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Big Tits

I hadn’t had a case in a week and the whiskey bottle was gettin’ low. The steady drumming of rain on my window had sprung a leak from the ceiling into my wastebasket, and was starting to convince me I should go home early when I saw her silhouette flash through the window on my office door against a sudden bolt of lightning. I sat up a little, adjusting my tie and off-kilter fedora as she turned the handle and timidly opened the door. I’ve seen my share of broads that could turn a head or two, but nothing prepared me for what walked through that door.

The brim of her light purple sunhat came in first, and she took it off and set it aside as she closed the door. It was clear she didn’t have an umbrella and her hat was as drenched as she was. I got a good look at her as she turned from the door and walked over to my desk, breathing heavily like she’d been running. She wore a violet colored sundress that matched the yellow ribbons on her hat, but with the rain it didn’t flow like a sundress should; it clung to her naked body like a thin coat of paint.

Her nipples stood up against the chill but her dress cut so low you could almost see them anyway and I didn’t have to frisk her to know she wasn’t smuggling a bra and panties under that dress. If she’d been dry the dress would have flowed free from her bust line almost down to her thighs, and I felt my pants tighten as my eyes ran up and down her generous curves that the dowsed dress did nothing to hide. Her skirt had ridden up in her hurry and I didn’t have to guess that she kept herself shaved where it counts.

She must’ve felt my eyes on her because she pulled the hem of her dress back down to her upper-thigh as she sat and crossed her legs. I asked if I could help her, leaning forward to hide the bulge in my boxer shorts. “I hope so,” she said hopelessly, fixing her hair and trying not to look so pitiful. She clasped her purple handbag in her fidgeting, lace-gloved hands; a nervous defensive posture I told myself. I tried to calm her down by telling her to start at the beginning. I was still a PI and I had a reputation to recover, no matter what this dame was doing to my adrenaline levels.

She calmed down a bit and started weaving her yarn. It was the same sad tale I’d heard a thousand times: a deadbeat brother who she’s devoted to, squanders the family savings and has now gone missing, and it’s all she can do to compose herself. I handed her my handkerchief and give her a sympathetic look; broads love that kind of stuff. She goes on and my eyes slide down to watch her breasts as they heave slower and slower and she starts breathing normally. They were like a fine wine, and I was already a raging alcoholic. She’s saying something about “every penny she had” when I shift in my chair to casually rearrange my dick into a less conspicuous position.

After five minutes or so, I stand up, still listening to her sob story, and walk around to sit in front of her on the edge of my desk. I act like it’s because I’m interested, but I couldn’t sit there another minute without getting a good look at her legs. They were still glistening from the rain and my eyes followed them from her ankles all the way up to her ass. She had on some kind of strappy high heel that tied with a ribbon in a bow at her ankle. She sure was some piece of work, and whether I could help her or not I was sure glad she came into my office.

As I went to sit back down I nodded a few times and assured her that her brother would turn up sooner or later without any help from me. She gave me the “Oh but you must,” line and started dabbing her eyes again. I knew it wasn’t worth me takin’ the case; she had all but told me she couldn’t pay me. I must have looked pretty disinterested, because she started in with her feminine charms.

“I’m sure I have a picture of him in here somewhere,” she said as she looked half-heartedly through her handbag. On the slimmest of pretexts she got up and dumped the contents of her purse out on her chair, then bent over til her face was an inch from the knick knacks she was piecing through. She wasn’t your average street floozy and she kept her legs pressed together as she swung her derriere from side to side; this was a bribe, not a peep show, and my eyes never left those perfect heart-shaped hips, legs, and ass for a second.

“Here it is,” she said and it felt like waking up from a dream as she stood up and I snapped out of it. I wiped the stupid grin off my face just as she turned around and bent over my desk to show me the picture she’d found. I tried to seem interested as she leaned on my desk with both arms and got chatty about the photo, but the way she was leaning made her nipples the last line of defense, clinging to the seam of her dress to keep her cleavage from spilling out in front of me.

She leaned in to point out some detail, and if it had been any other day her dress never would have stayed on. When she shifted her shoulder both straps slipped off and dangled at her elbows, peeling away to reveal her nipples. But her maltepe escort sundress was still dripping wet and clung to the her body and the undersides of her free-hanging breasts.

