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Strangers Collide Ch. 02

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You pull me back into your arms and rest your head on my shoulder. The weight of your head and the sweet, citrus scent of your hair comforts and arouses me. We both turn to look out at the view, as our taxi driver takes us over the harbour bridge. It has been raining outside. The wet, jet black roads of the intertwining motorway reflect the multi coloured lights of the city. I turn to you in search for your eyes. I find them, along with a little sly grin that your lips are wearing. You stroke the side of my face and run your thumb over my bottom lip, pulling it down to open my mouth slightly.

Our kiss is sweet and long. I savour the taste of you as your tongue explores mine. I moan into your mouth as I feel your hand slip from my knee upwards, dragging the material of my dark blue satin skirt up my thigh. You sink your hand between my inner legs. I jump as you make contact with the cotton that separates my aching burn from your fingertips. You kiss me harder, more urgently as your fingers plunge against my soaking g sting to find my clit. You start to rub me slowly. I realise the full extent of my arousal knowing that your fingers are separated slightly and on either side of my swollen aching clitoris. It’s never this engorged, baby you make me feel so hot.

I break our kiss and look into the driver’s rear vision mirror. He is watching us. Just as I move my hand down to push yours away, you speed up the intensity. Rubbing me harder and faster. I start to feel my pussy contract. A sweet pulsing runs through me and shakes my body to the core. You pull my head into your chest, muffling my moans with your hold. I look up into your eyes, you see a tear that stings mine. Exposed, my feelings so raw. I look away and hope to God I haven’t scared you. You pull my face back to yours and kiss my cheek gently. Your lips linger and I suddenly feel safe.

The rest of our journey to my apartment is made in comfortable silence. A short, delicate kiss or nibble to each others neck or ear every so often. I want to talk to you, ask you your name. Something is stopping me.

The taxi pulls into my apartment’s entrance and comes to a stand still. Nerves hit my gut, I feel like I’m in sensory overload. I hand over enough notes to keep the driver happy and swing the door open. Stepping out, the cool spring air caresses my warm skin. I turn to offer you my hand. You accept it and slide over and out the door thanking our driver as you depart his car.
You rest your hand on to my back as I swipe us into the building.

Looking around at the sterile lobby, I feel comforted as you run your hand down my back and rest it on my ass. We wait patiently for one of the lifts to arrive porno izle on the ground floor. I pull you into me and lean down slightly to kiss you, your arms wrap around my waist and I melt into you. I hear the lift chime as it reaches us. We separate slowly and turn. Karl walks out of the lift and stares at us. Maybe now he will realise why his advances on me never work. We greet each other in a friendly manner and he hovers in front of us, waiting to be introduced to you. You smile sweetly at him and wish him a good night as you step past him into the lift pulling me with you.

The lift starts with a jump and you move to stand opposite me. Leaning yourself against the mirrored wall, I watch you slowly run your hand up your thigh and across your torso. Brushing your hand against you breast, you seek out your nipple. Pinching it, rolling it between your fingers, you look into my eyes. You see my raw desire and you move to me and press yourself against me while your hands run over my back, clasping my ass and drawing me into you. I feel like you are teasing every inch of my body, my pussy is aching. Fuck, I want you.

We walk into my apartment. You throw your bag and jacket onto my couch and look around, soaking in the environment I have built around me. You make your way to the doors that lead out to the balcony. Pushing them open, you step out. I watch you, standing, looking at the night view of the stretched out city. I plop my purse on the kitchen bench and ask if you would like a drink. You turn around slowly and say “Only if it is you I’m drinking.”

I can feel my own wetness between my legs. I am sure that I won’t disappoint you. I walk to you, almost giddy with lust. I step out and join you on the balcony. “Nice view you have here baby.” you say as you reach for my ass “Let’s see if we can improve on it.” With that you unzip my skirt, which drops to the tiles under us. You spin me around and hold onto the railing as you squat down in front of me. You take the string of my thong that covers me and start to drag it down over my hips and thighs. I help you with my hands and soon it drops down to keep my skirt company.

I moan as I lean back and feel the cold caress of the balcony’s railing. I watch you kiss up my thigh and lean in to my mound, kissing the bottom of my small, trimmed strip of pubic hair. You pick up my right leg and lift it up, resting it on you shoulder. I feel you trace a finger from my pussy’s opening up to my swollen, throbbing clit. I watch you draw you finger into you mouth and suck on it. You stare up into my eyes and moan as you taste me.

