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Tales of Alynthi – The Tailor

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Monsieur Jebediah was the best Tailor there was in Alynthi, even in all of Emarsia, some would say. The brown-haired, brown-eyed Frantian was once very skinny in his youth, only 14 when he began to sew and discover his talent for it. Now Jebediah is a 32-year-old slightly plumb gentleman with a pointed mustache and trimmed goatee, complimenting his somewhat dark sun-kissed skin. Being the greatest tailor, and most of all, ‘close’ tailor to the King himself gave Jebediah an advantage with his customers, leading to the side business he did free of charge. The man was quite a perverted deviant in truth, he had been from a young age.

No one dared call him an adulterer, or a sodomite as he’d caroused about with the noblest of ladies, lords, and even priests. The end was everyone who was ‘serviced’ by the tailor kept quiet about it to hide the scandal, and any who caught them, or word of his famed services had likely already partaken and remained quiet in self-defense. His sometimes lavish commissions brought a lavish taste to him, he even became somewhat of a drunkard, for fine wines, and often could not contain his desires, fucking his clients without care around his workshop, or if he dared, their homes. He was a practical man nonetheless, and still offered his services to the poor, and those in need of it. Blessed with a generous heart only matched by his Frantian lust.

Drinking a Hordran Red, Jebediah looked out the window of his elegant workshop with a content expression as he waited for his customer, the nervous young Lady Ellis Brayston, a debutante of the Sun’s Season. He’d heard the stairs creaking as the customers found their way through the building to the delightful lounge, not bothering to move till he heard the knock on the door, stern, and quick. The tailor set down his wine as he wiped his lips, moving to the door as he opened it with a smile. “Bonne après-midi!” He said cheerfully with a grin as he looked to the two, holding back his glee as he saw Lord Christoph had accompanied his sister today, knowing he’d likely leave his 18-year-old sister alone with him as Christoph often tumbled with Jebediah in his sheets, surely seeing no harm. “Lady Ellis, as lovely as the spring flowers themselves.” He added as they politely greeted him in return.

Lord Christoph gave his sister a gentle push to let her go inside as he spoke with the Tailor. “Monsieur, good day to you. My uh, dear mother, has instructed me to escort Ellis today, and tell you she wishes the waist on the gown you’re making brought in more.” He Replied with an attempted neutral expression as he looked the tailor up and down, noticing his hairy chest partially exposed under the strings of the rather plain tunic adorned by the man. Glancing to the tailor’s worn trousers and bare feet, before quickly returning his gaze to avoid his sister noticing.

“Ahh! I shall try to make good on the good Lady’s request.” He said as he watched the young lord observe him, before quickly adding a question, as he moved to block Ellis’ view more, though she was busy observing the displayed gown to notice. “I shall have to try to fit you in my rather, long schedule. Surely you could use the attention. Judging by your own clothes!” He said with a cocky grin as he slid his hand from the door along Christoph’s thigh, resting to the crotch of his tight breeches as he pawed the man’s cock through the fabric.

Christoph’s cheeks went as red as beets, as his blue eyes widened, darting to his sister’s direction, parting his lips having been caught off guard before closing them, gulping as he looked back to the Frantian. “Indeed- I apologize, Monsieur, I must take my leave and run an errand. I shall leave you to it.” He spoke, offering a nod as he looked to his sister, her gaze turned to him at the news of his departure, he offered a nod before swiftly turning on his heels as he went for the stairs.

“Farewell, Lord Christoph,” Jebediah replied as the man rushed off, closing the door as he offered a kind smile to Ellis. He pranced over to the mannequin, untying the strings of the gown as he pulled it off the display, offering it out to Ellis. “Why don’t you strip and try it on behind the dividers, Chère.” He said as he directed her with his eyes.

Ellis accepted her gown, looking to him as she tried speaking, though her nerves prevented any words to follow. Swiftly she offered a nod, before walking behind the screen as she undressed, glancing about as she removed her undergown, her posture turned uncomfortable as she hurried her gown on. As she changed into the gown Jebediah had loosened his tunic strings, exposing more of his chests, before unbuttoning his cuffs, to expose his arms. He then untucked his tunic from his trousers, undrawing the string as he let them hang loosely from his hips. He slicked his brown hair back, only for a few strands to fall back on his forehead again as Ellis reappeared in the floral gown.

