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Take Me For a Ride

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Black paint laced with intricate red spider web patterns gleamed in the sunlight. I ran one finger along the hot metal, tracing the blood red lines, and imagining what it would feel like to fly on this machine. Mind lost in fantasy I did not hear anyone talking to me until the words breathed by my ear.

“Like what you see?”

Thankfully I did not jump a mile at the sudden appearance of a male voice, but my fuzzy, fantasy laden mind moved slowly, and in turn so did I. Slowly, I turned to look upward at the man standing behind me, a smirk sitting crookedly on his face. Inwardly I thought, a cocky one, and I bet this is his bike.

“Actually, ” my finger lifted off the hot metal of the gas tank of the motorcycle I had been caressing and I turned to face him, “I do like what I see very much.”

My eyes roamed his form as I said these words, slowly, and sensually. Normally I would not have been so brazen with a stranger but the heat from the metal and my own lewd thoughts were coursing through my veins. The heat beat down unmercifully from the summer sun but I was not even aware of it, I focused on the man before me. Oh, and what a man this was. Tall, with thick shoulder length black hair, black tank top that showed off very grandly sculpted muscles, blue jeans, and black motorcycle boots. He had sunglasses on and I almost reached up to pull them down so I could see the color of his eyes but I figured I was pushing things as it was. One of his dark brows cocked upward at my bold words and his smirk shifted to a predatory smile.

“You know, that is my bike.” He said, that smile seeming to grow with each word.

“Hmm, is it?” My gaze turned back to the bike beside me and I grazed my fingertips over the seat. “It is a wonderful machine.” back to him to see he had propped his sunglasses on top of his head and the most intense chocolate brown eyes I had ever seen bored into me intensely. Goddess, what a man, I thought as my fingertips remained resting lightly on the black seat of the bike. The vinyl was warm and I imagined him sitting on the bike, sending it through turns at high speed. I almost visibly shuddered with pleasure at the image in my head but I contained myself.

“You want to go for a ride?” He asked. His expression had changed to something less predatory and more wanting. Desire in those eyes were building, it was easy to see.

“I do not even know you. My mother told me never to take rides offered by strangers.” I smiled playfully at him, using all my womanly charms to gain his attention even more. The place we were in was a bike haven; many bikers stopped at the small gas station and café to rest before they headed up the canyon or on their way out. Many bikes parked here and many scantily clad women were stalking the owners of the bikes to get rides. I did not want him to think I was some biker slut. Nor did I want his attention to shift from me to one of the gals who was actively trying to get his attention. His laugh came rich and deep after my playful tirade.

“Well then I will tell you my name, you can tell me yours, and then we will not be strangers anymore.”

Now it was my turn to laugh. Smooth, yeah this guy was smooth.

“My name is Sky.”

“A pleasure to meet you Sky. My name is Alex.” He held out a hand and I settled my smaller one into his. The initial contact shocked us both as electricity ran up my arm, and I assume it hit him as well since his eyes widened with shock. Suddenly I was very conscious of what I had chosen to wear that day. Tight blue jeans, black boots, and a black half tank top. I did not feel like wearing shorts and I did not like to wear them when I rode my bike. I wonder what his reaction would be when he found out I rode as well. Some guys liked it, some became intimidated by it, and some even thought I should not ride my own bike. I almost said I would ride my bike along side his but something inside me wanted to perch on the back of his bike and wrap my arms around him tightly. I wanted that so badly that I could feel a tingling in the pit of my stomach that ran directly to my nether regions.

His hand eased from mine, he gathered his composure and said. “So, want that ride now?”

I smiled and said. “Yeah, let me go get my helmet.”

I walked off to my own bike, a smaller version of his, and picked up my black and purple helmet. I turned to find him standing directly behind me staring at my bike.

“Yours?” he asked with a pleased gleam in his eyes.

“Yep, he is mine. I have lovingly wrenched and polished every inch of him. Something I love to do. Work on the bike and ride it.” My words came easily as I was always into talking about motorcycles. I loved anything with wheels and that went fast, that included beylikdüzü escort cars.

