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Spring Break Ch. 04: Overnight

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More Final Fantasy Fun!

Category: Mature.

Series background:

This series of stories follows Dirk and Steve, who are 20-year-old second-year students at the University of Stellenbosch during their Spring Break, which is late September to early October in South Africa. Classes end on the last Friday of September and restart just over a week later on the Tuesday. The academic year starts January and ends December and the Spring Break is the last break before final examinations.

This chapter can be read as a standalone story. However, readers may find it useful to read the earlier chapters (especially Chapter 3) first to better understand the events of this chapter.

All characters are 18 or above.


I thank kenjisato for making this story much more readable and enjoyable than I could master on my own.

Matric refers to Grade 12 or the final year in school, equivalent to senior year in the US, a year during which scholars turn 18 years old.

The events and characters portrayed in this story are entirely fictitious.


Previously: Dirk and Steve were travelling the 1,800 kilometers (1,200 mi) from Stellenbosch to Tzaneen by car. It was a two-day trip and they just completed day one in three legs of about three hours each. The car’s radio wasn’t working so they decided that the passenger tells the driver of a past sexual encounter to pass the time.

During the first part of the trip, Steve told about the sex he had with Juliette, a lactating young mother (Chapter 1). During the second part, Dirk revealed how he took the virginity of his best friend’s twin sister (Chapter 2). During the third and final part of the day, Steve told about the sex he had with his sister’s friend on the theme of Final Fantasy (Chapter 3).

The two travelers arrived at Steve’s home in Bloemfontein to overnight. After sorting out his overnight stuff, Dirk was about to return to the TV room to meet up with Steve and his sister, Sis, before supper was served.


For the benefit of non-gamers:

A speedrun is when the gamer tries to complete the game (e.g. get to the credits screen) in the minimum time. There are several variations such as:

– Any percentage: This is typically the shortest time possible and gamers often use bugs or game features to ‘cheat’ the game into believing that they completed it.

– All bosses: The gamer has to visit/kill all the bosses in the game. (All checkpoints in the case of a racing game)

– Challenge: The Gamer has to complete the specific challenge or set of challenges such as: Kill at least one of every type of creature and one boss (often the main boss/villain) in the game.


Dirk could hear Sis’ insistent voice even before he rounded the corner in the passage towards the TV room. “I’m not going to let you get away with it! You have to tell me where to find the Lost Valley so I can explore it and get the boss-fight bonus points!”

Dirk rounded the corner and saw Steve standing with his back towards him. By the way Steve sporadically shook his overnight travel bag in his hand, Dirk could tell that Sis left him little maneuvering space. Steve will have to admit soon that the ‘Lost Valley’ was a sex-driven, role-play adaptation of Final Fantasy. “You should ask Sandra, she discovered the hidden passage!”

Dirk realized that red-headed Mithrada’s real name was Sandra. He entered the TV room and saw Sis in front of the TV where Final Fantasy’s start-up screen was displayed.

Sis noticed that Dirk had entered the TV room. She looked at him and continued in a much friendlier tone. “Do you play Final Fantasy?”

Steve used the opportunity to flee. “I’m going to put this in my room.” He waved his travel bag towards Sis and disappeared into another passage.

Dirk smiled while thinking back on Steve’s story. “I played a bit before, but not much. Mostly Eight.”

Sis wanted to narrow her enquiry down. “And ‘Eleven’?”

Dirk considered that Sis was aware of Steve and Sandra’s role-play adaptation of Final Fantasy Eleven and answered cautiously. “Only once, Steve convinced me to play with him back at Varsity at the beginning of the year.”

“Do you know about the… ‘Lost Valley’?”

Dirk wasn’t surprised by Sis’ question after the altercation he had just witnessed. He also remembered that Steve said that Mithrada disclosed some ‘Live Action’ details in Sis’ presence at the time. The thought crossed his mind that Sandra already told Sis everything.

He decided to play it safe and gave a vague answer which would leave him with escape options. He forced a frown as if thinking deep, “I think I’ve heard about it, but I don’t know where it fits in. It wasn’t one of the quests we pursued.” He remembered Steve’s warning that Sis was very inquisitive and decided to test Sis’ knowledge. “What do you know about the Lost Valley? It may remind me of something!”

Sis took the bait. “I think there is a fight Haramidere escort bayan with some fire-boss.”

