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Taking Charge

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Just another boring night at home watching TV when the wife strolls over to me. She’s fresh out of the shower and just in a towel. How I hope it happens to just fall to the floor and expose that sexy body of hers. Those amazing breasts are holding the towel up and I can see, even though the thick towel that her nipples are very hard. She has a smile on her face and leans in real slow and puts her lips next to my ear. Her perfume fills my nose and there is a certain sense of confidence in her movements.

She whispers softly to me, with that sexy voice of hers, “Go take a shower, and get nice and clean, I have a thought on how to spice up tonight.”

My mind is running with the possibilities, as she doesn’t usually initiate sexy time. The thought of what she has planned, has me very intrigued. I walk off toward the bathroom and she tells me, “When you’re done, don’t come out yet, I will come and get you.” Now my mind is really racing. Is it new lingerie, is it a new toy, what can it be? My heart is racing and all I can think about is how much I love my wife and know that no matter what it is, she is going to make me the luckiest man alive.

I start the water and step into the shower. The warm water rushes over my body and it’s very relaxing. I reach for the soap and my mind starts running once again. I lather up the loofah and start at my chest and begin to wash my body. I get to my groin and I know that it won’t be hard to get my penis clean, as it has been rocking hard for the past 5 minutes now. I lather it up and give it a stroke or two to make sure that the soap has reached every part and cleaned under my foreskin. The slow strokes feel great and my cock is longing for more attention, but I know my wife will take care of that soon. I move on to other parts of my body and put the sponge up. I rinse myself clean and turn off the water. I reach for my towel and begin to dry off.

The door opens slowly, and I see my goddess standing there in the white lingerie that I had purchased for her a while ago. Her breasts are perky, and those nipples are still rock hard. I can see that her shower was productive, as her pussy is shaved clean and is already blushing red. Her lips are slightly swollen, and I can see her inner lips poking out. Only then do I notice that she has added some white lace stockings to her outfit and the do a fantastic job of showing off her perfect legs. She brings her hands around the front of her and reaches out to hand me the cuffs for the restraints that we have under the bed. She informs me that there won’t be any need for me to put any clothes on.

She leads me out of the bathroom and I follow attentively, it’s easy to follow that perfect ass, I would follow her anywhere with a view like that. She lays me down on the bed and clips my hands in. She grins wickedly and reaches down and grabs my cock.

She licks her lips and says very seductively, “Looks like I can do whatever I want to you, and there isn’t much you can do about it.”

My heart is beating out of my chest because she never takes control like this. I can see that she is on a mission and I start to anticipate the ending. She feels my dick twitch and quickly let’s go.

“Oh, excited, are we? You’re not going to get off that easy.” she says

She strolls around the bed towards her end table and I expect her to turn off the lamp. She instead opens her drawer and mulls over her choices of toys. She shuffles around the drawer for a bit and takes out a few things and hides them from my sight. She crawls up on the bed and leans in to whisper in my ear. She just pauses there for a few seconds and breathes slowly into my ear. Her breath is hot and almost feels raspy. Her mouth now moves to my neck and she starts to kiss me. Her lips feel like fire as she sucks ever so slightly on the skin. She gives me a little nibble and begins to change the location Pendik escort of the attention. Her hands are all over my body at the same time, being sure to keep their distance from my groin, depriving me of that touch that I’m longing for. She continues her kissing and is now at my collar bones. She pulls away and brings her hands up to my chest. She is rubbing me with her palms, slowly, sensually, when her face turns much more serious and mischievous. She flexes her hands and now her soft touch turns into clawing nails. She takes them down my chest and widens her path, running them over my hips. The trail she leaves is pure fire and my skin responds with chills.

“Oh, you like that do you,” she says with a grin on her face. “It’s going to get much more intense than that, I hope you are up for it. Not much choice though if you’re not.

My head tingles at the thought of what she has in store and I even see stars for a second as the adrenaline and blood rush to my head. She continues to scratch my hips and works her hands around the outside of my ass. She quickly changes her path and runs her nails down the inside of my thighs. My balls tense up and my cock twitches again loving the feeling of the sharp nails on my skin.

“Looks like your cock may want a little attention”, she says. “Don’t worry, I think I can oblige him.”

