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Sweet Berries Further adventures

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Jenny’s aunt Barbara had organized a family party to celebrate her silver wedding anniversary.

Barbara lived in a large grey stone house with an extensive garden at Giggleswick close to the public school there.

It was a rather grand do so everyone had to wear their Sunday best outfits. Jenny’s mum was in a Vila Black and Gold spot midi dress and her dad in a grey morning suit, white shirt, and Pale blue tie. Jake in light brown flannel trousers and checked long brown sleeve shirt and brown plain tie. Julie in a brown animal print sundress and cork wedges. Jenny wearing a green midi skirt and pale green blouse the buttons revealing her ample chest. Giles was invited along as Jakes’s mate sporting green moleskin pants and pale brown checked shirt.

They all clambered into dad’s Mitsubishi Shogun as it was a seven-seater so could accommodate them all. Jenny sat in the back with Giles. She gently stroking his thigh. Julie glanced back grinning at Giles’s rather pronounced bulge.

“Careful Jenny you are causing a swelling there,” Julie whispers.

Jenny’s eyes widen looking down seeing Giles’s pants tenting and blushing to remember how well he used it in the barn. Leaning forward towards Julie,

“Yes, he does know how to use it so well,” Jenny giggles.

Julie gasps, “Really Jenny, quite a mouthful.”

“It is Julie as big feast,” Jenny confides.

Jenny sits back leaning into Giles her fingers continuing to move slowly up and down his thigh.

“If you carry on, I will be forced to take you right here and now,” Giles whispers in Jenny’s ear.

“Oh, promises Giles,” Jenny giggles.

Daddy looks in the mirror and frowns.

“You ok back the Jenny and Giles,” He barks.

“Yes, dad just getting comfy,” Jenny chirps.

Giles looks out of the window to hope his erection will quickly subside or else he going to have problems hiding it when he gets out of the car. Suddenly they are flung forward as the car brakes hard.

“Fucking squirrel,” Dad shouts.

“You all ok back there?” Dad asks.

“Just about,” Jake responds.

“At least my contact lenses didn’t pop out,” Jenny quips.

Jenny clinging on to Giles’s arms. Giles is relieved in a way as his hard-on has disappeared.

They pull into the gravel drive leading to the house and park the car finding a space amongst the variety of vehicles already there.

They clamber out mum giving Jake and Jenny a look over. Adjusting Jake’s tie then smiling at Jenny who is holding Giles’s hand.

“You will do,” Mum says with a smile.

Dad knocks on the large panelled oak door. It is opened by a very gushing aunty Barbara who kissing them all.

“Are these your catches Jake and Jenny, very nice I must say,” Barbara winks.

Jake and Jenny blush scarlet at the comment.

“Come in please everyone else has arrived and the buffet is in the dining room,” Barbara explains.

They all followed Barbara along the hallway, the sound of chatter emanating from the rooms. Turning right the troop walk into the large lounge with its Lakeland stone fireplace, large three-piece tweed suit and oil paintings hung on the walls. There was a group of relatives with wine and beer munching their way through the finger buffet. Barbara announced their arrival with great gusto.

Uncle Tim smiled at Jenny giving her a wink, she grinned back squeezing Giles’s hand.

“Right where is the food?” enquires Dad.

Barbara responded, “Laid out on the table in the dining room.”

They all wander through to the dining room a huge array of sandwiches, pork pie, chicken pieces, crisps, and jacket potatoes. They each queued up collecting a plate and selecting what they wanted.

They wandered back into the lounged to hear Jenny’s mum and dad recounting tales of when Jenny was a Bostancı Escort kid. Jenny blushing bright red as Mum recounts how Jenny has an unusually placed birthmark.

Giles says innocently, “Right on her……..”

“Pardon Giles,” Mom sounds shocked.

“Nothing, just pulling your leg,” Giles glances at Jenny.

“I most certainly hope you are Giles,” Mum gave him a withering look.

“Yes Mrs. Duxworth, how would I know where it is,” Giles looks sheepish.

Jenny squeezes Giles’s hand.

Jenny whispers, “Can we go outside, I feel a bit hot.”

“Yes love,” Giles smiles back.

They walk out through the French windows on to the flagged patio. The garden stretching out with a long lawn bordered by shrubs and flower beds. At the bottom, an apple orchard with a fenced trellis covered with trailing roses in full bloom with reds and yellows. The seductive scent of the roses filling the air. Jenny turns to Giles looking deep into his eyes.

“Shall we walk down the garden,” smiling seductively.

“What do you have in mind?” Giles asks.

“Let’s wander and discover,” Jenny grins.

Jenny kisses Giles softly on the cheek her hand strokes lightly over his bulge.

“Oh Jenny,” Giles moans.

“Come on then,” Jenny giggles.

Gripping Giles’s hand as they stroll down the garden.