I look either side of the apartment to check my neighbours aren’t up. I relax amatör porno further as I realise their lights are out and wait with batted breath for your mouth to find my clit. You lick my pussy lips slowly and I moan as your tongue runs between them, upwards. I push against you as your tensed tongue rests on and flicks my clit. You suck it into your mouth and build up a steady rhythm. I just about loose my balance as I feel two of your fingers thrust into my pussy. My muscles grip around them, trying to draw them in deeper.

“I want to see you.” I plead and pull you back up onto your feet. You stand up and kiss me and taste myself on you. I lead you into my bedroom and can’t help but rip your dress off. You remove my blouse with the same urgency. We tumble onto my bed and roll around like two animals in heat. Body parts every. Hands everywhere. Mouths everywhere. This is torture, “Fuck me!” I cry.

You leave my side and I feel the mattress move with you. You lift up my leg and you push yourself down to meet me. Mound on mound, we start to rub against each other. Our cunts collide and we bump and grind our sweet juices mingling. Hips rotating and then slamming back down into the bed. Our rubbing becomes more urgent, frantic. I feel you shove your fingers between us. You rub your clit hard and I bump mine into your fingers at the same time. Our orgasms build together, the sounds of our moans joining make their own song. As I cum and feel you shake against me. We continue to rub against each other slowly, riding out our pleasure for as long as we can.

I feel you relax, exhausted, I drag myself out and crawl down the bed to lye next to you. We share a lazy kiss and I run my hands over your body. I move down to your breasts and take one of your nipples in my mouth. Swirling my tongue around it, I feel overwhelmed with my own desire and I bite down gently on your nipple. I feel you arch your back and you grown. Our kisses and caresses remove the remaining tension out of my body.

I sit up and look at you. You’re so beautiful. The lights from the city make your skin glow. I ask you if I can help clean you up. You hold my stare and say “Only if I can do the same for you.” I give you a sly smile and wink.
“Sit on my face.” You command. I oblige, turning and lifting a leg to kneel above you. I feel your hands on my ass and your tongue lap against my skin. It sends shivers down my spin. I breathe you in, smelling you and glide my tongue down, as far as I can reach. I taste us, and want more. I push my fingers into you and lift them to my mouth. Mmmm, yummy. My fingers can’t help but find your clit. I want to know if you are aroused again.

You anal porno are. I feel your swollen love bud jump as my fingers meet it. You moan into my clit and the sound vibrates against me. We push our fingers into each others greedy wet cunts and start fucking. I grunt as you add a third, then a forth finger. Filling me. Paining and pleasing me. Fuck, I feel like I am going to burst on top of you.

I loose all sense of reality as I plunge my fingers deeper and harder into you. I feel you thrust up to meet them. I scream as you bring a hand down hard on my ass just as you thrust you fingers back into me. I convulse around you and my muscles contract, clinging and pulsating around you. I feel like I am about to pass out and I shudder as my orgasm ripples through.

I recover slowly and feel the touch of your warm tongue, gently pressing against my clit. I climb off you and pull you up with me. “Get on all fours baby.” You do. I rub your hands over your ass and bend to lick you from pussy up to the small of your back. You’re body shudders as my tongue passes over your asshole. My fingers re-enter your hot wet cunt. I pump them in harder and faster as I lubricate the forefinger of my left hand with your wetness. I press it against your sphincter and gently start to push it in.

Your muscles tighten and resist me, but you buck against my finger, allowing it to enter your heat. With one hand pumping your pussy hard and deep and the finger of my other hand probing in and out of your hot, sweet ass, you start to buckle under my hands. A chorus of moans and grunts caress my ears and your muscles tighten around my fingers. The sweet pulsations that run through go on for seconds upon seconds.
I start to drift off in the warm embrace of your arms. “What is your name honey?” you ask in a soft quiet voice. “Hannah.” I manage and just as I’m about to ask you the same question, sleep takes me.


I wake slowly, its still dark. I stretch my upper body, letting out a quiet yawn. I roll over to find you, but all I meet is an empty space. My hand touches the sheet where you were lying, its cold. I curl up into a ball to rid myself of my sudden loneliness and drift back off to sleep.


My phone rings and in my sleepy state, I fumble while picking it up and I drop the call. You creep back into my mind and I think back to the evening we shared. I roll over and look to where I wish your head rested. I catch a glimpse of a folded piece of paper and my heart starts to beat in double time. I grab it and open it quickly. My eyes skim over your short note but the words burr together. I try to reread it and slowly the words start to separate. “Ellen is a beautiful name.” I think to myself and reach for my cell phone to save your number to my contacts list. I hope to see you again soon.

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