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For Women

          Camden walked into the cafeteria this morning with a smile on his face. “Whatss up, Camm?” I say, my voice teasing. “Not alott, Kales. did you sleep well?” he said, teasing back. “Of course I did,” I say shooting him a look that said “I always sleep well when I dream of you.” “Cool. I can’t wait to get to class,” he said with a very arousing smile. “Mmmmm, me either,” I say, giving him a “wish you could be there now, huh?” look. Mr. Barrett was our first block today, and our third and fourth. Three whole periods of Camden Long teasing and arousing me, three whole periods for me to play him back. My life was officially wonderful. Not wonderful, perfect. Absolutely perfect. 
          The class bell rang and the entire cafeteria made a fast dart for the double doors. After spending thirty minutes in the cafeteria of chaos, class was pure bliss for everyone. I walked casually to Mr. Barrett’s room, and I slammed my binder on the table at my seat in the back of the room. I walked to the desk in the back and signed out to use the restroom, and when I came back, I found that Camden had not only found his way from the cafeteria but had found his way into my binder. “Camden!!!!!!! My binder!!!!!!!!!! It has been covered in “I was here”‘s and “hi”‘s!!!!!” I say as I reach in my binder for a pencil. “Maybe that isn’t a bad thing,” Camden said as he wrote in blue ink on the front of my binder another “I wuz hurr”. 
          Just then Mr. Barrett walked in and shut the door behind him. Now I could really start to work. I placed my hands in my lap, but left them loose so Camden could find them and pull them slowly closer to his waiting body. izmit rus escort I knew he would do that, without fail. He loved the feeling and knew that I was that girl that would do almost anything for almost anybody. There was no questioning his method either. It was pretty foolproof. Wait untill the teacher comes in and shuts the door, and play your way through the rest of class. 
          Sure enough, not three minutes later, I felt his soft skin touch mine. He messed around a little; he tickled my leg and ran his fingers up and down my inner thigh. It was wonderful. Then, Camden pulled my hand towards his waiting dick, and I rubbed. 
          I gave up on the nail thing. I just jacked him off like any girl would do a guy, I just stopped before his orgasm. We went back and forth between each other as first period slipped by slowly, as our hands didn’t both fit under the bar of the table at once. 
           When Camden was the one with his hands under the table, he did his job very well. Mr. Barrett talked just loud enough to cover my moans and groans of pleasure, except from Camden. He heard my every moan every flinch, every grip of my chair. He knew he was teasing me, and that’s exactly what Camden wanted. 
           When my hands were under the table, it took  everything I had to keep a straight face. I was enjoying this and I knew it. Camden knew it. Camden’s dick knew it. I was rubbing and I felt it grow. It slowly became bigger, and, for the first time since our affairs started happening, Camden grabbed my hand and put it straight on him. I continued rubbing where he put my hand,  and I suddenly felt izmit escort his hand again. Camden pushed my hand hard into his dick, and I started jacking him off with pressure. 
          Camden tried so hard not to moan, but when he looked at me, I saw in his eyes that it wasn’t going to be quiet for long. I applied more pressure gradually, and Camden went ballistic. He moved my hand so he wouldn’t “interrupt class”, and looked at me like “mmmm payback will be pleasurable”. The connections bell rang, and that was the end of our time for that period.
           I spent my entire second period thinking about Camden instead of focusing on the art project that had been set before me. Cassi and Anna had worked hard on it, so I got by with saying I painted, even though I clearly had not. I ran back to Mr. Barrett’s room so Mrs. Jones couldn’t call be back, and so I could get back to Camden. 
            Camden had managed to beat me back to class regardless of the fact that his walk was actually longer because I had cut through the courtyard. I sat down in a way that the moment Mr. Barrett walked in, Camden could take my hand. 
             As if on cue, Mr. Barrett walked in and practically slammed the door. He walked to the front of the class, and started lecturing us on how awful our grades were. Who cares about a single test grade? As long as we pass the mid terms, I didn’t care. I was pretty sure no one else did either. 
            I felt Camden’s soft warm golden skin touch my hands, and pull my left hand towards him. Here we go again…… Camden was perfect. We “played” and acted like we were listening to Mr. Barrett. The lunch bell rang, kocaeli escort and we ran to the cafeteria in sync with the others.
             Lunch passed quickly, and we were back with Mr. Barrett. This period was shorter than the others because this was our after lunch period with Mr. Barrett. Our group (Camden, Cesar, Amber, and me) worked on our PowerPoint on human body systems, and time litterally flew by. Another class change bell rang, and we walked casually to Mrs. Ryman’s room. 
           Mrs. Ryman had put in a movie on the Gulf War and we watched as if we were learning. Not three minutes into the movie, I pulled out a piece of paper and started a conversation with Alex. I was busy writing a reply to Alex when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I crumpled the paper in fear of Mrs. Ryman, but it had been Camden. I breathed a sigh of relief, and poked his shoulder.
            Camden poked me back and this went on for about thirty seconds. “I didn’t come over here to tease,” Camden said in a low whisper. “Maybe you did,” I said in short reply, still looking at the television so Mrs. Ryman wouldn’t suspect. “Oh no I didn’t,” he said as he traced shapes on my jeans. I moaned in delight and let my hand fall. He guided my hand exactly where he wanted it, and this went on for two hours, and then the credits appeared on the t.v. screen. The lights flipped on suddenly, and Camden dove back to his seat as not to get caught. Mrs. Ryman handed us a worksheet to do for homework over the weekend, and the bus bell rang signaling the end of the school week. 
              Everyone flooded out the door except Camden and me, because we were in no hurry to leave. All the kids wanted to jump start their weekend with getting away from the school as soon as possible, but Camden and I, we loved school. TO BE CONTINUED          

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