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Summer School Pt. 05

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Big Tits

I woke with that ‘where am I moment?’

Something had shifted in me. I had felt it the night before, but now – well now I knew.

I got up quietly. Chloe was still sleeping. I made a cup of coffee for us both and brought them back to bed.

“Hi, sleepy!”

“Oh, hi Pixie, thanks. Thanks for last night.”

“You’re welcome – no regrets?”

“None, but what the fuck are you doing with Tanya? Are you actually lovers?”

Seeing that she was spent, I tried to explain. I was not sure that I even convinced myself anymore.

“So you are trying to protect Lara?”


“But what about this chav stuff – and the dressing up?”

Unlike Tanya, yes, I thought, so utterly unlike Tanya, Chloe took an interest and wanted to understand. If only I understood, I thought.

“My thoughts are still all over the place, but it starts to feel like what I imagine an exorcism feels like for the ghost!”

“That’s dramatic,” she smiled, sitting up and distracting me with her bare breasts.

Her phone pinged. She picked it up.

“Ah!” That’s from Tanya, she and Lara will be here in an hour. We ought to shower and dress.”

Chloe looked refreshed when she came back from dressing.

“Okay little one, let me do your hair!”

I sat and she brushed and combed, running her hands through my thick hair, angling it just right. She whispered into my ear:

“Love your hair, and you look cute, but I ought to confess I have a girlfriend whom I love.”

I smiled.

“Well that,” I said, “does not surprise me. And last night?”

“Lobster,” she said.

I must have looked startled.

“Oh,” she giggled, “it’s our safe word, if my spanking is too hard or whatever.”

“I see,” I smiled, “well let me be no impediment to the match of true spirits,” I said.

“Last night had its effect I am thinking. Tell me more about the exorcism.”

But before I could say anything, we heard the door open.

“Hi there!”

It was Tanya – and Lara.

Both looked the worse for wear.

“Fuck!” Tanya said, looking at me, “is that you, Pixie? What did you do to her, Chloe? That looks cool.”

“Thanks,” Chloe said.

“Can I get you some coffee and stuff?” I asked.

Lara looked at me then at Tanya.

“You’re right, she’s cute!”

Tanya grinned.

“Okay Pix, if you can get us some tea and a fry up – I need something to soak the booze up – oh, and if you can get a wash on, Lara and I need to change!”

By the time they came back in their robes, Chloe and I had prepped breakfast, and I was able to put a wash on.

“Was she a good girl, Chloe?”

“The best,” Chloe grinned.

Over breakfast, Tanya told Lara to tell us what had happened the night before.

“Madam Elaine, who Chloe knows, had some of her friends over and Mia, who Chloe also knows, me and a couple of other pets had to service them all.”

Although Lara was blushing, it was impossible to miss the satisfaction in her voice.

“Yes, Lara did me proud, didn’t you, you fucking slut?”

“Yes Miss, thank you.”

“Then, when Miss Tanya and Mistress Elaine and their friends had all cum, Mia and I made out with the other subs until we had all cum, and then we picked lots as to who we went with for the night, I got Mistress Elaine.”

“Show them what she did, slut?”

Lara stood, turned, opened the robe, and bent over – her arse was striped red.

“She caned me to make me a good girl.”

“Did you cum for her?”

“Yes, Miss, she allowed me to.”

“That was more than I allowed Mia,” Tanya giggled. “Hope Pixie kept you happy Chloe?”

Chloe smiled.

“She did. I am glad you liked the hair – suits her I think.”

“Changes her,” Lara said. “Miss, could I have my hair done?”

Tanya smiled.

“Well, if your ‘Saturday girl’ will actually do a Saturday, you can. In fact, if Pix will do a month as a Saturday girl, I’ll even pay for it.”

Lara looked at me, so did Chloe. I was trying to read what the latter wanted, then realised what I needed to do.

“Chloe, will you have me as your helper for the month?”

“I will.”

Tanya smirked.

“I can’t wait to see little Miss posh knickers working as your Saturday girl – bit of a come down, ‘Miss Pixie,’ isn’t it?”

I knew what Tanya was expecting.

“Actually, no. Chloe, are you going to tell her, or shall I?”

The look on Tanya’s face was one I’d have paid to see. That was the moment she realised that things were not all under her control.

“Tell me what? You’re here,” she told me, “because you want to be a chav bitch. All that crap about helping Lara is just that, crap. If you want to be a proper chav, you’ll join up with her and Madam Elaine, won’t she Chloe?”

I saw the smile play around Chloe’s lips. Had she understood what was only just becoming clear to me? Taking a deep breath, I turned and looked at Tanya.