She was surprised and embarrassed; pulled back with a jolt and threw her arm across her tits while she frantically fixed her dress. I got up and walked around to her as she nervously spouted a string of excuses and dumped the contents back into her handbag. She froze when I put my hand on her shoulder, bein’ as gentle as I could. I told her that while I didn’t know if I could help her with the case, the least I could do was let her stay the night. I had a tiny apartment in the next room for witness protection, and after some coaxing she reluctantly followed me over.

It was the probably the barest dive she’d ever seen. There was a bed right in the middle of the room, with a tiny kitchenette in one corner and a long mirror running the length of the wall. Across from that was a shower and a drain, with no curtain or tub, and a toilet; there wasn’t even a bedside table. But the lights worked and there was a small window in one wall so she wouldn’t feel too confined, and she knew she didn’t have much of a choice. The building cleaners had been in since the last time it was used, so it was a lot cleaner than my office, though maybe a bit dusty. In the end she accepted and I said goodnight.

As I went back into my office I heard her bolt the door behind me and I smiled. I walked over to a little closet in the corner and ducked inside. Shifting a panel in the dark, I slid into a thin corridor between the rooms with a long two way mirror that looked into the tiny apartment. I could see her glance back at the bolted door, and cover the little window with its tattered drapes. She shivered and walked over to the shower, turning on the hot water. As I had hoped, she didn’t suspect a thing.

She sat on the bed facing the mirror and unlaced her high heels, slipping them off and letting them fall to the floor. Like I said, the room was tiny, and she was little more than a yard or two away. I could see her running her hands along her legs as she started to unwind from a long, hard day. She stood up and turned her back to me as she hooked her sundress straps with her thumbs and pulled them all the way down to the floor. I watched as the dress peeled off her body, and as she stepped out of it I unzipped my pants. I reached for some tissues I kept handy and started pumping my dick as I drank in her naked back, ass, and legs. It was the concert of the century, and I had the best seat in the house.

Even with her back to me this dame was turning me on. She stretched her arms above her head, then slid her hands along her curves as she moseyed on over to the shower. She tested the water with her hand, and the steam coming off of it told me it was as hot as it was going to get. I watched her step into the downpour, and my cock went rock hard as she turned to face me. She was running her hands through her hair and her full, naked body stood frozen in that instant as my eyes took in the scene.

Her tits shimmered as the hot water ran over them, posed perfectly with her hands in her hair, her arms above her head. Her hips danced a little as she washed away the cold rain, and I watched her soap up and run her hands over every inch of that glisteningly gorgeous physique. She wasn’t too thin, and her hips curved just the way a woman’s should. She had strong legs and the most beautiful shoulders you’ve ever seen. The room was so small that even though the shower was on the other side of the bed from me, she was no more than three or four yards away.

I could feel my balls ache as she turned around and washed down her ass and legs, moving her hands slowly over her smooth seductive skin. I started pumping faster when she licked two fingers and rubbed them in and around her pussy lips, a look of obvious pleasure pasted on her face. She looked straight at me but all she saw was a mirror, and she showed off a half dozen sexy poses to herself as I watched eagerly from the shadows. My dick was begging to cream as she went back to washing and rubbing down her tits. They were perfectly sized and bounced playfully as I looked on in a stupor. I tried to hold back and savor the moment, but when she started pinching her nipples and moaning it was too much for me; I shot my load so hard I could barely keep it in the tissue.

It only took me a few minutes to clean up, but when I was done I looked up to find she had finished her shower and was now laying in the bed with a towel wrapped around her torso. I had figured the show was over and was about leave when I heard her let out a soft moan. I looked up to see her flicking her clit and massaging her nipples. I sat back down in the chair and let myself get hard again as I watched this pretty little thing playing with herself.

Her towel fell carelessly open as she relaxed into her own caress. One hand danced lightly over her skin getting friendly with the pendik escort landscape, while her other hand reached into her handbag that was lying beside the bed and pulled out a dildo. This wasn’t one of those cheap plastic things, either, it was a real pricey sex toy. It looked like a real cock with streamlined head and veins down the shaft, about as thin as my thumb and only twice as long. If this is what she’s used to, she wouldn’t stand a chance against my cock.

