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The time finally came for you and I to meet. The anticipation of seeing you became overwhelming. My body was wet with the anticipation of finally seeing you again! As the plane drew closer to Vegas, my sexual essences, began to flow throughout my body, leaving a tingling feeling within. The feeling of need, and desire building. While the wetness below pressed against my silken skin, warming my thighs. Oh how I wanted you!

I wanted this trip to be something to remember for the both of us. I was determined to spoil you like you had never been spoiled before. To give to you, all that you had given to me, and then some. To be all that you had ever wanted and dreamed it to be.

While I dressed to go to the airport a few hours earlier, making sure, my hair was fixed just so, as I put on my makeup, and dressed. The outfit that I was to wear, had to be special. Something that would be pleasing and, of course sexy for you to see. I picked up a black pleaded skirt, with a gray fleece blouse cut low on the neck line, above the breasts, fitting snug against my body, so that you could see the contours of my breasts, as my nipples pierced through soft material of the blouse.

I then decided not to wear panties as I snapped the stocking belt to my waist. My finger unconsciously moved downward to my clit feeling the warmth of my nectar against the swollen tip. A smile crossed my lips, as my finger became wet with my juice. Lifting it up to my mouth, my tongue darted out, licking the tip of my finger, tasting my sweet honey. My mind began to wander, remembering how wonderfully delicious we tasted together. Snapping back to dressing, after this moment of beauty, I continued to dress.

Bending as I snapped on my black ankle strap heals, making my legs look long and slender, as I stood up and buckled the wide black belt over my waist. Looking in the mirror before my departure, making sure that all was in place. I smiled to myself, thinking all my effort had paid off.

As the plane landed and I exited the plane, my heart began racing. I couldn’t wait to see you again, and I wondered if I would be able to control myself when I did. With that thought, a smile crossed my face. The wetness flowing between my legs, at the mere thought of us together!

Walking into the airport lobby, I gazed through the crowd. Not seeing you, I thought, well, he did give me his address in case he couldn’t pick me up. I decided to wait for a few, and if you didn’t show I would just take a taxi to your place.

Walking over to the baggage claim terminal, getting my bag, I hear from behind me. “Is this the terminal where someone can pick up Cajun ladies in waiting?”

Turning, I see your beautiful big brown sensual eyes, I smile, saying “Only for the sexiest man in Vegas it is!!”

Dropping my bag, as I move into your arms. Not letting my eyes move from yours, I wrap my arms around you, feeling your arms move Kartal escort around me, our bodies pressed against one another’s. I know that I won’t be able to control myself. My juices begin to flow throughout my body. I move my lips close to yours, as I gaze into your gorgeous eyes. Darting my tongue out, I run my tongue along the softness of your sweet lips. You move back teasingly, I smile, and move forward, pressing my lips to yours, continuing the gaze upon you. Our tongues begin to dual within our mouths, play wrestling with each other’s. Tasting each others sweet flavors, and taking in each others breathes. Holding you close to me, running my hand through your hair, I feel your hand rest upon my cheeks pulling me closer to you.

My mouth moves to the side of your face, my tongue ventures from our lips to the outer edge of your ear. Running along it, kissing and sucking, nibbling slightly upon the lobe. I whisper to you, “Baby, I have missed you so very badly and I want you here and now!”

With a slight laugh, placing your hand against my neck and cheek of my face saying, “Baby in due time we will have that and more but, if we keep on here, we may get arrested.”

With a kiss, you take my bag, and take me by the hand as we walk towards the door. Walking out, I ask “Baby, is it a far walk to the car?” You then explain to me, that your cousin had to use your car today and that you had taken a taxi to pick me up.

We began walking to a taxi, which appeared to be waiting on us. I noticed that the windows to the taxi were awfully dark.

The wheels in my mind begin to spin. Dark tinted windows in my state are illegal. The cop in me, just never quits. Then I realize, I am on vacation and hey this is Sin City. They have profited much on their innovative ideas. Who am I to judge?

You soon have my mind on other things as you open the door to the cab, and I sit down. I notice the driver, and older gentleman, with salt and pepper hair, nothing real extraordinary about him, but he had the silliest grin on his face. I just couldn’t figure out what kind of smile it was. Regardless, I smiled back, being polite.

You sat next to me in the cab. Your beauty blinding me to everything around. Placing your arm around my shoulders as we began to drive off. I then leaned forward looking to you as your face turned toward me, our lips collided into a fiery passion. Our tongues, playing as in a sword fight. I felt your hand move toward my breasts. The warmth of your touch upon me, sending chills throughout my inner being.

My hand moved along your chest, and stomach, not sure, how you would feel about my touching you, as the cab driver looked on. I hear you whisper to me, “Its ok baby. Do what it is you want.” Smiling, while my hand moves to your crouch, feeling your hardness straining against the material of your pants. I unsnap the closure, unzipping it.

Placing Kurtköy Escort my lips next to your ear, you feel the warmth of my hot breath against your skin, I whisper, “Baby I want to taste you.” Feeling your hardness, within my grasp, I turn, and look at the cab driver, who has now adjusted his mirror.

