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Spring Break at the Cabin Ch. 09

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Dear reader: I intended for this to be the first part of a longer chapter. But the more I wrote, I realized it was going to be a MUCH longer chapter. Not wanting to inundate you (and not wanting to make you wait), I’m publishing this on its own. I hope it’s worth your time.

Unbeknownst to many of you, the last few chapters have included reader requests. I love interacting with readers (via the portal tab – be sure to leave a reply email) to hear what they’d like to see happen with my characters. If you have any specific desires or requests, please reach out!



When Danielle pulled back into the driveway, she was surprised to see Marci swing the door open and bound out onto the deck. She was all the way down to the Escalade before Danielle even opened the door.

“Oh my god, come on, you slut!” Marci chirped as she bounced on tiptoes.

“What’s going on? Is everything OK?” Danielle asked, bemused by Marci’s ministrations.

“Yes! I’ve just been waiting to talk to you all day. I only got a couple words in when you got out of the shower.”

Danielle retrieved her purse and new dress from the back seat. “Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn’t trying to cut you out. Things just…happened, I guess.”

“Oh, baby, I’m not mad at you. I just want to gossip about it. The rest of the crew went back to the lake, so it’s just you and me. Is that a new dress?” Marci said, noticing the black fabric in Danielle’s hand. She admired the craftsmanship.

“It’s nice! Where did you…” Marci started to ask before she realized the answer. “Nooo!”

Danielle blushed, knowing full well that Marci would drag out every detail of her trip to town.

“You saw Uncle John again?” Marci was shocked. “Even after you learned that he was Jeremy’s uncle?”

“What?” Danielle asked. “I can’t go buy a dress because I need a new dress?”

“Did you pay full price for this dress?” Marci asked, already predicting a negative reply.

Danielle stayed silent. She wanted to present a witty reply, but her brain was coming up short. Marci pressed further.

“How steep of a discount did he give you?”

Danielle looked down, allowing her cascading hair to hide her garnet cheeks.

“One hundred percent.”

Marci gasped as if she’d just heard the most shocking revelation. “You slut!” She reached around Danielle and slapped her ass, the palm of her hand making contact just below the hem of Danielle’s yellow dress, but in an upward trajectory so she still hit cheek. Danielle flinched, as the area was still a bit tender from John’s spanking. Fortunately, Marci didn’t notice. She took Danielle by the wrist and dragged her into the cabin.

Danielle noticed two glasses of wine already poured. Marci clearly had been anxiously awaiting her return. She allowed Marci to guide her to the couch, accepted her glass of wine, and sat down next to her. Danielle sat up straight with her back against the cushions and her head tilted back over the top. For as Iliadic as her afternoon in town had felt, the plush sofa provided a comforting reprieve. Marci sat to her right and turned to her.

“Tell me everything!” she practically demanded.

Danielle exhaled and smiled. “Where to I start?”

“Start with, ‘So I left you and Jeremy in the lake and went back to the cabin with Andrea, Kevin and Brandon.'”

“So I left you and Jeremy in the lake and went back to the cabin with Andrea, Kevin and Brandon,” Danielle repeated verbatim. “I only vaguely remember the trek, to be honest. I think I’d had seven or eight shots of tequila and I was definitely feeling it. I remember thinking that the guys behind me must have had an incredible view, because you insisted I wear that shoelace of a bikini and my ass was hanging out in every direction.”

“OK, one correction already: your ass doesn’t hang at all. It’s somehow both rotund and tight…there’s like no jiggle to that thing.”

“OK, but you get the idea,” Danielle countered. “And all four of us knew what we were coming up here to do. There was no pretense. No foreplay…I guess that kind of added to my excitement.”

“Good, go on.”

“And I got right to where we’re sitting now, except I was standing in front of the couch. The next thing I know, Brandon and Kevin are on either side of me, pulling at my bikini and putting their hands all over me.”

Marci took a sip of wine, then put her glass back on the table.

“Be more specific. Where did they touch you?”

Danielle took a larger swig of her wine. “Marci, like, everywhere! Obviously they weren’t focused on my forearms and middle toe. They were pawing at my tits and ass, mostly.”

With her hand now unencumbered by the wine, Marci brought it to Danielle’s inner thigh and started stroking her way towards her slit. “Did they touch you here?”

“Mmmm,” Danielle responded, letting her memories of that morning, the wine and Marci’s hand ply her legs apart. “Yeah, they touched me there for sure.”