“Perfection, dear!” He replied as he drank in her formal form, prancing şişli escort back over to her as he led her to the center podium. “Let us see about bringing it in, hm?” He said as he slowly moved to her behind, letting her drink in his plump appearance. Jebediah gently caressed his soft hand on the side of her neck, smoothing down to her shoulder before resting on her back. She flinched to his touch, though calmed as he continued, tying the strings on her back of the gown. He exhaled down her neck to her front, leaving a trail of spiced wine for her to notice as he placed his hands on her hips, stepping closer to her as he turned her, slowly to observe the stitches as he rested his gaze to her front, allowing his eyes to travel north to her breasts, without the corset for her gown, she was left unsupported, and the front of her gown lose around her bosom.

Ellis, despite being calmer, had grown nervous as she was faced with him, glancing away from him as his chest came to her view. She moved her hands together in front of her. She had accidentally grazed his stomach, causing her to push her hands closer to herself, blinking as she desperately tried to calm herself. Her soul leapt out of her as he placed his hand overtops both of hers, moving her gaze back she quietly gulped as she was met by his kind smile.

“I’ll have to observe the stitches beneath to bring them in more, Chère.” He explained as she moved her hands to her side, though cutting off his intentions as she made a protest.

“Oh- wait! You cannot, I am- I..” She began as she grew flustered at sharing the notion with a man, her nerves coming back in full as she leaned her torso back. “I haven’t anything under..” She admitted in shame.

“Ah..” Jebediah said simply as he gave her a simple nod, having already figured she’d be. “It is all right Lady Ellis, It is part of my job, you see. It is the same with all ladies, even your Mama!” He began as he placed his hands on her arms to assure her. “You need not worry, my only interest is in your comfort.”

“R-Right, Apologies, you, may proceed.” She struggled out. Her nerves were joined by a warmth that began to fill her stomach. Her interest grew as he slowly lowered himself, beginning to move her skirt as she looked away again, out the window as she observed the city. She clenched the bottoms of her skirt when he brought it up for her to hold, waiting for it to be over as she felt heat rising between her legs. Her heart was beating like a hummingbird as she tried to control her improper idea’s with the Tailor, it was unprofessional after all.

Hungrily the tailor gazed up her legs, noticing the trimmed bush of hair between the young debutante’s legs. He carefully moved his hands to her hips as he hooked his thumbs under the waistline, stretching it as he pretended to observe the stitches. Ellis shivered as she felt his warm, wine-stained breath on her womanhood, releasing a bunched bundle of her skirt as she brought a hand to her chest briefly. Jebediah saw how much her legs were shaking and moved his head out from under her skirts as he trailed his hands lower down her waist. “You’re so uncomfortable, Chère. I must ensure you’re comfortable in this gown, can I assist you.” He asked with an innocent gaze to her burning face.

Ellis met his gaze as she sighed out. “I’m sorry- yes, I’ll try to calm, myself.” She spat out in a shaky tone, letting go of her skirts which pooled around his arms as she rested her hands on her stomach.

Jebediah smiled enough to make his pointed stash move about. “It is ok, L’amour. This happens to all my patrons… You just need to get used to me, I know what will work.” He cooed, caressing her thigh with his thumb, before ducking back under her skirts. Carefully urging her legs further apart, he rested his right hand next to her cunt as he gently rubbed around the edges of her fold, trying to calm her before he went further. Ellis was taken by surprise at how he intended to calm her, coaxing a moan as her glistening cunt was being massaged, admittedly, she was beginning to calm.

The moan gave the tailor further incentive to continue, as he drew a line down her womanhood, moving his finger to his lips as he sampled the debutante’s refined juices. Lust crossing his eyes as he moved his face to her cunt, tickling her with his mustache as he lapped his tongue across her entrance.

“God- no- ohh..” Ellis stammered as she panted, the tickling sensation mixed with the man’s big tongue was clouding her mind, as the young girl felt her troubled nerves begin to depart from her. Her legs began to shake, fortunately, the monsieur had brought his hands around her cheeks to support her, kneading the perfect mounds in his hands, as he savored the taste of her.