Dirk raises an eyebrow as if recalling more detail. “Somewhere… in a tunnel… if I’m not mistaken.”

A smile spread across Sis’ lips and her eyes narrowed as she stared at him and put her hands on her hips. “That’s good enough for me, would you like to play with me after supper to see if we can find the Lost Valley and quench the boss’ fire?”

Dirk didn’t know what to make of Sis’ request. He guessed that he stepped right in her trap by giving her details which is only associated with the ‘Live Action’ version. He was now convinced that she knew about the ‘Live Action’ version which Steve and Sandra played? Maybe it would have been better to deny any knowledge. But then, was her request to ‘quench the boss’ fire’ an invitation to have sex with her? He also considered that she was just innocently trying to perform this ‘quest’ to gain experience points on her account like she hinted at when she interrogated Steve? He looked into her eyes, trying to figure out what her real intention was.

Sis sensed his hesitation and pulled her shoulders back into a daring stance. Her camisole tightened over her breasts which caused her young hard nipples to show through her blouse. She was clearly not wearing a bra.

Dirk noticed the movement and his gaze shifted towards her breasts. He felt his penis started to grow, unsure if it was due to the added stimulation of her nipple being pressed by the camisole, or merely the thought of having sex with Sis. He bit his lip before carefully answering her. “I’ll see how I feel after supper, we had a long day on the road. If I’m up to it, I would love to play with you and help you find and explore the ‘Lost Valley’!”

Sis’ smile brightened up. “And help me fight the fire boss?”

Dirk was now sure that Sis knew about the ‘Live Action’ version and that she hinted at sex, but he answered as if he still knew nothing of the ‘Live Action’ version. “I’ll help you fight him if we can find the ‘Lost Valley’. I told you already, I am not a regular player.”

Sis was now confused, she was sure that he knew about the ‘Live Action’ version and that it was associated with sex. She tried again and put some bait out. “And quench the fire that is burning deep inside her slippery cave?”

The way Sis phrased her question strongly hinted at sex, even without the Final Fantasy ‘Live Action’ context. He couldn’t recall that Steve ever mentioned that the cave was supposed to be ‘slippery’, so it must be Sis’ own invention. He took the bait. “I will spray whatever it takes onto the fire deep in the fire boss’ slippery cave to put it out, if this is what you want me to do.” The warm feeling that spread across his face told him that he was blushing as he just told Sis that he would like to have sex with her.

Sis was sure that Dirk knew what she wanted from him. ‘Spraying stuff onto the fire’ was a dead give-away. She took a PlayStation control and waved it at Dirk to suggest that she meant the PlayStation version and to keep Steve confused in case he overheard their discussion. “I’ll ask Steve to tell me in which area we should search for the hidden passage to the Lost Valley. I think it will be fun for the two of us to explore the Lost Valley on our own. After supper?”

Then he remembered Steve’s warning to keep his hands off his virgin sister and added to imply that he intended the PlayStation version. “That is if you have an account for me to play on.”

“You can play with m…” It was on the tip of Sis’ tongue to say ‘me’, Sis blushed before she continued, “… My spare account.” She bent forward to put the controller on the coffee table and a thin lacy white thong peeked out from under her shorts which were now low on her hips.

Steve showed up after listening anxiously to Sis. He desperately hoped that Sis didn’t know about the ‘Live Action’ version and that she truly wanted to play the PlayStation version with Dirk for the experience points. She was still a virgin, at least as far as he knew. She promised to tell him whenever she loses her virginity. She had kept her promise in the past to tell him of her boyfriends. He felt conflicted because he never told her about his dating and sexual encounters. From their earlier interaction, it seemed as if she suspected that it was a fake mission and that she was serious about finding the truth, and an admission of guilt for not telling her.

Luckily, he could always insist that Sandra found the hidden entrance to the Lost Valley and he would be lost without her. He smiled when he realized how accurate the explanation would be, because without Sandra there would be no Lost Valley. Fortunately for him, Sis stood with her back to him, and didn’t know that he was there.

Steve’s mother, Laura, saved the situation and called them for supper. Laura stood at the end of the table and showed Dirk to sit on her left, Escort İkitelli with Sis across the table from him, and Steve seated at the other end. Dirk got another nice glance at Laura’s firm, round, E-cup breasts when she bent over to sit down and her loose-fitting wrap-top blouse folded open and revealed her right breast in a thin lacy bra.

