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Summer Job

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He glanced up for at least the fiftieth time as Jen, “not Jennifer,” bent to get more soapy water on the sponge she was using to wash the old, but still serviceable, family sedan. Falling for the farmer’s daughter, he thought. How cliché. He went back to working on the financial analysis of the farm’s books, unable to make sense of them. This was harder than the examples in Ag Econ.

He suspected that the show was for his benefit, at least he hoped so. She was spending a lot more time washing this side of the car, giving him a good view of her body; all that wasn’t covered by the very short blue jean cutoffs or the brief halter top. Long legs, toned stomach — not quite a six pack — and arms that obviously had some muscle without being bulky. All those years of horseback riding, basketball, and volleyball she’d told him about plainly visible.

Later that morning he was surprised when the family loaded into the car for the weekly trip into town for supplies and Jen wasn’t with them. Just the mom, dad, and two younger kids.

As the car disappeared from view, she emerged from the house and walked across to the barn, carrying a book. Looks like she’s headed to the hay loft. He’d learned that was a favorite reading spot for her, lying Şerifali Escort on an old blanket on the hay in front of the opening in the loft. She kept the blanket rolled up in a corner of the loft. When she got directly outside his window, she briefly glanced his way with the tiniest bit of a smile.

The blue jean shorts had been replaced by a miniskirt almost as short.

Since the farm office where he was working was in the corner of the barn, he could hear her get settled into her nest above him.

After another 30 minutes working on the books, his eyes were starting to cross. I need a break. Better walk around and get some blood flowing.

As he walked out of the office, it occurred to him that she might be bored with her book as well. Maybe she’d be open to talking for a bit. Or more. She seemed to like him and always paid attention to him when they were together.

As he moved into the main area of the barn, he listened carefully for any movement from the loft. Nothing. Not trying to be quiet, but not announcing himself either, he climbed the ladder to the loft. As his head came above the floor and he looked towards the loft door, he was greeted by the sight of those long, silky legs, slightly spread, ending Üsküdar Escort with the hem of the miniskirt. From this angle he expected to see some sign of panties. If they were there, they certainly weren’t a light color.

As he climbed higher, he could see that she’d laid her book down and seemed to be taking a nap. Eyes closed, but a faint smile on her face. If she’s asleep, she’s having a good dream. The floor of the loft squeaked as he cleared the ladder. Her only response was a slight “Hmm”, and a small shift of her body like she was finding a more comfortable position. The effect of the shift moved her skirt higher and spread her legs some more.

It was now plain that she didn’t have panties on and her pussy was on display. Was that a little bit of moisture seeping out?

He knelt between her legs and reached out a hand, caressing the inside of one thigh, ending with a finger testing that beautiful pussy for moisture. Yes, it’s wet alright.

His touch didn’t ‘wake’ her, but did cause her to spread those long legs even further apart, giving his finger better access to her clit. As he started rubbing her nub, her back arched, giving him even better access. Her breathing increased and started sounding more like Ümraniye Escort a moan than just breathing. But her eyes were still closed. And she was still faintly smiling.

His cock was now straining his jeans, wanting release. He quickly unbuttoned and freed it. He was as hard as he’d ever been. The view in front of him and the dangerous potential of the situation combined to make him feel very excited.

He slid his jeans and underwear down to his knees and reached over with one hand to support himself as he eased the end of his cock down to probe that wet slit. Her back arched even more when she felt his cock begin to spread her lips. As he started inside, it was all he could do to not just ram it home. But he wanted to experience this moment to the fullest. The heat, the tightness, the beauty.

Slowly but surely he kept moving in until his pelvis was completely against her. Another slight movement from her and he found he could go even deeper. Then he started a slow retreat, and another slow entry. He could not maintain the slow rhythm, but began to increase the tempo.

Her moans became more urgent as he began to pound her. But her eyes were still closed. The faint smile had turned into a look of intense desire.

As he finished with a groan, he could feel that tight pussy gripping and releasing around his cock. I think she came too. Hope so.

As he stood to leave, the faint smile was back in place. The eyes were still closed. She looked content.

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