off though, and she’d let me put on a sweatshirt for the rest of the day. It was late afternoon by the time I made it back to my computer, and I had a ton of work to do. I was able to–mercifully–lose myself in that for a couple of hours. We had pizza leftover from lunch, and we polished it off while we worked.

As it got closer to 6 o’clock–titty time, she’d said–Kat left the room to get ready. As she left, she said, “When Lisa gets here, I want you to get the door. Sweatshirt off. Wear the robe. Lisa likes the robe.”

Fuck. I just couldn’t figure Kat out sometimes. Why did she care what Lisa likes? Whatever. I went and got the robe and my mask so I’d be ready when the door rang. In the meantime, I kept working on my laptop, sitting on the couch, trying not to think about what was about to happen.

Then the doorbell rang. Fuck. This was happening. I closed my laptop, threw off the sweatshirt, and pulled on my robe and mask as I went to the door. I checked the peephole, and there she was, blonde hair, mask, and trenchcoat. But this time, she was wearing a nurse’s cap? Like a little white headband with a red cross on it, perched on top of her head like a fucking Halloween costume or something.

I opened the door and she spun into the room, her coat flaring out, commanding as much attention as she possibly could. She stopped in the middle of the room and looked at me over her mask. “What do I call you now? Robe Boy? Mr. Tits?”

“Um, uh, whatever you want?” I said, feeling stupid as hell.

She ignored me though, and said, “Is Kat here?”

I had a feeling she was waiting to take her coat off because she wanted it to be a moment. A moment for Kat more than me, I guessed.

Then Kat walked in, carrying her box of toys, and she was…fuck, she was dressed like a doctor! She was wearing a white lab coat, and from what I could see, nothing underneath. She had a stethoscope draped casually around her neck. She wasn’t wearing a mask. I guess she figured with what was coming, why bother? Her face was made up, eyes and mouth looking large and beautiful. And she… she had painted a little mustache on her face? What the fuck?

Lisa looked her up and down, then opened her coat, dropping it off her shoulders in one motion, holding it behind her, waiting I guess for me to come and take it from her. But I was stuck to the floor, staring at her outfit. She wore a full latex nurses outfit! Black, white trim, short skirt, low cut, short sleeves, skin fucking tight, a little ornemental apron with a red cross on it hung from the front of her waist. And heels. Ridiculously high stripper heels.

“I’m ready to assist with Robe Boy’s treatment, Doctor.” She was really getting into the part. Totally camping it up. Then she broke character and started laughing.

They must have arranged this scene together. But… I was struggling to keep up with them and whatever kind of chess they were playing.

Kat said, “Well, Nurse, I’m glad you’re here to help, but we need to be very clear on the treatment protocol that I’m going to demonstrate tonight. Mr. Tits over here has a great deal to learn, so I want to make sure that we all understand one another before we begin.”

Lisa looked intrigued, but didn’t say anything.

Kat said, “To begin with, Nurse, I will demonstrate a certain protocol on you. When that’s done, you will supervise as Mr. Tits attempts to deliver the protocol himself–he will be delivering the protocol to me. During that period, I expect you to watch and guide. You may play with his tits tonight, but that’s it. Tonight his mouth belongs to me. The rest of him belongs to me.”

“Ooooh, possessive,” Lisa said, drawing out the words. Then she said, “OK, and what do I get for my… self-restraint?” She put her hands behind her as if she was handcuffed and made an exaggerated submissive curtsy.

Kat took the hint. reached into the box and pulled out a pair of cuffs. She walked over to Lisa, took her hands, and held the handcuffs poised. She said, “Nurse, do you agree with the ground rules?”

“I do,” Lisa said.

Kat snapped the cuffs closed, locking Lisa’s hands behind her.

“For now,” Kat said, “You get tied up. We’ll see what else you get later.” She took Lisa’s arm and perp-walked her over to the sofa. “Sit,” she said.

With her hands cuffed behind her back and her stripper heels, Lisa wobbled along unsteadily as Kat guided her roughly but firmly over to the sofa. Kat put her hand on Lisa’s shoulder, and Lisa sat, a bit awkwardly, at the edge of the couch.

Kat turned to me. Pointing to a stool at the breakfast bar, she said, “Sit there. Watch. Do not move until I tell you to.”

Kat reached into the pocket of her lab coat, pulled out her phone, escort bursa and tapped. My devices came alive. This was no simmer, either. This was full stimulation.

Before I could say anything, Kat said, “I just wrote this program for your devices this afternoon, Jonathan. I’m very proud of it.”

Oh god. Waves of stimulation passed through me, from my ass to my cock. From my cock to my nipples. From my nipples back down. “Kat…” I said.