“I thought you were going to let the cat out of the bag there with Mum,” Jenny teases.

“Yes, I nearly fell for it, God I hoped the ground was going to open up,” Giles confides.

“It is a very cute birthmark though right on your pussy lips,” Giles continues.

“I am glad you like it you certainly enjoyed my pussy in the barn,” Jenny giggles.

Julie watching from the doorway sensing that they are up to something. Julie glances around then slips out seeing Jenny and Giles disappearing into the orchard. She tips toes after them trying to see where they have gone.

In the orchard, Jenny and Giles pause now hidden from view of the house behind a rose bush. Jenny turns to Giles,

“Giles, I feel so naughty with you around,” Jenny whispers.

“Here, with your parents only in the house, “Giles looked shocked.

“Why not,” Jenny grins.

Jenny slips her hands around Giles’s waist moving close to him her lips kissing his cheek. Giles panting softly as his manhood reacts. Jenny feeling him swell as she presses her mound against his bulge as her pussy tingles and creams.

“Giles you seem interested,” Jenny pants.

“I can’t resist you, Jenny,” Giles moans.

Jenny presses her mouth against Giles’s easing her tongue between his lips. Their tongues swirl and play as Jenny rocks her hips against Giles feeling his cock swell and pulse against her aching cunny. Giles’s fingers raking over Jenny’s back as he sucks on her tongue.

Julie slowly and carefully creeps into the orchard taking a glance back towards the house to check no one has followed her. She can hear the moans and sloppy noise of kissing which causes her nipples to harden and her pussy to moisten. She creeps closer to the sounds just making out Jenny and Giles kissing passionately behind a rose bush. She reaches up touching one swollen nipple stifles a moan as it causes her pussy to tighten. Licking her lips, she moves to find a better vantage point to watch the developing scene.

Jenny breaks the kiss,

“Oh, I want you so much,” She simpers.

Giles can only look into her passion filled eyes as Jenny’s hands unbutton his pants then sliding her hand around his thick veiny shaft.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmmmmmm Jenny,” Giles moans.

Jenny kneels easing Giles’s pants down his toned thighs then pulling his length from his boxes. Giles wide-eyed looking down as Jenny slides back his foreskin her tongue licking slowly around his engorged Ümraniye Escort helmet slick with precum.

Julie covers her mouth with one hand stopping a voluntary gasp. Her cunt dripping wet. She slides her hand up her dress rubbing two fingers against her sopping wet knickers.

“God Jenny don’t tease,” Giles begs.

Jenny looks up and with one swift move, her mouth takes his full length.


Julie whimpers pressing two fingers deep into your saturated cunt.

Jenny hearing the noise glances sideways seeing Julie fingering herself enjoying the show. Jenny’s lips sliding along Giles’s throbbing length drooling as his precum fills her throat. She winks at Julie who in turn bites her bottom lip squeezing her thighs together as her pussy starts to spasm.

“Julie, Julie Is that you there?” Jenny’s mother calls out.

“Yes,” Julie stutters in reply.

“Have you seen Jenny and Giles they are about to cut the anniversary cake,”

“No, I was looking for them to tell them to come,” Julie responds.

Giles and Jenny breathing hard not moving a muscle but Jenny still sucking on Giles’s cock.

“They must be inside then, let’s go and find them?” Jenny’s mum says.

Julie looks back at Jenny and Giles mouthing,

‘You owe me one.’

She walks off straightening her dress as she follows Jenny’s mum back up the garden. Giles cannot contain himself any longer grips Jenny’s head as his cock erupts spurting his hot cum filling her mouth. Jenny whimpers tasting Giles as his cock throbs. Her pussy clenches hard as her climax overwhelms her squeezing her thighs as her girl goo flows down her thighs.

“Fuck Jenny that was a close call,” Giles gasping.

“MMMMMM Giles you taste so good,” Jenny licking her lips.

“We had better get inside pronto,” Giles smiles.

Giles helps Jenny up he pulls up his pants. They quickly walk back into the house. The guests are gathered around the table as Barbara poses for photos with the cake.

“Oh, there you are, where have you been?” Jenny’s mum asks.

“Just outside Mum refreshing,” Jenny giggles.

Julie looks shocked and Giles tries not to blush as mum looks puzzled.

“Well just glad you are back here,” Mum smiles.

Mum goes to help Barbara cut the cake. Julie pulls Jenny to one side,

“You owe me now, that was sooo naughty out there,” Julie says sternly.

“You looked to be enjoying it,” Jenny smirks.

Julie blushes scarlet. Jenny glances around then quickly kisses Julie passing over some of Giles’s cum still warm on her tongue.

“Tastes good, doesn’t he?” Jenny giggles.

“Fuck Jenny you are so bad,” Julie whispers.

