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Tangible Encounter

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He watched the way her slender body moved, fluidly, as though undulating currents propelled her shapely calves, sensually rounded hips, and quivering mound-like breasts in perpetual motion. There was something vaguely familiar about her, as though she were some accessible terrain he had once explored with great passionate abandon.

Montgomery gripped his laden briefcase and pulled his staring, appreciative gaze away from the woman. Turning on his heel, he continued his trek, his tall, muscular form bearing the youthful agility of an athlete and the precise movements of a man intent on completing his goal. Montgomery was a private courier for a group of wealthy businessmen who transported funds to overseas countries to arm rebel forces intent on overthrowing their nation’s governments. He was enroute to one such rendezvous and he needed to keep his concentration on his mission. He hurried across the wide open floor of the airport to the main entrance. His dark eagle eyes swept the perimeter with an alertness born of his profession. There would be time later, once he’d met his contact and concluded his business, to indulge his ravenous sexual lusts and sate the errant stirrings in his loins.

Montgomery was met by a frigid November wind as he stepped outside the terminal, chilling his dark andular face as he crossed the tarmac to hail the first cab he spied. He groped the collar of his tan trenchcoat with his free hand and slid inside the vehicle. Retaining his grasp on the briefcase, he asked to be driven to the local docks, then he settled back against the seat, making himself comfortable for the ride. It was then he spied the young voluptuous woman he had seen moments earlier in the airport. She stood on the sidewalk fronting the main entry, waving one arm at the cab driver.

“Pick her up,” Montgomery told the hesitant driver. “I don’t mind sharing.”

His groin surged at the prospect of being in such close proximity to the beautiful woman. He eyed her large breasts, her long coat blowing open as she hurried over to the slowing cab. The pair bounced playfully, he thought, smiling at the image of her fleshy global mounds concealed beneath a pale blue cardigan sweater. Once again, he felt that vague sensual familiarity about the woman but couldn’t quite bring the feeling to fruitfulness.

The smell of her womanly perfume permeated the closed interior of the cab. Montgomery feasted his eyes on her curvaceous body, skimming his lascivious gaze across her sultry red lips, encompassing her long dark lashed green eyes, the flowing mane of jet black hair splayed across her shoulders, lowering onto her twin peaks straining against her sweater front and lastly, letting his inspecting eyes come to rest on her exposed thighs. She wore an extremely short mini skirt and her bare knees were in very close proximity to his own slacks covered legs. He fought the carnal urge to reach out and place his hand on her exposed thigh.

“Thank you very much,” she said to Montgomery, then scooted forward on the seat and gave the driver an address near the place where Montgomery was to meet his contact. Momentarily she settled beside him on the seat, her warm body pressing into his right side.

It’s deja vu, Montgomery thought, suddenly realizing his obvious attraction to the young woman. She was so like Miriam, a woman he had once met under similar circumstances. They had shared a cab, then a meal and a bottle of wine, then a passionate, sexual interlude. It had been so intense, so enthralling in circumstance, so blatantly lustful, that he had never quiet forgotten her, though they had lost contact soon afterward.

From the moment Montgomery allowed thoughts of Miriam to flower inside his head, there was no need for conversation, beyond the spoken amount the young woman required for the sex act, and Montgomery’s Bostancı Escort quick nod of capitulation before handing over the money. The carnal urge to relieve the sexual bliss he had shared with Miriam was overpowering in its intensity. He set aside his leather briefcase, glanced somewhat tentatively at the back of the cab driver’s head, then gave in to the hot rush of consuming lust racing round inside him.

She gave a soft little mew as she came at him, red lips slightly open as though about to kiss him, then let a slow sexy smile take control of her exquisite features. Pushing aside her heavy coat, she raised her mini skirt, sliding the taut fabric up around her hips to reveal black bikini panties riding only slightly above the dark bushy triangle Montgomery’s eyes latched on to. With one fluid movement, she threw her right leg across his thighs, and straddled his lap, yanked her panties aside and pushed her crotch toward his penis.

Montgomery gulped in a quick gasp of air and released his fly, bringing his hard erection forward. Unleashing his intense lust, he plunged his rock hard member into the dewy meadowland being offered. Her aroma filled his nose. There was perfume, of a flowery sort, and the unmistakable odor of desirable female juices as he delved into her dark hot tunnel. Visions of Miriam danced in his head as he grasp the woman’s hips in his hands and began to rock his pelvis upward, thrusting deeply into her warmth.

