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Everything is this story is made up including all characters and events in this story.
If you are under 18 years old, or offended by sexual actions between an underaged boy and an adult man or if it”s illegal where you live, then close your screen right now.

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Summercamp Chapter 2 By time.bomb

We worked hard all day to put everything to place and to decorate the place a little bit, as it was going to be ours for the whole week. The children had been playing all day in their groups and my assistant and I didn”t really get to see them yet.

By the evening, all the boys were showered and ready for bed.
Too bad I couldn”t be there when they showered today, as the head leader I had always so many things to take care off.
Perhaps I”d try to arrange shower duty for myself later this week, I”d love to see the full naked version of all the boys, but especially Callum.

Anyway, Callum had to take his medication every evening right before going to bed, so I took his stuff and walked towards the bedrooms.
I figured I”d take a new band-aid with me since he”d just showered, and it probably became wet and fell off.
Walking down the hall, I could hear the boys still being way too active for them to be ready for bed. I didn”t like being the strict one but it sounded like there wasn”t even a group leader there.

I turned around the corner where the bedrooms were, and 5 boys stopped to look at me, everything went silent in a heartbeat.
Oh my, this was a view I enjoyed more than I could ever admit.
3 boys in briefs, 1 plain white, the second light blue, and the third was white with images from the movie Cars. The 2 other boys were wearing only their pyjama bottoms, obviously shorts since it was the middle of summer.
I look at them one by one, acting like I was just mad, but actually just observing the pure hotness of their smooth, flat torsos. Perving on their smooth legs, especially at the 3 boys wearing nothing but briefs. I tried to see if I could find a bulge. Two of them showed nothing, I guessed they still had very little to show down there, but the third one clearly showed a sign of excitement. I could”ve stood there all day, looking at all that boy beauty, but had to wake myself.
I”d been standing there, staring at them for about 10 to 15 seconds now, what do I do?

-“What was all this sound about?”
It was the only thing I could come up with that sounded logic.
-“We were just playing a game.”
-“Does that have to be so loud? Lights go out in 10 minutes, prepare for bed.”
At that moment I saw the group leader that was on duty coming out of the toilets. That explained why nobody was here.

I didn”t even know the names of these particular boys at that moment, but I knew I would never forget the sight of that.
Each of the boys walked up to their own rooms, and I followed one of them since apparently, he was in the same room as Callum.

I entered the room with six beds and as many boys, and there he was.
Also wearing nothing but pyjama bottom shorts, laying on his bed on top of his sheets, reading a comic book. Such a boyish view.
He laid up on his cushion a little, giving me a konyaaltı üniversiteli escort perfect view to something that may have looked like the beginning of a six-pack. Fuck, this boy really was hot!
-“How is you knee, sport?”
He looked up from his comic book, saw it was me and immediately closed it and smiled.
-“It”s fine, it doesn”t really hurt.”
-“I see your band-aid fell off, lucky for you I brought a new one, let me look at the wound to see if you need it.”
I sat down on the edge of his bed and took his leg in my hand again.
I got excited from touching him again, I hoped he wouldn”t notice something growing between my own legs.

The wound was still open, the blood crust wasn”t covering up the whole wound yet.
-“Yeah, I”m going to have to put on a new band-aid, can”t risk getting this dirty inside the wound.”
I took the band-aid out of the bag I brought with me and patched him up in no-time.
I then laid my hand on his knee on top of the band-aid, with my fingers just a little above his knee towards his thigh and looked him in the eyes.
It was definitely getting tight inside my own boxers.
-“There you go, buddy. Now, you also need to take your medication. I brought it here with me.”
He looked at me, smiled and just nodded with a silent “Mhmm”.
I couldn”t get enough of this boy, how on earth did he get to be this beautiful?
Reluctantly I took my hand from his leg again to take his medication out of the bag.
I handed it over to him, and he took one pill out of the box while I took a small bottle of water and a plastic cup out of the bag.
I poured a little bit of water in the cup, and gave it to him, watching him very closely.
He swallowed his medication -how something trivial as swallowing could make him look like an angel, I”ll never know- and he handed the cup back to me. All while he was still shirtless and hot as hell of course.

-“There you go. So, you had fun today?”
-“Yeah, I made some new friends already!” he exclaimed, while pointing at the boy in the bed beside him.
He was a little smaller than Callum, short blond hair and also had a body that showed he did sports.
-“Hey buddy, and what”s your name?”
-“Sam, sir.”
-“Oh please, don”t you ever call me sir again, I sound so old when you call me that. The name is Austin. So, you”re all becoming friends, huh?”
-“Yes, it”s really fun here! We started building a hut today, and by the end of the week we can sleep inside.”
I knew that of course, since the theme of the week was construction and I arranged that.
One of the group leaders entered the room, signing me that it was time to turn off the light.
-“Yeah! That”s cool, isn”t it? Now you boys prepare for bed, the lights are about to go out.”

I walked back towards the leader”s room with a serious boner where I had to prepare the daily meeting.
We always arranged two group leaders keeping watch near the bedrooms, and with the others we would hold a meeting. Then after the meeting, 2 other group leaders would go towards the bedrooms to keep watch for another half hour and the 2 who missed the meeting would be briefed by the ones who followed it.
After the meeting, I suggested that since it was the first day, I would be the one to keep watch after the meeting so that everyone could prepare kurtköy escort their games for the next few days.
So, I walked down the hallway towards the bedrooms, which was already much quieter than earlier today when I went to bring Callum his medication.
Once I walked around the corner, the two group leaders who were on duty each sat right next to a bedroom door.
Since the doors were open, I whispered “Is everything quiet?”
-“Yeah, for about 30 minutes now we haven”t heard as much as a peep.”
I explained to them the same thing I said at the end of the meeting why I was keeping watch today, and then sent them to the leader”s room.