Steve said a table prayer and all started to eat. Dirk could understand why beef lasagna was one of Steve’s favorites. Although Dirk enjoyed the meal, he was regularly distracted by Laura’s breast which played peek-a-boo with him every time she leaned forward to take a bite. Although little more than the boob in the thin white lacy bra could be seen from his side view position, it was enough to get his imagination going on how he would suck on them if he was given the opportunity. They would be the biggest boobs that he ever sucked. Images of the sea rescue video where the girls’ large boobs gyrated while they fucked, worked his penis into a rock-hard erection while he imagined how Laura’s boobs would sway under his onslaught.

Sis wasn’t impressed when she realized that Dirk’s attention was not directed at her. She was almost convinced that he understood that that she wanted sex. If he knew fake ‘Live Action’ detail, he should also know the significance! Now he seemed more interested in her mother’s boobs, not that she could blame him for it. She heard Steve’s warning to leave his ‘virgin’ sister alone, and wondered if Dirk’s avoidance had anything to with it.

Then an idea formed in her mind and she moved her chair back a bit. It forced her to lean forward to eat so she started to rub her nipples over the table’s edge every time she took a bite. Soon her nipples were hard again and made notable impressions through her cami. Between bites, she would sit back and inhale deeply to accentuate her nipples pressing through her cami.

As if on cue, her efforts were rewarded when Dirk started to check her breasts out as well. Satisfied that she had gotten Dirk’s attention, she casually made some small talk with Steve to play ‘hard to get’. “How is your back after the long drive?”

Steve flexed his spine before answering. “I think I’ll survive the night, with some good rest, I’ll be fine for tomorrow’s trip. I may need a rub of Norflex as a precaution though.”

Dirk finished his plate first and Laura was quick to offer a second serving which he gladly accepted. Although he regarded the second serving as a nice treat for his big active body, he got a bonus treat when Laura got up and took his plate to dish up his second serving. Her blouse’s right shoulder slipped off, offering him a full frontal close-up view of her boob. He couldn’t miss her nipple which pressed against her bra, and he could even make out the darkening of her areola through the thin material.

Laura froze, still right in Dirk’s gaze, when she realized what happened. She had to lift her right arm high up to work the shoulder strap back to her shoulder. During the delay, Dirk also noticed hints of tan lines of a small bikini through the thin lacy material.

As the nipple disappeared behind the blouse, Dirk thought that he saw the reflection of nipple jewelry. He thought back when he had sex with a co-student with nipple rings during the winter break, and the idea of playing with Laura’s piercings intensified his erection. He wondered why Steve didn’t tell him about the piercing. Then again, the jewelry might have been his imagination.

With Laura’s back towards him while she dished up his second serving, he deemed it safe to straighten his erection into a more comfortable position. When he looked in Sis’ direction, hoping to see more of her nipples, Sis looked him straight in the eyes. He blushed when he saw the knowing smile on Sis’ face. Laura returned with his plate and sat down, taking care that the shoulder did not slip off again.

Steve finished shortly after Dirk and helped himself to a second plate of food. Dirk almost succumbed to the temptation of a third serving, but decided against it. The doorbell rang just when Steve was about to finish off his second helping. Sis got up excitedly, and returned shortly afterwards with a tall, red-headed girl in the doorway behind Steve. Sis looked at the redhead. “Sandra, you know Steve, and over there is his friend Dirk. Dirk, this is my friend Sandra.”

Sandra wore a black tube top which barely covered her bra-less D-cup breasts and a matching black miniskirt. The red bun of her bundled up hair, high up on the back of her head, and her dark makeup, gave her a mysterious gothic appearance. A large scar below her belly button matched Steve’s description and confirmed that Sandra was indeed, Mithrada.

Steve choked on his last bite of food and sat up straight. He looked around and greeted Sandra. He knew he was blushing, Sandra did live up to her promise to come for a visit to continue their game when he was home again. Her presence however Çapa escort left him without escape options if Sis continued her interrogation about the ‘Lost Valley’.

