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Storm of the Century

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We were buried under the flannel sheets and the down comforter, our naked bodies touching as much as we could manage, so when she asked the question, the stark reality of it pulled me out of the moment briefly.

“If I got pregnant, what would you do?” she suddenly asked. I pulled away from her a little so I could look into her eyes. Her big brown eyes turned up to me and looked back, unblinking.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” I asked in response, with a stomach suddenly full of butterflies. Her beautiful face broke into a smile and she actually giggled.

“You mean like did I forget to take a pill or something?” she replied, “No, it just occurred to me. We’ve been friends for a long time and we’ve essentially taken our friendship to a very different level – a level that could have that potential consequence. I don’t think it is a likely consequence, but I just wondered nonetheless.”

I brushed a stray lock of hair away from her face. I didn’t even need to think about my answer.

“If, during this, our first occasion of having sex together, despite you being on the pill, we created a baby this weekend, I would take it as a sign. I would take it as a sign that after all these years, we were meant to be together. I would ask you to marry me and want to raise our child together. And I would love you forever.”

My response may have been a little deeper than she was expecting. Her eyes welled up with tears and she smiled before wrapping her arms around me and pulling me against her. When she pulled away again and looked into my earnest face, she asked, “Do you love me?”

“Tre,” I started, “I have loved you for a long time. But I think it has taken a long time and a lot of growth and change in both of us to bring us to where we are today, right now. I really feel that if we had dated at some point in the past, it wouldn’t have worked. I feel that right now, at this moment, everything is coming together. Even the snow outside, I think, is part of the big plan. It certainly played its part in making this weekend happen the way it did.”

The snow outside was about 26 inches deep at that point. It had effectively kept us in Theresa’s apartment for over 30 hours so far with little to do but make love and relish each other’s company. The whole thing – the weekend, the snow and the turning point in both of our lives – had started on Friday night, as weekends generally do. My roommate, Rob, had ditched his girlfriend so we could go to a titty bar. One of his coworkers had given him some sort of special passes to get us into a back room with a smaller bar and better access to the dancers. Titty bars had never really been my thing, but I was curious about this back room, so I gave it a shot.

Neither of us ended up being all that impressed so we were there for less than two hours. From there, we headed to a party at a friend’s apartment, which was pretty tame. We hung out for a while, socializing and downing a couple of beers, then decided to call it a night. It was around midnight and the snow had just started to fall. The forecasters were predicting a big storm, but everybody seemed to be taking that with a grain of salt.

We got home and Rob called is girlfriend. It was a short call – he basically woke her up and she said she’d be right over. I checked our messages and was pleasantly surprised that there was one from Theresa from a few hours ago. She was just calling to see what was up, since we hadn’t talked in a while. I admit I was feeling a little bit buzzed when I decided to go ahead and call her back at that hour. Of course, she was asleep but didn’t seem too upset that I had woken her up. I asked her what she was doing, knowing full well she’d been sleeping.

“I’m talking on the phone,” was her smart-ass reply, “prior to which I was sleeping.”

“So, you’re in bed,” I said in my best seductive voice.

“Yes,” she replied, “that’s where I do most of my sleeping.”

“I’ll bet your bed is so warm and cozy,” I continued, really hamming up the “love” voice, “Any chance I could come over and join you?”

“I don’t think that would be a good idea,” was her matter-of-fact reply.

“Oh, come on, Tre. You know I could be over there in five minutes and in the morning, I would be there to help shovel your car out.”

“Why don’t you just come over in the morning and shovel it out?”

“I can’t. The roads will be blocked with snow.”

“Then why do I need my car shoveled out?”

“So that when the roads are clear, you can get out and drive it.”

“Why don’t you come over when the roads are clear and shovel my car out?”

“I’ll be too tired from shoveling my own car out. If I come over tonight and park next to your car, in the morning we can work together to shovel them both out.”