Her torch-like heat engulfed him, sent a wave of scorching hot fire racing through his groin, into his belly. He gripped her gyrating hips, pressing himself upward to thrust more fuly into her wet cavity. She settled heavily onto his lap, hugging his hips with her bent knees, coiling her arms around his shoulders to steady herself. She poked her wet tongue into his left ear, breathing noisily and making him close his eyes and long for more time with her, a better place to relive his pent-up lust, a bed to cradle their fevered bodies, time to explore her tantalizing hot canyons and moist crevices.

Reality surged forward and Montgomery pulled his head from her confining grasp. It was best to remember he was taking a woman in the back seat of a cab along a city street, in a hurried atmosphere, an atmosphere that could easily turn volatile if the cab driver once caught on to what was happening not three feet away.

His slacks rustled beneath her bare hips. The leather seat, stained with the presence of multiple passengers, squeaked and grated under their squirming movements. Montgomery held a series of explosive grunts and groans at bay as sweat popped out on his forehead and upper lip, and through it all, the woman continued to move, undulating wave-like against his stiff cock, seemingly oblivious to the fact that they were not alone, but performing an illicit act in a moving cab.

Montgomery soon felt driven with the need to release his semen inside her, yet he hopelessly clung to the notion that he wanted it to last longer, to somehow, magically perhaps, transport them both to some secret hideout where they could copulate time after time undisturbed.

His feral state was near explosion, being driven from him via the hot demanding movements surrounding his flesh. He began to drive upward harder, sending his stiff cock into her inviting moving cave with a force that defied reason. Thoughts of the cab driver discovering their sexual liaison fed his fevered mind. Then he realized he was reaching orgasm and the feelings spiraling throughout his body were all consuming.

She whispered something incoherent into his left ear at precisely the moment his ejaculation began, spurting hot white and feeling electrified. The lusty groan of male contentment slipped from between his pursed lips, springing into the stale interior of the cab and Erenköy Escort drawing the attention of the driver, making him glance in the rear view mirror. For a second their eyes met, accessed, then broke, the driver returning his gaze to the busy city streets, while Montgomery finished the hurried orgasm and pushed the woman off his lap, all disturbingly animalistic.

His chest heaved with the exertion. He leaned heavily against the seat, his hands limp at his sides while his barely conscious mind took note of the woman arranging her clothing, reaching across his body to retrieve something, her purse perhaps, then arranging her long hair atop her shoulders, then exiting the vehicle. She left a coldness in her wake that Montgomery couldn’t quite figure.

Momentarily Montgomery realized he was at his destination too and hurried to compose himself. He zipped his fly, then reached for his suitcase. Then, on somewhat shaky legs, he exited the cab and took off down the docks to meet his contact.

The ocean was fragrant with the smells of sea going vessels, motor oil and diesel fuel permeated the air, voices of dock workers and ship crewmen sounded, though inaudible as large machines drove along the piers unloading cargo from giant ships. He searched the array of anchored boats until his eyes spied the insignia of The Seafarer then he quickened his steps, anxious to fulfill his obligation and relieve himself of the burden he carried.

She was standing on the deck, tall, willowy, with golden bronzed flesh gleaming luminescent in the noon day brilliance. A red halter top, which appeared two sizes too small, was tied about her large breasts, and her snug fitting short shorts left little to the imagination. Montgomery’s lust rekindled at the sight even though the aftershocks of pleasure still hovered within his body. How had the woman beaten him aboard the ship? he wondered, eyeing her speculatively. But then he chided himself. The woman on the deck couldn’t possibly be the woman he just had sex with in the cab.

Perplexed, he strode across the deck of the ship to discover that he was approaching Miriam, the woman he harbored such fiery lust for. She smiled her remembrance of him as he drew near.

“It’s been a long time,” Miriam said, her words slightly tinged in her native tongue, her eyes taking in his large suit covered body, lingering a moment too long, perhaps, on the black leather briefcase he carried. She suggested he accompany her down to her cabin for a drink. He accepted, mesmerized by her beauty, and she led the way across the polished deck of the ocean liner, into the narrow stairway leading to the first class passenger cabins. He followed her inside, she secured the door, then proceeded to pour two brandies, handing him one.