“Don’t worry, Jonathan,” she said, “The program won’t let you cum.”

Fuck. I knew things were serious when Kat called me Jonathan.

Then Kat turned back to Lisa. “I have to give Mr. Tits over here a second lesson in pussy eating. I’m going to demonstrate on you. Then you’re going to coach him while he does me.”

She wasn’t asking Lisa’s permission. She already had her permission. She was just telling her how it was going to be.

Lisa sat on the couch. With her hands bound behind her and her head tilted down submissively, her eyes looked up at Kat, intently watching from behind her mask. She nodded as if to say ‘go ahead’ and then slowly spread her legs. The motion pushed her tiny latex skirt back. She wore no panties–her pussy came into view, already wet and swollen.

Kat said harshly, “Nurse, you should be ashamed of yourself, showing off your cunt to your patient.”

I swear to god, Lisa fucking mewled like a cat. Her back arched. Her neck and head fell back. She spread her legs as far as they would go.

“Lift your feet!” Kat said, keeping up her tone. “Put them on the edge of the sofa.”

The sofa faced the breakfast bar where I was sitting, so I had a perfect view. I watched Lisa struggle to scoot back, to get her spread legs on the couch without the use of her hands. I found myself mesmerized by her struggle. Lisa finally got into position, displaying herself to both of us. She looked up at Kat expectantly.

“Eyes down,” Kat said, and Lisa immediately obeyed.

Kat turned to me, seemed to drop her doctor persona, and said, “Lisa is a drama queen. An exhibitionist. She wants every eye in the room on her.” I saw Lisa’s chest heaving as Kat talked about her like she wasn’t there. “So, Jonathan, this is your first lesson. Can you tell me what it is?”

I had no clue what Kat was talking about. “Um… Lisa likes to be watched?” I asked.

Kat shook her head and turned back to Lisa. She squared her shoulders and said, “Nurse, who told you to dress in this most inappropriate manner?” It was weird to see Kat like this, playing a part.

“Um, no one, um, Doctor?” Lisa said.

“I should fire you right now!” Kat said sharply.

This drama… What the fuck was going on? It was ridiculous, or it would have been if it wasn’t so fucking hot. I mean Lisa was basically writhing on the couch, grinding her hips. She was so turned on. And so was I.

“Please sir,” Lisa said. “I’ll do anything you ask. Please let me keep my job sir.”

Kat turned to me again. “Watch the lesson, Jonathan,” she said, then turned to Lisa. “I’m going to punish you now, Nurse. Tell me what you deserve.”

Lisa kept her eyes down and said quietly, “I deserve to be spanked, sir.”

Oh fuck!

Kat walked over to her box of toys, pulled out a smaller box and opened it. She removed a little black paddle. It was less than a foot long–it looked like a narrow black ping-pong racquet. She pulled out her phone, tapped, then put her phone back in her pocket.

Kat walked back to Lisa and used the paddle to stroke the inside of Lisa’s thigh. I swear that I felt the rustle of the paddle on my balls.

Kat looked at me and said, “That’s right, Jonathan. This nasty little paddle is linked to your devices. You’re going to feel everything.” She smacked the paddle against the inside of Lisa’s thigh. We both jumped. That fucking thing had somehow hit me in the balls–the impact had been transmitted to my cuff! It hurt!

Kat stood over Lisa. She said, “Where should I spank you?”

Lisa was quiet for a moment, then said, “On my pussy, sir.” She’d said it so quietly, I wasn’t sure I’d heard her correctly.

“What did you say, Nurse?”

In a louder voice, eyes still down, Lisa said, “Please spank my pussy, sir.”

Kat reached out to Lisa’s face. She took her chin in her hands and raised Lisa’s face. “Look at me!” she said, and Lisa raised her eyes. Kat held her there, then with the paddle in her other hand, she slapped Lisa’s exposed pussy. Hard. My balls exploded in pain.

Lisa moaned. She raised her hips off the couch, offering her pussy to Kat. She said, “Thank you sir. Please spank my pussy again.”

Kat slapped again, three times, very fast, very hard. I groaned and doubled over. Lisa groaned too, flinched, then raised her hips again for more.

Kat turned to me again. She still held Lisa’s face. Her paddle hovered menacingly above Lisa’s pussy. “Lesson?” she asked, waiting now for me to say something.

I tried to catch my breath. My mind was racing. My cock was rock hard. My balls görükle escort were aching. My devices kept up their relentless stimulation.

“I have no idea,” I pleaded.

Kat slapped Lisa’s pussy again. Once. Twice. Three four five! Oh shit! I was having trouble staying on the stool. And yet, I was absolutely on the edge of orgasm. I felt my devices slow down, sensing that I couldn’t take much more.