She shifts her position and straddles my stomach. She arches her back and rubs her hands on her breasts, making them nice and full and positions her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. She makes sure that they are nice and hard and slowly begins to rock her hips on my stomach, the tip of my dick just touching the crack of her ass. She lifts some and moves down my body. She removes a hand from her tits and uses it to position my throbbing member between her pussy lips. She starts to rock again, and I can see my dick being wrapped around her rosy red labia. It’s almost purple head, now pokes out as she rocks back and then disappears again when she goes forward. She continues this for about 10 seconds and I hear her let out a soft moan. I assume that this is an invitation to slip my dick home and get him wrapped in her warmth. Little did I know, this was not the time for that. As I tried to shift my hips and move down her slit, she sits down on me hard and quick and swings her hands up to my chest. She digs her nails into my skin and it feels like she is about to draw blood.

“Uh uh uh” she says like Talking Tom.

“What do you think you are doing?” she growls. “I decide when you get this pussy, not you tonight. Trust me, you just delayed that by a while.”

Her change in tone and attitude catch me off guard and I smirk a little, since this is so out of character for her. She responds quickly with a quick pinch to my nipple and moves off my body.

“Someone must not be taking me very serious. Looks like you may need a lesson.” she says with some attitude. “Roll over” she demands.

I obey this time, afraid of getting scolded again. I watch her walk around the bed to my night stand. She opens the drawer and takes out the whip like necklace I got her a few months ago. She lets out a little “oh” and I realize that she has found the paddle now too. My mind wonders if she will use it or if she is just bluffing with her newly found confidence. She climbs back up on the bed and shocks me with a quick whip to the back. The strands are lite and not that thick, so it doesn’t hurt. She leaves the leather straps on my back and runs them down my spine. Whap!! Another quick hit, this time further down, and she continues the path down towards my ass. SLAP!! Again, she hits me on my right cheek, but this time she drops the strands behind my balls and slowly drags them up and through my crack. I feel my cock twitch, I love having my balls played with, and I let out my own soft little moan.

“Oh, Kurtköy Escort you like that do you.” she purrs.

She drops the straps down again and tickles my balls with them again for about 30 seconds. I am wiggling from the sensation and I feel my dick start to leak pre-come. WHACK!! This time the sensation is much more intense, and I realize that it is the paddle coming down hard on my ass. It stings briefly, and I hear her chuckle. Then another hit, on the other cheek this time, as it seems like she was happy with the sound and impact that it made previously. She then runs her nails over the spots she just hit, and it stings a little. I am surprised, but I find this to be erotic. She alternates between the tickle and the slap for several minutes and by the end my ass is burning from the spanking she is giving me.

I can smell her sex in the air at this point and I know that she is super turned on. She claws at my back, from my shoulders to my ass, and then uses those nails on my scrotum. The difference in sensation is glaring and it makes my cock twitch under my body. She continues to scratch and claw my nut sack and then draws her fingers up to my ass. Her hand draws away and I feel it replaced with a sopping wet finger that starts to rub my taint. She runs it up to my asshole and begins to rub it around. The feeling is electric and strange but feels very good. They are nerves that have never been touched that way and it is very pleasurable.

“I figure since you always want to play with my ass, that maybe, secretly, you want it too.” she states matter of fact.

I just respond with a soft groan and I can’t help but move my hips around to the new sensations. She changes her patterns and even uses her other hand to play with my balls. The feeling is amazing, and I think if she kept that up for too much longer that I would come. She never sticks the finger inside, just a soft message on that tissue, like a button.

“I think I want to be filled now.” she says, stopping all motion and touch.

She gets off me and rolls me over by my hips. She takes off her lingerie and positions herself back on top of me. She starts to move up my body but stops. She reaches toward the side of the bed. I can tell that she is reaching for a toy and I imagine that it will be Lelo or her butterfly, since she loves both those toys. To my surprise, it’s her purple rabbit vibe.

“Not what you expected, is it?” she says. “I have to be unpredictable more I think.”