“Now, I have to admit I love a woman that can handle a bike and fix it as well.”

“Well, then you will like me.” I winked at him and began to walk back to his bike. I could sense him following me; it was like my inner radar had set its frequency to him, and only him. He came up beside me as I paused, flashed a smile, pulled his sunglasses down, and mounted the bike.

“Hop on little lady and let us ride.” His voice was like silk and it wrapped warmly around me. I tugged my helmet on and mounted the bike behind him. These Japanese bikes were tricky to ride single, and double was much more fun. The driver had to lean way forward so the passenger had to do the same, which meant almost full body contact. This is what I wanted and I actually shivered as my arms wrapped around his middle. I pushed forward so that I nestled tightly against his back and I marveled at the strength I felt within him.

“Ready?” He asked in a voice that sounded slightly strained, possibly from the muffling of my helmet, but I hoped I was the reason he sounded like that. I nodded and squeezed his middle to let him know I was ready and the bike came to life.

Ever since I had learned to ride a mini motorcycle at the age of ten I had an intense love affair with motorcycles. The next affair was speed and it sent me into adrenaline highs that were almost as good as sex.

We slowly made our way out of the parking lot and I could see many disappointed sluts watching us depart. I had to smile because I hardly ever was noticed, except for my bike. I was not overly endowed nor did I think I was very pretty, but Alex seemed to see something in me that interested him. Hopefully I would find out what that something was. The ride up the canyon was thrilling as Alex sent the bike around the turns easily. Our speed remained at a cautious level due to the fact there were two on the bike, which made it harder to handle. I was satisfied nonetheless as I got to keep my body molded to his. I moved with him through the turns and watched the scenery fly by. He slowed when he came to a hardly noticeable dirt track and he turned down it, heading between the trees. After a short ride through the forest the trees opened up to reveal a small clearing that was on the river. Across from us was the sheer canyon wall that shot upward for some distance and up the river some was a small waterfall. Entranced by the sight I slid off the motorcycle as he killed the engine, tugged my helmet off, and walked to the edge of the river. Flowers of purple and white grew at the edge of the water, bumblebees flitted to each one picking up their daily load of pollen to take home, and the sound of the river was soothing to my ears.

“I come here to think.”

His voice came softly beside my ear and I shivered. I think he noticed and reached around to take the helmet I held. I watched him set the helmet on the bike seat, his sunglasses were atop his head once again, and his eyes were intent on mine as he made his way back to me.

“This is a good thinking place. How did you find it? It is so hidden.” I looked around once again. I had to look away from his eyes or I would throw myself at him. I needed to at least put up the semblance of hard to get. I did not know why I wanted this man so badly, but I did. Normally it took some time for a guy to notice me and then want to go any further. Most of the guys I had dated were friends first and as they got to know me they dated me. It sucked as I did lose a friend or two over an un-repairable relationship. Also, I was not used to having such a sexy and handsome man pay attention to me. To be devoured by a gaze was something I had only read about in romance novels. To actually be the recipient of such a gaze was a heady experience.

“I found it one afternoon when my bike was acting funny. I pulled over on the side of the road, fixed a loose fuel line, and noticed the track. I walked down it a little ways and then rode out here. I have not ever taken anyone here.” He said as he stood slightly behind me. Nervously I plucked out some watermelon-flavored lip-gloss and began rolling it on my lips. I needed something to do or I was just going to slide my hands all over his body.

Before I could gather my thoughts I felt his warm breath on the nape of my neck. I froze as hot desire shot through me with alarming speed and his velvet voice came softly beside my ear. “Hmm, that smells delicious.”

I turned slightly towards him, our eyes met, and we both knew nothing more needed to be said. His lips descended towards mine with a slowness that I felt took beyoğlu escort an eternity. I ached to feel his lips, trembled with need to taste him, and instinctively knew he felt the same way. When our lips touched we both shuddered with barely contained lust. Strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me hard against his well-muscled body, and I turned into him so I could press all the way against him. Tongues swirled around one another as the kiss deepened. I felt his hands slide down my back to cup my rear end and with a groan of pleasure from him he lifted me against him.

