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Summer Fun

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Big Tits

A gentle breeze was blowing; just enough to keep the flies away and it blew her hair over my face. Together we lay in my hammock swaying slowly back and forth. The sun was bright but in the shade on the balcony it was out of mind. The warm, mid August air made it comfortable just to lay, sway and let the afternoon drift away.

She weighted down on me we swung back and forth, breathing easily. Her body was soft and I rested my chin on the top of her head. This was the closest we had been, I kissed her goodbye on our first date and we had gone to the fair together but now we just lay. Her body so close and comfortable, I hugged her to me. She rolled in the hammock and kissed me right on the lips. I kissed back and we continued to kiss for some time still gently swinging.

She pulled back from the kiss and we stared at each other. I played with her hair and she smiled and rubbed her feet against mine. Our feet intermingled and when she got my foot down she laughed and then kissed me again. When the kiss ended she was lying on top of me and she rested her head facing my ear on the hammock.

We swayed back and forth in sync with our breathing. I reached up and rubbed her back pulling her more down on top of me. I loved the weight, her beautiful body pressing down on me. Each swing she pressed a little harder at the bottom of each pass.

The breeze had slowed and while we had swung, the sun had started to go down in the sky, the clouds tinged pink. A mosquito flew down and landed on her upper leg. I slapped it.

“mmh do that again.”

Realizing she must think I had spanked her I smiled to myself and slapped her again, then gripped her ass. She responded by moving against me sliding her body against my hardening cock. I spanked her again and she moaned and kissed me again, harder this time. Pushing my tongue into her mouth I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into the kiss and spanked her again. She sighed and started to slowly grind against me with her hips.

Pulling from the kiss she İstanbul Escort sat up legs straddling me and did a little dance. Her body was beautiful and her hips were sliding around on my cock. I started to reach up and she pulled my hands to her tits. Soft yet solid they were better than I imagined. I massaged them before sitting up to kiss them through her shirt. Pulling me into her, her tits squeezed up against my face, I spanked her again. She bucked and squeezed me with her legs.

Falling back we kissed again, our hands exploring each other. We pulled each others shirts off and she took a turn to bit my nipples and then slid her hand along my shorts feeling my cock.

“Its so big.”

Even though I knew she was probably just saying it, the compliment felt good, thou not as good as her hand. I fiddled with her bra as she laughed turning so I could see how to get the damn thing off and then succeeding pulled her back. Sinking my face in her mounds kissing everywhere I could reach. She gripped my hair and let me play with her but then rolled back on top of me and started to hump me more intensely. She wanted more and I gripped her ass, pulling her down so her panties, now exposed under her skirt, rubbed against my cock.

We both were enjoying the friction but I’m sure she would outlast me; I was so close already. Putting my legs down and pulling her to me I stood causing her to squeak in surprise. I opened the door with my feet and she giggled in my ear. Tossing her down on my bed I stared at her. She looked so vulnerable, biting her lip on the inside she look nervous hand hugging her breast. I continued to watch and she moved her hand to her stomach, seeing my eyes widen she must have taken the cue to continue.

Managing to remain so vulnerable her thin body lay there; nipples hard, almost naked I had restrain myself from jumping on her. But when her hand slid beneath her waistline and her moaned in pleasure it broke my resolve. Pulling her skirt off and tossing it aside I looked İstanbul Escort bayan back at her. She was gripping her panties, still biting her lip, almost defensively. I took her leg and brought it up to my face and kissed her toe, then the next, and then the next, kissing each toe I worked my way up her leg. Her hand only stayed still until about the knee and then she started to move, rubbing her pussy. When I got about three inches from her pussy I took her hand and pulled it away. Her panties, pink and tight fitting, were damp where her hand had been and her eyes burned with lust but she let me move her hand.

I returned to where I was standing and took up her other leg and started my way down kissing every inch of skin on her tanned legs. Her breathing increased almost trying to compensate for my slow kisses and I could see her rib cage when she inhaled. By the time I was getting to her panties she was near hyperventilating. Putting my finger to my lips I knelt down and grabbed the sides of her panties. She stopped breathing entirely and held her breath as I slid the panties down. Her pussy was completely naked, she must have just shaved it and when I bent down and kissed it she screamed out grabbing a pillow to muffle herself.

I stood back and stared at her naked body, so long I had waited for this and it was finally her. I pulled my pants down, unable to retain my calm pallor from before in my haste. I brought my cock out and lay it on her she shivered in anticipation and I slid it up and down. Then pressing on her, “are you ready?” Her eyes were closed but she managed a nod.

I pressed and my cock entered her, pressing her flesh up and around. There was something so erotic about the stretching flesh. Her warmth enveloped me and her tightness almost kept me from going further. I pushed in, not letting back at her moans of pain but not so fast as to hurt her. When I finally stopped most of the way in she grimaced.

“Its so big, I feel like your going to tear me in half. Be Escort İstanbul gentle its my first time.”

“Me too, you feel so good, are you ready?”

“Yes fuck me, I want you.”

I pulled back and pushed in much faster this time.

“uugh, gentle I said.”

Pulling out I pushed in slamming a little right at the end. She moaned. I couldn’t help myself – it felt too good. I wanted to be all the way inside her and I pushed in again as deep as I could go. She arched her back and her toes curled. Again I pushed in trying, if possible, to get even farther inside. She grabbed her tits and pulled on them.

“Yes play with your tits, play with your self, I want to see you go wild.”

I started to fuck her a little faster, if not as deep, and her tits started to rock with my motions. Our pace was gentle, but she kept getting hotter and hotter. She was gripping everything she could get her hands on and I tried to look away so I didn’t cum from excitement. But I couldn’t and had to force myself to hold back. I started to fuck her faster.

“Yes, yes, oh my god it so good. Yes push it in me, hha ahhh hha more I want more.”

Still faster I moved and her tits started to shake more violently, she gripped them.

“More, more spank me daddy. I’ve been so naughty.”

She was just trying to get me off now. I spanked her and fucked her harder. She moved her hand to her clit and started to play with it. I spanked her again.

“Harder, daddy harder mmh fill me with your big daddy cock.”

I spanked her over and over making her ass and thighs red from abuse. Her tits were shaking wildly and I drilled her for all I was worth. Her pussy was gripping my cock harder than ever and she was crying in pleasure.

“Aww I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum on my face, cum on my face! I want you all over me. Harder daddy I want you to cum all over me and make me cum from your daddy cum.”

Right when I thought I couldn’t take anymore I pulled out and let loose. Not on her face but entire body, her fingers were still playing with her clit and she came too. I tried to move and managed to get the last little after spurts on her face. She closed her eyes and let the cum trickle down her face. Whipping her face she looked back at me.

“That was fun how long until we can go again?”

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