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Take Me

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Pat woke to the incessant throbbing of his cock. His hand slid down his stomach and found the head of his shaft drenched in pre-cum. Pat pressed the tip into the center of his palm and slowly twisted, lubricating his full length with his emissions.

Pat stroked his cock slowly. He grasped his cock so that his thumb and forefinger made a ring around the base and he fucked his hand deliberately while trying to be quiet and still enough not to wake Marie.

Pat’s dreams had been very erotic. Flashes of different nights and hedonistic experiences that he and Marie had shared. But one memory was showcased more than any other. That was from their last anniversary trip, and the fun they had in the cabin at Helen, GA.

Marie had told Pat that she was going to fuck his ass in the hot tub, and she had. She also fucked him on the bed several times and in various positions. Pat loved for his ass to be played with and the feeling of Marie fucking him slow and deep or pounding his ass hard and fast sent him into a state of pure ecstasy.

Pat’s stroking pace increased as he thought back to a different cabin trip. This one in Dahlonega to a time where Pat had confessed to Marie that we wanted her to fuck him while he was wearing her stockings. That didn’t really do anything for Marie, but she humored him and thrust her hips against his ass, grinding into him.

To Pat the impact of Marie’s hips had simulated him being penetrated and awoke in him the carnal desire for more. Over the years they had incorporated anal play via fingering, rimming, dildos, butt plugs, and even a strap on harness, but that was complicated and difficult to use. Marie loved for Pat to fuck her ass, and Pat was happy to oblige.

Pat could feel a throbbing need to cum building in his balls and he began to squeeze his cock harder as he stroked. He thought if Marie’s latest purchase. It was a pair of panties that she could attach a variety of dildos to. It was much easier that the strap on harness and Pat wanted to feel her pounding his ass. In fact, as he clenched his ass tightly, he could almost feel her “cock” in his ass. Two or three clenches and he flew over the edge and his hot cum sprayed over his stomach.

Pat stroked his clock until it softened. Then he quietly climbed out of the bed being careful not to wake Marie and headed to take his shower. As the hot water cascades over him Pat began composing an email to Marie requesting some erotic play that weekend.

Marie was checking her email when she saw one from Pat pop up. The subject line was Take Me and it went into explicit detail as to what he wanted his Mistress to do to him. Marie felt her panties begin to dampen at the thought of “Taking” Pat, especially as his Mistress. She would make sure that she came long before he ever got a chance to.

Marie began to type her response: I know that you have been a very naughty boy and will have to be punished. Tonight, when you arrive home you are to go straight to your bathroom to prepare yourself. I expect you to be well groomed. You will groom yourself as you think I will like, and you had better be right as you should know me and my desires well. Then you will trim and file your finger and toenails and shower to make sure every inch of you is nice, clean, and well shaved. Once you have finished preparing yourself you are to come to the bedroom and put on the things that I have bahis siteleri laid out for you and await further instructions from your Mistress.

Marie giggled to herself as she hit the send button. Pat’s cock would be throbbing for the rest of the afternoon. Marie’s pussy was throbbing after Pat’s email, and her response, so she walked to the bathroom and locked the door. She slid her pants and panties down and slid two fingers into her soaked cunt. Two wasn’t enough and soon she had four fingers digging as deep inside her as Marie could reach while her thumb rasped across her clit. Before long Marie shuddered as an orgasm crashed over her. Marie quickly cleaned herself up and washed her hands, can’t have her staff smelling her pussy juices on them the thought as she laughed to herself.

Pat tried to stay seated, behind his desk, the rest of the day as Marie’s email had his dick at full mast as he anticipated getting home that night. He walked into the house not sure how he had gotten there. But there were no flashing lights or sirens chasing him, so all was good.

Following Marie’s instructions he headed to his bathroom and got undressed. Pat used the bathroom, spread a towel out on the floor, and got out his trimmers. After his beard and eyebrows Pat changed out the gauge and went to work down below. When Pat finished bush hogging, he gathered up the towel and saw a piece of paper pushed underneath the door.

