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Study Buddies Ch. 02

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We hadn’t seen each other for over a month now. Even though we had been apart all that time I could never get her out of my head. Thoughts of her lips, her deep eyes, her silky hair haunted me day and night. And what’s worse is Valentine’s Day was fast approaching. I wanted to spend the entire day with her, holding her close to me, and bringing her to ecstasy for the entire day. But unfortunately I had to head out of town for several interviews with companies I had interest in working for in the near future.

After debating about what to do about Valentine’s Day, I finally figured something out. Coming up was a pretty tough test. We both needed to study some but really we could go without since it was an open book. After mulling over the idea in my head for several days I finally decided to act upon it. I invited her over to study, but the how much studying would we really get done?

The day finally came in which we were supposed to study for our test. The test was the next day and well I really didn’t want to study. I arranged several candles around my room lighting them as it approached the time in which she would arrive. On my desk sat a bottle of massage oil as well as some tasty treats for us to eat. The doorbell rang and my heart began to pound. I quickly threw on a nice shirt and walked towards the door. Opening it my heart skipped a few beats. There she stood wearing a red tank top and a black skirt that didn’t reach her knees. She wore these sexy high heels that revealed plenty of her smooth and sexy feet. Her hair was perfectly in place as it always was and her eyes drew me into their depths.

“Wow you look absolutely fantastic,” I exclaimed to her.

“You don’t look too bad yourself. So what all do you want to go over for the test tomorrow exactly?”

“Well about that. I figured we both should be fine considering it’s an open book test and all. So I kinda set up something a little bit nicer than studying.” She looked at me; her curiosity peaked by my words. A smile spread across her face as we walked to my room.

Once in my room she finally saw what I had in mind. The candles lit up around Göztepe Escort the room cast a wonderfully romantic glow. On the floor a soft blanket was spread, with a pillow lying at one end of it I’m sure she figured everything out. Then she finally saw the massage oil sitting on my desk. Again she smiled wide and then she turned to me, “Do you mean to seduce me? Because if you do I’m all for it, after all how could I forget the last time we were alone?”

Now it was my time to smile. I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me. I quickly kissed her while my hands rubbed her back lovingly. “I figured this could be our little Valentine’s Day since I’m going to be out of town for the actual day.”

Her smile warmed me as we held each other close. “Well I think it’s a fantastic idea. So what should we start with? A massage?” I nodded my head in agreement. She reached down to pull her shirt up over her head while I reached for the massage oil. After I grabbed it I turned the music on my computer on and then turned back towards her. She stood there her breasts free from their prison of cloth; she had slipped her skirt off as well, revealing the crotch less panties that she wore.

“So you knew,” I asked her smiling.

“Of course, because I want you more than anything and I believe that you want me more than anything too. I knew we would end up having sex I just didn’t know that this would be our little Valentine’s Day.”

I walked over to her and kissed her passionately. Our tongues danced within our mouths as the kiss consumed both of us. Neither wanted to break it as minutes passed by. Finally the kiss broke and we both were breathing heavily from both lack of air as well as desire over took us. She laid down on her back on the blanket placing her head on the pillow; she looked at me with anticipation. I kneeled next to her applying some oil to her breasts and then some to my hands. As I began to run the oil in a soft moan escaped her lips as my hands ran across her swollen nipples. After her breasts and stomach were properly massaged she rolled over onto her back. I began to gently massage her shoulders İstanbul Escort working my way down her back. Soon I was massaging her entire back, relaxing every muscle I could. She moaned again with pleasure as all stress washed away from her.

After about 20 minutes of massaging she finally moaned quietly, “Fuck me now please!” I smiled and turned her onto her back once again. I kissed her again this time kissing down her body. I spent a good amount of time sucking on her nipples as well as fondling them. She arched her back with pleasure as I moved further and further down her sexy body. I licked her belly button, tonguing it just like I would tongue her love canal. Again she moaned but louder this time. As I moved even closer to her wetness he body began to respond, her hands ran through my hair and she pushed her hips towards my face. I gently kissed her inner thighs making sure to tease but not touch her swollen lips. Soon she began to beg me to lick her, to make her body shake with ecstasy. But being the tease that I am I continued to move around her most sensitive areas. Finally she got fed up with me and pushed my face into her soaked we crotch. Her panties were wet from her juices as well as beads of moisture dripping down her body.

I began to lick her lips eagerly, relishing the taste. Her body once again responded pushing her pussy into my face. Soon my tongue was probing deep within her hole as my fingers circled her throbbing clit. After a few minutes I began to nibble on her clit as I slid two fingers deep within her. She was so wet that my fingers slid in and out of her effortlessly. Her moans filled the room as she began to play with her nipples. I could tell her body was ready to reach climax so I began to rub her g-spot furiously as I nibbled on her clit. Soon her body began to shake as the orgasm overtook her. She bucked her hips forcing her pussy onto my face. Her orgasm seemed to last for minutes; finally she fell back onto the blanket her body shaking still. Her breathing was heavy as I kissed my way back up to her mouth where we locked lips once again. “God that was amazing. But I Anadolu Yakası Escort do hope that isn’t the end of it,” she cooed into my ear.

I smiled and reached down to my hard cock. I positioned it in front of her soaking hole. We stared into one another’s eyes as I began to plunge myself deep within her damp canal. She titled her head back as I speared her with my cock. Once I was buried to the hilt we kissed again. Slowly I began to slide myself in and out of her. Again because of how we she was I slid effortlessly. Soon we were both breathing heavily, her moans filled my ears causing me to become even more aroused. I could feel myself coming close to my own orgasm.

I quickly pulled her on top of me as I lay there with my head on the pillow. She leaned down to kiss me as she began to rock on my hardness. As she leaned back to allow me to slide in and out of her I leaned up and took a nipple into my mouth. I gently nibbled on it as I rolled her other nipple between two fingers. Her moans filled the room once again as I slid deep within her and then out again.

Both of us were again reaching our orgasms when she rotated herself around so she was facing away from me while she rode me hard. She leaned forward and began to move her hips so I was again gliding in and out of her. The sight of my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy drove me over the edge. I let out a groan as I began to fill her with my warm juices. My cock pulsated within her causing her to go over the edge. I could see her body flexing once again as her orgasm ripped through it. Her pussy clenched onto my cock squeezing every last drop from it.

We both collapsed in a heap of sweating bodies. We lay there, my cock still buried deep within her, cuddling; holding each other close. Our juices seeped from her love canal leaving a sticky mess on the blanket. As I held her all I could think about was how happy I was.

As we both drifted off towards sleep a thought entered my mind. We don’t have to take the test tomorrow. I smiled as I began to dream about what the next day would be like.


This is chapter 2 of hopefully many chapters for these 2. Also this is a Valentine’s Day 2006 story submission. I hope you all enjoy it and please feel free to leave as many comments as you like. Also any feedback is greatly appreciated since it should help me write better stories in the future.

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