Dirk was trying to make out how the turn of events would impact Sis’ request that he plays Final Fantasy with her after supper if Steve and Sandra were going to play as well. She must have expected Sandra and knew that playing options were limited, especially if Steve and Sandra wanted to continue their game. She probably planned to at least play the PlayStation version for a while pretending like that was her intention! He doubted if her plan was for all four of them to play. When would they stop and go to sleep for the ‘Live Action’ version?

He was also unsure on how Sandra’s presence would impact Sis’ plans to search for the ‘Lost Valley’ if she indeed hinted at playing the ‘Live Action’ version. The two young ladies would probably share Sis’ bedroom, making it difficult for him to discreetly pay Sis a visit, or for Sis to slip away to join him in the guest room. Maybe Sis planned to slip away if Sandra was visiting Steve. That meant that he should get into his bed early on and forget the entire PlayStation plan. It was the only way it could work.

Dinner was over and everybody started taking dishes to the kitchen. Laura looked at Dirk and Sandra. “Leave the dishes, you’re guests. Go to the TV room with Sis and let Steve help me pack the dishwasher.”

Dirk and Sandra followed Sis into the TV room while Laura and Steve finished off loading the dishwasher. When done, Laura looked at Steve. “Do you know what caused the big stain on the large scatter cushion with the black cover?”

Steve now blushed a deep red and looked away before he answered, grateful that the light wasn’t bright and that Sis warned him about this. “I spilled some beer on it when I was here in July. I wanted to tell you about it, but forgot.”

Laura smiled as if she did not believe him, but that she would give him the benefit of the doubt. “It didn’t smell like beer to me, but go and join the others in the TV room.” When he turned around she added, “Take care of your back, you’ve got a long drive tomorrow!”

Dirk hesitated momentarily before he continued towards the TV room. He was sure that Laura knew more about his sex with Sandra than he thought. Maybe she wants him to take it easy because she, too, wanted to prevent something from happening between Sis and Dirk!

Sis closed the TV room’s door towards the kitchen after Steve joined them. The last game that Steve and Sandra played was already loaded and their two characters were standing next to the crystal where they saved the game. She had a smirk on her face and with crossed arms, looked triumphantly in Steve’s direction. “Dear brother, can you now please tell me where to find the Lost Valley?” She handed him one of the controls. “I want to create characters for Dirk and me so we can start playing. We’re eager to search and explore the Lost Valley. If you can show us where to find the secret entrance, we may have enough time to find the fiery cave and quench the boss’ fire for our bonus experience points.”

From her assertive posture, Steve was convinced that she knew more than she led him to believe. He looked at Sandra for support, but she shrugged her shoulders. He felt betrayed because it was Sandra who mentioned the ‘Lost Valley’ in Sis’ presence. He tried to respond. “I… We were…” He looked at Dirk for inspiration and gave a sigh, “It’s too long ago, I can’t remember.”

Sis was determined. “Well, I loaded the game that you two played in July, your last checkpoint should be close to the ‘Lost Valley’. Take a look at the map and retrace your steps from there!”

Although Dirk enjoyed Sis’ interrogation and Steve’s predicament, he also considered Sandra’s position should Steve finally admit that it wasn’t part of the real PlayStation game, but referred to a sexual encounter. It also seemed as if Sis was more interested in catching her brother out than to play the game with him, or ensure that he is in his bedroom early! “Please excuse me, I can’t help with the Lost Valley and it is time for me to hit the bed.” He looked at Sis to apologize. “I’m sorry. I would have loved to explore the Lost Valley with you, but I did the bulk of the driving, and tomorrow will be another long drive. Maybe on our way back.” He expected to see some disappointment on Sis’s face, but she smiled, almost triumphantly, and returned her attention to Steve, waiting for a reply.

Steve was relieved that Dirk excused himself before he was forced to admit it all. When Dirk was out of ear-shot range Steve softly responded, “The ‘Lost Valley’ is not part of the PlayStation game. It was a ‘Live Action’ or roleplay adaptation in which Sandra and I explored each other’s bodies before we had sex. I am sure you can figure out what the ‘valley’ and the ‘cave’ is.” Steve face glowed from blushing, it was the first time that he admitted to Sis of having sex. “I’m sorry for not telling you about this like we promised each other.”

Then he turned to face Sis. “And no searching for the ‘Lost Valley’ and boss fights for you and Dirk tonight. You must protect the shield at your cave’s entrance. Once someone has entered, the shield would be broken, forever.”

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