“Then what happened?”

“In an instant, taksim escort they tore off my bikini. Good thing you didn’t pay full price. It lasted about three minutes. I don’t even know what they did. They were like lions on prey. I recall them grabbing the strings, and the next thing I knew I was naked.”

“You were too hot for them to control yourself. Then what?” Marci moved her hand to Danielle’s pussy and started teasing her clit. Danielle shifted slightly to allow her easier access.

“Then, now that they had easier access, they started fingering me. I don’t know which was which. They took turns kissing me, but one had his hands on my tits and a finger in my ass, while the other had a finger or two in my pussy and his hand around my neck.”

“Fuck! That’s sexy,” Marci interjected. “I can’t believe I missed it.”

“Me neither. I honestly felt bad about it. You’ve helped me come out of my shell so much this week. It felt wrong for you not to be there, but I was too drunk to care in the moment. I’m sorry.”

Marci started rubbing her clit a little harder. “Make up for it by giving me details. What happened next?”

“Kevin started telling me what they were going to do to me. He kept calling me a slut, and said that they were going to stuff all of my holes with cock. But it wasn’t enough for him to tell me. He needed me to beg for it. Even after I’d stroked their cocks to full girth and was down on my knees about to blow them, he made me wait and beg.”

Marci slipped a finger inside Danielle’s wet hole. “I bet you did beg, you slut. Didn’t you?”

“Yes, yes, of course. I was horny as fuck and he had already proved what he can do with his dick. I would have said anything he wanted in that moment. In fact…” she trailed off.

“…In fact what?” Marci urged.

“In fact I called him something that kind of fucked me up. I don’t know why I said it.”

Marci slid a second finger in next to the first, and Danielle opened her legs further to allow it. She was starting to get horny again.

“Tell me what you called him, baby,” Marci said as she closed her eyes and laid her head on Danielle’s shoulder. It was like she was trying to envision the orgy and wanted no interruptions.

“I…I called him ‘daddy’? I have no idea why.

“Fuuuuck, that’s hot, baby. Did he say anything?”

“Not that I remember. He just put his cock in my mouth and started fucking my throat.”

“Then what happened?”

“Then, I turned to give Brandon some love, and Kevin pulls my arms behind my back and completely immobilizes me. He even slipped his cock in my hands so he could fuck my fingers as he held me in place. It hurt a little, but I just knelt there and took it like a good slut.”

Marci’s thumb circled around Danielle’s clit a few times as she pictured the scene. “He tried that with me one time, but I asked him to stop. I’m sure he was thrilled you let him get away with it. He’ll probably raise you to the top of his list of preferred fuck buddies now.”

“I’m not sure how many more rounds I can go with him, to be honest,” Danielle replied as Marci continued to tease her pussy.

“Keep going,” Marci encouraged.

“At this point, things become a bit blurry. I know that I ate out Andrea for a bit, and as I was doing that Kevin was fucking both my holes with both sides of a double headed dildo. He kept saying that it was a small mercy, that the dildo was smaller than his cock, and even if it loosened me up, I’d still be stretched further once he starts fucking me.

So finally they gave my mouth a rest and I started riding Brandon right here on the floor. Then Kevin crawls up behind and starts fucking my ass at the same time.”

Marci rubbed Danielle’s pussy harder when she heard this. She’d was hoping to witness Danielle’s first DP herself.

“How did it feel, baby? Tell me everything.”

“I was really fucking tight, babe. It’s probably a good thing I couldn’t see it go in because I would have been too scared. But you know Kevin…he’s so persistent. So insistent. I really didn’t even have a say in the matter.”

“Mmmm, they just fucked you like a ragdoll…like you were their plaything?”

“Yeah, pretty much. Not that I wasn’t enjoying it after a little bit. And they weren’t the only ones. At one point, Andrea abandoned her role as my supporter, stuffed one end of the dildo up her pussy, and pushed the other in my mouth. She was fucking my mouth with the end of the dildo that had just been in my ass. Fuck! I felt so dirty, but it turned me on so much.”

Marci was rubbing her harder, and Danielle was starting to grind back against her. But Marci wasn’t going to let her cum so easily. She backed off for a moment, repositioned her hand, and slid a third finger inside the wet passage. Danielle groaned as she accommodated her.

“Keep going,” Marci insisted.

“At some point, the boys started to get tired, and…”

“Hold up! The boys got tired? I don’t think I’ve ever experienced that. You mecidiyeköy escort outlasted the guys while they had you two on one?”

