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Strangers Meet Ch. 03

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This is the 3rd instalment in the series… I have no idea how many there will be, but I think reading parts one and 2 is necessary to appreciate exactly what is going on in this part. Enjoy!


When Katie pulled up outside her house about 20 minutes later, she was disconcerted to see her neighbour standing on the doorstep apparently waiting for a taxi. Katie’s top was still pulled down and her skirt had hiked up, showing her stocking tops. She tried her best to cover up, but had to compromise by pulling her coat around her before scurrying to her own door and unlocking it as quickly as possible.

Dan followed her in, and as soon as the door was closed and locked, pushed her up against the wall in the entrance hallway. They kissed passionately as Dan removed her coat and threw it on the floor, then pulled up her skirt and roughly squeezed her buttocks. She had been in a state of arousal for hours now, they both had, and she couldn’t wait to feel him inside her.

He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her head back so that he could kiss and bite her neck and shoulders, moving down toward her swollen and heaving breasts, biting her nipples and still kneading her arse. Without saying a word, he pulled her down onto the floor, and kneeling between her legs, removed her soaked thong and quickly pushed his tongue into her aching pussy. Katie moaned and ran her fingers through his short hair, gently pulling his head closer before he moved back up her body kissing and biting her everywhere.

“You were so fucking sexy tonight Katie” he groaned, “I can’t tell you what a turn on it was to watch you with those guys, seeing you sucking that man’s cock was amazing, you dirty bitch.”

Katie muğla escort just smiled and pulled his head toward her and kissed him. She was beginning to think that maybe she could fall in love with Dan, where else was she ever going to find another man who not only found her so sexy, but loved seeing her fulfilling her own fantasies?

“Katie, I want to see you doing all kinds of dirty things, sucking lots of cocks, being fucked by lots of men, licking pussies, having men cum all over you… I don’t know where to start or where it will end, all I know is you’re a dirty little whore and I love it.” Dan rolled over onto his back and pulled Katie on top of him, still kissing her, before pushing her to sit up on top of him. “Look at those fantastic tits Katie, no man could resist them, and the rest of you is so fucking sexy too, you’re such a horny bitch, I could fuck you all night!” with that he pulled her back down and began sucking on her nipples, biting and pulling on them, as his fingers explored her wet pussy. It wasn’t long before he pushed her off him so that he could take his clothes off, as Katie lay on the floor watching him and tweaking her nipples.

He lay beside her and pushed her arms above her head. “You know what I’m going to do now Katie?” he asked. She just looked at him and shook her head no, she had no idea, but she didn’t care what it was by now, she was sure she was going to love it. “I’m going to fuck you, very very slowly, and then I’m going to pull out of you and cum all over those fantastic tits and on your face! And the next time we go out, I’m going to get as many men to do that as possible, so that you’re completely covered in it like the dirty whore you really are.”

Katie ordu escort could feel her pussy beginning to twitch as he spoke to her like this, the feeling of his cock filling her, along with the dirty words and images he was filling her head with were almost too much, but then he pulled her hands further above her head and said “You almost made me cum then Katie, you’re going to get a red arse for that one. I decide when I cum, not you. I’m going to fuck you now, and then when I say so, you’re going to play with that gorgeous wet pussy while I wank over you.”

He moved very slowly inside her, one of his hands still holding hers above her head, the other gently squeezing her breast as his tongue circled her sensitive nipple. Katie was so turned on by now, her head was in a whirl, and she couldn’t think straight, her only recognisable thought being how horny she was and how much she wanted Dan at that moment. The fingers of her right hand snaked down toward her pussy of their own accord, gently moving on her clit as Dan continued to move gently inside her. She only began to think (almost) rationally again when his teeth clamped down on her nipple and he looked up at her warningly. “Did I tell you to do that Katie?” he growled.

Katie bit her bottom lip “Oh shit” she thought, “now I’m in trouble!”

Dan moved so that he was properly on top of her again and lifted her legs over his shoulders. He spanked her once, hard, and said “I tell you when to do that Katie, and that wasn’t the time. Now I’m going to fuck your arse.”

Katie stiffened slightly, she knew that anal sex could be wonderful, but it was a long time since she’d done that, and never in this position. She also had a feeling osmaniye escort that he wasn’t going to give her any time to find her lubricant and that scared her more than anything. She should have known better though. Dan may have been in charge, but he was also extremely considerate of her comfort and enjoyment. The events of the night so far meant that Katie was already extremely lubricated naturally, and Dan used this to ease his passage into her tight hole.

He moved almost imperceptibly at first, gently pushing himself into her, but giving her muscles plenty of time to relax around him. Katie felt every move, and was grateful for Dan’s gentleness and obvious consideration. When he was finally in properly, he paused for a few more seconds, both of them looking the other straight in the eye, before beginning to thrust very gently into her still tight arse. By now Katie was totally relaxed with the situation, and told Dan she was ready.

He knew what she meant and began to pound into her, taking obvious pleasure in her shouts of ecstasy, even though it had been a long time, she remembered now just how good anal sex could be, and was glad that she had trusted Dan enough to allow it. She still felt sure that if she had declined he would respect that.

He took her right hand and guided it to her clit, and it was only moments before she felt her orgasm approaching. “Oh, god, Dan, I’m about to cum!”

“So am I, sexy” he replied as he pulled out of her and his hot thick cum shot all over her tits. A few drops made it to her chin, and she licked them up before reaching down to pull her breasts to her mouth, licking as much cum off them as she looked Dan in the eyes.

When she had licked as much as she could reach, Dan laid down gently on her and kissed her deeply before whispering into her ear, “You really are the horniest woman I’ve ever met Katie, and next time that happens it wont just be MY cum on those lovely tits.”

Katie smiled to herself and hugged Dan closer, wondering just when and how many it would be….

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