Jebediah’s trousers were falling down his hips as he kneeled between the young lady, his cock stretching the strings as it rammed against them with every pulse, like a battering ram. His focus moved to the delicate area north as he repeatedly licked her bud, before gently sucking on it. Ellis wasn’t entirely equipped with the situation at hand, but she wanted more. The tailor was pleased to feel her hands pushing at his head through her skirts, causing him to suddenly move off of the bud. Ensuring he’d go slow, he wormed his tongue past the clenching, hot wet folds of her cunt, caressing each crevice as he passionately fucked her with his long tongue.

“Ahh! Monsieur!” Ellis exclaimed as she panted, moaning aloud at the intense pleasure flooding her womanhood as the Tailor tentatively pushed at her maidenhead with his tongue, causing her to wince briefly before he returned to exploring the rest of her. It took no time for the sensitive girl to come, causing her knees to give way as she damn near screamed in ecstasy. “Gracious- God! OHh-!”

Jebediah eased her fall to the ground, her ass still perched on the podium as he quickly shot forward out from under her skirt, bringing a hand to her mouth as he thrust his middle finger back into her, careful of her maidenhead as he touched her spasming muscles. “Shhh, Jolie fille! You shall call the guards with a voice like that!” He replied with a smile and a laugh, before easing himself forward, holding her head with his left hand as he began to kiss her. being a Frantian he used his tongue to explore her mouth, allowing her to taste herself as she was lost in the fog of Euphoria, never before experienced such peace.

Ellis laid limp as her cheeks flushed, closing her eyes as the man planted his lips onto hers, moaning into his mouth as he tongued her, his facial hair scratching at her chin and cheeks, the smell of vanilla oils from his mustache filling her nose. She rested her hands on his burly shoulders before he pulled apart from her. She felt a jolt of pain, and pleasure as he nibbled on her lower lip as he pulled apart. Connecting her gaze to his as she studied his lust-filled, alluring brown eyes. She was enchanted, her nerves cured through pleasure as this god of love seduced her heart and curiosity, throwing etiquette to the wind.

The satisfied man gave off a slight smile as he lifted her from the ground, standing himself up as well, never moving his gaze before setting her back down. “I am glad you’re comfortable now, Chère,” Jebediah spoke softly, moving his ringed hands to his chest as he slowly untied the rest of the strings from his tunic, before seductively pulling it from his head. “I hope my lady does not mind if I, too, get comfortable.” He replied as he exposed his torso. Allowing her to feast on the sight of his manly chest, so hairy it covered his shoulders, with a dark line in the center drawing to his crotch.

Ellis glued her eyes to the tailor as he hooked his thumbs under each side of his trousers, slowly tugging them down for her amusement. She was pleasantly surprised to see, though he had hair on his crotch as she did, he had a soft pole sticking out from the nest of curled hair, with a pair of pinkish bald balls resting underneath. As the Euphoria faded from Ellis, she still felt calm and intrigued by the Tailors cock. He grinned at her as he stroked his cock before going back to her as he adjusted her gown at the sleeves. Ellis looked to him, seeing him dedicated to his work, she looked back to his cock, daring herself to graze the back of her hand to it, unable to move it.

“Would you like to touch it, Chére?” Jeremiah asked casually as he placed his hands over the top of both of her breasts as he adjusted their placement in the gown.

“It.. would make me comfortable, if it is proper, that is.” She replied, gazing to the floor in half-hearted shame, knowing what she may wish to do might be taboo and improper.

“Ahh, of course, it is proper Chére, we’re alone, and I am meant to serve you, and make sure you’re happy with my services.” He replied with certainty, speaking as though it were part of his regular business. As she moved her hand around his now somewhat deflating cock, he moved his hands aside from her breasts, resting them in the air beside himself as he let her explore. She was still timid in her explorations, tightening her fingers around him, she stroked him more, before he moved a hand to her shoulder, silently gesturing to the daybed as he guided her. Ellis rested herself on the edge of the bed, watching the monsieur as he grabbed his wine chalice in his left hand, bringing it to his lips as he allowed her to explore.

Ellis prodded enough and studied the burly handsome man’s nude form, bringing her free hand to his stomach as she felt his smooth hair covered form, as she caressed his right knee, he moved his leg to place his foot beside her on the bed. She gulped, resting the stiffening cock flat in her hand as she inched her face closer, her blonde strands falling from their tightened clasps. She inhaled the man’s musky aroma that had caused a stirring in her cold damp cunt, before she kissed the top shaft of his cock. She worked up the courage to lick the covered head of his cock, before stroking the skin back as she looked up to him.