“I’ll help Chloe because I enjoy it. I’ll help Chloe because she enjoys istanbul travesti it. I’ll help Chloe because it will help Lara. Did you notice any omission?”

Tanya looked suddenly flummoxed.

“And because of Madam Elaine?”

“Tanya, I was glad to spend the night with Chloe, partly because she is lovely, partly because I wanted to, and partly because unlike you she understands about being a domme.”

Lara looked as though she wanted to find a hole. climb into it and pull the earth in over her. Chloe was smiling. Tanya, on the other hand was getting angry.

“What do you mean?”

“What I mean is that you’re great at dishing it out, but you couldn’t actually take it? You’re all mouth and no knickers!”

For a moment I thought she was going to slap me.

“You said to me that I could not do this, come here and spend the weekend like this. Well you were wrong. But would I be wrong to say you could not do what I did, or what Lara did? You see it from one point of view – could you see it from the other side?”

Now she really was cross.

“What the fuck?”

“Forget it,” I said, my voice dripping with scorn, “stick to being a bully. It’s a shame, there’s more to you than that, but stick in your comfort zone.”

“Well,” Chloe intervened, “if you like, Tanya, I can fit you in for a cut this afternoon – with Pixie doing her stuff as Saturday girl. Lara, would you like to help?”

Lara nodded. She looked at Tanya.

“Love, show me, show them, you can do anything. I have faith in you.”

And where a challenge had caused her to stiffen, Lara’s obvious love had the opposite effect.

“Fuck it! I’m up for a challenge – and a new cut. And to see little Pixie bustling about with her new lover will be worth it.”

“Oh,” I said, “Chloe and I are not lovers, so don’t go there. We’ll see you at the salon about two,” I said.

“But…” Tanya began.

“We’re getting ready, see you then.”

And with that, we went.

Once back at Chloe’s she asked, again, about the exorcism.

“It’s hard. With Tay there was a road not taken moment, and I guess I have always wondered what might have happened. Now I have seen what might have happened, I have learned two or three other things.”

“Let’s grab a bite before work, and tell me more.”

Over lunch at the café opposite the Salon, I tried to explain.

The danger that I had sensed with Tay, I had seen realised with Tanya; it was not for me. Without some level of understanding and connection, it became objectification, and if some wanted that, fair enough; I knew for sure I did not.

“You’ve come to where I came recently,” Chloe said. “It’s not that seeing Edwina sub to Madame Elaine is not a turn on, it is, but it’s not for me. I never thought I was the sort to be in charge, but I enjoy it – when I can get on the wavelength like we did. So what about Tanya?”

“There really is more in her than she will admit. Lara sees it, but can’t tease it out. Can we?”

“We?” Chloe grinned.

“The other thing I think I have grasped, is that I like being treated according to my size rather than my age,” I added, “and that can help here. Tanya likes the downgrade from academic to Saturday girl – so do I. There’s something relaxing in it.”

“But you know…”

“Lobster,” I giggled, “sure, but that’s my point, I can enjoy it for its own sake. But if Lara is helping me, I have an idea.”

“Shoot,” Chloe said. After I had expounded my idea, she laughed.

“You have a very filthy imagination. You’ll make a great girlfriend for the right woman. Has it ever occurred to you that you may not be altogether submissive?”

“No,” I said, honestly. “In fact I have been online with a ‘Mistress’ called Kate, and we have been playing there. I have a conference up north at the end of the month, and she and I are finally going to meet.”

“Oh,” Chloe grinned, “well all I will say is I hope it works, but watch out. I don’t think I am wrong Pixie.”

When Tanya and Lara turned up, Edwina smiled.

“Pixie, will you take the ladies to the back, I think Chloe needs the barber’s sink for this one. Have you got the cape and towels ready.”

“Yes, Aunty,” I replied chirpily.

Tanya grinned.

“Such a good girl, Edwina.”

“Oh she is, and she’s going to be here for the next four Saturdays, so she will learn a thing or two.”

I guided Tanya and Lara to the back room and shut the door, locking it quietly.

I opened the small cupboard that housed all of the capes and towels, and took out a long black nylon cape. Chloe smiled:

Good girl. Now, Tanya, sit there!”

We watched as Tanya sat down. She was so tense as she sat chair. In a typical Tanya gesture, she opened her legs, exposing a vast amount of thigh.

“Pix, will you get Lara to help?”

I gave Lara the large cape and helped her put it over her lover. Chloe then tied it tightly against her nape, smoothing the material down over istanbul travestileri her shoulders, chest and back.

