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Taking Advantage

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All of the characters in this are 18 years old or older.

“Fuck you. We’re done.” Grace said, hanging up the phone. She sighed, putting her face into her hands.

“What happened?” Asked Lana.

“All the rumors are true… he cheated on me.” Grace said, looking up at her best friend. Tears started rushing down her face. Lana gave her a sympathetic look and went to hug her tightly. Grace cried into her shoulder.

“He’s just such an asshole!” she said. Lana pulled away from the hug, resting her hands on Grace’s arms, comfortingly looking at her in the eye. “And guess who he cheated on me with?”


“Sage fucking Peterson.” Grace said, anger growing in her eyes.

“Trashy druggie Sage?” Lana asked.

“Yeah! She’s disgusting!” Grace said, starting to sob more. Lana hugged her again, rubbing her back.

“Someone needs to teach that cunt a lesson.” Lana said.

Lana held her friend for the rest of the night. She genuinely loved her best friend. But what Grace didn’t know was that she also was extremely attracted to her, and always had been. But Lana had never told anyone that she was a lesbian. Lana found it hard to be around Grace without getting extremely horny. Grace had long strawberry red hair. She was petite, about 5’3. She had Lana’s favorite body type. Thin, with big boobs and a round ass. Lana practically salivated at the sight of her.

But Lana was not the only one who liked girls in the room. Grace had been trying to hide from her sexuality for a long time. Secretly she always knew that she was bisexual, but where she was from, no one would understand. She was a senior in high school and one of the most popular girls there. If anyone found out she was into girls, she would be bullied out of the school. She knew this for a fact, because she herself had been one of the bullies that got the gay kids to leave. She had always wanted Lana to fuck her. Lana, the most gorgeous girl she had ever met.

Her hair was jet black, long and wavy. She had piercing blue eyes and was tall, about 5’9. She had that “don’t fuck with me” type of attitude that Grace was so attracted to.

“Maybe we should be the ones to teach her a lesson.” Grace said, looking at Lana. Lana smirked.

“Yes. I’ve always hated the bitch.” Lana said. Lana didn’t like competition, and Sage Peterson was definitely trying to take her place. Lana was always the badass bitch that partied a lot and hooked up with random guys. She could get away with it because of her chill demeanor. But since Sage came to town, she started to take over. This girl porno izle was fucking a different guy every night, and she seemed to always be loaded. Lana didn’t like it, and thought the little bitch needed to be put in her place.

An idea popped into Lana’s head. She decided to confide in Grace and tell her everything. That night they got all their feelings out in the open and made a plan to teach Sage Peterson a lesson. They decided to spend the night making love, too.

3 days later Grace was at Lana’s house and they were waiting for opportunity get revenge. They looked through Sage’s tweets because she was always looking for a party.

“Any1 got some pills? Lol #Getmehigh.” Was Sage’s latest tweet. Grace turned to look at Lana, who was already smiling at her.

“Perfect!” Grace said, giddy. “Text her.”

Lana got out her cell phone and texted Sage. ‘Hey girl, heard u were looking 4 sum pills? I got sum xanax for free.”

Straight away they got a response.

“Hell yeah! Where r u? I’ll drive over and pick them up.” It said. Lana laughed devilishly and sent Sage the address.

15 minutes later they heard a knock at the door. Grace stayed up stairs. Lana gave her a kiss goodbye and head downstairs to open the door. Slowly, she opened it, and saw Sage.

Sage looked high out of her mind already. Her hazel eyes were bloodshot and her eyelids hung low. Lana examined her from head to toe. She had sexy thick arched eye brows that made her look sassy, and brown, long dreadlocks. She was Lana’s height, but skinnier. Sage was one of the many girls at their school who was afraid to have any meat at all on their bones. Her lips were full and luscious. She has a ring in her nose. She wore a tight cropped t shirt that exposed her flat stomach. She didn’t have much of a chest, but her ass was round and firm. Her legs were long and toned, clad with acid washed tight jeans.

“Hey, dude.” She said, with what Lana would call a stupid grin on her face. Lana put on a fake smile.

“Hey, hunnie. Come in.” She said, ushering her into the house.

“So you just chilling alone tonight?” Sage asked, sitting on Lana’s couch.

“Actually, people are coming over soon. Want to party tonight?” Lana said, raising her eyebrows.

“Fuck yeah!” Sage said, excited. “Can I get that Xanax though?”

Lana smiled, handing the xanax bar to her. “Here, take it with this.” She said handing her some brandy. Sage quickly gulped down the brandy and soon Lana was handing her another one. And another and another. Until Sage was too fucked up to do anything.

She brazzers sat on the old, worn out couch, looking up at nothing.

“Holy shit.” She said. Lana just smiled.