This was it, I had this arranged to be able to be here alone today, near all these sleeping gorgeous boy bodies.
I walked towards the room of Callum and entered the room as silently as possible. The moonlight dropped just enough light into the room to see they were all fast asleep.
I walked up towards Callum”s bed, not even knowing what I was going to do. I just wanted to watch him.
He was laying there so peacefully. Still laying on top of his sheets, on his back with one arm laying out of bed, one legs stretched, and the other curled up.
Fuck, he was so hot, I got all hard again as I watched him there.
I had a hard time containing myself and repositioned my male part inside my pants after it had grown far more than it should have.
In the excitement of the moment, I kneeled down beside Callum”s bed, to watch him closely.
Damn, I”ve never actually done this, but with Callum I couldn”t contain myself.
I moved my left hand towards his shorts and laid it softly upon his crotch.
I watched his face while I was doing this, because what if he woke up?
I couldn”t believe I was actually doing this; the tension was running through my body like I could explode every second now, but I didn”t want to stop.

I could feel through his pyjama bottom shorts that he wasn”t packing a very big boy toy yet, but I wanted to know more.
His shorts were very loose, which gave me the chance to enter from the bottom side. Still looking at his face, which didn”t move at all, I climbed up his shorts very slowly with my left hand, and down my own jogging pants with my right hand.
He was still sleeping like a baby, I really hoped he wouldn”t wake up, but I wanted to feel his boy parts so badly so kept going up with my left hand very, very slowly until suddenly… There it was!
I felt a little flaccid penis laying under his loose shorts, and a big hard one in my other hand. I started stroking both.
His was so smooth, so perfect, it wasn”t small for a boy his age, but obviously it wasn”t huge either. I couldn”t feel any sign of pubic hair, which only turned on the perv inside me even more. Just like I”d imagined him.

My own dick obviously was rock hard and leaking lots of precum already from the tension when I was giving him a new band-aid right before the meeting, and now this!
I forgot all about the 5 other boys in this room, all I could think about was the fact that I finally held a boy penis in my hand, something I had fantasized about for so long and for countless times.

I wanted to stroke his penis so hard and fast, but didn”t want him to wake up, so at first, I just sort of caressed it more.
ankara kurtuluş escort After a few seconds, I tried to take his little penis in between my index finger and my thumb, and slowly move his foreskin up and down.
In my other hand, I took the same pace, although I would”ve loved to go much faster.
His face still didn”t show any sign of being awake, but after a few seconds I fell the little penis in my left hand starting to grow and thought “Oh my God, was he really getting hard?”
“Does a penis do that while its owner is asleep?”

This only kept getting better. I continued to go really slow with both hands, but since I”d never experienced this before I knew I didn”t have much time before I”d cum.
His face remained unchanged; his rock-hard little cock was more awake than it probably had ever been before. I still couldn”t see it under his shorts, but I estimated it to be around 7 or 8 centimetres. It was as hard as only a preteen little cock could ever get.
I quickly sensed my own balls would soon burst out their fluids. I wanted to do so much more with this gorgeous little guy, but I still didn”t want to wake him up.
As I was coming close, I started going a little faster with my right hand.
My left hand automatically followed the pace, increasing the risk of him waking up.
I was in a rush so hard that eventually I didn”t even care if he”d wake up, all I could concentrate on was the feeling of getting ready to cum, and the feeling of his little cock in my left hand.
At that point, I couldn”t hold it anymore. A shot of sperm came out of my rock-hard dick, like it had never shot before.
I felt like I could shoot a hole in the ceiling.
In an attempt to stay silent, I squealed very silently, and could only think of how hot this moment was.
Another few shots spurted out of my rock hard shaft, and I totally lost it at that point.
I took my hand back out of his shorts, being as careful as humanly possible on a moment like that and fell on my buttocks next to his bed.

I panted, again as silent as possible with my head laying on his mattress.
I sat there for about 5 seconds until I came to my senses again. I looked at him, he was still sound asleep, his shorts still rocking an eleven-year-old boner. I looked at the other boys, they were all still asleep.
How was this possible? None of the boys woke up during all of what had just happened. Even not Callum himself. Kids really do sleep sound apparently.

I took my phone out of the pocket of my pants and turned on the flashlight. I needed to know where my sperm landed.
I held my fingers in front of the flashlight so it wouldn”t be too bright and shone all over the floor. Most of it seemed to have landed there. Good, I could easily clean that.
Then I shone the light on the bed.
Fuck, some of my sperm landed on there, and even on his legs.
What do I do?

I ran as silently as I could into the bathroom, where I knew I could also find mops. They didn”t have buckets there, so I just made a mop a little wet and took it back to Callum”s room.
I ran back to his room and my whole body shivered as I saw an empty bed where Callum had been laying just a minute ago.
The countless thoughts that crossed my mind were unbearable. Where is he? Did he wake up? Did he experience everything while awake and pretended to be asleep? I sure as hell hoped he didn”t go telling on me to the other leaders. Standing in the door, looking at the empty bed I was pretty sure my adventure was over already. Fuck! I took too many risks!
I walked into the room and looked around. That”s when I saw him standing there in the corner; Callum was jacking off his little boner behind the closet at the little sink in the room.

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