Lisa seemed to be in ecstasy.

“The lesson,” Kat said, “Is to know what your lover wants. Know it better than they know it.”

Fuck. Was she talking about me? About Lisa? I could barely think.

Then Kat, put the paddle down and knelt between Lisa’s legs. She said, “Nurse, I believe that you have been punished enough. I am going to ask you to get back to work now. Can you do something for me?”

“Yes sir,” said Lisa, chest heaving in anticipation.

“I am about to demonstrate our treatment protocol for our young trainee over there. I am going to perform a procedure on you. Our trainee may not be able to see what I’m doing, so you must report my every move to him. Can you do that?”

“Oh god,” Lisa said. “Yes sir. Please let me help you sir.”

As I watched, Kat leaned in between Lisa’s legs. She put her face right up close to Lisa’s pussy, put her hands around behind Lisa, grabbed her ass, and scooted her even further forward.

“What am I doing?” Kat demanded. “Say it. Tell him everything!”

“Oh god, sir, you’ve grabbed my ass. You’re breathing on my pussy.”

“That’s right, Nurse,” Kat said. Then she looked over her shoulder at me. “Next lesson for you Jonathan. Pay attention.”

Kat leaned in then and Lisa started the commentary.

“Oh god, you’re licking my lips. So gently. Please, sir, harder sir,” Lisa said. Her head fell back. I could see her mouth moving under her face mask.

I didn’t think my cock could get any harder, but it did. It was pressing painfully against my cage now. I was going crazy.

I saw Kat reach her hand up, and Lisa said, “Oh, your hand, it’s circling my clit. Oh goddddddd…..”

Then, “Your… fingers… oh fuck!”

Then, “Oh god, two fingers inside… ugh….”

Then, “Oh fuck, you’re licking my clit. Oh god sir, please, oh god, just like that.”

What was the game? What was real? Was I watching Kat and Lisa? Was I watching a Doctor and Nurse fantasy? I realized that it didn’t matter. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen, and no matter what this was, I knew that I wouldn’t get to cum.

I suddenly remembered Dr. Popova’s instructions. She’d told me that I could cum if I found a way to get Lisa to stay. That was my best chance. But… my mind was not working.

“Oh FUCK!” Lisa screamed. “Oh god, you’re touching my….”

Kat lifted her mouth for a moment. “Say it!” she ordered.

“You’re touching my…. my asshole sir,” Lisa breathed.

She started to shudder then. “Oh fuck, doctor! Oh god. Oh god, Doctor! I’m cumming!”

It was the most amazing thing to see. Kat kneeling between Lisa’s knees. Hands working. Mouth working. Lisa, bucking hard against Kat’s face. My mouth just hung open.

Lisa thrashed. She moaned. She tried to free her arms, but they were bound tightly behind her. Kat didn’t let up, making Lisa convulse as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her.

Finally, Kat relented, and as Lisa’s orgasm subsided, Kat stood up. She took Lisa’s feet, which had been propped up on the couch this whole time, and gently guided them down to the floor. She pulled her phone from the pocket of her lab coat, and unclipped Lisa’s hands, then re-fastened them in front of her. She tenderly lay Lisa back on the couch and covered her with a blanket.

Then Kat turned to me. I had to suppress a laugh. Her little make-up mustache was completely smeared across her face. Kat said, “Lisa needs to rest for a moment. What was the lesson?”

“Fuck, Kat…”

“Call me Doctor, or Sir,” she said.

Fuck. First Dr. Popova. Now this. Everyone was a fucking doctor now?!?

“What’s the lesson, Jonathan?”

I really had no fucking idea. All I knew was that my cock was throbbing, my balls ached, and my brain was fogged with lust. I decided to take a guess. “Lisa likes to be controlled?”

Kat looked at me with a mix of amusement and pity and shook her head.

She turned back to Lisa. “Nurse,” she said. “Are you ready to continue to assist me?”

Lisa’s eyes were closed, and her breathing had settled. She didn’t open her eyes, but she did nod her head.

Kat walked over to Lisa, removed the blanket, helped her sit up, then helped her stand. Lisa’s little latex dress had ridden up, over her hips. She was basically naked from the waist down. Kat turned her around, and unzipped the dress in the back. It fell open, and Kat carefully worked it down her arms. She had to uncuff Lisa to get the dress all the way off.

Kat left Lisa for a moment while she went to her box to get something. She left Lisa standing there before me, completely bursa escort bayan naked except for her heels, her face mask, and her little nurse’s cap. She looked down shyly, seemed unsure of what to do with her hands. She looked incredible. Flawless pale skin, unmarked except for a small tattoo under one breast. Perfect smallish tits–great tits. Long legs. The thing that struck me most though was her shyness. She’d been so aggressive with me, and now she wouldn’t meet my eyes. I sat on the stool, staring at her naked body.