Danielle shrugged. “I think it was all the tequila. Kevin said he was feeling woozy. So we repositioned with me lying on the arm of the couch, right here,” she said with a gesture to her left. “I was face down facing back there, and Brandon started fucking my ass while standing here.”

“Mmmmm, delicious,” Marci chimed.

“And Andrea was sitting where I am now, pinching the shit out of my nipples because she knows how much it turns me on. And I was rubbing my clit as my pussy was rocked along the couch, right here.”

“Tell me more…”

“That’s pretty much it. Kevin didn’t last long and covered my face with his cum. Brandon finished on my back. It felt like there was a gallon of it.”

“Did they make you cum, baby?”

“Yeah, I had a few small cums during the action. But after they came, Andrea polished me off with the dildo. That was my best cum of the session.”

Marci continued to pump three fingers in and out of her, occasionally rubbing her clit with her thumb.

“And then you showered, and you abandoned us to go into town. What happened there?”

Marci used her free hand to pull Danielle’s dress over her shoulder. As it was relatively loose fitting, it easily pooled just above her breasts, ready to be lowered further. Danielle could hear the squelch of her pussy juice on Marci’s fingers. Motivated by her obvious arousal, she continued to recount her day.

“Well, you know that I went to town to see Andre. Even after my steamy shower cleansed the cum off of me, I could feel a looseness…a gape….in my holes.”

“Jesus,” Marci moaned as she rubbed her thighs together. “It’s so hot to hear you talk like that.”

“So I figured I needed another dose of Andre’s mystery balm. I wasn’t even in the store for a minute before he had me on my back on his massage table. My head was hanging off the side and he was fucking my mouth upside down. Fuck, Marci, he handled my tits so rough, but at some point he dipped his fingers in the ointment and started smearing it on both of my holes.”

“While he was still fucking your mouth?”

“Yeah, without missing a beat. You know what it feels like to have that balm applied. It was that, plus him frigging my clit while he buried his cock in my throat. We came at the same time. It was pretty incredible.”

“He didn’t charge you for anything, right?”

“No. He said my mouth was worth more than he could ever charge.”

“That’s my girl! Then what happened.”

“Then I went to see John.”

“Call him Uncle John…it sounds so much dirtier when you say uncle.”

“My intent, honestly, was just to apologize. And I don’t even know what for. But I felt that we needed to clear the air after last night’s revelation.”

“So you go into his shop…what does he say?”

“We make eye contact, but he was in the back of the store with another customer, so at first I browse through the dresses and wait for her to finish up.”

“Please tell me he just dropped the bitch and fucked you senseless in front of her.”

“Ha, no, not quite. He finishes the transaction, and when she leaves, he locks the door, switches the sign to ‘CLOSED’ and draws the shade.”

“Fhhhhuuuuuck,” Marci spewed, her ‘U’ sounding more like an aitch.

“As soon as he did it, I knew what was going to happen. But I had to play innocent. He approached me and waited for me to speak. He just let the silence hang between us…”

Marci kept pumping away with three fingers….

“…until finally I blurted out that I came to apologize. He didn’t believe me.

“He knew why you were really there,” Marci hushed.

“Until that moment, I didn’t know why I was really there. He said, ‘no girl has every apologized to a guy for giving him a blow job.’ He then said that I hadn’t come to buy a dress, either, even though I was modeling the one you just saw in the mirror when he approached me. Then, he noticed a cum stain on my dress…”

“Oh my god!” Marci seemed on the verge or orgasm without even touching herself, so hot was this story to her. As discreetly as she could, she moved her pinky alongside her middle three fingers and coaxed Danielle open a bit further. Aside from a gentle shifting in her seat, Danielle didn’t seem to notice.

“I told him it was from Andre, and he accused me of fucking my way up and down the street for free stuff. I wanted to protest, but he was technically right. I was so ashamed.”

“Then what happened?”

“He told me to take off my dress. Right there in the middle of his store. I probably would have done it no matter what, but it was easier to obey with the door locked and the shade drawn.”

“Fuck, baby, that’s so hot. Did he take you to the changing room and fuck your brains out?”

“No. Worse…”

Marci started pumping her four fingers harder. She had them in to the second knuckle and was wanting avcılar escort more. When she could, she flicked her thumb against Danielle’s clit. Danielle mewed in reply.