It was a note from Marie that read, “I’m glad that you are diligently following your instructions. But before you shower you need to take your towel out into the deck to shake out all that loose hair. Be sure to wave to the neighbors, I think they are having a barbecue. Love Marie!”

Pat chuckled and walked to the deck and began to shake the hair out of his towel. Sure enough, the neighbors were having a barbecue with lots of people in attendance a few glanced in Pat’s direction and he waved in a neighborly way and then walked back into the house his bare ass shining in the sunlight.

When Pat got back into the house the shower was running and another note waited for him. “I want you squeaky clean and smooth. Love Marie!”

Pat climbed into the shower and soaped up a washcloth and began to scrub himself from head to toe. Pat pulled the cloth between his ass cheeks and chills coursed through him as the rough cloth scrubbed across his rosebud. Pat rinsed out the washcloth and grabbed the shampoo to wash his hair. Lifting the shower massage Pat quickly rinsed and shifted the water to pulsate and moved the spray down to his cock and balls. His free hand stroked his cock as the water pounded against his balls.

Pat continued stroking his cock and put one foot onto the shower seat. He moved the spray to blast his rosebud and moaned and smirked as the water assaulted his rosebud. Pat released his cock and reached between his legs his middle finger caressed his ass.

A soft knock on the door shook Pat out of his reverie and Marie’s voice sternly said, “You’re keeping your Mistress waiting!”

Pat switched the water back and grabbed his shaving lotion. After shaving his face; Pat made sure his cock and balls were perfectly smooth before he continued to shave himself in such a way as he hoped that Marie would enjoy. One last quick rinse, and Pat stepped out of the shower to dry off.

Pat walked to the bedroom and opened the door expecting canlı bahis siteleri to find Marie waiting, but the room was empty. The blankets had been stripped off the bed and waiting for him was a pair of royal blue satin panties with black lace trim and a set of thigh high stockings. Pat picked up the panties and another note was underneath.

“Put these on and I will be in soon. Love Marie!”

Pat stepped into the panties and pulled them up over his throbbing cock. The stockings were a dark grey color with a pattern of small dots all over them. Pat rubbed his legs together felt a drop of pre-cum leak out of his cock’s tip and wet the front of his panties. His hands roamed from his stocking encased thighs, to his satin covered cock, to his pierced nipples.

Pat was tugging on his nipple rings when Marie stepped into the room. “Well don’t you look like a perfect little slut,” she said as Pat got his first look at her.

Marie stood before him black boots, thigh high stockings, black panties, and a black and red baby doll. Marie had one leg crossed over the other and when she spread them apart a dildo was freed and sprung up. Pat’s eyes widened as he nodded his head and licked his lips.

“I expect and answer when I speak to you,” Marie said a cat-o-nine tails dangling from her right hand.

“Yes Mistress,” Pat started

“Shut up slut and get in your hands and knees,” Marie said.

Pat had barely flipped over when the lashes of the whip landed on his back and butt. Gasping, Pat tried to relax and not anticipate when the whip would land.

Marie swung the whip again and again. Some strikes were light and teasing and some were sharp and stinging. She loved the way Pat’s ass writhed against the blows. She knew that he was living every second of the punishment she was giving him. She angled the whip, so it landed between his legs. The lashes curled around his balls and cock.

Pat cried out as the whip smacked his balls. “Please Mistress,” he plead. “Let me please you!”

Marie paused in mid swing and stepped closer to the edge of the bed. “On your back. Hang your head off the edge of the bed,” Marie demanded.

Pat laid back and parted him lips as Marie fed the dildo into his mouth. Pat started to gag as Marie fucked his mouth. “Relax,” Marie said as she pushed the dildo into Pat’s throat and tugged on his nipple rings. Pat shuddered as an orgasm ripped through him. The sensation of orgasm without ejaculation was so intense Pat didn’t know what to do but he wanted more and more.

Marie pulled the dildo from Pat’s mouth and pulled her panties to the side exposing her pussy. Her lips were swollen she was drenched in cum as she lowered herself into Pat’s eager tongue.