She circled her nipple with her index finger on one hand, and moved the dick into position at her pussy with the other hand. I felt my pants starting to twitch again as I watched that dick rub up and down her slit and get coated in her pussy juices before getting the head ready for penetration. She was so small that she had to press long and hard before her slit would willingly engulf the invading member, despite how wet she was. Slowly she stretched over it and slowly it slid into her expectantly exposed nether regions. The way her whole body tensed up as it inched deeper into her and the sound of the long moaning gasp that escaped her lips when it disappeared inside her told me she hadn’t had a man in quite a while.

I could see she wanted to enjoy the moment and watched as she slowly built herself toward a climax. With steady, even strokes her controlled, rhythmic breathing became more and more labored until she arched her back, thrust the penis home, and tensed every muscle in her body in orgasm. A soft, sustained cry of ecstasy unconsciously escaped her lips and I started stroking my rock-hard dick through the fabric of my pants. She remained frozen in time, the look on her face one of gently concerned bliss, her arched back putting her tits on display and her legs locked in rapture.

After she had relaxed again she laid there for some time, putting aside the dildo and covering herself with the thinnest bed sheet I owned. I thought she had dozed off when she slowly sat up looking like she had an idea in that pretty little head of hers. The sheet came off and she stood in front of the mirror, still radiantly nude and fixing her hair no more than an arm’s length away.

She pulled that slip of a dress back on, wet though it was, and re-laced her shoes. When she fixed her hair one last time in the mirror, I took my cue and hurried back to my desk, sitting down just as her door opened and she entered the room. I asked if anything was the matter, trying to sound like I hadn’t just been spying on her for the past thirty-five minutes. Looking resolute she walked behind my desk and said, “I don’t think you understood me before. You see, I’m very desperate.” With a sultry gaze that all but burned a hole right through my head she slid her dress straps down both shoulders and peeled the fabric off her tits. She thrust her arms back and leaned forward, shimmying her shoulders a little so I could watch her jugs sway. Even though I’d spent the last half hour staring at them, they still made my dick jump and she saw it through my pants.

A blush spread across her cheeks, and she closed her eyes and leaned back across my desk, arching her back and propping one foot up on the wooden drawers. She licked two fingers on one hand and sent them off to play across her nipples. She licked two fingers on her other hand and started playing with her clit. I knew she was faking her moans because I’d heard her real ones, but I didn’t mind; real or not they were lighting a fire in my boxer shorts.

With one hand I cupped my shaft through its cloth prison and with the other I reached out and stroked her leg. A surge of warmth rushed through my body from throat to balls and she looked startled and sat up. I don’t know what she had been expecting, but her face flushed again and she gave me that sultry look and coyly shook her finger at me. Taking a step back, she winked at me and turned around. Keeping her legs together she bent over and untied one of her shoes, taking her time and letting me get an eyeful. She wasn’t as careful as last time and although she probably didn’t intend me to I got a good long look at her snatch. I licked my lips and took in the view.

She kicked off a shoe and put the other one up on my desk to untie it, showing off her legs as she did so. Once she was barefoot, she hopped back up on my desk and scooted closer to me. With one foot she pushed me back in my chair and with the other she started kneading at my crotch. She threw her head back, leaned back on her arms and thrust out her tits, but kept her knees together as she stroked my cock through my pants with both feet. This dame was pushing every one of my buttons, and if I hadn’t cum earlier I definitely would have shot my load right then and there. As it was, I just sat back and enjoyed; my head rolled back with a wide grin across my face and I lost all track of time.

It probably only lasted for a minute or two, but the next thing I knew she was getting up off my desk with a look in her eyes like she hadn’t thought this far ahead kaynarca escort and had expected me to be cleaning out my boxer shorts right about now. I gave her a look that showed how much I was into her and she was quick on the uptake. She straddled my chair and sat her tight little pussy right down on the bulge in my pants, pushing me back in my chair and unbuttoning my shirt. Her breasts squeezed and swayed like a goddess in Elysium as she pulled my shirt open and ran her fingers over my chest.