“Salute,” she murmured, touching her glass to his. “To old times.”

“To old times,” Montgomery repeated. He watched her over the rim of his glass. Sex in the cab with the prostitute had only whetted his appetite for Miriam. She radiated lust, held his gaze like no other woman, troubled his mind in the wee hours before dawn. Suddenly the years melted away. He wanted to bed her again, plunge himself inside her delicious folds and come and come until his brains nearly exploded.

She sensed his unbridled desire for her, began to disrobe, led Montgomery to the narrow bed in the cabin, pulled his body down beside hers, began to undress him. She was a variable feast for the male senses. Montgomery gazed at her large pendulous breasts with their deep rose colored nipples. He reached his big hands out, filling them to overflowing. He felt suspended in time, caught up in a sensuous vortex that whirled and spun out of control.

She ran her warm hands across his bare chest, lightly caressing, running her nimble fingers through the thick fringe Göztepe Escort of dark body hair bridging his male nipples, then she lowered her hands, still exploring, to encompass his quickly hardening cock.

Montgomery’s voracious sexual appetite suddenly took command of the situation. He rose and pushed Miriam onto the bed, then climbed on top of her, opening her legs with one knee so he could fit his big body between her thighs. He had dreamed of taking Miriam more nights then he could remember. She was perfection in a woman’s body, a female delight that he had craved since their first encounter.

He melded his body onto hers, savoring the hot smooth feel of her big breasts and flat stomach. Then, the piece de resistance came when he pushed his hard cock into her hot void and began to thrust. Heaven and Earth came together, carashing in one mighty force that sent sensual rapture spiraling along his limbs.

Miriam dug her fingernails into his bare hips, arched her body upward to meet his lunging thrusts, withered against the mattress, her head lolled from left to right as the juicy explosion of orgasm bore down on her.

The water lapped at the anchored ship, caressing its steel sides in a fevered frenzy as the orgasm filled the naked occupants of the first class cabin, releasing them both to soar amid the ocean blue and exalt in the climatic sensations undulating through their veins.

Disarmed by the deliciously unhurried progression of the orgasmic storm, Montgomery dozed, his reason for boarding the ocean liner momentarily forgotten. What a fortunate bastard he was to have fucked two beautiful women in the span of one day. A wisp of old longings stirred his consciousness. Both women had seemed so alike, so familiar that it gave him due puzzlement of mind. But it had been his memory of Miriam that charged his thoughts and fueled his sexual urges. Now, he’d found her again.

He stretched his big naked body on the soft bed, released the tension knotting his senses. It felt good to lay still, to relax for a time, to savor the feeling of power the sexual conquest had filled him with. He lay there in the middle of the bed, his eyes calmly closed, listening to the sounds aboard the ship. Metal clangs and tinkles rent the air as the crew went about the daily tasks of maintaining the vast ocean liner. The faint drone of voices, laughter at times, penetrated the walls of the cabin. The salty sea spray, fragrant with the smells of seaweed and slightly fishy scents, clung to the air and filtered in through the open porthole window. It was so serene. He craved serenity. His life was so hectic, so scheduled, reeking with trepidation and danger.

For a time he lay quietly, then the intensity of the moment beckoned to him. His eyes popped open. He sat up, glanced around the small cabin, then took in the solitary atmosphere. Miriam was no where to be seen.

A quick survey of the cabin revealed he was alone. He dressed, in a panic, for he couldn’t locate the briefcase he had guarded since leaving the east coast, then rushed out the door. His eyes were alert to everyone he passed on the deck, in the corridor, traversing the stairs.

The main deck was teemeing with passengers returning from sightseeing outings. His nerves felt suddenly tangled. His contact was aboard The Seafarer. He was supposed to deliver his goods and continue on with the next leg of his journey. But Miriam had made off with his briefcase. She had robbed him.

Montgomery made his way through the throng of people, inching his way to the gangplank leading to the dock when he suddenly spied Miriam getting into the back seat of a waiting cab. He stared in disbelief. Straining his eyes, he saw a woman accompanying Miriam – the woman he had sex with in the cab. He realized suddenly he had been thrown off guard by temptation and lust. One woman had looked so much like the other that he had allowed himself to be swept away by the torrid crosscurrents of past emotions and ultimately lost sight of his mission. Exasperated, he stared helplessly at the departing cab as it sped away down the dock.

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