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Teach Me Ch. 03

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Pam picked up her wine glass and took a long sip. She and Yuki were sitting on the couch, across the coffee table from John. He was dressed casually, in slacks and a sport shirt. The women were wearing low-cut blouses and short skirts.

Yuki had arrived for their Friday night dinner with three bottles of wine and a briefcase, which Pam had discretely stashed in the bedroom closet. They drank the first two bottles during supper and took the third into the living room.

Pam was both nervous and excited. It had been a month since her first time with Yuki and she’d been sleeping with the younger woman twice a week, including once for a whole weekend. Sex with John was better than ever. Every time she came home from Yuki, he’d fucked her pussy and ass with the energy and enthusiasm of a teenage boy. Despite that, she’d felt like she was neglecting him. Tonight, she and Yuki were going to make it up to him.

“I understand your feelings,” Yuki had said. “The idea of making love to you while your husband watches excites me.” They were cuddling in bed after fucking each others’ pussies and then asses with Yuki’s favorite vibrator. “I will not touch him and he must not touch me.” She ran a slow finger up and down Pam’s butt crack, teasing her anus, and flashed her mischievous kitten grin. “But, you may certainly touch each other.”

Their glasses were empty. Pam picked up the bottle and refilled them. She was feeling more relaxed now. Relaxed and incredibly horny. She’d insisted that John go commando and her nipples tightened when she looked at the cloth stretched over his big soft pole.

Feeling wanton, Pam took off her frilly low-cut white blouse. She was wearing a black half-bra that supported her little tits while leaving her hard little nipples and pink areolas bare. “You like this, Baby?”

John and Yuki both nodded. Pam spread her legs and pressed her knee against Yuki’s, letting her charcoal gray skirt ride up and showing John her nylons, garter belt, and bare snatch. His cock hardened instantly.

Yuki smiled at John’s hard-on, then turned to Pam and kissed her tenderly. “I feel like a virgin again.” She caught Pam’s hand and placed it on her thigh. “A very horny virgin.”

“Sexy Baby!” Pam slid her hand up Yuki’s short brick red skirt. “You’re so hot.” She ran her fingers over the young woman’s panties. The smooth thin cloth was already moist. “And wet.”

“You make me wet, darling.” Yuki put her hand over Pam’s and pressed it against her vulva. “I am so hot I could burst into flame.” She kissed Pam again, hard and dirty this time, using her tongue in that special woman way that a man couldn’t master.

“God! I’m just as wet!” Pam moaned as Yuki slid a finger up her slit. “And hot!”

“You’re both hot!” John growled. His erection had grown even bigger. Then, he looked shocked at what he’d just said.

“It is all right.” Yuki’s smile widened and she lifted her skirt, showing John her virginal white silk panties and black lace-top stockings. “I like you looking at me.” She turned to Pam. “Do you mind if he looks at me?”

“Not at all.” Pam reached into Yuki’s panties and slipped her middle and index fingers into the young Asian woman’s pussy. “As long as he looks at me, too.”

“You know how much I like looking at you, Babe.” He ran a finger along the tent in his pants. “Looking, and everything else.”

“Oh yeah!” Pam licked her lips as she stared at John’s gigantic crotch bulge, thinking about his big cock in her mouth, pussy, and anus. “My stud husband.”

Yuki was looking at John, too. “This is exciting. Even more than I expected.” She slipped a second finger into Pam’s eager cunt and worked them in and out while rubbing her thumb over Pam’s clit.

“Fuck!” Pam moaned as the heat building in her vulva radiated through her body. “I’m getting close.” She fingered Yuki more aggressively.

“So am I,” Yuki unbuttoned her low-cut pink blouse with her free hand and pulled it open. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Pam and John both stared at her small firm breasts and erect nipples, set in dark pink quarter-sized areolas.

She played with her sexy little tits while rolling her hips in time with Pam’s thrusting fingers. “Come for me, darling.” She grinned at John, who was rubbing his stiff rod through his slacks. “While your husband watches.”

“Oh my God!” Pam cried as the orgasm washed over her. She worked her fingers in and out of Yuki’s tight wet snatch, like she was finger-fucking herself.

“Yes!” Yuki screamed, coming along with Pam. “Oh yes! That is so good!” She shouted something else. It was in Japanese, but still sounded dirty. Pam fingered her pussy roughly, making her come harder while her own orgasm built in intensity.

Finally spent, the women pulled their fingers out of each others’ pussies and sprawled on the couch. “Oh yeah,” Pam whispered. “That was great.”

“Sure was,” John said. He had a big wet spot in his tightly stretched slacks, at the tip of his mammoth pole. “I’ve never seen anything like that.”

“Glad you liked it, Honey.” porno izle Pam had always been shy about masturbating, especially in front of John. Now, her inhibitions felt silly. Well, better late than never. She pointed to his stiff rod, cruelly trapped in his tight pants. “Take it out.”

