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Tales of a Suburban Sex Goddess Ch. 04

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Chapter 4 Photographic Developments

Beverley fretted for hours about the turn of events at the photo session with Gerald and Linda; not out of any feeling of regret or shame; in truth she had thoroughly enjoyed herself. But how was she to explain, or more accurately confess, to her husband Graham. It was out of the question not to tell him, but should she reveal the full extent of what many people would regard as her rather depraved behaviour? Undoubtedly Gerald had been the main instigator but it would be hypocritical to pretend that she had been an innocent unwilling partner.

When Graham returned home, after several days away on business, he immediately retreated to his office to catch up on correspondence and paper work. He finally emerged just before seven, gave Beverley a lingering reassuring hug and poured them both pre-dinner drinks.

‘So; what has the wicked lady been doing during my absence?’ he enquired as they sat down facing each other.

Oh, I posed for some photos for Gerald,’ Beverley said casually.

‘That sounds interesting but not particularly wicked,’ Graham replied.

‘Well,’ Beverley continued, ‘he is a very ‘hands on’ photographer.’

‘Did you pose nude for him?’ Graham asked. Beverley nodded. Graham got up from his chair and came and sat beside Beverley on the couch. He placed a hand on her thigh and kissed her on the lips.

‘So what did this ‘hands on’ photographer do with his hands/’ he murmured in Beverley’s ear.

‘He felt my breasts to check if they were real,’ she replied, trying to remain calm.

Graham’s left hand had found its way inside her dress and was gently squeezing her breasts.

‘I bet you enjoyed that didn’t you?’ Gerald said as he attempted to unfasten Beverley’s bra.

‘Let me do that before you break it,’ Beverley said reaching into her dress to unclip her


Graham resumed his fondling of Beverley’s now naked breasts. He kissed her on the lips once again. Beverley shifted her position so that her legs were slightly parted. Graham took this as an invitation to slide his hand up her thighs. He could feel the heat of her pubis through her fragile knickers.

‘Then what happened?’ Graham murmured; his voice distorted with sexual excitement.

‘I spilled some wine on my breasts and Gerald told me he was unable to concentrate on photography unless he fucked me first but I told him he couldn’t because I was married,’ Beverley said in a breathless rush.

‘Oh my God you shameless slut; you let him fuck you didn’t you?’

Beverley nodded. Graham withdrew his hand from underneath Beverley’s dress and unzipped his trousers to free his fiercely erect cock from the confines of his underwear. The thought of another man fucking his wife had roused him to a fever pitch of sexual excitement.

‘What can I do make it up to you?’ she asked, gently touching his cock, and hoping to divert him from any detailed questioning about what had actually occurred,

‘You can suck my cock,’ Graham said triumphantly.

Beverley rather disliked giving Graham oral sex but quickly realised that it would put and end to her interrogation.

‘All right,’ she said firmly, ‘Give me ten minutes.

After Beverley left the room Graham quickly stripped off his clothes and went into the downstairs cloakroom and carefully washed his very stiff cock. Returning to the living room he stood in front of a long mirror and contemplated his well toned athletic body with his cock sticking up proudly. He was rather vain and well aware Kartal escort that women found him very attractive naked or fully dressed. Sipping on his glass of wine he contemplated the delicious pleasure to come when Beverley returned

Footsteps descending the stairs prefaced her imminent arrival. She stood in the doorway her elegant long legs sheathed in black stockings held tautly in place with a six strap suspender belt; her feet shod in red four inch stilettos. She was otherwise naked. Graham surveyed her shaven pubis and her large firm breasts. Even after twenty years of marriage he was still consumed with lust at the sight of his wife’s naked body. Beverley strolled over and picked up her glass of wine.

‘I think I’m going to need this,’ she said with a faint apprehensive smile.

