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Sunita Taken, But Comes On Her Own

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He walked into the bathroom as she was changing. One look at her half unwrapped saree and her breasts in the blouse, and Karan knew he wanted her. He made her sit on the slab of marble in the dressing area of the bathroom. He kissed her on her lips, his tongue sliding between those lovely rosy lips that I know so well. His hands were on her shoulders, slowly moving forward to caress her breasts still in the blouse and bra beneath.

Sunita sighed. A long luxurious sigh. He was so good at kissing. She remembered kissing Shyam in the way Karan had taught her. Shyam had squealed and gasped and shivered. She remembered telling Shyam that she had learned how to kiss from Karan.

Her hands went to the back of Karan’s head and she kissed back with fervor. Her hands slipped inside his shirt and roamed on his chest. Not such a broad chest but her Karan’s chest. These comparisons were meaningless and had come to her mind only because of Shyam. For simply years this was the only chest she knew and it gave her the comfort she needed. At least when she was with Karan. Now that she had been with Shyam the definition of comfort had changed, but that could wait till she was with Shyam. Right now…….

Right now, his hands moved to her side holding her ribcage, the thumb of his hand on her nipple. He wiggled his thumb, wanting to feel the nipple separate from the layers of fabric encasing it. There was only so much space on that marble slab and she half turned towards him, her legs involuntarily parting. She dragged her thumb across his chest till his nipple was caught between thumb and forefinger. She rolled that nub between her fingers and that made him shudder. He used his teeth to trap her lips. And sucked at the lip, pulling it between his teeth.

“Karan!” she gasped. She buried her face in his neck. His hand wandered lowered and pulled the knot of the saree around her waist. It unraveled and the chiffon slid easily to the floor. Her saree was now nothing more than a length of chiffon carelessly bundling her. The slit in her petticoat was now visible to him. Without untying that cord, the petticoat slit gave him the access he needed. His hand slipped in and he caressed her lower belly. And he could feel her panties and tried to reach lower to feel her pussy lips. She parted her legs and raised her hips a bit wanting to feel his fingers plunge in.

Her panties were in the way but he forced his fingers past the side. He played with her pussy lips and his lips moved down to her chest. He kissed and bit her chest, his desire to mouth those breasts growing but completely restrained by her blouse which was still on.

She stood up in front of him allowing the chiffon to completely come undone and slide to the floor. He buried his face in her breasts and her tummy, roaming all over her torso. She clutched at his back and her head hunched over his head. Her knees started to bend as she wanted to let his hands travel up between her legs. His fingers grabbed the petticoat and drew it up bunching it up in his fingers till his hand could go under. He found the top of her panties and pulled it down. She helped him by pulling down the other side of her panties. He was concentrating on getting it all down, but she could not wait that long. Now that the panties were around her knees he could easily fuck her with his fingers. She grabbed his hand and Bostancı Escort guided him to her pussy, and then quickly slid her hands over his back and pulled him to her.

His fingers entered her and he nosed her breast. She now turned her attention to feeding him her breasts. He moved his other hand to her hip while fluidly fucking her cunt with his fingers. She snapped open the buttons of her blouse. Immediately his mouth was back, now attacking through the lacy bra. She pushed his head away, gasping at the sensations rippling through her cunt because of his fingers. She undid her bra clasp and then let go. Gently. The cups hanging as unrestrained covers to her orbs. Her eyes locked on his. Inviting him.

His hand came up from below and he pushed aside the cups revealing those soft lovely breasts. I can see in my mind how those pink-brown nipples would have looked. His hands were soaked in her juices and when he held them, the breasts were smeared with her juices.

His lips closed on the breast. Sucking in and out. She gasped loudly. She caught his hand and sent it back to its work on her pussy. Her hips bucked as she fucked his fingers and she thrust her breasts into his face wanting him to treat her nipples the way Shyam did. When Shyam sucked her, she felt the tingle directly in her pussy. Why couldn’t it be that way now? She ached for those sensations. This was crazy, to be turned on by a man who did not know how to take her places. It was crazy too, that the man, who had awoken these cravings in her, was not there to satiate her at will. It was different when she had known nothing of all this. It was different when she never felt her pussy and clit explode. But now that she had tasted that……

While she was thinking thus, she felt his hands on her shoulder. He was pulling her down. She looked down. He has his shorts open. His cock, slender but hard was jerking and bobbing. She knew instinctively what he was looking for. She kneeled there, on the floor of the bathroom dressing area, and licked the cock from base to tip with a long loving slurp. It jumped and Karan moaned and put his hand to her head. He forced her head down on his cock and fucked her face. She held the cock and stroked his balls as her head bobbed up and down. It was easy, this, compared to the way she had to stretch her lips to take Shyam in.

He started to jerk and shake and she knew that he was likely to cum. Karan was no Shyam. Shyam she could suck on for long and know he wouldn’t cum. The conservative woman in her was not willing yet to think of taking a man’s cum in her mouth. The only one who could teach her in that fashion to take and give pleasure was Shyam. And Shyam she had never been able to make cum expect when he was behind and she was in control of the fucking. God, Shyam was always so completely in control of their lovemaking and of Sunita’s pleasure. It was easy to let him have control, knowing she would be transported to worlds beyond.

She gripped the cock hard and stopped moving her head. The grip made the cumming recede. Karan groaned and threw his head back against the wall. She licked his thighs. His tummy. His chest. She chewed on his nipples. She smeared whatever of his juices she had on her lips on his body. She moved up further and kissed his lips, letting him taste some of his own salty fluids. And then she moved Kadıköy Escort higher and kneeled astride him. Her knees on the marble slab on either side. She bent lower to see if her cunt to envelop the cock. But neither was cock and cunt near each other, nor was their space to spread herself wider and lower herself.