I look back to you, waiting for you to tell me to stop until we are alone. You whispered to me, “Its ok baby, he is cool.”

Keeping my eyes upon yours, as I moved my head down, toward your awaiting hardness. Slipping your pants down your thighs, so that I can really taste all of you, my tongue parts my lips, as it circles around the tip of your engorged head. I glance up at you as I smile and wink.

Feeling your hand move toward my awaiting wetness. Your fingers slip under the hem of my skirt, and you discover that I am without panties. I hear you sigh with passion from this jester. The sexual essences building inside of me. Your finger begins to explore my warm wetness against my love nest.

My mouth slowly opens upon your hardness, enclosing my lips around your thick swollen head, as one hand strokes the shaft downward, the other caresses and massages your balls. You feel the warmth and wetness of my soft lips circling around your swollen head. My tongue slides around you, pressing against the small opening upon the tip. Slowly my warm wet mouth moves downward upon your thick shaft. Taking you completely within my mouth, tasting your sweet juices deep inside my throat, as my lips touch your balls. Caressing, massaging, stroking your hardness, feeling you slide in and out of my mouth. My lips stretched over your huge thick shaft. Savoring your delectable tastes while my tongue strokes every inch of your long hard cock. Feeling the pulsating of your hardness throb against my lips. Your cock pushes deep into my throat with each push of your hips to my lips, feeling you slide in and out from between my soft lips. The heat of my mouth surrounds you. My tongue strokes your pulsating hardness, as it slides in and out of my opened lips. You feel the warmth of my hand around your balls as I massage them within my soft palm.

Feeling your hand and fingers upon my wetness, stroking my clit, while your finger moves downward along the opening of my wetness. Your finger moves teasing the outer edge, up to my clit, then down to the hairline of my butt. Moving up and down the outside, teasing the wetness within me. Stroking the clit, as it throbs for you.

My tongue moves over the head of your hardness as it runs down the shaft to your balls. My hand strokes your hardness, while I enclose my mouth upon your balls, sucking them as my tongue moves around them, teasingly. My hand stroking your hardness sliding up and down you.

Feeling your body tense, as mine does the same. You take my head within your hands and say, “Baby sit on me, take me inside you!”

We Maltepe Escort then position ourselves on the seat. I glance at the driver, who seemed to be more interested in what was happening in his taxi than the road. You take my face in your hands, reassuring, “Baby, its ok.”

Placing a leg on each side of you, I slowly position myself upon you, looking at you in those sensual eyes. Taking your hand in mine, slowly, continually, looking at you, I begin licking, suckling your fingers. Tasting my sweet juices upon them. My tongue glistening with the wetness of my juices.

I position your hardness to my wetness. The touch of you against me, sends fire throughout my body. Sighing as I slowly I move down on you. First taking the head, a moan of pleasure escapes my lips. Inch, by inch, I slowly move down on you. Your hands part my arse cheeks opening me up for you to enter. Downward I move upon you. Feeling you fill me with each movement of our hips.

Crying in pleasure, “Oh baby, you feel so good inside me.”

I feel you push deeper into me. You take my hips within the palms of my hands, and begin to move me up and down on you. Thrusting your hips upward into me, as I push downward on you. The strokes getting harder, deeper, faster, as we continue to gaze into each others eyes. Feeling you slide in and out of me, with each thrust of our hips. The sexual essences building so deep inside me, as my wetness surrounds you. The heat of my juices flowing around your hardness, surrounding every inch of your huge thickness. Deeper, and harder with each thrust of our hips. My clit throbbing wanting to explode all over you.

I continue to look at you, moaning in great pleasure, “Baby, I am going to cummm all over you.” “Oh baby, please cummm inside me! Give me all of you, let me feel the heat of your juices combining with mine inside of me.” “Baby I want all of you.”

Our thrusts begin to go faster, and deeper. The walls of my wetness tightening around your hardness. I feel the throbbing of you inside of me, our breathes quicken as we begin to explode upon and inside each other. Faster, harder, deeper, as I feel you slide in and out of me.

“Oh god baby, I am cumming all over you!” Feeling your cum hit deep within me. Our juices combining within me. mmmmmm god baby, you feel so good inside of me.

Pondering so this is Sin City? Seems like Heaven to me!!!

As we sit there, still in your lap, exhausted by our passions. We notice that the car doesn’t seem to be moving. You look around me, to see the taxi driver sitting there with that same grin he had on his face, when I first got in the taxi, just looking at us. You ask “Is there something on your mind?”

With a smile he replies, “Well, we are at your destination, and since you two were having such a great time, I didn’t want to bother you.” “This is better than the movies, and definitely worth this taxi ride.” “If you two ever need anymore cab rides…. here is my card, please feel free to ask for me by name. Hell, here is my home number, in case I am off, I will go in just to take you two for a ride. Free! As for as this ride is concerned….. hummm I should be paying you two!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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