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Stress Relief

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As you walk down the stairs you smile confidently to yourself, reflecting on a tremendous, empowering day at your new job. Happy to be home, you pull your keys out of your black suit-coat pocket and open the door, anxious to share news of the day. Home alone, I greet you immediately at the door, and wrapping my arms around you, pull you close. I press my lips to yours as you drop your bag, kissing you deeply, our tongues briefly touching as our bodies closely embrace. My hand falls from the small of your back to your waist as I break our kiss.

“I am so proud of you love!,” I whisper in your ear while nibbling on your earlobe as my hand falls further to your thigh, curling my fingers at the hemline of your matching black skirt. My hand slides deliberately up the back of your thigh to the curvature of your ass, lifting your skirt, disorienting the fabric above your waist. The black thong panties you bought for your first day have made you feel confident, powerful, and sexy all day properly concealed under your business attire. But now as you stand before me in your heels…the skirt lifted…the dainty covering is fully exposed for my viewing pleasure. You hadn’t anticipated this…and your your eyes grow wide in nervous anticipation.

“After your first day back at work, I thought you could use some…” I tease as my fingertips encircle to your front. My body forces you backwards, pushing your partially clad ass in a soft bump against the door, your skirt remaining disheveled above your waist. Pinned, you freeze in submission, my hands flowing over you. You exhale sharply as my hand lifts between your thighs, my palm pressing into center.

Stress relief,” I emphasize.

Instantly, a flutter in your pelvis. Almost embarrassed you feel warmth, engorgement, a tingling sensation as the fabric begins to darken with your wetness. My lips meet yours, our tongues intertwined. My palm slides against your sex, pressures you in circles over the thin covering intended to protect the center of your femininity. But now, as my mouth slides against yours, your body pinned against the door, I seductively assault your triangle…my fingers violating the outline of your slit through the thin material thus making clear my carnal intentions: to penetrate you.

Slowly…submissively…you spread your legs, conceding further access. My fingers tantalize you. I kiss your neck as I feel your own fingertips against the outline of my increasingly-hardening cock. I nibble on your earlobes as my other hand opens the suit coat, and massages your breasts, full and supple, your hardening nipples straining against the constriction of your bra. I release you momentarily from my groping, and as I breathe in your sensual scent my hands fall to your waist.

Swiftly, deliberately, I turn you around as you bend slightly at the waist and brace against the door. You feel your labia retracting, excited…readying to receive me. My left hand wraps around your waist and moves again between your legs, bahis siteleri my fingers beneath the black lace. A soft penetration. You feel probing into your moist entry beneath the shear fabric. My breath is hot on your neck as you can feel my hardened shaft pressing against you from behind. I unzip your skirt and the fabric falls in a rumpled heap on the floor, fully revealing the last of your covering and your tight, inviting ass. My fingers slide up your thighs, tracing the edge of the material covering your triangle before my thumbs hook into your waistband, the last of your covering.

“Did you have a good day at work?” I teasingly ask you.

Too delirious to answer, I slide your now creamy, feminine wetness-drenched panties from your hips, down over your thighs, leaving them to fall to the floor around your heels. You step one foot out, widening your stance, the saturated black lace rumpled around your ankle.

I gaze at your glistening, perfectly prepared pussy…the pink lips open and inviting. You hear my zipper slide open – I withdraw my throbbing manhood…stroking with one hand to fullness. I place one hand on the back of your neck, massaging your tense muscles, as my other hand rubs the back of your thigh. I step forward, our bodies close, my stiff manhood brushing against you. I gently press down on your upper back.

“Lower” I tell you.

You obey, bending slightly more at the waist.

“A little lower…,” and further still you bend. “Perfect, babe…”.

Your breathing is heavy, a mix of nervousness and sensual anticipation at where I might touch you next. I am entranced at this sight, almost dangerously erogenous: your beautiful body professionally-attired above the waist, your gorgeous hair juxtaposed against your black suit coat…the folds surrounding your vaginal opening withdrawn and ready as you are bent over in submission. My erection pulses, aching to be free, throbbing to be inside of you, to satisfy. To fill you. You breath deeply while bracing against the door as you anticipate the fulfillment of my cock plunging inside your wet folds.

A shock surges through your body. You squeal in delight as I make unanticipated contact: my tongue touches your asshole. Kneeling behind you, my face pressed against your body, the point of my tongue makes a circle around your rim. You nearly collapse from the surge of sexual intensity. Simultaneously you feel my fingers against your opening. You cry out in pleasurable relief as two fingers slide unimpeded inside your deliriously inviting and perfectly smooth snatch. My tongue probes you further still in this most vulnerable, but pleasurable position. You can hardly process the intensity. My fingers rubbing inside you, tonguing you simultaneously, but a sudden switch. Now fingertips encircling your rim as my tongue laps the juices from your dripping folds. Switching again, I massage your inner walls to your eager delight, moaning as I press against your pleasure spot. My tongue teases you beyond sensibility as your liquid canlı bahis siteleri drips from your canal, covering my fingers. I slip a third inside, stretching you as I slowly pump my fingers in and out of your body, eager to feel you in full release. You grind your ass grinds against my mouth…a primal urge to feel my tongue. I rub you more fiercely, my second hand tracing gentle circles as I use your nectar to glide against your clit, your body writhing in carnal pleasure of simultaneous stimulation. Your breathing deepening, moaning in full delight as I stimulate your pleasure center, rubbing firmly inside you with the impending approach of an orgasm.