“Uh . . .” It was hard to tell in the low living room lights, but she thought he was blushing. He looked at Pam for a few seconds, then glanced at Yuki.

“Please take your penis out,” Yuki said. “I wish to see the big hard cock that fucks my lover.” She kissed Pam and then turned to watch John stand up, unfasten his belt and fly, and push his slacks down around his ankles, freeing his rigid pole.

Yuki stared at John’s towering erection. “It is beautiful,” she said. “Almost enough to make me want a man.” She took Pam in her arms and kissed her passionately. “Almost.” She kissed Pam again. “I am quite content with my lover.”

Lover? Pam guessed that fit. “Fuck buddies” was the term for people who got together for casual sex, but her relationship with Yuki was anything but casual. She was glad Yuki wasn’t interested in John. She couldn’t stand the thought of him with another women, even her . . . lover.

John sat back down and took his shoes and pants off. “What now?” He seemed embarrassed by his erection.

Pam picked up her wine glass and drained it with one long gulp. “Let’s go to bed.”

“Oh yes,” Yuki said. “We are just getting started.” She and John drank their wine and followed Pam upstairs to the bedroom.

While John watched, Pam and Yuki took off their blouses and skirts. Then, Yuki took her panties off and handed them to John. “Smell them,” she commanded. “See how excited your wife gets me.”

He held the thin scrap of silk to his nose and took a deep breath. “Really sexy.” He handed the panties back to Yuki. “ALMOST as good as Pam.”

Pam gripped Yuki’s waist and pushed her in front of John. “Isn’t her pussy pretty?” She reached around Yuki’s body and stroked her protruding pussy lips.

“Well . . . Uh . . .” John’s cock had softened during the walk upstairs, but his towering erection was back, bigger and harder than ever.

Pam laughed. “It’s okay, Baby. I’m just playing with you.” She pulled Yuki’s pussy lips open. “I know men like looking at women . . . Our cunts . . .” She ran a slow finger along Yuki’s slit, then slid her hands up and cupped her breasts, kneading their firm flesh and pinching her hard nipples. “. . . tits . . . and asses.” She turned Yuki around, bent her over, and spread her butt cheeks, grinning at John’s raging boner. A thin line of precum was leaking from his tip, running down his swollen shaft, and flowing over his balls. “Doesn’t she have a pretty asshole?”

Yuki giggled and straightened up. “Stop teasing your husband.” She grabbed Pam and kissed her passionately. “You are supposed to be making love to me.”

“Oh, I’m going to.” Pam guided Yuki to the bed. “Lie down.”

Yuki lay on her back and lifted her knees. “Come here, darling. I am ready for you.”

Pam knelt between Yuki’s spread thighs and bent forward to kiss her, showing John her own pussy and anus.

“Oh Jesus!” he muttered taking a step forward. Pam tensed, anticipating his cock. She wanted him inside her body, but that would distract her from Yuki. She was relieved when he patted her butt and then stepped to the side of the bed to get a better view of the action.

Pam showered Yuki with butterfly kisses, starting with her lips, cheeks, forehead, and eyelids, then moving down to her throat and breasts, licking and sucking her firm little tits.

John moaned and she turned her head to see him slowly stroking his stiff pole. He’d never masturbated in front of her before, except when he was getting ready to fuck her. She blew him a kiss and then turned her attention back to Yuki, fondling her breasts and licking her tight nipples.

“Yes my love,” Yuki purred. “That is so good.”

“I’m just getting started.” Pam lifted Yuki’s legs and placed them on her shoulders, then started eating her pussy, running her tongue up and down the young woman’s slit and gradually pushing into her depths.

“Yes, darling,” Yuki whispered when Pam pulled her swollen pussy lips apart, revealing her bright pink interior. “Play with my cunt.”

“God, you’re sexy.” Pam slid a finger up Yuki’s hot wet snatch and clamped her lips around the Asian girl’s clit. She bucked and moaned as Pam fingered her pussy while licking and sucking her clit, growing more excited as Pam got rougher, pushing two and then three fingers in deep and then quickly pulling them out again.

“Oh yes!” Yuki gasped. “That is right!” She grabbed the back of Pam’s head and pulled her face into her spasming snatch. Pam held on, finger-fucking Yuki’s cunt and clamping her clit while the young woman came violently, splashing her juices on Pam’s hands and face.

Yuki finally lay limp on the bed, slick with sweat and looking dazed. “That was amazing.”

“It was fucking amazing to me, too.” John brazzers pressed his cock-head between Pam’s pussy lips. “Way hotter than any video . . . Uh, I mean . . .”

“It’s okay, Honey.” Pam pushed backwards, taking John’s long hard pole. “I know you watch lesbian porn. You don’t clear your browser history.”