Watching in the mirror, I could see Tanya tensing.

“Would you like a style like Pixie’s?” Chloe asked, brushing out Tanya’s long hair.

“Suppose so, you’re the pro,” she giggled, “give me what you think will suit.”

“In which case,” Chloe grinned, “you’re agreeing to put yourself in my hands – understood?”

“Sure, whatever,” Tanya said, off-headedly.

“Watch,” Chloe said to me and Lara, as she pulled Tanya’s hair back into a ponytail, before brushing through the thick rope of hair in her palm.

“Lara,” I said, can you hand Miss Chloe those large scissors?”

Grinning at me, Lara did just that.

Chloe very ostentatiously held them up – making snipping motions.

“Let’s deal with Miss Samson’s hair,” she grinned as she started to shear through the

thick rope of hair, next to her nape. They crunched into Tanya’s hair, slicing through until finally the ponytail came away In Chloe’s hand.

Lara and I could both see the look on Chloe’s face. I could seem that she was pressing herself against the back of the chair. I could imagine how she was feeling,

She held up the ponytail for Mia to see how much length she had just lost.

“Sheared,” she grinned. “Lara, will you pin that to the side of the mirror. Pixie, if you could be a good girl and get Tanya, Lara and I a coffee, and get one for yourself.”

“Of course Miss,” I said, unlocking the door and going to the kitchen.

“How’s it going love?” Edwina was smiling.

“According to plan, I think. Can I have a tray?”

“Sure, down there little one.” she said, patting my ass as I bent to get it.

I made my way back with coffee and biscuits, to find that Tanya’s head was in the barber’s sink in front of her, Chloe’s firm hand pushing her down and using the spray to wash her hair, leaving it to hang forward as she soaked it. Chloe shut off the water and leant over the sink. Again, she pressed against Tanya. Was that a moan we heard, I wondered – looking at Lara?

Smiling at us, Chloe pumped her hand full of shampoo and rubbed them together, before smearing the thick cream through what was left of Tanya’s wet hair. She plunged her hands into her hair and started to massage it into a thick and creamy lather which covered her whole scalp.

Lara looked entranced.

“OMG,” she whispered, “I had no idea. It’s like she’s playing Tanya’s hair!”

“Like,” I whispered back, “she is. Didn’t you hear that sigh?”

“You two girls,” Chloe said, “get the towels ready and bring the coffee.”

Chloe’s voice sounded as though she was out of breath. As she scrubbed Tanya’s scalp, it was a bit laboured, and she found herself leaning harder, further against her, looming over her back, pressing herself and moving in time with her own fingers, before she rinsed Tanya’s hair. Then taking a towel from Lara, she wrapped Tanya’s head in it and sat her back in the chair. Tanya looked flushed.

“Coffee and biscuit?” Chloe grinned.

“What? Oh, yeah, yeah.”

“Lara, I am sure her legs are still as open as they were when she sat down, can you examine her under the cape and let us know how wet she is?”

It was a sign of where Tanya’s head was that she did not question what Chloe had said. A smiling Lara got between her legs and went under the cape. A moment later Tanya began to moan.

“If she is very wet, Lara, take her panties off and give them to Pixie.”

It was with some pleasure we watched Tanya raise her bum. A moment later a red-faced Lara reappeared, grinning, with Tanya’s red thong, which she handed to me.

“Well, Pixie?”

“The slut is soaking wet, Miss Chloe.”

Lara looked at us, smiling. Now was the time to implement the plan, not least as Tanya was gasping and clearly still wondering what to do – not that, with her hair wet in a towel, there was too much she could do.

“Lara,” I said, “we’d like you to put this in Tanya’s wet pussy.”

I handed her a dildo-shaped vibrator.

“The handset here controls it, so, once you have put it in, try it out!”

Before Tanya could move, Lara had darted under the cape and pushed it into her Mistress’ pussy.

Tanya moaned.

“Fuck, this is not fair.”

“Press three,” I said.

Even as Lara did it, the vibrations shot through an already aroused Tanya, who moaned.

“Fuckers, you, Fuckkkkk!”

“Stop!” I said.

Lara grinned. Tanya did not know whether to be furious or demand more.

“Right, switch it off for now!” Chloe then asked me to remove the towel, and began to comb Tanya’s hair. When I say comb, that hardly begins to describe the way in which she gripped it firmly.

Even though she had cut off quite a length, there was enough left for Chloe to work with. It was fascinating to watch as she disappeared into her own erotic haze; I could see Lara going with her.

