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Sweet and Naughty Cat Ch. 02

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It was shortly after midnight. The sound of a light rustling woke Chris from his sleep. He laid there and listened for a few seconds. “Must have been my imagination,” he mumbled as he rolled over to go back to sleep.

The rustling started again. Chris’s heart raced. “What the fuck!” The muttered under his breath as he quietly got out of bed.

Chris made his way from the bedroom to the living room where the noise was coming from. As he got closer, he could see the lights from the Christmas tree lighting the room. He crept ever so quietly closer down the hall way until he reached the living room. From the doorway, he could see a figure knelt in front of the tree. A long red coat with white trim covered the intruder.

Chris watched for a minute as the figure pulled gifts from a sack and placed them under the tree. His eyes widened.

“Santa?” Chris asked, his voice cracking with nervousness.

The figure froze.

“Santa?” He asked again.

The figure rose to its feet and slowly turned, removing the hood that covered its head. The figures long hair spilled out from under the hood, freed from it constraint.

“Cat!” Chris exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

Cat smiled. The Christmas lights sparked in her alluring eyes. “Tonight,” she said, “I’m your Santa. And it looks like Santa got caught leaving you your gifts. It’s been a long night my sweet Chris. Do you mind if I rest a bit?”

Chris smiled. “Have a seat, Santa. Can I get you anything?” He asked playing along with Cat’s game.

“Thank you may dear,” Cat said as she walked over to the couch. “Actually,” she said as she slowly opened her coat and removed it, letting it slide down her shoulders to the floor, “I could use a foot massage.” Chris’s heart raced. She was more beautiful than ever in the magic of the twinkling Christmas light. With her coat off, he could see that she had truly dressed the part of sexy Santa. Cat stood before him in a short red baby doll night gown trimmed in white with matching parties. Her long black nylon encased legs were covered to just below her knees Bostancı Escort with black stiletto heeled boots. Chris wondered what he had done to deserve such an amazing Christmas gift!

“As you wish my dear,” he said with a smile as he took her by the hand and lead her to the couch. She kissed him tenderly on the lips, her crimson red lipstick leaving her mark on him. She giggled as she wiped his lips clean and caressed his face before taking a seat and sinking back in to the couch.

“Work your magic my dear,” she instructed as she raised her boot covered foot towards him. Chris smiled and blushed as he took her foot in his hands. She knew him, knew him all too well. She knew how to drive him crazy. His hands shook with excitement as he slowly unzipped the boot and slipped it off her foot.

“Oh fuck!” He moaned as he took her stocking clad foot in his hand. Cat had out done herself. He could see the crimson red nail polish on her toes peeking thought the sheer, black, silky smooth stockings. It matched her lipstick perfectly. The seam of the stockings was aligned perfectly across her toes and up the back of her legs. It was almost too much for him, he wanted to take her, but then again, it was Santa, and he needed to do what he was told, he didn’t want to be on the naughty list!

Chris began to slowly massage her aching foot, letting his thumbs work the soles of her feet, pushing the tension out through her toes. Cat let out a seductive moan signaling her approval. He smiled as he gently kissed her foot and lowered it to work on the other one.

Cat instinctively raised her other boot covered foot. Chris took it and again slowly unzipped the zipper and removed it. As he took her foot in his hand, he couldn’t help but smile at the attention to detail and perfection. Perfect crimson toes, perfectly aligned seams. She really did know him. Cat’s other foot teasingly slid up his leg and rested on his lap. She wiggled and stretched her toes seductively. That’s when he noticed it. “Mmmm, fuck! That toe ring! I think Santa is the naughty one!” He moaned.

Cat Erenköy Escort giggled as she rubbed his throbbing cock through his pajamas. “Mmmm, I see you approve!” She cooed giving him a devilish smile as he went about finishing her massage.

Chris’s eyes were transfixed on these sexy legs and toes. Cat continued to tease as he massaged her foot, wiggling her toes as he worked out the tension. “Mmm, that feels good my naughty boy. Don’t stop!” She begged as she lightly massaged his cock with her other foot.

Chris began to squirm as his excitement began to build. Cat smiled, she loved to see so much joy and pleasure on his face. As much as she wanted him to continue, she had other ideas.

Cat carefully pulled her foot from his magical hands. As she stood, she helped him to his feet and removed his shirt. Her hand caressed his chest as she kissed him. She could feel his heart beating wildly. “It’s your turn, just relax my dear,” she whispered as she began to kiss her way down his body. Her lips left a seductive trail of color down his body as she did. Kneeling in front of him she paused for a second as she reached his waist. She looked up at him and smiled, before pulling down his pajama pants. His cock sprung free, twitching and throbbing. She grasp it tightly, squeezing a drop of precum from the tip. Again, she gazed into his eyes as she kissed the tip of his cock, licking the precum that had oozed out. Chris eyes closed, and his head tipped back. His knees started to go weak with pleasure. Cat giggled. “Sit my dear,” she instructed as she stood up and playfully pushed him down. “And don’t move!”

Chris did as he was told. He watched in wonderment as she walked to her sack of presents that was by the tree and began to root through the bag.

“Ah! Here it is,” Cat squealed with delight as she pulled a single sheer black stocking from the sack. “The presents are all out, only one thing left to do!” She exclaimed smiling devilishly.

“Mmm, what’s that Santa?” Chris asked puzzled as to what the stocking was for.

“I need to Göztepe Escort fill the stockings! Or more like you need to fill the stockings! Just sit back my naughty boy and relax. If you help Santa out, you just may get back on the good list after spying on her!”

Chris’s cock twitched and pulsed with excitement as Cat playfully ran the silky stocking over his cock. A long stream of precum dripped from the tip and on to his chest.

“Mmm,” Cat moaned as she licked the tip of his cock clean. “I think you are going to help Santa out really well. Shall we?”

“Yes, Santa! Please, I can’t take this tease!” Chris begged.

After giving his cock one last lick, Cat slipped the stocking over his cock, being sure to fully encase his shaft and balls.

“Mmm, let’s see what you can do for Santa,” Cat said giving him a wink. She slowly started stroking his stocking covered cock. Chris moved his hips in unison and began to moan.

“You naughty, naughty boy,” Cat teased. “You are taking too long, and Santa is in a hurry, she is running late. Let’s see if we can speed things along!”

Cat moved in front of him and wrapped her stocking clad feet around his black stocking covered cock. Chris focused on her sexy toes, that toe rings and the feeling of her feet on his cock. As she wiggled her toes and stroked his cock with her feet, she reached forward, ticking his tight balls with her fingers. Chris tensed and let out a grunt as his cock erupted, filling the stocking with a massive amount of cum.

“Mmm, that’s a good boy,” Cat said as she continued to stroke his cock, getting every drop from it. “Fill that stocking for Santa!”

Chris opened his eyes and leaned forward to kiss her. But she was gone, and he was fully clothed. He looked at the clock, bewildered. It was 10 a.m. and he was alone.

“What the fuck!” He exclaimed. Was he dreaming? It felt so real! Chris sat there for a minute trying to make sense of things. His gaze went to the tree where he saw a small wrapped box. – “To: Chris From: Santa” – the tag read.

Chris opened it not knowing what to expect. Inside he found a single black stocking along with a note – “My dear sweet Chris, this year you were naughty, you were only able to help Santa fill ONE stocking. Maybe next year you will fill them BOTH and make the good list! XOXO Santa”.

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