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Strangers in the Stairwell

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Your heels click on the tile floor as you walk from your office. It’s late and you’ve been burning the midnight oil again. Most of the lights on the floor are out. You push the button for the elevator. Perhaps you’ll stop at the bar downstairs for a drink to unwind.

DING! The elevator door slides open. Empty. You sigh. Not like you can expect to see anyone. Human company isn’t the sort of thing you can expect as a senior executive. The doors close and the elevator drops. You feel a moment of reduced weight as if falls several stories. Then, it slows, increasing your weight slightly and with another “Ding!” the doors open to the second floor.

You step out and cross the hall to the upper entrance to O’Flanahan’s Pub. You enter the din of conversation and laughter. Irish music fills the air, lending to the atmosphere they try to cultivate. It’s an upscale pub, the barstools have backs. You hang your overcoat across the back of the stool and take a seat.

“What’ll it be?” the barkeep asks.

“Coffee and Bailey’s” You might as well be wide awake if you’re going to get tipsy. It’s just a few seconds before it arrives. You sip it. MMmmmm, just the right blend of coffee with the creamy sweetness of Bailey’s. You smile. You can feel yourself unwinding already. You relax in the atmosphere. Before you realize it, you’ve finished your third. Good thing you don’t drive. It’s nice to have a condo just a few blocks away.

“Jack and Coke, please.” says a voice next to you. You look. He’s cute. Dark hair, dark eyes. Roman nose. Probably Italian. Nice suit. He looks good in it.

He’s over a seat or two. That’s nice, no need to crowd. You smile. He looks at you and smiles back.

“Working late?” he asks with an odd tone. Is he insinuating something?

“I was, finished up my presentation for tomorrow. Just relaxing a bit before heading home.”

“Oh” Is that disappointment? He must be looking for a one nighter. The two of you make idle chit-chat for a bit then as you finish your fourth Coffee and Bailey’s announce, “That’s it for me. Good night.” You stand and put your coat on.

He finishes his drink quickly. “Can I walk you to your car?”

“Uh…you can walk me to the building I park in.” Why did you say that? He smiles.

You turn and exit the bar. He follows close behind anadolu yakası escort you. You press the elevator button. A few minutes pass. Your heart is beating fast, you are suddenly nervous with butterflies in the pit of your stomach.

The elevator dings and a couple exits after the doors open. You and your new friend enter and hit the button for the lobby. The elevator doors close.

Suddenly his lips are on yours, pressing against them firmly as his tongue runs across your teeth. You open your mouth returning the kiss. His hands are under your coat, on your body.

Ding! First floor, lobby, street level, illicit encounters…a little voice in your head says. You both straighten yourselves and head to the street. “Which way to your car?”

“That way.” You point towards your building. The two of you begin walking. It’s only three blocks to your place. What then?

“Is it the ramp on the other side of those condos?”

“Yes” you reply.

“Here, this is shorter.” He grabs your hand and pulls you into one of the ramps on the way. This one actually connects to your building through the next ramp, but you know that it doesn’t connect to the one on the other side.

He leads you into the stairwell and up one flight, the smell of stale piss intrudes on your senses. On the landing, he suddenly turns and kisses you again, pushing you against the wall. You kiss back. The butterflies are going berserk! You can feel yourself getting moist. His tongue invades your mouth, you suck on it, tasting again the Jack and Coke he had.

His hands move to your breasts, feeling them. He squeezes and pinches to your delight! He starts undoing the buttons of your blouse, hands trembling with passion.

“Fuck it!” you say, “Just rip it open!” His eyes dart to yours, Hands clench on your blouse and then pull. The buttons fly from your blouse and vaguely, you can hear them hit the concrete floor of the stairwell. His hands touch your firm stomach and slide upwards to your bra. He pulls the cups down hooking them under the soft globes of flesh they formerly encased.

His kisses strike your throat as his hands send jolts of pleasure through your breasts. You are getting more than moist now. His lips encircle your nipples atalar escort and pull them to an erect state. As he shifts from one breast to the other, you gasp as the cool air hits the wet spots left by his mouth. It raises the gooseflesh on your skin.

