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Susanne Gets Stuck

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In which a women is having difficulties writing a story about Uncle Jack and his lovely niece Holly and gets permission to play.

Susanne starting typing again and stopped. She sighed got up from her chair and stretched her 5` 4″ frame. Her lightly tanned arms reached up above her body and her slightly wavy light brown hair fell down her back as she undid her pony-tail. She ran her fingers through her hair.

Susanne was finding this difficult. She was alone in the house, with nothing but her thoughts and this computer screen. Maybe a break would help; going downstairs to the fridge she pours herself a glass of mango and orange juice. Hoping this would help her make a decision. Elbows on the countertop she stares out of the kitchen window looking at the green hills. The view always gave her such pleasure but it wasn’t helping very much.

Susanne isn’t sure what to do with Uncle Jack and Holly. To shave young Holly or not? She just isn’t sure. She goes back upstairs to the little office and sits down again in front of the computer. For inspiration she flicks back through some other bits she has written. This makes her feel, well, slightly moist and sadly there is no one around to play with. She curls her shell pink toes and wiggles, looking down at the curve of her calf, she spreads her legs a little, rubbing the inside of her lightly tanned thighs. Sitting with her eyes half closed, Susanne begins to play with her nipples lightly stroking and brushing through the cloth. What to do…hmmh?

Susanne rises from the chair and pads through to the bedroom. The sun is shining down on the big four- poster bed. She wiggles out of her shorts and lies down on the bed in a pair of white bikini pants trimmed in lace with little ribbon bows. The bra is lacy and white but she isn’t wearing that today. Susanne buys matching sets; sometimes they get bought for her. She has a narrow back, which curves out to a small waist and rounded hips. Her back makes her breasts look bigger than they actually are. Curling up on her side her mind drifts. She starts to think through some of the scenarios she had written down.

One she had liked lately was being a slave girl in Rome at the beck and call of her Master. This was good if you had someone to play with.

Sometimes she imagines escort izmit she’s on a yacht, with portholes that look into the master cabin from the deck. He is sitting in a chair, in the cabin she is spread out naked on the bed, wearing a silk blind-fold. From the deck you can see what she was being told to do by him. It was a variation on a mirror scene. Susanne sighs, nope this isn’t working.

Susanne rolls over onto her back. One manicured hand slides from her slightly rounded tummy up to a small round breast with a pinky brown areola and pinky red nipple. She idly teases the end of one nipple with a finger. Flicking it, then rubbing the jutting nipple on the tip. She applies a thumb and finger and lightly pinches and teases the nipple. It’s jutting out now, hard, both nipples look so yummy. They are small jutting, gumdrops, that need sucking.

Susanne pinches her pert nipples again, sending teasing, tickling sensations to her pussy. She pushes her breasts together, nope, too small for a fantastic cleavage. But they have been described as a lovely mouthful.

Susanne lapses into a daydream. He is sitting on a chair just off to one side at the edge of her bed. He is fully clothed with a lanky build and a deep voice. He looks relaxed, in control, sitting in the chair. His legs are crossed in the tailored navy trousers and black leather shoes; a crisp open neck white shirt completes his attire. She will do anything for him.

The bed is covered in a quilted duvet and loads of pillows. At the foot of the bed is a full-length mirrored door to a walk in closet.

Pull down your panties, baby. Pull them down to your ankles. Do it for Daddy.

Susanne lifts her hips off the bed and wiggles them back and forth as she squirms out of her lacy white panties. She peels them down her legs all the way to her ankles. Where her pussy had massaged the cloth, her panties are very, very damp. She can feel her moistness and smell the heady scent. They act as a restraint on her ankles she likes this. She wants to spread her legs wider; she wants to do this for him and she will when he tells her.

Spread your legs for me as wide as you can. Be a good girl and do as daddy tells you.

Susanne pulls the panties from her ankles and drops them off the bed. Now she can open her thighs izmit escort as wide as he has requested. She spreads her thighs, doing exactly as she was told, exposing her pussy. She is after all a good girl and wants to please him.

