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Sweet Seduction

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Her dark blue-green eyes glittered mysteriously in the mirror before her. Was this the same woman who hours before had been sitting around moping in a worn terrycloth bathrobe? She could hardly believe the transformation in herself in such a short period of time. She was tall, the stiletto heels adorning size 7 feet turned proudly against the shiny hardwood floor beneath her feet. Sheer black stockings hugged her calves, reaching to mid-thigh, where the soft lace of a garter teased her ivory flesh.

Her short skirt swayed slightly with the motion of her hips as she turned before the mirror. One hand pressed upon her side, her thumb stroking across the line of her ribs, palm sliding over the flat plane of her stomach, a long, French manicured nail teasing around her bellybutton. She tilted her head to the side, wispy strands of hair falling from the twist her lustrous black hair was swept into. Tonight was the night.

Would he want her? She ran the tip of her tongue slowly over pearl white teeth, her soft pink lips pushing into a small pout. She slid her palms up her stomach, over the silken material of her pearl colored blouse. The material shimmered under her fingers, goose-bumps pricking on her flesh as her thumbs found the peaks of her nipples, visibly hardening as her index finger stroked over, pinching them slowly as she slid her thighs apart. Tilting her head back and closing her eyes, one hand slowly slid down her stomach. Her muscles tightened, soft butterflies dancing in her stomach as her nails reached the waistline of her skirt. Just as she was about to dip her fingers within, the doorbell rang.

Wetness crept between her thighs. Would he like her? Having only spoken to him on the telephone and the Internet, she thought perhaps he would not find her as sexy as he had claimed. She reached for the shiny brass doorknob, turning it slowly as she sucked her breath in through her teeth. She swung the door open and took as step back, tilting her head up to meet the eyes of the man before her. He looked just like his pictures. Several inches taller than her, his golden, olive colored skin was a dark contrast to the brilliant white of her own.

He smiled at her, his milky chocolate eyes warming as they took her in from head to toe. She was beautiful, just a touch of a shy smile curling her lips as she motioned for him to enter. She had told him if he wanted her, to take her. Her animal magnetism drew him toward her as she took small steps backward into the living room. Soft flames lapped at the wood in the fireplace, bathing the room in dim light. One eyebrow tilted upward as he neared her, her eyes shimmering softly as her smile broadened. She reached her hands out toward him, softly stroking her thumbs up to his palms, circling slowly against his palms as she sat with him.

He leaned toward her. How could he resist the look in those eyes? He knew that perhaps he should wait, should speak. Something should occur between them first, they must slow down. Even as these thoughts whirled in his mind, his heart and soul told him differently. Her lips parted slightly, the pink of her tongue stroking over them. Her saliva glimmered, a small intake of her breath, her mouth begging him to kiss her. She need not do another thing as his large, slightly rough palm cupped the back of her neck, Bostancı Escort his thumb stroking along her hairline as his lips covered hers. He could feel the pulse of his heart travel through his body, settling on his cock as it strained against his slacks.

His body was aflame as his tongue coaxed her mouth open, tasting of her sweet breath as his free hand drifted down her back. His fingertips traced every bump of her spine, softly kneading at her tender flesh as her thumbs stroked just below his ears, a slight whimper escaping her mouth, barely making a noise beneath the heat of his kiss. The hand behind her neck moved slowly down her side, covering her stomach and stroking over it. Her body arched toward his as he laid his body atop hers, her legs sliding up over his own. His grew hotter and drew his lips from hers; nuzzling warm wet kisses down her neck, and into the hollow of her collarbone. Her head tilted back as she drew in a breath, her palms traveling up his back, fingertips grasping his shirt as she pulled it over his head.

So quickly this was happening. Her mind whirled as his body laid against hers. The flesh of his back felt like heaven beneath her fingertips, her nipples ached as his palms cupped the swell of her breasts. He bent his head down and licked her stomach through the thin material of her shirt. Her fingernails pressed slightly into his flesh as he gripped the hem of her shirt with his teeth and drug it upward, his nose and chin nuzzling against her cleavage as he pulled it up her waiting arms and over her head. She could feel the dampness between her legs, her clit throbbing against her lips.

She smiled up at him, coy and shy at once in the heat of her gaze, enrapturing him as his lips covered hers once more. She felt him move his fingers up and push the material of her bra over her supple breasts, her nipples melting against the feel of his chest against hers. Her body pushed upward very slowly, sliding along his body to tease him. She could hear the ragged intake of his breath as her palms slid down his stomach, one extending to stroke along the swollen length of his cock through his pants as the other found the button and unclasped it.

Her fingers swiftly tug his zipper down, thumbs hooking in the sides of his pants and underwear, pushing one side and then the other down his bronze thighs, removing both at once. She tilted her head to the side as his mouth found her breasts, searing into her flesh as his teeth grazed over her nipples. She felt the soft flickers of his tongue bathing her flesh, his saliva like liquid fire burning on the surface of her skin. She used her feet to push his pants and briefs the rest of the way off, a smile curling her lips as her palms cupped his cheeks. She drew his mouth to hers and kissed him hard, her palms pushing against his chest until he sat before her. She covered his face in soft kisses, her lips drifting over his skin until they found his earlobe, tracing the tip of her tongue around it and drawing it into the heat of her mouth.