I made a mental note to thank God for chairs without armrests as I pulled her to me and wasted no time burying my face in her bosom. I finally got to stroke that gorgeous pair as I felt her hands running down my back and her hips grinding into my rock hard cock. I was in heaven kissing, licking, sucking every inch of her breasts while she ran her hands along my belt and unbuckled it. My tongue was flicking her nipples when she unbuttoned my pants and reached into my boxer shorts. Her hand froze and her eyes got wide. She clearly hadn’t accounted for this and pulled back and stood up, unsure of what to do.

My grin widened. I stood up, too, and dropped my pants. Now, sure, I’m little bigger than average, but having seen what she was used to it must have been a monster to her. Her whole face turned beet red and she leaned back against my desk to get a better view. I sat down on the edge of my seat to oblige her pretty eyes and ran my hands over my cock and balls while she took in the sight. Slowly she leaned forward and kneeled down, putting her face an inch away from my cock and her hands came up from her sides to touch it. She leaned in and gave it a kiss right on the head.

Her hands started exploring the shaft, head, and balls. I sat back in ecstasy as her soft, untrained hands drove me wild. She slid her fingers along my shaft and fingered my head like she was etching the scene on her brain. The tips of her fingernails kissed my balls in soft strokes and she licked her lips. Leaning her head forward she drew my cock to her mouth and pressed her lips against my swollen head in a long kiss, then let them part to take the head into her mouth. She licked the soft underside of my dick and let it swell as she held it in her mouth, and I reached out a hand to finger her jaw and lips around my member. Pulling her head away skittishly and thrusting her chest forward she wrapped my rod in her tits and threw her head back as she began to massage my manhood with her hands and bosom flesh.

I watched her breasts bounce as she bobbed up and down on my cock with her hands caressing my endowment as well as her own. My hands fondled her shoulders, collarbone and neck, coming down dangerously close to her breasts but always backing away before she could object. Eventually she stood, taking my hands in hers and returning them to me with a seductive smile. Backing up a pace she put her arms above her head and twirled for me a time or two, stopping to bend over and flaunt her gorgeous ass in my face. My hands seemed to move on their own to grab her ass and before I knew it my thumbs were running along her slit.

She seemed surprised and aroused, and backed away again after a moment, teasing me with her body. I told her she was going to have to give me more than that if she was serious about this case, and she seemed to take my meaning well. She hopped up on my desk with her hands on the edge and dangled her legs, watching me with a soft smile as I untied my shoes and removed everything below the waist. All I had left was my fedora and unbuttoned shirt, while my hard dick and hard ass were exposed to the damp, dark, night air in my office.

Reaching forward I ran one hand along her legs to her ankles and put the other hand on her shoulder, coaxing her to lay back while I lifted her legs up. She held onto my desk for dear life as I held her legs straight up in the air and positioned my cock’s head at the entrance to her tiny bit of heaven. She closed her eyes with a concerned expression in anticipation of being stretched by my shaft, but I told her not to worry about it and to enjoy everything I was going to do to her.

She relaxed and cupped her breasts as I ran my hands along the sexiest thighs I’d ever seen. My cock was ravenous for her pussy and I couldn’t keep them apart any longer. Holding her legs to my chest, her beautiful sensuous legs, I positioned my cock’s head at the entrance to her tiny bit of heaven and opened her pathway with my free hand. She was so tight that the head of my cock couldn’t quite bury itself in the flesh of her pussy, and I started slowly swaying side to side to stretch her out. She let out a gasp when my head pushed through the veil of her womanhood and I started gently thrusting in and out to get her sex juices to coat the tip of my throbbing member.

Inch by euphoric inch my rod sank into her warm inner sanctum, soaking me as slid and stretched her to louder and longer gasps and moans. This time I knew they were real and once or twice I thought she might try to stop me, but the feeling etched across her face was so intense I knew she neither could nor wanted to. Finally, my cock bottomed out inside her and she let out a soft cry. I spread her legs and grabbed her thighs to steady her as I rotated my hips and explored her most intimate parts.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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