The sensations that assaulted me with this move were almost too much and I groaned along with him, but our kissing continued. He moved back wards so that he soon was seated on a large rock. I was straddling his lap and I could feel the evidence of his desire for me pressing against my thigh. A light-headed feeling came over me as our kisses grew more fevered and deep. My hands itched to feel the heat of his skin and without thinking I began to tug his shirt upward. With a soft moan into his mouth my hands contacted with the warm skin of his back. He answered my moan with one of his own as my hands caressed his back. I needed to see, needed to devour him with my eyes, and then my mouth. Breaking the kiss I tugged his shirt upward more, he got the hint, and raised his arms up so that I could toss it aside on the rock. Goddess, he was built like Adonis, and my hands made contact with his chest. I could not get enough of the sensation of his skin, the smooth texture, the steel strength underneath, and how he shuddered as I explored. Soon this was not enough and I leaned forward. Lips pressed to the curve of his neck and shoulder and I felt his arms tighten around me as he sighed with pleasure. My tongue swirled over his skin, tasting the saltiness of him, and wanting more. A gentle nip against the line of his jaw and his whispered words sent me reeling with hot desire.

“I want to be inside you, I want to know all of you.”

“Yes.” I breathed against the strong line of his jaw. My tongue darting out to feel the skin there and reveling in the different textures of this man and I knew I had to have him here and now.

I was being lifted and set on the rock. I had not looked into his eyes since our kisses began and the molten desire within those green eyes was intense. It ratcheted up my burning need another notch, if that was possible. I almost felt like I was going to simply burst into flame at any moment.

“Take your clothes off Sky.” He said with his voice thick with passion.

I raised up to stand on the rock my eyes never leaving his and pulled my tank top off over my head. His eyes watched each move I made, I could see the shape of his desire in his jeans, and I felt drunk off the power I had to arouse such lust within him. I reached back to unhook my black bra and then it too joined the shirt on the rock. His soft intake of breath spurred me on to be more brazen. My nipples hardened, not only by the cool air caressing my skin, but also by the heated look within his eyes. I turned my back to him, bent over to untie my boots, and each one along with the socks came off. I peeked back from time to time to see his expression. His pants were undone now but he was just standing there now watching me as I undid my own pants. Slowly I slid them down over my rear end revealing the black thong I wore. His hands on the sensitive flesh of my ass sent me sighing with pleasure. I stepped out of the pants and they too settled with the other discarded clothing.

His fingers hooked in the waistband of the panties, lips pressed to the warm flesh of my ass, and I could not help but to moan. Goddess, this man was driving me crazy, I thought as I tried to remain collected as I could. The panties slid slowly down my legs, his fingertips brushing my skin on the way down. I straightened as I stepped out of the panties and looked coyly over my shoulder. Dear Goddess, he stood there nude and looking like some savage God come to ravish me. His cock was hard, curving upward towards his belly, and precum glistened on the tip. My control snapped as I turned around my hands found his shoulders and his hands caught me about the waist.

“You are so damn beautiful.” He breathed as his lips came to press against my stomach. Then his lips found a hardened nipple and his tongue slid around the hard nub making me weak in the knees. I leaned against him as his arms wrapped around me and he suckled one nipple, then the other. I was in heaven, a hot smoldering, bordering on nuclear heaven and I wanted more. My hands slid over his shoulders, into his thick black hair, and my own long hair tumbled bizimkent escort down my back in soft strawberry blonde waves.

His lips left my swollen tingling nipples and the tip of his tongue made a wet trail down to my pussy. My teeth were clenched with anticipation, I wanted to feel his tongue just slide through my slit, and bury itself deep within me. A small teasing taste right where my clit was nestled and I moaned, thrusting my hips towards him. A soft moan of pleasure from him sent my senses reeling even more.