He felt her lips and closed his eyes, feeling as if he were in heaven. Her small fingers stroked down the hard muscle of his stomach, his cock twitching as her thumb found the tip. He could feel every part of his body straining to feel more of her as her soft fingers encircled Erenköy Escort his length, stroking slowly from the head to the base. Her palm nuzzled against the fuzzy flesh of his sack, tight and throbbing against her hand. She squeezed as she stroked him slowly, soft whimpers escaping his lips as she kissed down his stomach. The tip of her tongue found his bellybutton and teased around it, taking the time to dip inside, stroking slowly against his tender flesh. She moved her free hand down to cup the heaviness of his balls and he grunted as she lifted them against her palm, her nails scratching lightly upward. Her moist lips soon found the tip of his cock, kissing very slowly against it.

A bead of pre-cum formed against the tip of her tongue as it stroked along the slit in his head, her lips sliding down just below the ridge. She savored the taste, his hot fluid melting against her tongue as it rimmed slow hot circles around his head. Her teeth pressed very lightly into his flesh as her fingers kneaded his balls. He tried to resist the urge to push his cock deeper into her mouth, his large fingers finding the back of her neck and pressing into her flesh. He massaged her skin tenderly as she suckled up and down his cock, each time her mouth moved downward she took a bit more of him into the depths of her mouth. He could see her close her eyes and breathe deeply through her nose, and he let his head tilt back. She pushed her mouth down hard on his cock, his entire length sliding along her tongue, his tip hitting against the back of her hot little throat. He could feel his balls nestled against her chin as she moaned softly around his cock, his noises almost guttural as they left his throat. God her hot mouth felt good around his cock.

Her fingers moved to the hemline of her skirt and unhooked the clasp. She wriggled her hips and the soft material fell in a pool around her feet. Her panty-less pussy was dripping and hot, yearning for attention as her bottom arched into the air. Her fingertips found their goal, her middle finger extending downward to stroke along the swollen lips of her pussy. She wrapped her free hand around his cock and stroked with the rhythm of her mouth, jerking him off with her tongue, teeth, and fingers.

She pushed two fingers into her pussy and undulated her hips, grinding against her palm as it teased the pulsating flesh of her clit. His large fingers stroked down her shoulders, his pants were now soft moans as they left his throat. She felt her body aflame from head to toe as he pulled her mouth away from his cock gently, and drew her up his body until her forehead rested against his. She slid her knees down on either side of his hips, hugging them as her fingers found the thick flesh of his cock. She pressed her mouth on his, suckling hungrily on his tongue as she stroked the tip of his cock along her lips. Pre-cum mixed with her juices, dripping over his balls as she wriggled his head against her clit. Her breath came in short rasps as he slid his hands down her back, urging her onto his cock. She pushed the tip inside and very slowly slid downward, inch after inch of his meat filling the achingly tight walls of her pussy. Her world became focused on only him as she felt his cock hit up against her cervix, making her quiver in pleasure.

He could Göztepe Escort hardly believe how tight she was as he felt his cock sheathed in her pussy. Her muscles gripped so tight around him he felt like he could explode at any moment. As she slid all the way down he could feel his balls nestle against the hot base of her pussy, and he traces his hands down her back to her ass. His palms cupped her cheeks and held her down against him, his body grinding as his head tilted back and he moaned. She slid her fingers behind herself, down his thighs. He could feel her nails dragging into his flesh as they came to a rest just above his knees.

She tightened her palms and used the brace to push herself up and down. He could feel every muscle of her pussy tighten around his cock, and he was in heaven. Every movement of her body on his brought him closer to cumming, and he could see the motions of her hips on his become more frantic as heat flushed her face. He slid a hand around her stomach and down to cup her pussy, his middle finger teasing against her clit. She leaned down and kissed his mouth hard, her tongue stroking deeply within as he reverberated his finger on her clit. Her body wriggled against his and drove him crazy with desire. He closed his eyes and relished the feel of her on top of him.

She moaned in pure ecstasy as he teased her clit. Sliding up and down the length of his cock made her every muscle tighten and tingle. She wanted nothing more to cum around his cock as her hand found its way beneath her body to his balls. She could feel her cum covering them as she rolled them between his fingers, kissing him harder. She extended her middle finger downward and stroked the tender flesh beneath his balls, and could feel him tremble beneath her. She moved her mouth from his and kissed down his jaw-line, the very first words of the evening spoken in a hot whisper against his ear. “Cum for me, baby.”

This pushed him over the edge and he rammed his cock into her hot pussy with abandon. Her finger against his g-spot drove him wild and he could feel her muscles expand and contract with every one of his thrusts up into her. He let loose, hot streams of cum filling his pussy as his mouth found hers. He fucked her hot lips with his tongue, moving it in the same rhythm as his cock thrusting into her. He could hear her moans turn to shrieks as her muscles convulsed around his cock, her cum milking every drop out of him as his seed filled her womb.

His hands gripped tightly against her ass, one fingertip sliding very slowly along her crack, rimming around her tender nether hole as she came in torrents, the couch beneath them soaking with a pool of their juices. He wriggled his fingertip in and rotated it as his cock began to grow limp inside of her. She stretched her body down against his, her pebble-hard nipples teasing along his sweaty chest. He sighed softly and pressed kisses against her temple, her cheek, down her face. He tilted his cheek against her hair and lay with her in sweet, pleasured bliss.

Her eyes drifted shut with his, smelling the scent of him mingled with hers, their sweat and bodies becoming as one as she melted into him, sighing happily as she drifted to sleep with him, his cock still inside of her dripping hole as she moved away from this world, into her dreams of him, and his of her.

* * * * *

**Note from the author: If you have any comments about this story, or suggestions for another, please feel free to email me whenever you like, all thoughts or comments good or bad are appreciated. Thank you.

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