Pat’s tongue lapped and twisted around Marie’s clit before darting deep inside her and pulling her cum into his mouth. Pat’s hands reached around caressing Marie’s legs and ass. Marie ground herself into Pat’s mouth as his fingers slid past her panties and between her ass checks to tease her rosebud. Pat’s middle finger pressed and popped inside Marie’s ass to the second knuckle making her gasp and clamp down on both Pat’s tongue and finger. Marie shuddered as she came hard, filling Pat’s mouth with her juices.

“Good job slut,” Marie said stepping bad from the bed. “Now back on your hands and knees.”

Pat complied his ass stuck high in the canlı bahis air. Marie moves behind him; her hands roaming across his stocking clad legs and panties before pulling the panties down to his knees. Marie’s hands reached between his legs and across his ass. She pushed Pat over onto his back and stared in amazement at him shaved as clean as she was. Not a hair around his cock or balls, or on his ass or between his cheeks.

“You shaved yourself everywhere,” Marie asked?

“As smooth as I could,” Pat replied. “I hope you like it”!

Marie pulled Pat back onto his knees and began to kiss his ass cheeks as she grabbed his cock and began stroking. She guided him to spread his cheeks apart as she kissed her way to his rosebud. He lips pressing and the tip of her tongue teasing around and over Pat’s rosebud. Pat met her kisses and licks wanting to feel her tongue inside his ass. Marie stiffened her tongue and drive it as deep into Pat’s ass as she could.

Pat moaned loudly, and Marie replaced her tongue with one finger. Pat pressed back against her finger until it was completely buried in his ass. “More please,” he begged. Marie added a second finger to Pat’s ass and he moaned and writhed needing more.

Marie reached to the bedside table and took a tube of lube and squirted some on Pat’s rosebud. He fingers pushed into his ass lubing him good. Another squirt and her dildo was covered as well.

“Are you ready to be fucked slut,” Marie asked

“Please Mistress,” Pat begged. “Fuck me please”!

Marie positioned herself behind Pat and pressed the head of her “cock” to his rosebud. “If you want it then get it,” Marie told Pat.

Pat didn’t hesitate and pressed back impaling himself about half way into the dildo. Before he could do anything else, Marie rocked her hips forward sheathing herself completely in pat’s ass.

“Oh Mistress thank you,” Pat cried out. “Fuck my ass please”.

Marie didn’t hesitate and began pounding Pat fast and hard. As the dildo rammed into Pat’s ass; he felt like he needed to go to the bathroom. He knew that feeling was from the dildo ramming into his prostate. He clamped down squeezing the dildo trying to hold it deep inside him. Another orgasm racked Pat and his body shook leaving him shuddering as Marie paused in her assault on his ass.

Pat was gasping for breath when Marie told him to flip over onto his back. She lifted his legs onto her shoulders and pulls his ass to the edge of the bed. Marie lined up the dildo with Pat’s asshole and pressed into him.

Marie was beginning to enjoy the feel of Pat’s stocking covered legs as she slowly fucked him. Pat moaned and bucked matching each thrust of Marie’s as she rubbed her hands up and down his legs. One of her hands reached forward and began to stroke Pat’s cock which began to leak pre-cum.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck your slut’s ass,” Pat cried. “I want to cum for you Mistress. Please may I cum”?

Marie’s hand stroked his cock slamming in hard and rough as she pounded his ass with her cock. Pat began to shake uncontrollably, and his cock erupted; his hot cum sprayed up his chest some even landing in his open mouth.

Marie buried the dildo inside Pat and reached down to scoop his cum off his chest and feed it to him. Pat greedily sucked Marie’s fingers clean willing to do anything for his Mistress.

“Thank you Mistress,” Pat stammered as Marie slowly pulled the dildo from his ass. Pat pouted at the feeling of loss but knew that he would do anything to feel it again just as Marie would do anything to feel his throbbing cock pounding and filling her ass with his cum.

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