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Stress Relief

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Author’s Note: This is an entry in the 750 Word Project 2023.


When I arrived at her room, she was already dressed for me: a floral robe hiding red lace panties and push-up bra. When she closed the door, I greeted her with a kiss that expressed my hunger. Her tongue answered mine, letting me know she, too, was hungry.

“Do you mind if I take off my pants, Tina? If I don’t, it’s going to be hard to explain the wet spot.”

“Let me help you with that,” she replied and, kneeling in front of me, unbuckled my pants and lowered them. I stepped out of my shoes and she pulled them off. My underpants already had a small wet spot, which was not helped by her rubbing my straining erection.

I pulled off my shirt and socks and sat on the sofa. She slipped off her robe and joined me, curling her feet up. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and she rested her head on my shoulder. I let my hand wander to her voluptuous breasts and idly played with her nipple while she ran her hand over my chest Ankara Rus Escort hair, eliciting a sigh from me.

“How’s your day been, Tina?”

“Slow. You’re my second client today.”

“That won’t pay the bills. Need some stress relief?”

“Mmmm, you know I do, Don. Unhook my bra.”

We finished undressing and she lay on the massage table, face up. Today, I would give her what she needed. I rubbed her feet and kissed her toes. She purred as I moved my hands slowly up her legs.

I paused at her tummy. She bore the unmistakable signs of having given birth and losing the fight against middle-age spread. I rubbed her stretch marks gently and lapped at her navel. Her breathing was slowing down and she hummed appreciatively as I kissed her stomach in tribute to her motherhood. But her breasts awaited me…

…and what wonderful breasts they were! They were warm and fleshy, worn from years of nursing, but marvelously sensitive. I ran my hands around them, watching the large Yenimahalle Escort brown nipples stiffen and grow, surrounded by large areolae. I ran my fingers over the bumps that populated them and moved toward my goal.

Her breathing quickened as my fingers found their targets and pinched them tight, then tighter. Tina gasped and I leaned over to capture her cries of pleasure/pain with my mouth. I twisted them, pulled them up and snapped my fingers off them. She jumped and moaned in my mouth. I slid one hand down and found her slick with excitement. I rubbed her exposed clit gently and slid two fingers inside her, feeling her buck up to meet them.

“It looks like you need some serious stress relief,” I said with an evil grin.

“Oh, yes, Sir, please!”

I stood next to her head. She took the hint and, turning to face me, opened her mouth and engulfed my cock. She licked the precum off and started sucking in earnest. I reached down to her nipples, pulled them up and snapped my fingers off them. Her legs spread slightly and I could see the juices start to flow. I pulled my cock out of her mouth, afraid of coming too soon and breaking the mood.

I slapped her breasts, gently at first, then picking up the rhythm and intensity as her cries of pleasure grew. I watched carefully as they started turning red. I wanted her to feel the pain she needed so badly, but not to the point of tissue damage.

Her nipples called me. I pulled and snapped, pulled and snapped, getting into a rhythm. Every snap was followed by a gasp from her. The growing puddle on the massage table told me she was enjoying this. But I needed more…

Her pussy was an irresistible target. I smacked it gently with one hand and heard the squish. I smacked it with the other hand, a little harder. She moaned, and that moan filled me with an overpowering lust.

I pulled her forward until her legs were dangling on the end of the table. I stood between them, watching her pussy spasm and drool as I went Buddy Rich on her. I reared back and delivered one final slap: she screamed in ecstasy and my face and hair were suddenly drenched with her gushing. I froze in shock. She lifted her head to see why I had stopped and started laughing hysterically.

“You’re soaked, Don.”

I joined her laughter.

“My turn now, Tina.”

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