Graham remained silent and watched as Beverley knelt down in front of him and took his cock in her hand. She dribbled some saliva from her mouth onto his stiff member for lubrication before enveloping it in her warm soft mouth. There was a hot sexual silence as Beverley continued to caress Graham’s cock with her warm sensual mouth. He was at a fever pitch of sexual excitement as he watched the reflection of Beverley sucking his cock in the mirror. Beverley sensed that he was about to ejaculate and positioned her mouth so that his ejaculation would not hit the back of her throat. Graham sighed with pleasure as he filled Beverley’s mouth with his lust fluid. Beverley drew back slightly and opened her mouth wide so that Graham could see his semen. She reached for her wineglass, took a large mouthful, and swallowed down the sticky cocktail of wine and semen.

Graham helped to her feet and kissed her gently on the lips. He sat down on the couch and pulled Beverley onto his lap. He parted her legs and began to finger her cunt which was already juicy and soon expanded into wide open invitation to sexual intercourse. Graham deftly slid Beverley off his lap and knelt down on the floor in front of her. He lifted her legs onto his shoulders and buried his face in her wide open pleasure zone. He began to lick her cunt like a cat washings its fur. Occasionally he would insert a finger inside in search of her ‘G’ spot. Beverley lay back with her eyes close savouring wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. Finally she took her legs off Graham’s shoulders and pushed his face away. She was totally satiated.

By now Graham’s cock was stiff again so they quickly changed places. Beverley lubricated her hand with soapy water before kneeling in front of Graham sitting in the chair. She began to firmly massage his cock with her hand. As Gerald reached climax she positioned her mouth over the tip of his cock and took his ejaculation into her mouth. Once again she showed him the sticky contents of her mouth before washing it down with a gulp of wine from her glass.


Later that night lying closely entwined with Graham in bed in the dark, Beverley gradually confessed the full details of her sexual activities with Gerald and Linda. Graham found it hugely exciting and urgently assuaged his lust by vigorously fucking her.

A few minutes later when she told him about Linda’s proposal to compromise him by seduction he felt compelled to fuck her again. Before they finally slept Beverley reluctantly gave him permission to pursue sexual relations with Linda. Beverley fell asleep before Graham, who allowed his mind to dwell on the potential delights of having sex with an eighteen year old girl who was by all accounts Kurtköy Escort a bisexual nymphomaniac. Eventually, unable to quieten his lust, Graham slipped out of bed and retired to the bathroom where he masturbated while thinking about the potential pleasures of fucking Linda.


The following morning Linda rang to say that proof photographs of the photo session with Gerald were now available. Beverley invited her to come for dinner that evening so that they could have a look at Gerald’s work. When Graham arrived home he could scarcely contain his excitement when he heard about Linda’s impending visit.

Beverley answered the door when Linda arrived and showed her into their living room. Graham busied himself getting drinks for everyone before sitting down in a chair opposite Linda. It occurred to him that this was the first time he had seen Linda with her clothes on.

Linda was wearing an extremely short black mini-skirt which exposed a considerable amount of her shapely thighs. Her legs were bare and she was not wearing a bra under her skin tight top. As she casually shifted in her chair Graham caught occasional glimpses of red knickers. Whenever their eyes met she instantly diagnosed the lust in his eyes.

The package of photographs lay unopened on the table. Linda wondered exactly how much Graham knew about the photo shoot. She glanced at Beverley who appeared to be totally relaxed.

‘Gerald sends you his regards,’ Linda said.

‘Is Sylvia still away?’ Beverley asked.

‘No she came back today,’ Linda said. ‘She was very impressed with the photographs.’

Beverley flushed feeling rather embarrassed. So Sylvia knew that Gerald had fucked her.

‘Shall we eat,’ Beverley suggested and led them into the dining room. When Graham left briefly to get wine from the fridge, Beverley quickly explained that he knew all the details of the photo shoot…

‘So I don’t need to seduce him?’ Linda said with a smile.

‘Well he got very excited when I told him about it,’ Beverley said with a grin.

After dinner the three of them sat down together on a large couch. Linda, who was sandwiched between the couple, opened the large package of photographs. First she showed them Gerald’s ‘art photographs’. It was immediately clear that Gerald was an extremely talented artist; the photographs were superb. There was an extra frisson of delight for Graham as Beverley hadn’t told him that Linda was included in the photographs. Linda leaned forward and picked up another package off the table.