John laughed. “That’s my sexy teacher wife. You know computers better than I do.” He fucked her with long slow strokes, pulling completely out and then pushing home, rubbing his broad plow-shaped head against the super-sensitive spot just inside her cunt mouth.

Pam wished they had a mirror mounted on the wall at the head of the bed, like the one in Yuki’s apartment, so she could see John’s face. Still, there was something about him taking her from behind . . . freeing her to fantasize about other men . . . “Fuck me, Baby! Fuck me hard!”

“Oh yes!” Yuki said. “Fuck my lover’s sweet hot snatch.” She moved under Pam, lying with her head between Pam’s legs and looking up at John’s sliding pole. “It is so exciting. Watching his big hard cock fucking your cunt.” She pulled Pam’s clit hood back and sucked her little love-bud while John pounded her pussy. Pam knew Yuki’s lips and tongue must be touching John’s driving rod, but she didn’t pull away.

Pam buried her face in Yuki’s snatch, working her tongue frantically as the heat built in her loins. “Oh fuck!” she moaned into the Asian girl’s snatch. “I’m . . .” She came hard as John’s hard hot shots of cum splashed her pussy walls.

“Damn, that was good!” John pulled his stiff pole out of Pam’s pussy and stepped back from the bed.

“Yes, it was.” Yuki untangled herself from Pam and rose to her knees. “Truly spectacular.” There was a blob of cum on her chin. She wiped it away with a finger and then stuck the finger in her mouth.

Pam kissed Yuki, then stood up and kissed John, hard with lots of tongue. “My stud husband.” She sank to her knees and sucked his cock. It was slick with her juices and his cum. “Such a great lover!”

Yuki got up from the bed, pulled Pam to her feet, and kissed her passionately. “Now, it is MY turn.”

“With John?” Pam asked teasingly.

Yuki grinned at John’s stiff pole, gleaming with cum and spit. “It is tempting, I admit.” She laughed softly and shook her head. “But still, no.”

“Good.” Pam didn’t want to see John with another woman, not even Yuki. And she wasn’t willing to share her hot Asian girlfriend with ANYONE. “What do you have in mind?”

“Get the briefcase,” Yuki said. “I have a surprise for my sexy lover.”

Pam took the black leather attaché case out of the closet. It was thicker than the slim brown model Yuki carried to school.

“I think you will like this, darling.” Yuki lined up the numbers on the combination locks and opened the snaps. “I bought it especially for you.” She looked at John with her mischievous kitten expression. “I hope you will enjoy watching.”

“You bet I will.” John’s cock was still rock hard, like he hadn’t come at all.

Yuki opened the briefcase and took out a black leather harness. It was the same strap-on she’d used on Pam before, with a heavy leather plate to support a dildo. Two black leather straps dangled from the plate. Two small dildos were attached to the thinner strap. They flared from smoothly rounded heads to their full diameter before narrowing abruptly at their bases.

“Where’s the dildo?” Pam asked.

Yuki’s smile grew wider. “Here.” She reached back into the briefcase.

“Oh . . . my . . . God!” Pam gasped, staring at the ebony rod in Yuki’s hand. It was 12 inches long and over two inches thick, with bulging veins and a fat fleshy helmet head. “You’re going to put . . . THAT . . . in me?”

“Yes, darling.” Yuki ran her fingers up and down the massive pole, stroking its massive shaft and rubbing its broad cock-head. “In your pussy . . . and then your asshole.”

“Well . . .” Pam felt dizzy and hot. Her heart was pounding and it was hard to breathe. She was still wearing the half-bra and she stood frozen, pinching her tight little nipples. The juices from her pussy were trickling down her legs. “Okay.”

“Do not worry, my love.” Yuki kissed Pam tenderly. “You will be fine.” She snapped the giant dildo’s base into the little finger protruding from the strap-on’s leather crotch plate, then put the thick strap around her waist, tightened the buckles, and settled it on her hips. “Come help me with the probes.”

“All right.” Pam gripped the front dildo’s base and guided its rounded head into the young Asian woman’s slick wet pussy. It slipped in easily and its tapered base locked it in place.

“God, you’re sexy.” Pam turned Yuki around and bent her over.

“Yes, darling,” Yuki whispered. “I am ready for the butt plug.”

John was standing a few feet away, slowly stroking his hard cock. He walked over to the nightstand, took the lube out of the drawer, and held it out to Pam.

She waved it away. “Thanks, Honey. But, I don’t need it . . . yet.” She sank to her knees fake taxi porno behind Yuki and pulled her butt cheeks open, exposing her sexy little starfish.

Pam had been fantasizing about doing this for the past two weeks, but hadn’t been able to work up the nerve. Tonight, with the wine and the raw sexual energy in the room, she was finally ready.