Our conversation continued along this vein for a while, me trying to convince her to let me come over and her trying to think of reasons for me not to. I felt like I was wearing her down and, bilecik escort even though I had never been to that particular apartment of hers, I had myself convinced that I really needed to spend the night there. I was at the point where I didn’t even care if nothing happened between us, I just wanted to be in her bed that night and if I had to stay home in my own bed, I’d be sorely disappointed. It got to where I was practically begging and her resolve was weakening. I told her that no matter what happened, she knew we would have a good time and she agreed.

“Plus,” I continued, “since we’ll be snowed in tomorrow, you know that I won’t get up in the morning and run off.” I think that was what finally got her. I suspect every woman fears that if she lets a guy into her bed, if he isn’t gone before she wakes up, he will be soon after. I’d been that guy a few times myself.

“Okay,” she finally said, “I’m getting up to unlock the door, so you better be here soon so no one else comes in and attacks me.” I told her I was on my way out the door and hung up. Glancing out the window, I saw that the snow was falling harder and there was already a light coating on the ground. I grabbed some warm clothes and some condoms, threw them in a bag and went by Rob’s room. His girlfriend hadn’t arrived yet so he was watching TV. I explained to him what was going on and he seemed impressed that I had talked my way into Theresa’s bed at that late hour. My buzz was completely gone at that point, so I grabbed my keys and left. I had to brush the snow off my car as it warmed up, but was quickly on the road.

Theresa lived literally five minutes away in an upstairs apartment in an old house that had been converted into four apartments. In fact, my brother lived in the apartment directly below her, coincidentally. On the drive over, I was thinking about how my brother had told me that the only noise he ever heard from her was when she wore her cowboy boots. Her floors weren’t carpeted, so the sound of her heels carried right through his ceiling. It wasn’t a complaint, though, it was just an observation on his part.

For some reason, after he told me that, I had this vision of Theresa walking around her apartment wearing nothing but the cowboy boots. I don’t know why. I had never seen her naked, but I had this picture of her, totally in the buff, her cowboy boots clunking on the floor. I’m sure I had even masturbated to that vision. I had recalled this whole thing when thinking about her getting out of bed to unlock the door. If she slept naked, she’d probably just dash across to the door naked, unlock it and jump back in bed. Would she pause long enough to pull on her cowboy boots? Probably not.

The snow didn’t slow down my trip much; the roads were still pretty clear. I arrived and parked my Civic in back right next to Theresa’s Saturn. I wasn’t worried about running into my brother or his friends at that late hour, but I walked around the opposite side of the house anyway. I quietly entered the front door and ascended the stairs to her apartment door. As she had said, it was unlocked, but it wasn’t as dark inside as I had expected. She had apparently not jumped right back in bed after unlocking the door, as there were a number of candles lit both in this, the living room, and in what I presumed to be the bedroom. I hadn’t laced up my boots, so I just stepped out of them by the front door and dropped my coat and bag beside them. I locked the door and made my way to the next room, which was, in fact, the bedroom. Theresa hadn’t said anything yet, but as I approached the bed I could see that she had been watching me from the time I entered.

“Hi,” she said softly, her head the only thing visible among the pillows and comforter. I knelt down beside the bed and brushed a stray lock of hair out off her forehead.

“Hi,” I replied, “you look cozy.”

“I am,” she agreed, “but the other side of the bed is freezing cold, so I’m glad you’re here to warm it up.”

“So am I,” I replied, “What’s the dress code?”

“Stick a hand under here and find out for yourself.” I slid my hand up under the comforter and flannel sheets and the first thing I encountered was her bare arm. I ran my hand up her arm toward her shoulder.

“Okay, feels like short sleeved, no, sleeveless, no, strapless,” I had reached her shoulder and traced my fingers along her collarbone, then down between her bare breasts, “um, topless,” I crossed the soft skin of her stomach and moved toward her hip and down her leg, “and bottomless, wait,” I brought my hand back up to her stomach and slid it down until I barely touched the top of her bush, “ah, at least I don’t have to shave first.” I slid my hand out from under the covers. Theresa had a smile and a faraway look on her face. “I guess the dress code is birthday suits only?” Theresa nodded so I stood up.