She now changes her position and puts her head toward the bottom of the bed and straddles her legs across my belly. She arches her ass up nice and high, exposing her pussy to me. It’s just as I expected, very red and swollen and I can see that she is soaked. Her pussy is literally dripping on me as she works her way up to my chest. Little strands of juice connect her body and mine, and then break as she continues backing up my body. The intoxicating smell gets stronger and she stops just out of range for me to lean forward and lick her like a popsicle. I feel her reach for my cock and she positions him between her warm breasts. She pushes them together and starts to rock back and forth just a bit. My dick is sliding between them now and I can feel her breath as she rocks towards my face. One more time she rocks back and forth and then surprises me by taking me in her mouth. I let out a deep groan and her mouth feels like heaven. She bobs up and down on him just a few times, making me quiver. Her mouth is the best I have ever had, and she knows it. She starts to pick up pace and I know that I won’t last long. She leans back just a little too far once and I sneak a quick lick. My tongue hits her swollen clit and her body shudders suddenly from the unexpected touch. She tastes sweet and I try to get in a second lick. She pulls her mouth off me suddenly with Maltepe Escort a loud “pop” and my penis slaps back against my stomach.

“That’s not allowed young man,” she says. Her face is now towards me now and I can see pure passion on her face.

She repositions my cock between her tits and reaches for her dildo. She brings it to her mouth and swallows it almost all the way down. She works it for a few seconds and pulls it out dripping with her saliva. I know that she is going to insert it into her clam, but I doubt the saliva is necessary at this point. She reaches her hand around and positions its head at her opening. Slowly it starts to disappear, and I hear her cooing as inch after inch disappears. Clear liquid is being force out of her as the purple vibrator displaces it from her. She moves it in and out very slowly and then lets the ears of the vibe rest against her clit. She fumbles with the buttons for few seconds and I once again chuckle. She responds by grabbing my dick with her free hand and pinches the tip hard. I immediately stop with the laugh. She finds the right buttons and the vibrator is now humming right along. I can see the pearls spinning just inside her opening and the little ears are just vibrating away. Her body begins to vibrate right along with the toy and I can tell it’s giving her all the right sensations. She turns up the vibe and her body responds immediately. Her asshole starts winking at me and I hear the motor of the vibrator struggle to keep up its speed as her pussy is desperately clutching at it. The power of her convulsions almost makes me happy that I’m not inside her, as I would be afraid they would bite my dick right off. She is moaning and almost screaming as her orgasm takes her over and her body shudders for what seems like forever.

She manages to turn off the vibrator and begins to pull it out of her. I can hear her pussy slurping because of how wet she is and when the tip of it comes out, I can see more of that love juice drip out and flow up her slit. She drops the vibe with a loud thud that I am sure the neighbors hear if they didn’t hear her moans earlier. Her head falls softly into my lap and I can feel her hair on my thighs. She lays there for a little while, lost in the afterglow. She begins to gently kiss my thighs and my body loves her soft touch. Her demeanor has changed now to a more soft and sensual touch. Her mouth works its way up my thighs and soon she is licking my balls. She caresses them softly and alternates the sensation by sucking one into her mouth occasionally. Her mouth is hot and passionate. She stops and sits up. She turns around and without a word, lowers herself onto me.

She doesn’t have to work it in, I just slide all the way in. She is cooing as she starts to build up a rhythm. She looks me right in the eyes and in that moment, I don’t think I could feel anymore passion.

“This is what I really wanted”, she says. “Nothing can replace the feeling of you filling me up.”

She leans back, like she usually does when she is about to come when she is on top. Her hip thrusts are more focused now and more of a grind than an in and out motion. She has found that spot for the both of us that has the head of my penis in her “pleasure ring” and I know that we are both going to lose it soon. She starts to pant, and her thrusts become desperate. She grabs onto my legs and her body lets loose again with another orgasm. Her pulsing and moaning push me over the edge. I feel like my penis is going to explode and I come inside her. My cock pulses for what feels like an hour and she collapses on top of me, sexually spent. I can feel her long slow breaths as she tries to recover her senses. She kisses my neck gently and I can feel her heart beating in time with mine. We lay there for several minutes, together, in the moment, both satiated.

She breaks the silence with a soft voice, “guess I should take control more often.”

I don’t respond, but just the thought of my wife taking charge of another evening makes me start to get hard again.

“Let’s not look too far into the future love, I don’t think tonight is over yet.” I say.

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