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Spur of the Moment

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When I found myself talking to you in the bar, you held eye contact when you spoke to me and that made me fell like there wasn’t anyone else there. Every time you looked at me or your hand brushed against me, I felt a spark, then a current. The tension began building up within me. I kept looking at you when you were talking to others and the sound of your voice became intoxicating. It was like it was connected directly to me and every time I heard you speak I had to look at you.

I leaned in to catch what you were saying and the feel of your breath in my hair stirred something deep inside me. I began to imagine you kissing me, touching me, inside me. I looked at you I whispered in your ear, explaining that I was in need of company, wondering if you had to go home any time soon. You looked so shocked that for a moment I thought that my instincts were wrong, that I had misread you, but you were just surprised at my intention, so different from my outward demeanour. After that, your smiling eyes came back to mine more and more often, our conversations began to exclude others, becoming more intimate.

And then suddenly there were only a few of us left, and we were dragged along to a restaurant for food. As you took my bag, your hand found my breast and squeezed — all so subtle and discreet. We dawdled behind everyone, you walked a pace behind me, your hand at my back, pressing between my cheeks. And in the restaurant, your hand pressed further, along my stockinged thigh, up my skirt, probing me. I tried very hard not to react, enjoying the secrecy of it all. As I leaned over for more wine your fingers pressed between my legs, and I almost yelped. When we passed in the corridor, you pressed me to the wall and kissed me, your tongue deep in my mouth as I moved kırklareli escort against you. I felt your cock hard against me and I imagined you lifting me onto it and fucking me hard and fast against the wall and I came so close to orgasm I could hardly breathe. I enjoyed your surprise at me then.

Finally alone, the door barely closed, I ripped off your clothes and wriggled out of mine. We fell onto the bed and you pulled me into your arms and pressed your lean, muscled body to mine. I remember your skin against mine, hot and prickling with excitement; your breath in my ear, telling me how I made you feel; the rising beat of your heart matching mine. Then you pulled back to look at me lying there, my large breasts bare, knees apart, exposing my clean-shaven pussy. You marvelled at me, made me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. I gazed over your cycling-toned body and my eyes rested on your cock, wide and hard, with a drop of pre-come on the end.

You ran your hands over me, exclaiming at the softness of my porcelain skin, as your fingers found my breasts squeezed my nipples, small and hard. You lowered your head and flicked your tongue across one, making me cry out. You circled my nipple with your tongue and then sucked suddenly and bit it as I arched my back, pushing myself closer to you, wanting everything you had to give. You pulled away to look at me again as your hands began to caress my thighs. I keep remembering the way you looked at me when your exploring fingers delved between my folds and along my slit, feeling exactly how aroused you had made me. I watched as your cock twitched at the thought of entering me. Electricity surged through me as your fingers moved deftly over my clit. You afyon escort lay back beside me to watch my reaction as one finger entered me, firmly and deeply. You started talking to me, whispering to me, asking what I liked, telling me what you were going to do as you thrust another finger into me, thrusting hard, thumb rubbing against my clit. I gasped, eyes widening as you thrust against my g-spot, your thumb pushed against my clit as my hips rose to meet your hand and I came suddenly and sharply, crying out as it took my breath away.

After my quivering muscles relaxed a bit, I sat up and pushed you down onto the bed. I began to kiss your stomach, running my hands through your greying chest hair, kissing you deeply, pushing my tongue against yours, my breasts firm against your chest, before returning to your chest, your stomach and finally, your cock. I teased the end, licking all the way around the head, my tongue pressing slightly into the eye. Then I slid my lips down around you, taking as much of your enormous cock in my mouth as I could. I looked up at you, eyes large, mouth full, and you smiled. I moved my hands up and down your shaft before kissing all the way down to lick and suck your balls. Slowly, I repeated my movements. You lay there, lost in the rhythm of my tongue and my hands. I heard you groan as I took the tip into my mouth and tightened my hand around you, bobbing my head quickly, hands stroking in synch. I felt you tense so I looked up and you were smiling down at me, so I began to crawl up to kiss you again.

I pressed my pussy against your cock, rubbing my moistness against you, feeling you growing more, swelling more, if that were possible. You smiled and slipped from under me to behind me and amasya escort I trembled with anticipation. I felt you behind me, caressing my openings, running up and down my hot, wet cunt, probing gently then moving back. Again and again you teased me till I pressed myself back, begging and pleading for you to fuck me. Then you thrust deep within me and my internal walls grasped your engorged cock, as waves rushed over me, engulfing me, consuming me. I felt myself shudder, tightening and releasing with every thrust, as the waves of my orgasm engulfed me and I heard myself cry out.

You turned me over and looked deep in my eyes. With your cock in your hand, soaked in my wetness, you rubbed it against my throbbing clit and then entered me again, filling me completely, eclipsing everything. You began moving with firm, deliberate strokes and I was lost in ecstasy, moaning, gasping, writhing, my movements synchronising with yours. Time lost all meaning, waves of pleasure rolled over and around me as we moved together. You picked up the pace, heightening the intensity. I felt you deeper and deeper inside me as my hips pushed against you with every thrust. As you took me to the cusp I felt my whole body vibrate intensely. It started deep in my belly, spreading outwards, up my spine, down my quivering legs until my fingers and toes were tingling, until suddenly I could stand it no more and screamed your name. In that second the release was so extreme I felt blinded by the power of it, the deepest, most penetrative orgasm I have ever experienced and your continued thrusts extended this feeling, peaking again and again, I writhed under you, muscles contracting and convulsing. With a great shout you exploded inside me and I felt your seed fill me as you collapsed on top of me.

Finally spent, I lay there completely relaxed as you held me gently and stroked my hair. Slowly your breathing became more measured and your arms relaxed around me. I slipped free and got dressed. I stood at the door and looked back at you sleeping soundly thinking how you were just what I needed. Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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