The travesti istanbul wide tooth comb was replaced with a finer one, and she started to separate her hair into sections, front, sides, back, clipping all but the back sections out of the way. She then combed the back nice and straight. I could see from the look on Tanya’s face that she felt the pull.

I took the plastic box which Chloe had prepared, and handed her a pink roller every time she asked for one. She combed out each section of hair and rolled it up tightly, pinning it to her head, three neat columns through the back of her hair. She did the same to each section, pulling Tanya’s hair tightly and setting the rollers above and around her ears, until her head was a mass of rollers.

Chloe looked at Lara.

“Switch it on low.”

“Yes, Miss,” Lara said with a grin.

Tanya, who already seemed to be lost in a haze, moaned.

Chloe then combed her remaining loose hair forward, so it fell in front of her face, obscuring her vision, and she then slid her comb over and over, taking the roller I gave her and pulling her hair tight before pinning it to her head. She then wet it with a spray bottle, before winding the final roller in. Then, in an unmistakable gesture of dominance, she put just two fingers on top of her head and pushed, making her head move immediately, before then leaning her back, then making her head move side to side.

“See how easy it is to control her?” She grinned.

“Can I try, Miss?” Lara said.

“Of course.”

Lara imitated Chloe’s actions, which made Tanya moan.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, stop it, I need to cum!”

“Turn the switch off Pixie!”

I did.

Tanya groaned with frustration.

“Lara, check the state of her pussy!”

Chloe took the cape off and swivelled the chair round.

Tanya was sitting there, the vibe visible in her swollen pussy, she was sitting in her own goo.

“Soaking, Miss Chloe.”

“Right, get that top off and let’s see those tits!”

Tanya offered no resistance.

“Right, take these two pegs and clamp her nipples, they look hard enough!”

Tanya squealed as Lara did as Chloe told her.

“How much do you need to cum, Tanya?”

“Oh fuck, so, so, so much!”

“What do you say?”

“I wanna cum?”

“No, now you will wait longer.”

I could see lust and anger struggling in Tanya’s expressions, but given the state she was in, it was pretty clear which was going to win.

“Please, Miss, can I cum?”

“Are you a slut, Tanya?”

As she asked the question, Chloe, who had taken the controls, ramped up the vibrations.

“Yes, yes Miss Chloe, I’m a fucking slut!”

“Good, not too hard, was it? On the floor, on your back, but keep that vibe in.”

Tanya did as she was told.

“Lara, panties off and ride her face, facing her pussy!”

I don’t think I ever saw anyone obey an order as swiftly as Lara did. She straddled Tanya’s face and ground her pussy into it, as Chloe upped the vibrations.

“Slap her clit, Lara!”

Lara did as she was told.

Chloe looked at me, and I smiled back. The plan was working.

Chloe managed the controls perfectly, edging Tanya until Lara came on her face. We waited until Lara had recovered some measure of control over herself, and then Chloe told her to stand.

Tanya’s face was a picture, coated with her sub’s juices.

“Remove the clamps!”

Lara did, making Tanya moan loudly.

“What do you say, slut?”

“Thank you, Miss,” said Tanya.

“Good girl.”

“Pixie, wash her face.”

I did so.

“Stand up!”

Tanya stood, her nipples still red from their confinement, her rollers still in. She looked sullen.

Chloe handed her a long smock.

“Put it on, it’s all you’re getting today.”

“What if I say fuck off, no?”

“Best of luck with your hair then!”

“What do you mean?”

“Put it this way, I know what to do to make your hair look drop dead gorgeous when I take the rollers out – do you?”


“Precisely. Up to you Tanya. Do as you are told and at close of play you will be made to look gorgeous, or do as you want, and you’ll look like a poodle!”

“That’s no choice!”

“Oh, but it is more of one than you give your subs. So what will it be?”

“I’ll do as you say – Miss!”

“Good girl, now put the smock on.”

Tanya put it on. It covered her ass cheeks, just.

“Right, girls,” Chloe said brightly, looking at Lara and myself, “we have a new Saturday girl. You, Tanya, are at their beck and call today. I suggest the first thing you do is get us all coffees from across the road. You can put those shoes on.”

I unlocked the door.

There was a palpable swivelling of heads as we came out.

Edwina giggled.

“Oh Tanya, what has she done to you?”

I could see her blush.

“Tanya is our new Saturday girl, Edwina. Give her your order and she’ll get coffees and teas.”

We watched as Tanya collected the orders and walked across the road to get them, trying desperately to make sure that the smock did not ride up.

“She’ll not have a spare hand on the way back,” Chloe grinned.

Nor did she, to her obvious embarrassment as a gust of wind caught her hem.

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