She groaned in frustration. He held her hips to guide her down to the floor. She lay back. He pulled off her panties now and kissed the inside of her thighs, his head inside her petticoat. He moved further up. She groaned in anticipation. Fuck, yes, she wanted that delicious release that Shyam had taught her so much about. Her mind was spinning. She wanted that but this was not Shyam. This was Karan. But these fingers felt so good! And his tongue, probably his tongue could do everything Shyam could. Then why hadn’t he done it all the years? Would he be able to take her there, the full distance?

She gasped in shock as his fingers plunged in deep into her. And then his lips. She squirmed. Should she let him, or shouldn’t she? What about those promises to Shyam? He had said that there were many things and places she and Karan did together. This one thing, this one very special thing, could she please leave to Shyam?

Her hips twisted and turned as Karan probed with his tongue and fingers. The pleasure was mounting. Soon she wouldn’t be able to stop herself. If any stopping had to be done, if had to be done now. Karan searched with his tongue in all the wrong places. It was pleasurable, yes. But her clit ached to be touched and she couldn’t get him to find it. She put her hands on his head to try and guide him. Just as she did so, he came up for breath. His face was smeared with her juices and he rubbed his face on her tummy, wiping himself.

The sense of crisis between her legs waned as he moved up her body. Kissing, nipping and nibbling as he came up. Now her pussy itself throbbed to feel the fullness of his cock. She opened her legs wide in preparation for his fucking. He entered her smoothly, never a problem given his slender dimensions. Her flesh closed around the cock and they began to fuck. As wordlessly and efficiently as they had for years. Her eyes were shut and she imagined how Shyam felt, his body heavier, his driving more insistent, and no doubt his was cock thicker. The thought of his sexy fucking, and his imaginative ways drove her excitement higher. She thought of Shyam and fucked back at Karan.

Karan moaned and sighed, his breathing becoming ragged. She lifted her legs and wrapped them around his hips. Her hands grabbed his ass. She pulled him in deeper. She fucked him. God she wanted the thrusting to continue. She wanted her pleasure to go places. That desire drove her to move her hips against his hips. She wanted more. She had got used to the fucking Shyam gave her: long hours of fucking. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast. Sometimes animal, sometimes gentle. Sometimes giving, sometimes taking.

But at all times very, very deeply satisfying. And the varying moods, pace, and demands allowed them to make love for simply hours. When there was a desperate hurry to fuck, it was followed by a nap and then Shyam would be hard again, ready to take her again. When there was time, there would be a range of moods. She sighed. Shyam.

His biting of her shoulder brought her back to the source Göztepe Escort of her current pleasure, Karan. He was jerking and thrusting spasmodically. It was clear that he was about to lose it. He couldn’t have possibly fucked her for any longer, which would have surprised Sunita. She dug her nails into him and smiled at him. His face was tense with the oncoming orgasm. He couldn’t smile back. He screwed his eyes shut. He felt his cum boiling up. God! He needed to pull out; he couldn’t cum inside her, which was their way of managing her pregnancy.

He pulled out. His cock jerked and throbbed as it spewed. She felt the warm thick cum land on her thighs, on her belly. She held him hard. Her hands snaked between them and she took the jerking flesh in her fist. She pumped him. He shuddered and gasped. His thrashing increased as she milked him with her fist. He collapsed on her. Exhausted. Her mind immediately went to how it was when Shyam lay down on her as he came. Shyam would be coated in sweat. And his sweat would coat her body. That gave her a sense of belonging she now longed for. As she imagined her Shyam, her hips thrust upward. Uselessly, for there was no engine of pleasure to now meet her need.

He got up and tossed her a towel to clean herself. She lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling. He staggered to find his pack of cigarettes to smoke. She looked at the pile of clothes that lay where they had undressed and fucked. Her fingers idly roamed her belly and found her still engorged clit. She stroked the clit with her fingers the way Shyam had so often. Her body shuddered. She closed her eyes and imagined Shyam between her legs. That was now not her hand, but his tongue. Her hips started to buck at the very thought. Her mouth opened and her lips parted as her fingers slid in deeper and deeper. She fucked herself, her fingers soaked with the juices of her just completed fuck with Karan. She smeared the juices on her thighs to dry out her finger and went back to fuck herself with a vengeance.

Her hips lifted and fell with a whump on the cold marble floor. The gentle thumping of her body on the marble floor was a testimony to the task left incomplete by Karan. Or was it she that would not let him complete the task? Karan stood at the door and watched his wife, her eyes closed, lost somewhere, her hips fucking, her fingers pleasuring her. He wondered….

Her thumb focused on the clit the way Shyam’s tongue tip focused on it. The other hand went to her breast the way Shyam’s hand would go to her breast even as he ate out her cunt. She sighed and her lips were pursed trying to contain the sounds now welling up in her throat. She pinched and mauled her breast as she felt the desperate need for pleasure. It hit her hard. Her hips thrust upward and held there. Her body screamed and she screamed with it, one hand stuffed into her mouth.

Her body was wracked with the orgasm. Intense and deep. It was the completion of what Karan had started. But clearly, he could only start it. Her body had been awoken, prepared and readied for this most intense of feelings. But Karan had moved on just the wrong moment. He couldn’t read her body the way Shyam did. The nerve endings that were tingling for release found the release. She spasmed, throbbed and exploded. Her juices flowed and pooled in her womb. Her brain screamed for him. Her body worshipped the lover even in his absence. And her lips mouthed the name wordlessly, “Shyam!”

Which was just as well, for Karan stood there watching his wife take what she would not let him give……….or which he could not figure out how to give.

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