You arch your back, he takes the opportunity to insert his leg between yours. It pushes your skirt up and your pussy is rubbing on his leg. The only things separating your flesh are his trousers and your pantyhose. Your hips are thrusting into his leg, you are going to make yourself cum at this rate.

One of your arms holds his head to your breast while the other drops down to feel his cock through his pants. Mmmm, yes. It’s hard. Hard for you! You hand fumbles at his zipper, pulling it down. Then his belt and button. You finally get them undone, the trousers slide down his legs, leaving him there in his boxers, hard cock pressing against the fabric and tenting it.

He pulls away and pushes you to the cold hard floor. You can tell your hose are going to be ruined…so what, what are they compared to the silk blouse that was just destroyed?

You cover his cloth wrapped cock with your mouth, sucking through the material. Slowly, you pull the boxers down, exposing his erect member. It bobs toward your face as the elastic waistband clears the shaft. Your mouth opens, you want to taste this cock, feel it fill your mouth. Your lips touch the soft spongy head and slide down over the velvety skin of the shaft. You suck as you move your head up and down, holding the base with one hand.

Your other hand rubs circles around your clit through the nylon pantyhose. Your breathing and cocksucking tempo increase as you get closer to making yourself cum. “Oh, god. You fucking slut! You should do this for a living!” He moans. You start to cum. Your hose are soaked, your fingers covered in the wetness that has seeped through. You cry out. He grabs your hair and continues to fuck your mouth as your moans engulf his rod. He’s using you like a common whore!

And you like it! You cum, screaming your orgasm into his crotch, mouth full of cock. He pulls out as you gasp for breath, a string of saliva bridging the gap between your lips and the head of his cock. The hand in your hair pulls you up and pushes ataşehir escort you against the guardrail in the center of the stairwell. You gasp as the cold metal comes in contact with your breast.

You feel his hand raising your skirt, exposing the sopping nylon encased pussy. The hand releases your hair and you feel him pull up enough of your hose to get a good grip on and begin ripping. You can hear the sound of the fabric parting as he exposes you to his gaze. Your wet pussy and puckered asshole are open to him now.

Without warning or any consideration for you, he thrusts his cock into you, filling you. You cry out

“AAhhhh!” and grunt each time he slams into you, filling you with his meat. His hands grip your hips as he plunges into you again and again. Your juices spread, lubricating his hardness as it moves in and out of your body. It reaches deep, pounding into you. This is what you’ve been missing, for oh, so long! A good hard fuck!

“Christ! I can see you cuntspit all over by cock! It’s all over! You love this, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh, yes, fuck me! Just shut up and fuck me!” You reply to him.

He increases the fucking. Harder and faster. You feel like you might be black and blue when you’re done. The song by Van Halen pops into your mind: Don’t draw the line/Honey I ain’t through with you/The harder the better/Do it ’til we’re Black and Blue!

You orgasm. Your pussy starts convulsing on his cock and your moans echo in the stairwell. It’s too much for him and he loses it too, cumming in you.

“Shit! Yes, god, I am cumming inside you, slut!” His cock is as far into you as he can get it as he pumps his spunk into you. His gasps decrease, almost in time with yours. He pulls his still half hard penis from you. He pulls up his boxers and slacks and tucks his penis inside, still wet and sticky with cum.

As you slide down to lie on the stairs, you hear him mumble a half-hearted thanks as he runs down the stairs and leaves by the same door the two of came in through.

You lie on the stairs on your back, blouse ripped open, bra pulled down, skirt hiked up to your waist and pussy exposed through torn pantyhose, and play with your pussy as it drips his cum out. You feel the fluid running down your ass as your fingers manipulate your clit, starting your orgasm again. You start gasping and cumming, unheedful of who might enter the stairwell. As you cum, your eyes wander up the wall.

As they alight on the security camera, a few thoughts flash through your mind: What was his name? You never asked, and: Is anyone watching you? Was anyone watching you as you were used?

At least your overcoat is still in one piece.

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