“When I dropped my dress, he could see that I wasn’t wearing any underwear. Without asking, he touched my pussy and found it soaked. He then brought his fingers to my mouth and made me taste myself.”

“God that’s so hot…”

“He said I came to him without underwear, in the same dress I’d worn yesterday, with a cum stain on it, and he asked if I tasted like someone who was sorry.”

“God damn…what did you say, baby?”

“His fingers were flat against my tongue, so I couldn’t speak, but I shook my head. So he says if I was truly sorry, I should accept my punishment. That bad girls like me deserve to be spanked.”

“Oh, fuck, baby! Tell me he bent you over his knees right there.”

“No. He turned me around and put my hands on the wall, facing a mirror. I think he wanted to be able to see my reaction when he smacked me.”

“You’re doing so great, girl. Tell me more.” Marci had four fingers up to the third knuckle now. They were thoroughly coated with Danielle’s excitement.

“The first two blows were the hardest I’ve ever been hit. Even when my dad spanked me as a little girl he didn’t hit that hard. I think I started crying instantly. One slap to each cheek and I was on fire.”

“Yeah, I bet you were, you dirty girl. Taking your punishment like a good slut. What were you feeling in that moment?”

“I felt both like I deserved to be punished, and that I wanted more. And that wanting more would mean I’d deserve to be punished again later. A never-ending cycle.”

“That’s right, baby. I’ll punish you any time you want. What happened next?” Marci pulled Danielle’s dress down to her midsection, exposing both breasts. She nibbled on her newly exposed right nipple.

“He spanked me a few more times. In between each spank, he’d scratch his nails on my ass or palm them like he was trying to soothe me. I was constantly on the line between pleasure and pain. Later, when I bent over to pick up my dress, I caught a glimpse of my ass in the mirror and it was the color of a ripe watermelon.”

“Just as juicy, too, I bet…” Marci moved her thumb from Danielle’s clit and positioned it between the four fingers already inside Danielle. This was the gentlest path towards getting her entire hand inside.

“But he didn’t stop there. After I was sore from my spanking, he asked if I was on the pill. I could only nod and stay in place as he grabbed my hips and entered me from behind.”

“Fuck, baby! Right there in the middle of his store? During the day?”

“Yes, Marci. He just took what he wanted from me. Didn’t ask permission. Didn’t say please. He just took me right there as if he didn’t care if we got caught. It was so fucking hot.”

Marci was massaging Danielle’s inner walls now, trying to ease them apart so she could fist her properly. Danielle seemed oblivious, a credit to how deftly Marci was manipulating her.

“Open your legs further, baby. Lean back against the arm of the couch.”

Danielle pivoted, Marci’s fingers still lodged inside her, and rested her head against the arm of the couch. Being on her back created a straighter angle for Marci to penetrate her, and she went up on her knees to generate as much thrust as she could.

“How hard did he fuck you, baby? Was he an animal?”

“He wasn’t as hard as Kevin, but he was close. And with how much my ass was already stinging from the spanks, every time he rocked into me I felt it all the more.”

“Did he make you cum, baby? Did he finish inside you?” Marci was making slow but determined thrusts against Danielle’s cunt, nearly overcoming her tightness to slip her entire hand inside.

“Yes, baby,” Danielle answered. “He filled me up completely. He shot his load deep inside me, and feeling it made me cum really hard, too. It was incredible. He saw me pinching my nipple and knocked my hand away. He said he’d do that for me, and that I should stroke pussy instead. That’s what sent me over the top. He squeezed my nipples so hard I just exploded.”

Danielle’s recollection of the orgasm brought her very close to another one. She seemed to relax against Marci’s thrusting fist, which allowed Marci to enter her completely. Danielle’s eyes went wide at the realization.

“Fuck! Baby, you have your entire hand inside me?”

“Yeah, baby. Since I couldn’t see your first DP, at least I get to see your first fisting.”

“It’s too big! I can’t take it.” Danielle’s chest heaved as she strained to accommodate Marci’s hand.

Marci rocked forward and locked lips with Danielle, silencing her. She then backed an inch away and said, “From now on, you’ll take whatever I give you.”

Danielle threw her head back in ecstasy as she gave in completely. The words were so damning, but also so full of guaranteed pleasure. Her psyche was a tempest, and giving into it was the best way to survive.

Marci now focused both hands between her legs. Her right was fisting her to complete and utter fullness, while her left strummed against her throbbing, erect clit like she was spinning records. Danielle pulled her knees back to permit Marci all the access she needed.

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