I started to unbutton my top shirt while she softly hummed some striptease music manisa escort for me. I pulled the tails out as I unbuttoned, then let it slide down my arms and drop to the floor. Next, I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and slid the zipper down. I pushed my jeans off my hips and let them drop to my ankles, then stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Now I was wearing just boxer briefs, a black t-shirt and socks. I pulled the socks off with my feet while pulling the t-shirt over my head and was soon wearing only the briefs.

On the drive over, I’d had butterflies in my stomach, not really knowing what to expect once I got there. Since slipping my hand under the covers and discovering Theresa to be nude, however, I had become quite aroused. I wasn’t too concerned that Theresa would be shocked by my state, even though it may have been presumptuous of me to assume that she would be expecting it. In any case, the front of my boxer briefs was being pushed out by my rigid cock. I was watching Theresa’s eyes as I grabbed the waistband, and they were locked below my waist. I pushed my boxer briefs down slowly, my cock gradually being exposed until it popped up and pointed at her. I noticed her eyes getting wide and her curious smirk turning into a smile. My briefs dropped to my ankles and I stepped out of them.

I walked around to the other side of the bed and slipped under the covers. It wasn’t exactly freezing, but it was definitely warmer the closer I got to Theresa. I reached out for her and found my hand on her hip, so I pulled her closer to me as I maneuvered closer to her. Her arms went around my neck and she brought her lips up to meet mine. This wasn’t the first time we’d kissed, but it was the first time we’d kissed while naked together. My cock was a steel rod between us and, as I moved closer to her, the head brushed against her pubes. She reached down between us and grasped it in her small, warm hand, stroking it gently and rubbing the head against her clit. I slid my own hand around from her hip to her ass, running it over the smooth globe.

I pulled her as I rolled over onto my back, so that she was on top of me still holding my cock against her pussy. Getting her knees under her, she held my cock at the opening of her pussy and sat down on it. Her pussy was hot and wet and she was clearly very worked up. Her tits, which I had never seen uncovered before, were hanging right in front of me. I brought my hands up to them as she started to move up and down on my cock. Her tits were average size but she had really big areolas topping them and her nipples were nice and hard. Raising my head slightly, I licked around her areolas, switching from one titty to the other before alternately sucking each of her nipples.

Her pussy felt amazing sliding up and down my rod and she appeared to be enjoying the ride. I just lay there, licking and sucking her nipples, essentially letting her do all the work in the hopes that she would get off. I was so horned up, between the titty bar and being here with her, that I was afraid I’d be done in just a few seconds. That was part of the reason I’d pulled her on top of me so quickly – staying power. A condom probably would have been helpful, as well, but I had completely forgotten about them. I murmured something about getting one and she replied between moans not to worry about it, that she was on the pill.

She rode me for about ten minutes before slowing down and shuddering as her orgasm passed through her. I pushed deeply into her, hoping that would help with the intensity of the pleasure she was feeling. Pulling her down against me so I could kiss her, we slid our tongues into each other’s mouths. My cock was still buried deep into her, so I rolled her over onto her back. As I continued to kiss her, I started pumping my cock in and out of the snug, slippery confines of her pussy again. Having made sure that she was satisfied, it was now my turn for an intense climax. I just kept pushing into her, thinking there is no way a pussy could feel better that Theresa’s. I wanted to fuck her for the rest of my life. After 2 or 3 minutes of hard thrusting, I felt an orgasm unlike any I’d experienced before washing over me. I don’t think there was any blood going to my brain at all as I started shooting my load deep into one of my dearest friends.

I collapsed on top of her as we both panted, trying to catch our breath. We were no longer feeling the chill of the snow outside, our bodies damp with sweat. I rolled off to her side, fearing I was too heavy and not wanting to squash her. She continued to hold me tightly, pressing her face against my shoulder. Prior to this night, we had never gone beyond a little making out and now it was going to be important that we were both on the same page when we parted company at the end of this weekend. Theresa pulled back from me slightly and, looking into my eyes in the dim, candlelit room, asked one question:

“Why mersin escort didn’t we do this sooner?”