She showered kisses on Yuki’s buttocks, then ran her flat tongue over the young woman’s crack, lingering on her anus.

Yuki thrust her butt back into Pam’s face. “That is so good!” She moaned and squirmed as Pam worked her pointed tongue deeper into her hot little hole.

Pam pulled away when Yuki was close to coming. “NOW, I’m going to put the butt plug in.” She took the squeeze bottle from John, coated her index finger with the slick gel, and slid it up Yuki’s tight little asshole. It went in easily.

Yuki groaned and rocked her hips as Pam worked her finger in and out, occasionally pausing to add more lubricant. “I am ready for the dildo,” she said.

Pam lubricated the anal probe and pressed its rounded end into Yuki’s asshole, pulling back slightly when she met resistance, then carefully pushing in deeper. Once past its thick middle, the dildo snapped into place.

Pam fastened the strap holding the probes to the waistband. Yuki straightened up and turned to face Pam and John. “This is good.” She thrust her pelvis forward, pushing the big black dildo toward Pam. “I am now ready to fuck my sexy darling.”

“Damn!” John was staring at the giant pole rising from Yuki’s crotch. “You are fucking hot!” He’d stopped jacking off, but his dick was just as hard as Yuki’s rod.

“She sure is.” Pam moved into John’s arms, trapping his stiff rod between her thighs, and kissed him hard and dirty. He groaned as she rocked her hips, teasing his massive erection. “And so are you.” She kissed him again and then pulled away. “But right now, it’s Yuki’s turn.” She looked at Yuki. “How do you want me?”

“On your back.” Yuki put a pillow at the foot of the bed. “Right here.”

“All right.” Pam lay on the bed with the pillow under her hips, elevating her pelvis. “Come on, Baby. I’m ready for you.” She lifted her knees and spread her legs, pulling her pussy open.

“Your cunt is so pretty.” Yuki ran a slow finger over Pam’s puffy pussy lips. “So pink . . . and wet.” She slid her finger deep into Pam, then pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth. “And tasty.”

“Come on,” Pam said. “Fuck me now.”

“Yes, my love.” Yuki guided the dildo’s broad head between Pam’s pussy lips.

“Oh fuck,” Pam moaned as the big black pole stretched her snatch. It was a lot thicker than John’s penis, but she took it easily. “That’s right. Give me your big hard cock.” She moaned and rolled her hips as Yuki worked the big rod in and out of her tight pussy, taking it slow and easy at first, but going faster and harder as Pam became more excited.

She was close to coming when Yuki pulled out. “That was fun,” she said. “But now, it is time for your ass.”

“Oh yeah.” John picked up the little squeeze bottle and held it out to Yuki. “Fuck her butt.”

Yuki turned to face John. “You are a big man.” She smiled at his hard dick. “But this dildo is much bigger.” She gripped the ebony shaft. Her thumb and index finger didn’t come close to closing around its girth. “Maybe you should help her relax first.”

“That’d be all right.” John started to open the squeeze bottle.

Yuki shook her head. “I know she likes your cock . . .”

John looked at Pam. “You’ve been talking.”

“Sorry, Honey,” Pam said. “I couldn’t help bragging about my stud husband.”

Yuki took the squeeze bottle out of John’s hand. “I think she would like your tongue first. Licking her asshole.”

“Uh . . .” John stared at Yuki. “I’ve never . . .”

“This would be a good time to start.” Yuki turned to Pam. “Do you agree?”

“Oh yeah,” Pam answered. “I’d love that.” She crooked a finger at John. “Come on, Baby. Eat my ass. Then, fuck my butt.”

John hesitated. “I’m not sure how . . .”

“Don’t worry, Baby.” Pam gripped her butt cheeks, pulling her anus open. “You’ll figure it out.”

“Okay. I’ll give it a try.” John knelt between Pam’s open legs.

“It is easy.” Yuki bent forward and whispered in John’s ear. At first, he looked nervous. Then, a slow grin spread over his features and he nodded.

“You will do fine.” Yuki patted John’s butt, then straightened up and stepped back. She stood a few feet away, stroking the strap-on’s dildo. “Lick my darling’s ass.”

John showered Pam’s buttocks with butterfly kisses, gradually approaching her anus and then moving away again. It felt good, but she wasn’t in the mood for long slow love-making. “Don’t tease me, Baby.” She grabbed the back of his head and pulled his face into her crack. “Just eat my asshole.”

He licked up and down between her buttocks a few times, skimming over her starfish, and then moved directly to her anus, lapping her hole with long flat strokes. “Yeah, Baby.” She lowered her legs to his shoulders. “That’s right.”

“My love.” Yuki bent over and kissed Pam passionately, then moved to her breasts, sucking and biting her sensitive little nipples, starting gently but getting rougher as Pam grew more excited.

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