“Grace, you can come down now.” Lana yelled. Grace made her way down the steps. Sage lifted her head up just enough to be able to see her.

“Wait, when did you get here?” She asked in a drunken haze, squinting to try to see her clearer.

Grace was now walking up to sage. “I was here the whole time, you stupid little slut.”

Sage sprang up. “What the fuck?”

Grace gave her a small push, and she fell right back down. Lana stood next to Grace, as they both smirked at her pathetic state.

“I…” Sage began to say, but couldn’t think of any words. She looked around the spinning room, dazed and confused, wondering if she was dreaming.

“Here’s the deal, sweetheart.” Grace said, bending over and whispering in her ear. “You fucked my boyfriend. I could care less about him, but in doing so, you disrespected me. We’re going to have to teach you a lesson.”

“What the fuck? Get away from me!” Sage yelled, shoving her away. Grace responded with a firm smack to her face. Sage yelped. Grace grabbed her chin, making her lips jut out.

“Look at her. She looks like an idiot.” Lana laughed. Grace agreed, pushing harder against Sage’s cheeks, making her look helpless.

Sage tried to push away, but was too drunk and too week. Grace spat into her face, making her flinch. She then released her face and gave her another slap.

“Fuck you…” Sage whined, still trying to get up, but her body wouldn’t let her. Lana shook her head, moving past Grace and sitting next to Sage. Grace pushed Sage over Lana’s lap and she easily fell.

“Pull down her pants.” Lana told Grace. Grace moved her fingers to the rims of Sage’s jeans, yanking them down.

“Stop it!” Sage squealed. Her abusers just laughed. Lana placed her elbow on Sage’s back, and with her other hand, she smacked her on the ass, hard. Sage jumped violently, but Lana just dug her elbow into her back so she couldn’t move. Tears started to run down her face.

“Aw, poor baby.” Said Grace, bending down next to her, stroking her hair. “Life must be so hard for you.” She then started laughing and slapped her again.

“Fuck… you!” Sage said through tears.

“Oh my, so feisty.” Lana said, laughing. She licked her hand and smacked Sage’s ass again, harder this time. Her ass was already turning red.

This went on for another hour or so. Grace taunting the girl and Lana slapping fake taxi porno her ass over and over again. By the end of it, Sage stopped crying, and just took it.

Lana stood up, pushing Sage off her.

“Stand up.” She commanded. Sage just sat there, looking at her. Lana grabbed her arm and forced her to stand. Sage stood for a second, before her knees got too wobbly and she fell back.

“You’re just a pathetic alcoholic, do you know that? Grace stand her up and hold her still.” Lana snapped.

Grace stood her up and then stood behind her, keeping her up.

Lana looked her up and down, then grabbed her shoulders and kneed her in the stomach. Sage whimpered, her body trying to double over. Grace held her up straight.

“Haha, how’d that feel, dear?” Lana laughed. She grabbed her shoulders again and kneed her harder. Sage cried out in pain. Grace released her and she fell to the ground. Lana and Grace both started kicking her in the stomach. Finally Sage started crying again, begging them to stop.

Grace paused. “Maybe we should stop. We don’t want to do any permanent damage.” Lana looked at her.

“I guess you’re right. Time to take some pictures.” Lana said, taking out her cell phone. They took off all of Sage’s clothes, exposing her shaved pussy and small boobs. They snapped a few pictures.

“Wait.” Grace said. “I’m sure she already has nudes. We can’t blackmail her with this. It has to be worse.”

“You’re right…” Lana said, thinking. “Go get your dildo.”

Grace went upstairs to get her little friend, who she named Harold. In the meantime, Lana bent down to whisper into Sage’s ear.

“You’re going to be our little fuck toy from now on until we say otherwise, bitch.”

Sage just pouted her lips and gave her an angry look. Lana laughed. She positioned the girl with her ass up in the air and her head smothered into the carpet, with Lana’s knee holding her there.

Grace came down with 8′ Harold.

“Okay, so stick it in her ass.” Lana said, with a grin. Grace didn’t question her. She shoved the thing straight in Sage’s tight asshole. Sage began to scream, so Lana pushed her head more into the carpet to smother her. Sage got her camera grace started taking pictures. They took a few more before lifting up Sage’s head.

“Now smile for the camera or else I’m going to fucking kill you.” Lana threatened. Sage quickly put a drunken smile on her face, terrified for her life. Lana was about to say something, when Sage finally fell over, passing out cold.

“Wow.” Grace said. “That was intense.” Lana came behind her, wrapping her arms around her waist. She moved Grace’s long hair to one side of her neck, kissing the other side, slightly sucking on it.

“I know. And now baby, we’re going to have our very own personal fuck toy. Just wait till she wakes up.”

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