“Because it wouldn’t have been like this if we had done it at another time, under a different circumstance,” I answered, sounding unusually deep, especially given the late hour. It was now around 1 am and we were both having trouble keeping our eyelids up. Tre had enough of her wits about her to get up and extinguish all of the candles and I admired her nude figure moving about the apartment until it was too dark to see it any longer. She was back in bed, snuggled up against me, quickly and before long we were both asleep.

The next morning, I woke enough to realize Theresa was getting out of bed, but not enough to ask where she was going or what time it was. I dozed off again pretty quickly. I stirred a little bit again when I felt her get back into bed, but I didn’t feel her snuggle up against me this time. What I did feel was her hand on my semi-rigid cock, followed by the warm, moist environment of her mouth. I groaned with pleasure as she began to blow me. I began to wake more and more, and I don’t mean just below my waist. I was able to determine that she was on her hands and knees and her ass was just a few feet from my head. I lifted the covers, letting in enough light so that I could see her head bobbing up and down and my cock disappearing between her lips. Damn was she good!

Looking to my right, I saw Theresa’s breasts hanging down, so I reached out and cupped the closer one. Her nipple was hard against my palm, but she didn’t start at my attention; she was focused on the task at hand. After fondling it for a moment or two, I removed my hand from her breast and ran it over her ass, then between her legs. Her pussy was wet again, so I toyed with it before pulling her over toward me. While still sucking my cock, she maneuvered into a 69, positioning her pussy over my face.

I don’t know if my dick could have gotten any harder, but staring up at her pussy, it sure felt like it did. I immediately slipped a finger into her while raising my head enough to start licking her clit. This time, she did pause long enough to let out a moan before returning to sucking my cock. She really was a fantastic cocksucker, knowing exactly what to do not only with her mouth, but with her hands and her tongue as well. Despite being focused on licking her pussy and trying to get her to an orgasm, I could feel an orgasm of my own coming on. I continued to work on her, trying to get her to orgasm, even as I felt my cock swelling within the confines of her mouth. I paused only as I felt my load shooting from the end of my cock, a wave of pleasure washing over me. As Theresa swallowed my cum, I went back to trying to make her cum.

Theresa let my limp cock drop from her mouth as she rested her head on my thigh. She was getting more vocal the longer I worked on her. I just hoped that I was giving her as much pleasure as she had given me. It sounded as though she was enjoying herself, so that was encouraging. I was sliding a single digit in and out of the snug, slippery confines of her pussy while my tongue lapped at her engorged clit. I could feel her starting to move her hips in rhythm with my licking and her moans were getting shorter and closer together. It was only a few minutes after I had cum that she let out a long cry and I felt her body shudder and suddenly I was slurping up a fresh flow of her pungent juice.

Maneuvering around again, Theresa lay next to me and planted a kiss on my lips. I grabbed the back of her head and kissed her back hard. When I finally let her go, she asked me how I like my coffee as she began to climb out of bed again. I told her and, before she headed back to the kitchen, she said that she’d turned the heat up enough so that we wouldn’t have to get dressed if we didn’t want to. She also suggested that I look out the window to check out the snowfall. I crawled to the edge of the bed then walked over to the window. I was stunned! There was at least 12 inches of snow already on the ground and it was still coming down hard. As I stood there naked watching the snow fall, Theresa came up behind me, wrapping her arms around me with a cup of coffee in one hand. I took the coffee and she just wrapped her arms tightly around me and looked out the window with me. After a few minutes and a few sips of coffee, I turned away from the window and set the cup down on the top of her dresser, which was beside the window. I took her hands as I faced her and just looked her over.

“I’ve been trying to picture you naked since, well, pretty much since I met you,” I told her, “You look even more amazing than I could have imagined, so forgive me if I seem like a kid in a candy shop.”

I led her back over to the bed and had her lay down right in the middle of it. Kneeling beside her, I first ran my fingers over her face and down her neck. I placed a hand on each breast, feeling their shape and size and her hard nipples against my palms. I leaned down to kiss her, then kissed down her neck to her tits. I licked around each of her areolas and sucked on her nipples. Straightening up again, I ran my hands over her ribs and her smooth stomach and down to her hips. Moving around, I repositioned myself kneeling between her legs.

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