Susanne looks at her body in the mirror. She sees her toes, the nails painted shell pink, her lightly tanned, slightly bent legs and then her eyes move up to her pussy. She can see a little patch of brown hair on her pinky red pussy lips. Not much, she likes to keep it trim.

Susanne slides both hands down, stroking the soft flesh of her open thighs. She spreads her pussy lips open and again looks into the mirror. She loves this the way it makes her feel. Exposed, wanton, opening herself up to him for his pleasure.

Susanne feels the breeze of the partially open window brush against her pussy lips and the sensitised nubbin that is her clitoris

Oh, baby, your pussy is so wet. You want it so bad don’t you baby? Put a finger in your pussy baby. Rub that little nubbin. Make your Daddy hard.

“Oh, God, Yes.” Susanne groaned.

Susanne is carried away in her day-dream. Wanting to be fucked. Wanting him to rise from the chair, unzip his trousers and take her then, take her now. Driving it home for his baby, to the hilt, pulling out slowly and filling her up again.

Susanne ran a single finger inside her cleft. Playing with her wet inner lips. Rubbing the little clit. Her hips moving with the motion. She raises her hips and parts the lips of her pussy and slips her finger inside. She moves it deep into her pussy and slides another finger inside. She enjoys the sensation of her fingers sliding in and out of her slick, wet pussy. But this isn’t enough she needs more. Moaning Susanne grinds her hips against her fingers and massages and rubs her slick wet nubbin with a finger from her other hand.

Baby girl, look in the drawer. I want you to get a toy and play for me. Your Daddy loves it when you play with your pussy for him.

Susanne stretches and smiles.

Will you be a good girl, for Daddy?

Susanne closes her eyes caught up in her reverie. She responds to his command.

“Oh Daddy, I’m so wet and horny, your sooo good to me.”

Susanne reaches into the drawer pulling out a silver izmit kendi evi olan escort bullet and places it on the bed beside her. She rubs her wet clit with two fingers. Her arousal makes her fingers slick and wet. Susanne brings her fingers to her lips and licks tasting the tangy moisture of her own juices. She rubs her nipples with a wet finger and pinches them again. Oh she would love to have him gently biting and sucking on the jutting tips.

Picking up the toy Daddy said she could play with. Susanne turns on the silver bullet with the remote control. Her legs are bent and so wide she hardly needs to part her pussy lips with two fingers. She places the bullet directly on her clit and rubs very gently. The sensations become very, very intense, almost too rapidly for her. She quickly removes it from her engorged nubbin. It is coated with her juices. Again she lays it to one side and raising her hips again, she inserts the length of two fingers inside her slick, wet passage and pulls in and out with long strokes.

She is moaning as she moves her fingers. Wanting it to be him. Wanting him to fill her up with his iron hard cock.

Baby, Daddy wants to see you using your toy.

Susanne picks up the bullet again, she flicks the remote to low and she moves it over her pussy lips and rubs. Parting her pinky red pussy lips with two fingers she moves the bullet lightly but faster and faster over her swollen wet clit. Raising her thighs off the bed she rubs the entry to her wet passage and pushes against the bullet. Her eyes are closed, her head thrown back, moaning as the pleasure becomes more intense.

The moans get louder as the electric pulsing sensations become more and more intense. Her breathing is shallow and quick; her climax seconds away. Susanne moves her hand and presses the bullet gently onto her clit and increases the vibrations slightly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh” she moans.

Susanne feels her pussy muscles contract and flex. She would love to have his large cock inside her fucking her as she rubs her clit. Her pussy lips pulse around the bullet and her engorged nubbin. Again Susanne calls out as she is sent over the edge by the vibrations.

“Oh, Oh, oh yes, yes, oh yes, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh”

Removing the bullet Susanne flicks the remote and turns it off. She lowers her legs and lies still catching her breath. The scent of sex hangs in the air.

Opening her eyes she sees him standing in the door leaning against the frame. Smiling. “Can I play too?” He asks.

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