Julie licks her lips tasting the creamy liquor wishing she could share Giles with Jenny someday. The musky scent of Jenny’s pussy filtering into Julie’s nostrils. Her pussy creaming craving more.

“You make me so horny Jenny,” Julie pants.

“That would be a new experience for me, Julie if you are game?” Jenny grins.

“Oh god, you randy devil,” Julie hoarsely says.

The cake is cut, and the pieces are shared out on plates to the guests. Julie and Jenny stand together in the corner of the dining room as both Jake and Giles have gone with Jake’s dad to look at some old family photos. Jenny nibbling the cake then licking her lips looking at Julie. Jenny’s pussy aching and creamy. Julie slightly tipsy and still feeling aroused after watching Jenny and Giles.

“That tongue looks soft and long,” Julie suggests.

“It would get deep,” Jenny smirks.

“Let’s go up to the bathroom and find out,” Jenny smirks.

Julie’s eyes widen at the remark feeling her pussy tighten at the idea of Jenny’s tongue exploring. Jenny grabs Julie’s hand,

“Come Ataşehir Escort on then, no time like the present,” Jenny chirps.

No one notices them walking off together up the grand staircase. At the tops of the stairs, they peek into the first room, which is just a small bedroom in which the bed is strewn with coats. Moving on to the next door, pushing it open it is another bedroom, but also they can see a door ajar leading ensuite bathroom.

“Just the job,” Jenny smiles.

They both walk in to the bathroom, Julie breathing hard as Jenny closes and locks the door.

“Giles tasted so good in the garden now you in the bathroom.” Jenny licks her lips.

“Jenny, oh my god I am not sure,” Julie whimpers.

“Well, I am,” Jenny simpers.

Jenny steps closer to Julie her nipples hard pressing into Julie’s tits as she looks deep into Julie’s eyes,

“I am going to eat you alive,” Jenny snarls.

“ohhh fuck,” Julie stammers.

Julie’s pussy a gooey mess her knickers slick clinging to her mound as her cream dribbles down her thighs. Jenny kisses Julie’s lips pressing her crotch into Julie’s mons then rolling her hips.

“ohhh that feels so good,” Julie pants.

Jenny panting hard her pussy creaming as she grinds her hips.

“Bet you taste good,” Jenny softly says.

“Jesus Jenny I am soaking for you,” Julie groans.

Jenny’s hands lift Julie dress sliding her fingers slowly into her pale blue lacy knickers. Her fingers moving through her light bush easing along her warm moist furrow.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Julie quivers.

Jenny fingertips gently massaging Julie’s swollen button as she kneels. Easing Julie’s knickers down Julie’s thighs leaving them at her knees. The musky aroma of Julie’s cunt so strong. Julie panting hard eyes wide looking down at Jenny feeling her hot breath cascading over her drenched pussy.

“I have never felt so turned on,” Julie whimpers.

“Looks in need of a good licking,” Jenny hisses.

“Fuck I am so close,” Julie quivers.

Jenny presses her mouth over Julie’s mound her tongue lapping the engorged clitoris. Julie bucks gripping Jenny’s head as she rolls her hips.

“Fuck FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK,” Julies screams.

Jenny sucks hard on Julies clit.

“HOLY GOD,” Julie bellows.

Julie grunts her body shudders as her pussy explodes spurting a creamy spout over Jenny’s chin and throat. Jenny taken by the suddenness of Julie’s climax moves her mouth to capture the squirting girlie goo. Julie gripping Jenny’s head hard against her spasming cunt.


Jenny moaning loud lapping furious on Jenny’s nectar. Jenny leans back looking up at Julie.

“You are my first girl,” Jenny looks triumphant.

“I would never have guessed it you hit the spot straight away,” Julie whimpers.

“We had better get back downstairs before someone notices our absence,” Jenny looks concerned.

“I wish I could return the favour,” Julie smiles weakly.

“You will in time,” Jenny smiles.

Julie pulls up her knickers and straightens her dress as Jenny gets a flannel and cleans Julie’s cream from her neck and chin. Jenny unlocks the door and peeks out.

“No one around let’s head downstairs,” Jenny says.

They walk quickly downstairs and back into the lounge.

“Hey Jenny, where have you two been?” Giles asks.

“Just to the bathroom,” Jenny smiles

Jenny kisses Giles softly on the lips.

“You taste good,” Giles whispers.

“She does taste good,” Jenny giggles.

Looking at Julie who blushes slightly at the remark. Giles looks puzzled,

“What have you two been doing?” He asks.

“Oh, nothing really,” Jenny grins.

“You lot ready to go now,” Dad interrupts.

“Yes, Dad ready as always,” Jenny responds smiling.

“Been a good party and the food delicious,” Dad mentions.

“Yes, dad I certainly have plenty to eat,” Jenny beams.

Julie looks away as Giles blushes slightly each knowing secretly what Jenny means.

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