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Study Break Snack

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Ally pushed back her chair from her desk and stretched her arms behind her, pushing her plump breasts against the white of her tight blouse. She stood up after relaxing her arms and slamming her textbook shut.

Walking to the kitchen, she grimaced at the thought of her MCAT exam, the exam that decides how hard getting into medical school would be. Reaching for a glass on a shelf, she shook her head, thinking that the test was in less than one week! Her stress level was high and she hardly ever saw her boyfriend since she had been cramming for the exam for well over a month. After filling her glass with cool water, she plopped on her couch and turned on the TV for an over-due break. Living by herself in a one- bedroom apartment, she had ample time and motivation to study, but she was missing the nagging of a roommate to go do something fun.

Flipping through the channels, she found nothing that could chase the thoughts of having to study in her mind. Turning off the TV in a disgruntled huff, she made her way back to the kitchen to make lunch.

“Maybe food will distract me,” she said, flipping her long chestnut hair out of her way as she peered to see what was in her well-stocked fridge. Ally was raised to believe that a good mind needed support from good food; so she had plenty to choose from the five major food groups conveniently in her fridge. And, with this belief, a good health was also necessary for a good mind. As a result, her 5’4″ body was a trim 120lbs with a narrow waist, a C cup size and hips that several men had whistled at.

Grabbing a carrot, she closed the fridge door and went to grab the peeler.

“I need to do something to distract myself,” she thought out loud seconds before finding the peeler. She started to peel when she suddenly froze in place.

“No,” she chuckled uneasily although the idea had already taken place. She shook her head to get the idea from her mind.

Just like the MCAT problems, it wouldn’t leave her.

She looked at the carrot and wondered. Naturally, she was no stranger to masturbation but at 21 years old, she had never actually masturbated with something inside her, other than her fingers. The idea suddenly seemed ideal and she felt herself getting wet. Going back to the bag of carrots, she took out the thickest one. She began to breathe heavily as she stared at the eight-inch carrot. It was at least an inch and a half think at şişli escort the base and inch at the smaller end.

Anticipation filled her and she found a knife to cut the leaf off top but left the carrot end so it would still be round.

Quickly removing her clothes, she laid down on the couch and bent her legs at the knees. She slowly widened her knees so that her hand fit comfortably between her legs. Slowly and lightly tracing her lips, she moaned in pleasure as she felt her wetness. Using her other hand, she spread her lips, gasping as the cold air touched her sensitive area. Exposing herself, she reached and found her most sensitive nub and lightly touched it, shuddering as it brought such utter delight. She began rubbing her clit in light circles and felt it slowly become harder as she rubbed faster. She felt the familiar warmth building inside and with out hesitation, grabbed the carrot and touched her cunt lips with it.

She bit her lip in anticipation as she found her hole using the thick end. Gripping the carrot tightly, she gasped as she felt the mass enter her body. Her eyes opened wide as she pushed the carrot in and then closed her eyes and arched her back as she torturously began pulling it out. Her left hand hadn’t stopped making the circles on her nub, and she felt herself head towards a climax. Knowing she was so close, she began to vigorously pump the carrot in and out, gasping and thrashing while doing so. Finally, her muscles gave out and she laid back breathing roughly. She had never gotten such a powerful orgasm by herself before and was amazed that her vagina muscles continued to contract spasmodically on the large carrot.

When at last her muscles stopped contracting, she slowly removed the carrot while moaning, enjoying the feeling of the hard vegetable moving in her body. Ally got up and went back to the fridge to actually get some food to actually eat. She reached to get the wheat bread when her eyes set on the corn that she had just got from the market the day before. Forgetting about the bread, she focused on the corn and pulled it out. She was mesmerized by the idea of getting the three-inch wide vegetable inside her. Determined to find out, Ally unwrapped the corn so its kernels were entirely uncovered.