Jebediah petted the debutante on her head, sipping his wine with his left hand before slowly guiding her mouth to his cock. She was quite slow, so as she rested his cock head in her mouth, doing no more, the tailor gripped the hold of her hair as he slowly forced her further on his cock, careful to not discomfort her. Being of more average size, she was able to fit most of his cock in her mouth without hitting her throat, knowing she hadn’t known what would come if he had, the tailor moved her head back slowly, watching her lips pull out as he tilted her head, looking in her eyes as his cockhead was floating in her gaping mouth. Finally, he began to pick up his pace, plunging her farther down, until he hit the back of her throat.

Ellis was infatuated with the cock, having never enjoyed something so much before, even as it seemed to enter her throat, she enjoyed the salty taste. Her mouth now slobbering around his entire manhood, as his balls began to slap her chin, she eventually left the Tailor to be in control, as she enjoyed the cock plunging to her throat.

“By god you’re good, la tienne, tout à toi, Chére…” Jebediah spoke in a low breathy tone, as he moaned. Ellis hadn’t understood most of what he said is it was Frantian, though she found enjoyment in being used by him. The man felt himself close, after all the excitement, and gently moved her from his cock, a long trail of saliva following, he used the bedsheets to wipe her face to preserve the gown. The Monsieur lifted her skirt to her hips once more as he rested himself on top of her, his cock had been leaking cum now, coated in saliva he hadn’t noticed, and as tempted as he was to take her virginity, he knew she was to be married this season, and wished to save her face.

Ellis laid her arms against the sheets as she clutched them, her moist cunt resting against his cock after he moved his legs under her, locking his feet against her neck as he thrust up her slit, pushing his red cockhead against her bud as he moaned. Ellis took a deep breath as she wondered if this had been what you were to do when married, she began to worry about becoming with child from this, though she could not move with the monsieurs hairy, large feet locking her neck down, she forgot her worries as the heat rose in her loins once more. She began to moan and pant out loud as he fucked his Frantian cock against her womanhood.

“Merde..” The man panted as he glanced over to her, before slowly moving his cock into her pussy. Ellis gasped as her still tight hole was intruded, she’d clenched against him as her body tried to bring him in. Though as he felt his cock hit her maidenhead, Jebediah was careful to stop as she winced, moving away as he fucked her slowly, at a careful pace to keep her from pain or tearing her virginity. The girl gasped under him as he felt her orgasm around his cock, the sudden spasms caused him to cum at the same time. He was quick to remove himself, though uneasy as he felt he may have already shot his seed into her, though relaxed as he coated her gaping cunt with the majority as it spasmed and began to close, coating her thighs, and even the skirts of her gown, as well as his own chest as he frantically beat himself till it was all out.

“M-Monsieur?!” Ellis called as she closed her eyes, still clenching the sheets as she felt the warm thick fluid coat her crotch.

“Not to worry, Mon amour. Your innocence is intact, I hadn’t planted within you.” He said in a panting breath though unsure as he set the chalice down beside him, before carefully maneuvering himself out from under her, releasing her as she eagerly rose, moving her skirts as she studied what he’d done.

The two were startled when they heard footsteps on the stairs, Jebediah looked to Ellis, who’d had her cunt exposed and covered in his seed, one of her buoyant breasts had hung out of her dress. He darted to the door as he turned the key, running to his clothes as he slid on his trousers, followed by his tunic. Ellis hadn’t a clue what to do about the mess, she pulled her skirt down, fixed her top as she returned to the podium. She realized her hair was untidy and decided to remove the clip and let her hair be free to match. She watched the tailor as he observed her, she looked away in embarrassment as she steadied her breath.

Knock, knock. The sound echoed through the room. The monsieur picked up a pair of ribbons as he walked to the door, he looked down to the key and noticed his shirt was stained with a cup. Covering it with his handful of ribbons as he turned the key again, opening the door as he saw Lord Christoph. “Ah! Christoph, we were just finishing business!” He glanced at his sister as he observed her for any signs that could give away what they’d done, relieved to find none.

“Oh, well… Ellis you look marvelous,” Christoph replied with a dopey smile. “I’ll wait in the lounge while you change and pay the monsieur.” He added as he nodded to her, before gesturing for Jebediah to join him in the lounge.

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