Then the moment was over. Kat returned to Lisa with… oh fuck! She was carrying another black bra. She fitted this around Lisa’s tits and it locked in place. Then, moving quickly, she re-cuffed Lisa’s hands in front of her.

This seemed to snap Lisa out of her post-orgasmic haze. And she seemed pissed. “Did you just lock me into one of your crazy fucking devices, Kat? What the fuck?” she said.

“Call me ‘Doctor,’ Nurse,” she said, smiling.

Lisa looked at Kat, then at me, then back at Kat.

I was trying to understand what had happened. I had thought this was a game, but something was going on here now. Something had changed. Was it the robo bra? The cuffs? What was happening?

“What’s my name, Nurse?” Kat said, smiling.

Lisa hesitated. She seemed to be deciding what to do. Then she said with a sigh, “OK, you win, Doctor.”

“That’s right, Nurse,” Kat said. “I win.”

“What’s the lesson, Jonathan?”

I just shrugged. I was never going to figure this out.

“Know what YOU want,” Kat said. “Lesson one: know what your lover wants. Lesson two: know what you want.”

She turned back to Lisa and led her over to the stool I was sitting on, standing her right in front of me. Kat said, “I wanted her locked up just like this. She wanted to cum, to show off, to be the center of attention.” Kat smiled. “We both got what we wanted.”

Then Kat pulled out her phone and tapped. I saw Lisa’s bra inflate a bit, the robo-nipples extending.

Kat said, “Time for the next lesson. I’ve linked the Nurse’s bra to yours, Jonathan. Go ahead, feel those juicy tits of hers.”

I reached out a hand and tentatively took one of Lisa’s robo-nipples in my fingers. I stroked, and saw Lisa’s eyes react, but she said nothing. I felt the movement mirrored in my own bra.

“Titty time!” Kat said, with excitement in her voice. “Jonathan, you head over to the couch. Kneel there. Nurse, you sit on this stool.”

As we changed places, Kat said, “Now Nurse, here’s how titty time works. Your bra is linked to his. Every touch you apply to your bra, he’ll feel it. Of course so will you, so if you want to tease him, you’ll be teasing yourself. If you want to hurt him, you’ll be hurting yourself. Go ahead, try it.”

Lisa said, “You said I could play with his tits!”

Kat said, “I’m keeping my promise Nurse. This is how I’m keeping it. Now go ahead and play with his tits.”

Lisa’s face was still masked, but her eyes were daggers. Still she reached up and grabbed one of her nipples and pinched it hard. In unison, she and I both cried, “Ow!”

“See?” said Kat, cheerfully. “Titty time!”

“This is not what you promised,” Lisa pouted.

“This is exactly what I promised. And exactly what you deserve. So be quiet or else I’ll lock you in that bra permanently,” Kat said.

Oh shit. My mind was reeling. Kat was threatening to… oh shit.

“Now you stay here, Nurse,” Kat said. “I’m finally going to give this young trainee the chance to do what he came here to do in the first place.”

She turned her back on Lisa and walked back to the couch. She shed her lab coat as she did, revealing that she was completely naked underneath. Naked, that is, except for her chastity belt. I watched her approach, eyes locked on mine. She looked amazing.

I felt the pattern in my chest change, felt squeezing on my nipples. I glanced at Lisa and saw that she had her hands on her breasts. She was squeezing her nipples lightly, creating sensation for both of us. Suddenly, I realized that she was seeing Kat’s chastity belt for the first time. Why wasn’t she reacting? Had Kat told her that she was locked up too? Had Kat told her about Dr. Popova?

As she approached, I said, “Kat…”

“Doctor,” she said.

“Right, Doctor…”

“Shhh, said Kat, sitting down in front of me on the couch. “Ssssh. Enjoy the moment, Jonathan.”

She put her hand on my head, taking hold of my hair gently but firmly. She used that grip to guide me into position. I shuffled forward on my knees until I was between her now-spread legs, looking at her pussy, revealed, framed by the now-opened chastity belt. This was about to happen!

She held my head steady, looked me in the eye, then up at Lisa, then back at me. Her chest was rising and falling with her breath, her deep, excited breath. I had to admire Kat at that moment. She’d taken Dr. Popova’s orders–invite Lisa up, demonstrate on her, then make Lisa watch and guide while I finally went down on Kat–she’d taken those orders and executed them to the letter, and yet somehow had still managed to turn the game to her advantage. She was so beautiful. So sexy. So smart. So powerful.

“What’s the lesson, Jonathan?” she asked.

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