Finding her way back to the couch, she laid back and found herself already extremely aroused from minutes before. After hesitating for a moment, with escort bayan merter one hand, she spread her cunt lips so her eager hole was exposed and waiting. Her other hand guided the thick end of the vegetable to her opening and she began to push. She moaned as she felt the texture of the kernels inside her. She only had an inch in and began to push more, wanting to feel herself being stretched like she had never been stretched before. Inch by inch she forcibly pushed, breathing in short pants. She was so tight that her clit soon became dragged against the corn kernels. She paused and felt her stretched clit. The piece of flesh was so enflamed that the simple touch made her go up in flames.

She had about five inches of the cob inside of her and felt like she couldn’t touch the corn again or else she would erupt again. Her vagina was stretched so much that she felt like screaming in her pleasure.

In fact, she was so engulfed in her feelings that she didn’t hear her front door open as her boyfriend Conner used his key to see if Ally felt like a study break. He hadn’t expected to see her lush body spread on the couch naked. Her eyes were heavy with lust and her mouth was slightly opened. Her breasts jiggled as she breathed in short pants. His eyes widened when they landed on the cob that was sticking out of an area where he very much wanted to be.

He could tell she was stuck in the throes of passion and decided he wanted to play too. Thankful that the couch didn’t have an armrest so he can be placed at her legs, he settled himself there. Ally was still reeling from her sensations and still hadn’t noticed him.

While at her legs, he saw a large carrot on the table. Grabbing it, he positioned it so it lightly pushed against her anus. Ally’s eyes flew open and she tried to sit up when she felt the intrusion. Seeing her boyfriend she moaned as she fell back. Her action had moved the cob against her clit and made her weak in her desire.

“Conner, don’t!” she said weakly. She had a virgin asshole and couldn’t believe what he was trying to do. However, at the moment, there was nothing she could do to stop him.

She moaned loudly as the vegetable prodded her tight little anus. He gently pushed the thicker end against her resisting hole while chuckling at her dilemma. Conner knew that although she was hesitant to try anal play, she was also hesitant to not find out what istanbul escort bayan it would feel like.

Torn between stopping him and urging him, Ally brought one of her hands to her right nipple and pinched the hard nipple as if that would help her decide.

Conner continued applying his gentle force until Ally moaned in surprise. The carrot had finally broken through her defenses so that her tight muscles were gripping the thick end.

“Conner! I can’t take it!” she yelled as a sudden orgasm ripped through her body, causing her to shout in pure ecstasy. He used her orgasm to his advantage as he plunged the carrot deeper into her body, causing her orgasm to be prolonged as her muscles tried to repel the foreign object. Meanwhile, he brought his other hand to the corn’s base.

He stopped moving the carrot while Ally finally returned back, panting in exhaustion from her trip.

“Are you ok?” he smirked.

Ally stretched her arms above her, causing her hard-tipped breasts to stand out. “Un-fucking-believable,” she moaned, “I feel so stuffed!”

Conner laughed, which brought out a smile from Ally. “I guess I must look pretty silly, huh?” she acknowledged.

“Nah, I’d say sexy, not silly,” he teased. “Especially when you do that little moan you do…” he said before sharply twisting the corn while quickly pumping the carrot in and out.

Ally gasped in surprise and gripped the coach hard as Conner’s onslaught made her writhe in pain and pleasure. The corn kept scraping against her clit, while the carrot made her feel like she had no control over her back muscles. Conner began eagerly pumping the corn in and out of her as well, which made Ally scream again as she felt herself continuously be stretched more that she had ever been before.

She was so incredibly full that his actions made her feel like she was going to burst. Instead of stopping him, she spread her legs apart wider so that he could continue his unforgiving demand for an orgasm.

Although she felt like she would fall apart, she managed to gather enough energy to have a final intense orgasm that had her whole body shaking. Conner ripped out the two vegetables from her simultaneously to heighten her pleasure and he got what he wanted when she squirted her cum.

Ally was covered in a heavy layer of sweat and felt like she would never breath correctly. Conner sat down on a nearby chair with a pleased look, waiting patiently for her to return to normal.

Finally, she got up and looked at her boyfriend. “Remind me to call you when I need a study break.”

“I will,” he smiled back. “As long as you remind me to call you when I go vegetable shopping.”

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