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The height of the bed lets him be at eye level to my breasts, I love that but it leaves me standing there only able to take it. But tonight, I don’t want to be just the fly in his web. I don’t want to let him win.

This has been going on all evening. The sly smile here and there, the look in his eyes when he thinks he won’t be caught, the brushes up against my arm and the whispered promises from behind me at the table offering things he’s only now delivering.

Occasionally – not often, but sometimes – sex between us is some kind of power struggle. Who’s in control, on top, the tone, the speed. We both have a good time when we fight like this, but both of us like to win for the sake of winning and can tease each other ruthlessly. When the game is on we are a pretty even match overall, each giving as good as we get. Tonight, he thinks he’s winning.

I push back on his shoulders to get his attention from my nipple as if I might take it away from him. He lets slip a frustrated growl from low in this throat. I can play too. In response he reaches up to kiss me hard and deep until I’m breathless and weak kneed. He pulls back up the bed like a spider reeling in his catch. I follow him like I have no other choice, I’m crawling up the bed, half beside his body and half over it.

Shit, wait, jeans. Backing off the bed he is already undoing his fly before I get off the edge and pull, letting them slide down. I look up along his body after dropping mine to the floor and standing over the bed, now I feel more in control of this.

I place a hand on the top of his foot and run my thumb up the arch. Turning my hand so the nail scrapes along causes him to gasp and jerk away. When he looks back at me and my devilish expression he knows what I want. He sees now that maybe his teasing all night has pushed me too far. Will I be cruel and torturous in my revenge? Maybe.

“Alright, alright I give up,” he says in a fake huff pulling his foot farther away. His smile clearly shows his amusement, he’s having fun too. He sits up to stack both pillows together so he is propped up. This is him letting me be on top, letting me win. I can’t believe he was so easy.

This time I crawl up the bed very slowly, my hands wandering along his legs. I slide my fingers underneath his knees then up along the outside of both thighs. That makes his eyes close and he drops his head back. I stop just before reaching the tops of his thighs Bostancı Escort when I hear his breath catch in anticipation. I can wait, can he? My hair follows my hands, drifting and tickling across the length of him from foot to belly. I lay my tongue flat against him and lick from the base to the tip making him growl low and long.

“That’s not the way to win this, unless of course that’s all you want to win,” his eyes are still closed.

My only response is to take his short curly hair in my teeth and tug, not too hard but enough to get a satisfying whimper and a jump from his cock against my chin. I lick his length again causing another twitch.

Crawling up a little farther, I keep one knee between his thighs. He has to be careful not to yank me down onto his chest for self preservation. I did it intentionally, not that I don’t want to be laying on top of him, but to remind him that he’s given up control. It’s only teasing – do I even want to win anymore?

Our lips are connected with our tongues together, his hands following the same rhythm across my back and down my sides. I pull away to present my neck and shoulder for him to kiss and lick and I shiver as he runs his teeth and stubbled chin along my skin.

Pushing up a little farther, he can reach the swell of my chest and turns his cheek between my breasts. From the deepest point between the two he turns into one side and presses his whole face into the soft skin dragging roughly across it until his lips reach my nipple. I groan loudly as he takes it into his mouth and the flat of his tongue glides across it. I can feel it suddenly pucker and stand up into his tongue from the suction. Without releasing it, his mouth opens to let his thumb join in momentarily. The wet thumb strokes across and around the other tip and when his lips release it the breath across both makes them equally hard.

I push back and up with both hands on his chest and then it’s his turn to groan while he pulls and I push, to settle in just the right place. He moves his hands from my ass up my sides to cup both breasts and runs a thumb across each nipple in turn, watching them respond as if mesmerized.

My hands explore his chest and arms, tracing the lines of hair and muscle. I use his belly to push off and shift over the cock that’s grown hard under me. This motion snaps him out of his nipple fascination and he catches me watching his expression. A flash of guilt Kadıköy Escort crosses his face as if he’s been caught slacking on his work.

