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Stay for Submission Pt. 02

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Looking at Karen in this moment when she started to really submit, I saw her dishwater blond hair matted with sweat. I looked into her blue-gray eyes still moist with tears and some confusion. Her face was still flushed from her orgasm and her pale skin glistened in the dim light.

“Time to move to the bedroom. Hold still while I put this tie on you.”

“What is that for?” Karen was scared.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be tight but it will be tied around your your neck.” I put the tie on her and I noticed her wrinkles. God, she was old. “Now, on your hands and knees.”

She got down on all fours. Her small tits hung loosely from her chest. Her pudgy tummy hung down about as far as her tits. She looked her full 45 years and four children in this position. I took the tie in my hand and said, “You are my good girl dog now. Heel as we go to the bedroom.”

I started to walk and she followed as she had to since I had her by the leash around her throat. After a few steps into the hallway I stopped and patted her head, like the good dog she was. “Sit” I commanded. She sat back on her haunches and panted. “Good girl.”

I started walking and she came to heel. We reached the bedroom and I told her to get on the bed with her ass on the pillows and her heels close to her ass. She did as instructed. “Now, reach toward your ankles.”

I used the ties to connect her skinny wrists to her ankles. There was about 18″ from her wrist Escort Küçükköy to her ankle but she was still tied up. “The ties are not tight and you can still move. If you are panicked then let me know and I’ll untie you. Understand that I would like you to stayed tied until I am ready to release you.”

“I understand. This is more serious than I thought it would be but I am yours to use as you need.”

With that I moved onto the bed and kissed her deeply. Her mouth opened and she moaned as our kiss lasted. I reached down to her soft belly and started to rub it like it was a dog’s belly. “You are my pet and I want you to serve me like a good obedient dog.”

“I’m your pet and will do as you instruct.”

I moved to sitting with my legs straddling her body. I reached down and grabbed her small tits. I stroked them and Karen groaned. Then I squeezed them hard. “I want to increase the sensation in these sad little tits. You need to feel them more them mere touch. Submit to my power to hold you as I choose.”

“It hurts but I have never been so turned on by anyone’s touch. Squeeze me as tight as you can.”

I tightened my grip and sat on her belly. Nip pinching lead to even louder moans.

“Ready for some mouth music?”

“Really? You would do that now?”

“Yes, why else would I have you tied up so wide open?”

I went to the floor at the foot of the bed and brought my face Mecidiyeköy escort close to her cunt. Her breathing became ragged and her saggy thighs trembled. She tried to inch closer to my mouth but the loose bonds made it hard to move. I started to lick her wet cunt with extra attention to her now taught clit. Her moans turned to speech.

“I am your pet. I am yours now. Your bonds make me whole, open and taken. Lick me, suck me, love me. Please.”

I toyed with her cunt, licking hard, nibbling on her clit, sucking. Karen was wet and rubbed her cunt up and down on my face, humping my mouth as best she could. I brought her close to cumming but every time she neared a climax I stopped touching her altogether.

“Oh Mark please let me cum again. I beg you to make me cum again.”

“What makes you think you get to cum when I still have more pleasure to send from my body to yours.” I stood up and untied her arms. I took the leash from her neck and untied her ankles.

“Now off the bed and kneel on this pillow.” Karen complied without any question.

“Look up at me. You know what happens now. It is time for you to prove yourself by fulfilling your promise to swallow. Ask for it”

“Mark, I am ready for your cock in my mouth. I am ready to feel you slide in. My tongue is ready to lick your beautiful cock from head to base. Please feed me your warm cream. I am hungry and only your cum Merter escort bayan can satisfy me. Please, I beg you. Please feed me.”

I looked down at her and took my cock in my hand. I held it in front of her mouth and Karen opened to me. Pleasure built as I slid in and held her head in place. I just left my cock motionless in her mouth and she sucked. I moved in her mouth like it was her cunt. Her breathing quickened.

“You can touch your cunt as I fuck your mouth. Touch yourself so that you cum when I cum.”

I held her head as I fucked her mouth and pushed toward her throat. Her gagging was expected and I did not force myself beyond the place where she gagged. My pace increased and pleasure built until I finally came. Rope after rope of cum spurted into her mouth. I looked down at her and saw her hand rubbing her cunt furiously. Karen came hard as my cum filled her mouth. Now was the moment of truth. Yes, she swallowed most of my load with the rest dribbling down her chin.

“Look at me and tell me how you feel now.”

“I have never felt so satisfied in my life. I am glad I waited all these years to have you be the first man whose cum I’ve swallowed. You taste wonderful and I feel full of your pleasure.”

“You can get up and get us drinks then come back to bed.”

We spooned and I pulled her close. Karen pressed her body against me and sighed.

“I should have submitted to you sooner; I never knew it would make me feel so alive.”

“You weren’t ready until you were forced to choose submission. You have further to go on this journey. I’ll ask you soon to tell me how you happen to know how to get an invitation to a swingers party.”

“Yes, I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow or whenever you ask.”

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