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Summertime Fun

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Big Tits

I look up at you kneeling besides me with a bottle of suntan lotion in your hand and an inquisitive smile on your face. I laugh and nod my head, turning over on my stomach, and pulling my hair off my back. You rub some lotion between your hands, not wanting it to be too cold on my warm skin, and begin to rub it onto my back. I glace around while enjoying the rub and notice that there are not too many people on the beach today. I smile to myself as you untie the back of my bikini top and your hands glide along my back, down to where my bikini shorts sit low on my hips. Your fingers slide along the inside of the elastic and I jump a little at the sensation. You lean down and whisper “I just want to make sure I get every last inch….don’t want any part of you burning.” I grin to myself.

Your hands then travel to my legs and gently run along the length. I relax totally and let you work on my body, my mind reeling with thoughts. I feel your hands slowly sliding up both my legs and instead of stopping at my shorts they continue under the material to caress my ass. I close my eyes as a soft moan escapes from my lips.

You pat my ass a few times to signal that you are done and I turn onto my back again. I smile up at you as I adjust my loose top, just enough to cover but not totally conceal. You gaze down at my body and a grin creeps across your mouth. Looking at me, while pouring more lotion into your hand, you wink and begin with my legs. Starting at the foot of one of my legs you slowly rub the lotion in, over my shin and onto my thigh, but this time you stop before you touch my shorts. I let out a giggle, “Okay, didn’t expect that.” You just flash me another smile and begin to work on my other leg the same way. Once both legs are done you move up to my stomach and instead of rubbing lotion between your hands you pour it right onto my skin. I gasp as the cool lotion touches my warm skin and as I go to give you a smack on the arm you dodge out of my way.

I lie back down and watch you as you start to rub it over my front. You hands feeling amazing on my flesh, your thumbs gaziantep escort bayan caressing as you go. While you are rubbing my shoulders you lean down and place a light kiss on my lips. I close my eyes, trusting you completely. Your hands come back down to my stomach and gently glide along my sides, your thumbs making their way under my top to tease my nipples, I moan again. You continue sliding your hands along my sides, coming up to cup my breasts and caress my nipples again and again. You can tell I am enjoying it by the look on my face, and the moans escaping from my lips. You take it one step further and take each nipple between your thumb and finger and pinch, my eyes fly open and before I can scream your mouth covers mine in a kiss. My hands come up and cup your face; our kiss deepens as you roll my nipples between your fingers. You stop after one last pinch and pull back from the kiss.

“I think I may have missed a spot down here somewhere.” You grin and make your way back down my body, rubbing a small amount of lotion in your hands you place them on the top of my thighs, fingers spread. “Right about here.” Your fingers make their way under my shorts and lightly caress the tops of my thighs, I shift myself a little, wanting to watch you work, and trying to get your fingers to move slightly. You take the hint and your hands move up a little more, your thumbs run along my smooth lips, I can’t help myself and I let out a loud moan, you glace around quickly to see if anyone heard, they must not of cuz you keep going. Your fingers begin to caress my lips, sliding along the slit, teasing me. I shift again, desperately trying to get you to slide a finger inside, but you just chuckle and continue teasing me. This goes on for a few more moments your fingers caressing, my eyes closed, soft moans coming from my parted lips, until you lean in and whisper “I think your good and ready, mind doing me?” My eyes open and I gaze up at you, a wicked smile comes to my face “Of course hun, I would love to.”

I move over on the blanket to make room for you to lie down and I motion for you to lie on your stomach. I quickly tie my top behind my back again and as you settle I grab the lotion. I lean down and ask if you are ready, you nod signaling me to begin. I move again, this time to straddle your hips, I make myself comfortable by wiggling around a little, just till I hear you sigh and I giggle to myself. Rubbing lotion in my hands I begin to rub it on your back, giving you a gentle massage as I go. After a few moments I lean down, my breasts pressed against your back and I kiss the back of your neck before whispering in your ear. “Do you have any idea how wet you got me? How much I want you right now? Right here on the beach….”

I sit back up and continue to rub your back, over your shoulders, down your sides, and just under the waist of your shorts, “After all, we don’t want you to burn.” My thumb lightly caresses the V where your ass meets your back, slowly stroking it, over and over again. I hear something muffled coming from you and I smile and stop teasing. I turn around and straddle you again, facing your feet. I rub lotion on your legs, down the back of your thighs, onto your calves, as I slide down to reach your whole leg I shift my hips causing my pelvis to grind into your ass. I do this over and over for each leg, grinding harder each time. I finally stop and I hear you sigh. I sit there for a moment more before telling you to turn over. I don’t move; just lift myself up a little to give you some room.

Once I have you on your back I sit back down and do my ‘get comfy wiggle’ causing you to groan, I can feel how hard you have gotten and I sit for a few moments enjoying the feel of you between my legs. Your hands come up to rest on my hips and I look over my shoulder at you and smile. I do the same thing to the front of your legs as I did to the back. Only this time your moans are louder. I feel your hands move slightly and your fingers make their way up the back of my shorts again, you squeeze each time I lean down to rub lotion on your shins. I spend more time then I need to on your legs, enjoying the mini rub you’re giving my ass too much. It’s my turn to sigh as I remove your hands from my ass so I can turn around.

I quickly turn around and settle myself again, but this time I don’t wiggle, I just lower myself slowly and close my eyes as your hard cock presses firmly against my wet lips, the only thing stopping you from sliding in is our suits. I sit still for a few seconds, as we each get our bearings. I lean down and place a kiss on your shoulder, on your neck, on your chin, and finally on your lips. Your arms come up and wrap around me holding me there, our kiss, intensifying as I begin to rock my hips, we both moan. I push myself up, breaking free of your arms, and I sit there, staring at you, breasts heaving. Neither of us speak, you just grab hold of my hips and lift me up slightly, I reach under me and pull the waistband of your shorts down slightly, just enough room to pull out your cock. Your fingers squeeze my hips and I pull my bottoms to one side. You don’t wait, you pull me back down and we both gasp as you slide deep inside me.

I close my eyes as I sit still, it’s enough having you in me, but I want more. I begin to slowly circle my hips, feeling you move inside me. You begin to slowly thrust, small thrusts, not wanting to draw too much attention to us. My hands rest on your chest, bracing myself, yours are still squeezing my hips. The circling and slight thrusting brining us both closer to climax quicker then I expected. You sit up and hold me tight; I wrap my arms around you. With a few harder thrusts from you I lay my head on your shoulder, and with my lips pressed against your neck I whisper that I am cumming. I don’t know if you heard me, but the clenching of my muscles around your cock sets you off and within seconds I feel you exploding deep inside me.

We sit there, arms wrapped tight, not moving, for what seems like forever. You pull back slightly to place a kiss on my forehead and I look up at you. We both glance around, realizing what we just did, and when we see no one paying any attention to us we both laugh. Quickly straightening ourselves out I jump up and dash for the water, looking back only once to see you chasing me with a grin on your face.

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