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Straight Agenda

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Work of fiction not necessarily the writers point of view.

The Straight Agenda

The dirty little cock sucker was on the ground in front of me with my nine incher in his mouth. He had to be eighteen to work on the bar, although he wasn’t much more than twenty years of age. His long dirty blond hair and blue eyes made him effeminate looking, as well as his thin hips and his well-formed butt and chest. He clearly knew what he was doing in the gym as well as between my legs servicing my straight tool. The music was a faint bang, the wedding was a fair way from where we were. A stone throw between the woods and the Hall. The wedding venue.

No woman had ever sucked me off as well as this bitch boy. I knew what the dirty cunt wanted as soon as he smiled, serving me champagne in the afternoon sun outside the marquee. How many fags would love to suck off my cock is only a question for the gods. Although right now I felt like a god, I didn’t have a clue why such a young kid would dream of going down on my baby maker like this faggot was.

I turned around with his mouth still attached to my dick and pressed him against the stone wall, I began to intensify fucking his face. Faster and faster harder and harder. I didn’t care that he was gasping loudly. I was getting off. I didn’t want to see him touch himself up and I had made myself clear. All I wanted to do was to cum down the fuckers throat, without buying him dinner, without taking his telephone number from him. He was simply a pair of service lips and a cum bucket. Nothing more, nothing less.

Naturally I had to be quiet. Although the music did drown the noise out I had to be careful. I didn’t want my friends to know that this fag had sucked my dick. I guess it happens more than we would know. A straight middle aged man like me cumming into a gay boys tummy.

I shot rope after rope of straight sperm all over the substitute for a pretty girls face. In the fags mouth too. She swallowed most. Sorry. He swallowed most. I simply pulled up my trousers and walked away, like nothing had happened. Probably not seeing him ever again.

I bet the dirty little pervert came in ‘her’ panties without touching himself. I bet his çankaya escort face went bright red when their boss sacked him for coming back from an extended break with cum in his hair. I love to think that the faggot felt humiliated. I love to think his boss sacked him, and then he begged so hard and so much the man let him suck him off too, in a failed attempt get his job back.

Don’t get me wrong I am not attracted to pussy boys but they are cheaper than dating a girl. It doesn’t make you gay by using a boy hole for sex. It makes you comfortable with knowing that you can use their attraction to you to get off. They are merely glory holes, fuck holes, flesh lights, call them what you like. I am not talking about the ones who want to settle down with their boyfriends and have kids, but the ones who would do almost anything to get ‘used’ by a straight man like myself. They don’t moan, apart from when they are round your cocks with their mouth pussies or fag cunts. They don’t get pregnant too.

Once I was in a cinema with this chatty girl who was boring shitless me with her views on this woke film. It was attracting all the fags to it with their bf’s and one gave me ‘the look’ on more than one occasion. I guessed he liked guys with a two day old beard and still a chiselled look. The fag looked like he was a preppy law student or something at the local university. The commercials came on when he passed by to go to the toilet. I actually needed a piss anyway. Again, he gave me that look. You know the one, that desperate for your cock look. I waited a minute and then followed him.

He was at the end urinal pretending to piss, looking over at the door. It was almost as though he was hiding something. I pretended not to see him so desperate for a real man’s cock. I went over to the other end and got my big cock out. I began to piss a little and I saw the look on his face as I caught him looking over at my huge wad.

“Like what you see fag boy?” I gave him the look of distain. I motioned my eyes to the stall. He quickly went. I was only going to humiliate him a little and leave him more frustrated. However, when I walked in I saw keçiören escort he had already pulled his pants down. Normally I would tell a fag to cover himself up but I figured it wasn’t needed. He had a small sized black silicon clit cage on. I chuckled.

I always thought it was a good move when fags put these cages on their little dicks. It shows whoever seeing them that their cocks are useless and only used for pissing. It shows real men that they are only good enough for humiliation. I didn’t have long before we needed to go back. Although I had half decided not to.

Humiliation he wanted. Humiliation he would get. I pointed to the floor. My cock was still flaccid and so I placed it at his lips. “Don’t fucking spill a drop!”. I began to piss into the portable urinals mouth. I could see ‘it’s’ Adam apple gulping trying not to spill any of my Alpha juice. He just looked up at me with a pitiful, shameful look in his eyes. It wasn’t his first time. It never is.

“Oh, if only you could see yourself right now. You look pathetic. Looking up at a real man. Drinking his waste. I wonder what your boyfriend will think of you when he smells my piss on your breath?”. His face went a bright red. “Pathetic, little waste pipe!”. I looked down in distain and disgust. I always get a thrill out of it. Once I had finished I zipped up my pipe work and glanced down to see the faggots cock cage throbbing.

That is one difference between a fag and a gay man. A gay man would never do such a depraved act. They would never wear chastity. They would never leave their boyfriend over a much older man to be their urinal and their cocks wouldn’t be caged or throbbing at all.

I walked out of the toilets and glanced back at the door of the theatre and towards the exit. I decided to leave and as I walked out I sent the girl a message, an excuse that something urgent had come up. As I left the cinema I glanced back, spotting the fag at the kiosk, probably purchasing loads of mints and more liquid to wash the taste away. He looked like he was in a hurry. However, he looked happier than before.

I see myself as a straight man. I don’t share etimesgut escort my exploits with anyone and the fags that I humiliate and use are not going to brag about it at all. Every single one of them has a smile on their face when I have finished using them. It is extremely rare I fuck a fag, but it does happen.

This fag was eyeing up my body on holiday once. He was in the hotel pool with his parents close by. He looked about twenty five and his body was perfectly smooth. I like my women like that too. His body was lean and trim and like the fag at the wedding he had larger pecs, clearly worked out. I noticed he had a tattoo of a jack of clubs, and we all know what that means. However, I am a white middle aged man and he was still checking me out. He was clearly a whore. A fag whore.

I don’t have to say much to fags to get them to go down on me or show me their fag holes wanting a good fucking. I followed him into the lift going up to his room. He was the floor above me. I pressed in front of him so he could take a good look at my open shirt and bulging cock. I then moved to the back of the lift forcing him to turn round if he wanted to take a look at Daddies body. I have a six pack and nice muscle. He couldn’t take his eyes off me. Just like at the pool. My floor. I went to walk out, turned round and said “Are you coming to be fucked senseless?”

“Yes Daddy” is all he said. The moment he got into the room he went down on the floor and sucked my cock through my trunks. He put a lot of effort into it. Looking up at me for approval. The dirty slut was degrading himself, looking up at his superior with want in his eyes. All he had on was his trunks and a towel.

I picked him up forced him onto the hotel bed, ripped off the towel and tore the back of his trunks. I was hard, my pants soon came off and I spat down onto his crack. I used some sun lotion too, I knew my big cock wouldn’t go into that tight pucker otherwise. I used one hand to push his head down and the other to position my cock head, then I pushed. The fag whore squealed like the pig it was. I moved myself on top more and pulled his hair and head to face the mirror.

“Watch yourself get fucked bitch!”. He didn’t take his eyes off the mirror until the moment I shot my load into his hole. The boy took it like the fag he was.

Dirty fucking sluts everywhere.

I have started dating a lovely girl, only thirty. It is getting serious as I have met her family, including her faggy younger twin brothers. That is a story for another time.

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