“Sit down.” He commanded in a voice rough with his own desire.

His shirt was pulled out of the pile of clothes for me to sit on and his hands gently pushed my knees apart. He leaned in between my legs as I perched on the edge of the rock. Lips pressed to mine in a hot kiss then they were gone and drifting downward. Gentle kisses between my breasts, along my stomach, and then his tongue slid the entire length of my slit. I cried out, arching my back with the pleasure, and he was pleased by it. Soon I was lost in wild waves of sensation as his tongue licked the folds of my slit. Gentle suction on my clit got me squirming and I panted out.

“I want you inside me, Goddess please.”

His deep animal like growl of pleasure sounded so primitive, yet so exciting to me as he leaned back. Our eyes met both sets of emerald green alive with wild desire and we smiled at one another.

“Your wish is my command sweetling.”

I looked down between my legs to see his hard cock and I reached down to caress him. Velvety smooth with steel underneath, it always fascinated me how a man’s cock felt. He sighed with pleasure as I caressed his length, hefting his balls in one hand, and I knew what I wanted now.

Sliding off the rock, pushing him back a step or two, I kneeled in the pine needles and took his cock into my mouth. My tongue swirled over the purple head, tasting the salty precum that was there, and then trailing the length of his shaft. One hand caressed his balls, while the other stroked the shaft. He was sighing and moaning in pleasure at my ministrations on his cock. He was watching me and with a saucy smile up at him I took his entire shaft into my mouth. His cry of pleasure echoed through the clearing and his hands tangled in my long hair.

“Damn woman, slow down…no…I want to be inside you..” He panted as he pushed me back gently. His chest rose and fell quickly as he watched me kneeling before him. Lifting me back onto the rock, he brushed the pine needles off my knees, and leaned between my legs. Our eyes met, locked in heated desire, I shuddered as I felt the head of his cock press to my pussy opening. Eyes never breaking contact he slid his large length into me, stretching me wide, and I sighed with pleasure.

“God, you feel so good…so tight…” His words came breathlessly as he slid all the way into me.

I was on fire, I was being consumed by the need to cum and I wriggled against him. A soft groan from him and soon he was moving in and out of me slowly. I watched his cock disappear into me and then slide out, it was so erotic, and I never wanted this to end. Never had I been so aroused, so alive, and so wet. His strokes became deeper and harder. A thin sheen of sweat covered his brow and shoulders, and I loved it. My hands roamed his chest, swirling over his hard male nipples, touching the shaft of his cock as it slid into me, and stroking my clit. He leaned forward, lips capturing mine in a passionate kiss, and his cock slammed into me deeper and deeper. I was losing control quickly and I moaned my pleasure into his mouth. Lips disappeared from my own but they found purchase on my neck where I whimpered with desire. This was incredible. My body felt like it was filled with molten lava and was about to explode like a volcano. I squirmed and met each one of his strokes. His panting beside my ear came faster and when he shuddered against me I cried out.

“Oh yes, now baby now.”

My orgasm was waves of the most intense pleasure I had ever known crashed over me. My body tightened about his cock, my hands clutching his bulging arms, and I dimly heard his own cry of release mingled with my own. I felt his cock twitch deep inside me and I was soon flooded with his cum. Pin pricks of light danced behind my closed lids as the pleasure continued to roll over me again and again. I had never had an orgasm where I did not rub my clit. This was something new, something deeper, and I was reveling in it.

He stilled and sighed softly against me. His arms wrapped about me tightly he picked me up, turned, sat on the rock, and kept me tight against him. His cock had not gone soft within me and I squirmed in a new rush of pleasure. I was shocked that I could feel such so soon. I rested my head on his shoulder and let my breathing come back to normal. I tingled all over from the orgasm and I could feel him tremble now and again against me.

“That was intense.” He said softly against my hair as his hands caressed my back and legs.

“Oh yeah, the most intense I have ever known.” I said against his skin.

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