‘These are what Gerald would describe as his recreational photos definitely not for showing at the Royal Photographic Society’s annual exhibition.’ Linda said with a conspiratorial smile. Beverley noticed that Graham was resting a hand on Linda’s bare expanse of thigh; her skirt had become rumpled so that the crotch of her red knickers was visible. With the pretence of smoothing down Linda’s skirt, Beverley also place a hand on her thigh.

While Graham had been aware of the full details of Beverley’s seduction the erotic impact of the photographs was overwhelming. He was now in a strong state of sexual arousal. He squeezed Linda’s thigh suggestively.

‘I bet you would look rather desirable manacled with your legs wide open.’ Graham said to Linda.

Linda looked from Beverley to Graham and back again.

‘Which of you guys wants to have me the most?’ Linda asked coolly.

‘Would you mind terribly, Graham, if I went upstairs with Linda?’ Beverley quickly Maltepe Escort interrupted.

Feeling rather deflated, Graham reluctantly let the two women go upstairs. A few moments later Beverley returned smiling and suggested that Graham should join them later on.

Alone in the bedroom, the two women undressed and embraced. They began to finger each other’s genitals.

‘This time Beverley I want to really fuck you like a man does,’ Linda whispered. ‘I’ve brought a strap-on dildo with me so we can both have some fun.’ She glanced round the room. ‘I must have left my bag downstairs. I’ll go and get it.’

Moments later Graham was astonished when Linda entered the living room completely naked and picked up her bag before disappearing back upstairs.

Beverley watched curiously as Linda withdrew a black nylon harness from her bag and strapped it round her body. Next she pulled out two dildos. They were made of soft red jelly rubber; one was a thick set heavily veined realistic seven inch penis intended for vaginal sex while the other was a slimmer version for anal penetration.

‘Is a seven inch cock alright for you? Linda asked in a business like tone. ‘I have got a bigger one if you prefer it. You seemed to enjoy Gerald’s big dick the other day.’

‘Seven inches sounds fine,’ Beverley said nervously. ‘I’ve never actually been fucked by a woman before.’

‘Trust me, you’ll love it,’ Linda said with a smile. ‘And a dildo never ‘comes’ and gets soft before you’re ready like a man’s dick does,’ They both laughed.


In the event, Graham didn’t feel right about interrupting whatever Beverley and Linda were doing together and he retired early to bed in the spare bedroom.

The following morning when he woke he went downstairs to make morning tea for the three of them. He carried the tray back upstairs and knocked quietly on the girl’s bedroom door. There was no reply. He pushed open the door and discovered that Linda and Beverley were still sound asleep. Linda had pushed the covers aside to reveal her pristine beautiful naked body. His lust was rising fast.

He put down the tray; quickly stripped off his clothes and slid into bed beside Linda. As he gently fondled her body she began to stir and half opened her eyes. She was startled to see Graham and he quickly put a hand on her mouth to stifle whatever she had intended to say. Linda offered no resistance as he parted her legs before lying on top of her.

Linda’s cunt felt rather tight as he eased his cock inside her but he reflected that she probably hadn’t had sexual intercourse all that often. He began to fuck her carefully and slowly. Linda was immediately complicit in his obvious desire to fuck her without disturbing Beverley. It became their secret game. Graham was unaware of her habitual behaviour when enjoying sexual intercourse but for him she confined herself to faint cries and gasps. Soon her spasms gripping his cock triggered his own delicious orgasm. They lay quietly entwined for some minutes as Beverley slept on beside them; finally Graham slipped out of bed as quietly as he had entered it fifteen minutes earlier and with a grateful smile was gone.


Conversation at breakfast later that morning was rather desultory and they were all glad when Linda took her leave. As they waved her off Beverley thought it appropriate to apologise to Graham.

‘I’m sorry you missed your opportunity with Linda last night; why didn’t you join us?’ Beverley said.

‘Oh I assumed the two of you were fully engrossed with each other without me getting in the way,’ he replied with a smile.

Graham gave Beverley an affectionate hug and kept his own council. One day he might tell her what actually happened. On the other hand he might not.

To be continued


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