Your body tenses greatly, your muscles tightening, breathing shortening, whimpers of immense pleasure and satisfaction escaping your pursed lips. Wetness streams from your inside as you are finger-and-tongue-fucked, braced against the door, moaning uncontrollably, helpless against my invasion of carnal bliss. Nearing your peak, you whimper in sexual delight, in total fulfillment with pleasure. It happens.

You scream.

Loudly. Primally.

Your walls tighten, grasping my fingers deeply, arching your back completely, muscles tensed in this orgasmic plateau, struggling for breath as waves of intense fulfillment surge through your body. Streams of your silky nectar flood from your triangle, drenching my hands, my tongue making final circles around your asshole. My fingers withdraw, your folds closing back into place. Your knees collapse. You fall to the floor. Your breathing staggered, you sigh in full contentment as your body slows. I gaze at you…your body…atop the strewn panties and skirt, a puddle of carnal bliss…satisfied. But I am not finished.

I grope your ass, massaging your beautiful curvature. You are barely coherent, lying face-down, your head resting on your forearms, breathing deeply. I move behind you. You feel my hand slipping between your thighs, spreading them slightly apart; positioning your body for my fulfillment. Kneeling astride your petite frame, I run my fingertips down your spine, heightening your senses as I touch your flawless body. I gently caress your bottom. Naked from the waist down, completely exposed, your black panties still twisted around your stiletto. The submissiveness is so sexy. I grasp my erection, now stroking my rigidness briefly in anticipation and then place the bulging head against your intimate center. You feel the throbbing heat of my cock between your labia, prepared to penetrate you. I push inside.

Your tight walls give way to my intruding hardness, a moan escaping your lips as you stretch to accommodate me in one motion, savoring the feeling. The full length of my shaft disappears inside of you.

I penetrate you deeply, your legs together under me, one of the deepest, most pleasurable positions. You are deliciously wet, nectar dripping from your opening onto the floor beneath. I am mesmerized as I begin to pump you with my manhood, your walls canlı bahis stretched tightly, the slight encouragement of your hips as I withdraw and then disappear again inside of you, delighting in the uniform tightness of your slippery sex.

You turn your head, your eyes still closed and whisper “…fuck me”.

I feel you clench, the walls of your canal grasping me deeply. You rhythmically tighten around me with each quickening penetration, massaging my cock in the wet silk of your opening, coaxing me towards climax.

“Fuck me…”

You feel my hardness so hard deep inside you, the rigid shaft straining against the taught folds of your canal with each penetrating motion. Your mind begins to drift…a lowering of inhibitions…what if…? Momentarily you regain your senses. You will start your period tomorrow, you remember, and so ‘a low risk’ you think. An instinctual, primal urge begins to grow. An erotic, carnal, quintessentially female desire…yes, you decide. You want it. The pulsing delivery and sensation of the ultimate intimacy: to be filled, creamed, coated…my masculine seed, sperm, semen ejaculated into your luscious depths.

“Fuck me…”

My throbbing head presses against your cervix, the limit of penetration. You feel my scrotum against the curvature of your ass, lifting, signaling my impending orgasm. You clench your pussy around me, so tightly, aching…and whisper your final command:

“Cum inside me.”

A pulse. The vibration along my shaft. The throbbing head of my cock surrounded by your ridged walls. And then, as you desired…

A rapid succession of contractions, simultaneously powerful and pleasurable, propels a surge through my erection.

As if in slow motion, deep inside you, a stream erupts from the tip of my masculinity. The liquid is white, slippery, and thick. The first arc…one… like a string of silk, splashes against your cervix.

The throbbing repeats:…two…three…my climax functioning in rhythmic perfection to deliver my masculine essence into your pink depths.




You feel each pulse of my shaft against your taught opening. Not resisting or pulling away, you position your pelvis in subtle submission permitting, indeed craving, this liquid reward as spurts of semen stream inside you. A subtle wetness within, the added warmth, as cum is streaked across your inner walls in a slippery sheen.

My throbbing slows as the last of my milky climax empties inside you. I lie atop of you, exhausted, awash in endorphins.

After heaving breaths, I begin to raise my hips, withdrawing my softening erection. You clench your vaginal muscles as I depart, pleasurably tight around me, until I feel only my tip remain inside. I savor the last of your creamy warmth, and then with a last movement, we separate. Your glistening labia close delicately as my shaft departs. You rest on your forearms, sighing contentedly, delighting in the warmth and texture flowing inside you. In moments, overflowing, you feel the sticky warmth dripping from your opening, the white liquid evidence of the essence now within you.

I collapse beside you. We embrace on the floor…kissing gently.

It was a good first day of work.

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