“They’re just so sensitive, look,” he licks his thumb drawing it around the tip and blowing then drumming with the pads of each finger. It practically twitches in response.

With just a tip of his chin in that ‘come here’ way and I’m drawn back down to kiss his lips, ear, neck and throat. His hips have started to rock under me and mine join in the rhythm. The most subtle shift has me sliding against him, making his back arch into me with a not so subtle moan.

I steady myself on his chest with both hands and move my hips to run the length of his cock back to front, bumping the ridge of his head across me right there setting off sparks. Two completely different sounds come from us. I can’t see his eyes, just his lashes flashing as he looks down watching this.

He takes me by the waist and I know he wants to pick me up and pull me onto him. He wants in, now and I want it too. I only have the will to take one more stroke against him before I rise up on my own to take his head into me, just the head. I can’t wait anymore, I sink slowly down in a kind of shimmy motion making his eyes close and his head fall back again.

My hands are still on his chest, as if to keep control of the pace, but I don’t want it anymore. I want to give up, I want to give in. His hands slide over me as we are together in that give and take. He rises up under me in time to meet at that perfect point.

I lean down to tilt my pelvis so that the front of me moves against him. Hearing how this has me gasping for air he slows his thrust and I am desperate to feel more. The switch is easy, his strength makes it a smooth transition, I’m now underneath his body. He stops all together and I groan at the loss, but I’ve already given up control.

“Come on. Give in to me,” he whispers into my hair gloating over the win.

We both press against each other wanting that tight connection back. I gave it up, he didn’t win, but right now I just want more.

He teases by pulling back almost all the way out and returning into me, he’s trying to copy my shimmy but it’s less effective coming from him. Personally, I prefer the long hard thrust but this is fun too. Getting all of him makes it my turn to cry out at the feeling, eyes closed, head back.

Mmm there it is, that’s what I want. Göztepe Escort My whole body tenses when he pauses half way through the next stroke to start it over. Then it’s over, I lose it and fall apart.

My head is already thrown back but my eyes shoot open and I arch up into him with a unintelligible stifled scream. The electric current explodes through me and makes my body shake and tense around him. The extra sensation and my loss of conscious control causes us both to lose the rhythm entirely and I growl at him.

“No, Mitch. Don’t stop!” I can’t even recognize my voice saying this. He smirks at me, I can see and feel he’s laughing that it’s my orgasm that’s thrown us off.

We are slowed together but back in time. He takes my face in one hand and kisses me gently at first but as it deepens the rhythm rises and his lips on mine are wanting more also.

“God damn it Mitch, I’m not going to break. Fuck me. Hard.” He likes it when I talk dirty, mean and dirty, but my mind is too far gone. Tonight is far too tame for that anyway.

Breathless, I slam my hips against him. More.

Soon we have both turned this into a good old fashioned screwing. I can feel the tension in his legs and back with my hands. I can feel his mouth open against my neck but self-restraint keeps him from clamping down and leaving teeth marks or a bruise.

I roll my hips once, then once more and he is undone. The next stroke slams into me and the swelling inside rolls across that top spot, sending the shock through me again. And there goes the self-restraint, his teeth sink into my shoulder muffling his sounds of release. Oh shit, this one’s going to hurt.

The rocking of my hips is driven by my panting. His breathing is deeper but ragged and we are totally out of synch as we slow to a stop against each other.

He crushes me with his lips but neither one of us can breathe yet. He shoves the pillows out of the way and rolls both of us onto our sides without breaking away. This leaves me lower down on him, my face falling just below his collarbone. His underarm is almost all the way around me, holding me clutched against him at my waist. The over arm is covering the rest of my back with a fist full of hair.

We stay here wrapped in each other until we can breathe again. He kisses my hair as my fingers graze along his back and down his ass while we come back to reality.

“Do we call that a draw?” The vibration of his chest from the words as well as the sentiment brings an uncharacteristically girly giggle.

“I think we both got what we wanted,” I sigh happily.

We were never really fighting tonight anyway.

Thank you YDB95 for help editing.

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