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Tasting Teacher

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Everyone has that one teacher that they don’t really notice. They forget their name, never talk to them and just never give them a second thought. For Coralie, that teacher was Ramona Emerson. Ramona taught Coralie in a class called “Prep for H.E”, short for Preparation for Higher Education, preparing the college students for university. Like most students at the college, Coralie found Prep for H.E a complete waste of time and spent most of her time there talking to her best friend, a pretty Syrian girl named Damisi.

One day Ramona was in a particularly irritable mood and soon tired of Coralie and Damisi chattering about boys, and put them at opposite sides of the room, much to the annoyance of Coralie. She looked at Ramona, tall and curvy with shoulder length shaggy auburn hair and blue eyes, the complete opposite of the petite Coralie, who had long, fine blonde hair with the tips dyed black and a full fringe skimming her grey-green eyes. “Silly cow,” Coralie muttered. “Not like we do anything in this class anyway.”

Ramona heard. She turned and looked down on Coralie. “YOU don’t do anything in this class, Coralie! Except for get on my nerves, that is. You should be doing something, you just don’t.” Coralie smirked and asked exactly what it was she was meant to do.

“I’ve had it up to here with you, Miss Creamer,” Ramona snapped, gesturing above her head. “I’ll speak to you after class.”

After class, Coralie tried to slip out of the door, hidden by Damisi. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. Ramona. “Move along, Miss Gana,” she said to Damisi. “You can see Coralie later, I want to talk to her.” Damisi nodded and strutted off down the corridor, leaving her friend with the teacher.

Coralie looked down into her own cleavage, which was spilling out of her black lace-trim tank top. “Coralie,” said Ramona simply. The obnoxious 19 year old straightened her turquoise hotpants and stepped back into the room. “First of all,” said Ramona, “if I ask you to stay after class, you will stay, not get your friends to smuggle you out.” Coralie nodded, shuffling her Converse-adorned feet on the floor. “Another thing, I’m not a stupid pendik escort cow, you are.” Coralie gasped. “You are, Coralie!” snapped the older woman. “You giggle with Damisi for hours about the daftest topics available for conversation, then you complain that you don’t learn anything. What do I have to do to get your attention?”

“Sorry,” said Coralie, looking up at Ramona for the first time. Ramona shook her head.

“Sorry my ass,” she smirked. “And I didn’t ask for an apology, I asked you what would get your attention in class. What about this?” she growled, and within a second her jumper was off and she was digging her huge tits out of her bra. Coralie couldn’t help but look. They stood up remarkably well for a woman in her fifties, and were full and ripe, topped by large dark pink nipples.

“All you talk about is sex, so how about I teach like this, you slut?” Coralie flinched, knowing she had pushed Ramona over the edge.

Slowly, Coralie walked over to Ramona and cupped one of her breasts with her hand. “Fucking gorgeous,” she whispered, pinching the nipple softly to harden it.

“Get OFF me, Coralie!” the teacher cried half-heartedly, before closing her eyes and sighing as Coralie flicked her tongue against the nipple.

“See, the thing is, ‘Mona,” whispered Coralie into her teacher’s ear. “I don’t want to get off you. I want to get off WITH you.. and I think that’s what you want too.” With that, Coralie bit softly on the older woman’s earlobe before moving down to kiss and suck on her neck while still fondling her breast with one hand, using the other to hold her hair.

The teacher shivered with pleasure and whimpered a small “yes” before slipping a hand between Coralie’s legs, massaging her swollen pussy through her shorts. Coralie had never been with a woman before, but at that moment, probably due to a mixture of the frustration and tension and the beauty of her teacher’s 36 Es, she wanted this woman more than she’d ever wanted anyone.

“Seems you wanna get me off too, baby girl,” purred Coralie, before walking over and turning the lock on the door. No sooner rus escort had the lock clicked and Ramona had her pinned against the wall, kissing her feverishly. Coralie could tell that her lover was hungry for her kisses. For more than kisses.

Coralie pushed Ramona back and stripped completely naked. Her pussy was shaved clean and her boy was pale white but perfectly toned and her 34 C breasts were topped by small light pink nipples. Ramona looked her up and down like a lion sizing up its prey. “Your turn,” said Coralie with a small smile. Ramona stripped, revealing that her pussy was not only shaven, but there was something small and silver there. A shock of pleasure and surprise went through Coralie as she realized her teacher had her clit pierced. “Sit down,” she told her, gesturing to the teacher’s large, comfy chair.

Ramona sat and Coralie kneeled in front of her. She kissed Ramona’s legs from the knee right up the thigh into her groin, where she placed small, teasing kisses before running her tongue up her slit and over her pierced nub. Ramona let out a small cry of pleasure and stroked her young lover’s hair. Coralie started licking faster, tasting every part of her teacher’s sex, pulling on her labia with her lips and sucking her clit while slowly massaging her inside with one finger. Ramona gasped and jerked and moaned her approval. Coralie flicked her tongue against the little bar through the older woman’s clit, and on hearing a beautifully erotic moan in response, began flicking at it with her tongue as she sucked on Ramona’s clit, occasionally nibbling it to make it vibrate. As Ramona got wetter and louder, Coralie realized she was close to cumming. She continued her oral assault on Ramona’s pussy and added another finger, now finger fucking her hard with three long, slender fingers as she licked, bit and sucked her cunt. After a while, Ramona squealed and tightened her legs around Coralie’s head, and her pussy contracted around the girl’s fingers. As soon as she released, a flow of almost clear, white juice soaked Coralie’s hand and went into her mouth. She licked her lips and her fingers sancaktepe escort before roughly pulling Ramona down on top of her and kissing her deeply.

After kissing for a while, Ramona’s hand wandered back between Coralie’s legs. She found that her hot little student was dripping wet, and took a sharp intake of air when touched. She slipped two of her fingers into Coralie and curled them, trying to find her G-spot. A buck of the hips and a squeal from Coralie a few seconds later told her she had succeeded. She massaged Coralie’s secret spot while rubbing her bulbous little clit with her thumb. Coralie’s moans became louder and her cries of “fuck me” more desperate with every second, until she spasmed and let out a guttural screech while pulling Ramona’s hair.

Ramona kissed the girl’s lips one more time before moving down to play with her breasts. She pinched Coralie’s nipples hard and bit them, making Coralie squeal. She had heard of this kind of rough play before, and wasn’t really interested in it, but right now it felt amazing. The pain heightened her sensitivity, so when Ramona swirled her wet, warm tongue around the nipple right after nipping it with her teeth, it felt like little electric shocks through the girl’s body.

After tormenting Coralie’s breasts, Ramona kissed and licked her way down to where she most wanted to be — right between her thighs. When she was there, she did not want to lick Coralie in the fast and furious way the girl had licked her, but rather methodically in order to build her up to a powerful, mind blowing orgasm. First, she took her clit very gently between her teeth and probed it with her tongue. Coralie cried out and grabbed Ramona’s hair, pushing her face into the sweet young pussy. Ramona gave in and attacked Coralie with her tongue, pushing it deep inside her and sucking hard on her smooth pink pussy lips. Coralie’s body shook and writhed uncontrollably, as the sexiest sounds known to man escaped her lips. She came like a woman possessed, throwing her head back and her lower body upwards while crying out “AIII.. AIII.. AI..” finally finishing with a long sigh of Ramona’s name before falling onto the floor almost crying.

Ramona kissed her tenderly this time, softly playing with Coralie’s lips using her tongue. The two women got dressed and agreed that after that, Coralie should be sure to be on her worst behavior at all times in Prep for H.E — after all, there had to be some reason to keep her behind.

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