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Sorority Supplicant Ch. 03.1

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Jamie pressed her thighs together, alleviating and increasing the need between her legs. It was Friday morning and she was watching her roommate and supplicant, Kim, masturbate for the fifth time. Her eyes were drawn to Kim’s full, silky skinned bottom, as it moved convulsively backwards and forwards. She watched as Kim’s fingers appeared and disappeared from between her legs. Kim was kneeling, face down on her bed. Her groans muffled by her blankets as she approached her orgasm. Jamie felt an almost uncontrollable urge to just plunge her tongue into Kim’s tight, exposed bottom hole. She resisted however. She was determined to maintain her self-control and carry out Kim’s testing by the book.

Kim collapsed onto her bed with satisfied grunts and deep breaths. After a few moments she turned and faced Jamie. Her now familiar grin appeared as she spoke to Jamie.

“Well Ms. Holly, did I pass?”

Jamie laughed, “You know you did Kim and again you passed with flying colours. But tell me hun, would you like to know what is expected of you this weekend?”

Kim sat up excitedly and nodded.

“Well this weekend you are confined to this room other than when you are eating”.

Kim’s face fell in disappointment, “but Ms. Holly a whole weekend, my first ever weekend in college and you want me to be a prisoner here? That’s so unfair”.

“Don’t sulk, it gives that pretty face of yours a lot of unnecessary lines. I know it sounds awful but you wont be alone. Your new friend Joan will also be confined to this room. It will give both of you the opportunity to get to know each other better and also a chance to work on the assignments you were given by Megan. Now off you go and shower, I don’t want you being late for classes. I will meet you here at six to wish you good luck”.

Kim stood up and walked slowly to the shower still feeling disappointed by having to miss her entire first weekend.

“Don’t sulk young lady”, Jamie said with a firm voice.

Kim paused and turned. She stood up properly and looked at Jamie, “sorry Ms. Holly”, she forced herself to smile until she closed the bathroom door behind her. She then stuck out her tongue cheekily. She caught sight of her reflection in the mirror and laughed ruefully at her childish gesture. She shook her head, deciding again that she would not fail in her attempts to join her mother’s old sorority. She consoled herself with the thought that a weekend with Joan might be fun and might even have possibilities. Thinking of the possibilities caused her hands to move to her breasts, she began to circle her nipples as she remembered watching Joan’s fingers moving through her unkempt bush.

Jamie heard the water from the shower and slowly willed her hands from her wet and hungry cunt. She stood up and shook her head. No! She said to herself. She could wait a while longer. She was to spend her weekend at the Chapter House. Any and all frustrations would be more than satisfied there and if she needed more, then there were always frat parties to attend. She looked around and found her bag. She left the room humming contentedly to herself.

Kim’s day went quickly. The lecture halls, the classes, the other students, the entire environment was still new and exciting. She ran into Joan a few times but other than some awkward exchanges of small talk there was little to say. Their aydınlı escort enforced confinement together wasn’t even mentioned.

Kim was back in her room by 5pm, weighed down by several textbooks. If she was going to be stuck here, she reasoned, she might as well get some work done. She decided on a quick shower. She then sat down to read, wearing a long t-shirt, white cotton panties and an oversized pair of slippers that were a lurid pink in colour.

At six, Jamie, Megan and Joan walked in. Kim stood to greet them. She took their jibes about her slippers in good spirits. She looked at Joan who assiduously avoided eye contact. She had a few textbooks in her arms and a tiny toiletries bag. There didn’t seem to be any other luggage. She was wearing a faded grey bathing robe. Kim assumed that Joan expected to pop back and forth between their rooms for any clothes she may need.

Jamie pointed to Kim’s bed and gestured for Kim and Joan to sit on it. They did so and Jamie and Megan stood facing them. Megan spoke first.

“Just to remind you of the rules for this weekend. Joan, you are under no circumstances to leave this room during the weekend. Kim shall bring any and all food you will need here. Further, you will be expected to spend this weekend in the nude. Ms. Holly, the other Testers and me will check in regularly to ensure that you are following our instructions. You will also give Kim at least six hours of tuition in mathematics. If her grades do not improve soon both of you will be in trouble. Do you understand?”

Joan nodded. Megan remained staring at Joan, a growing anger on her face. Joan looked up and saw her.

“Yes I understand, Ms. Phillips. Sorry Ms. Phillips”, she stuttered quickly.

Megan nodded and then held out her hand. Joan slowly stood up and took off her robe. She was naked underneath it and pressed her arm across her breasts as she handed Megan the robe. She sat down quickly, drawing her legs up and hugging them. Megan sighed and glanced at Jamie.

Jamie spoke to Kim, “you know what you have to do, stay here. Leave only when you need food. Study hard and give Joan as much instruction on grooming as possible”.

“Yes Ms. Holly”, Kim felt a little embarrassed at her eagerness to please and obey Jamie, but decided against dwelling on it for now.

Jamie collected a few things and stuffed them in a bag. She left with Megan without a single glance back. Kim watched her go and was surprised to feel sadness about not seeing her for so long a time. As she sat there considering this she almost forgot the presence of the beautiful, naked black girl to her side. Joan’s discomfort at her situation was more than obvious to Kim.

Kim was determined to take what fun she could from this weekend and knew that an ill at ease Joan would not help. She figured that her first task would be to get Joan to relax a bit and maybe forget or least grow accustomed to her nudity.

“So Joan, do you have any suggestions as to what we should do first?”

“No”, was Joan’s monosyllabic reply.

“Ok then I have a few ideas. I was careful to listen to our instructions and not once did they say we were not allowed to consume vast amounts of vodka. And I just happen to have a bottle hidden in my wardrobe. So why don’t we drink and discuss those three pillars bağdat caddesi escort of all female interests”.

Joan stared at her with a blank expression.

“Hair, make up and boys silly”, Kim laughed and to her relief so did Joan.

“It will be a short conversation then”, Joan laughed, “I know next to nothing about any of them”

Kim put her arms around her and hugged her, “don’t worry, some alcohol and we will both become experts”.

Kim stood and retrieved the bottle and found some plastic glasses. She poured two generous measures and handed one of the glasses to Joan. She touched her glass off of Joan’s and smiled at her.

“To us”, was her toast and she then slugged back her drink. Joan followed suit and as Kim grimaced at the taste, Joan was convulsed in coughs. Kim took her glass from her hand and again poured two generous measures. As soon as Joan had stopped coughing she handed the glass back to her.

“To our Testers”, she toasted and again they drank the vodka quickly.

Kim could already feel a warm fuzzy glow behind her eyes and giggled as Joan handed back the cup looking for more vodka. She poured out two more drinks and handed both glasses to Joan. She stood up.

“I think I will add a new rule Joan, as you are bare ass naked then its only fair I should be too. Is than ok with you my comrade in arms?”

Joan laughed and cheered her agreement, but before Kim could even pull her t-shirt above her head Joan had emptied both glasses down her throat. Joan then leaned back against the wall and looked at Kim. Kim laughed at Joan’s thirst and then became very conscious of Joan’s eyes as she went to pull up her shirt. She was acutely aware of being stared at as her t-shirt covered her face, freeing and exposing her milky skinned breasts.

She brought her arms down, her t-shirt held in her arms. She saw the undisguised lust in Joan’s eyes and could feel her own excitement building in the pit of her stomach and between her legs. She dropped the t-shirt to the ground. She kicked off her slippers. She then hooked her fingers in her panties and slowly pushed them down, her hands caressing her legs, her back bending till her hands and panties reached her ankles. She raised one foot and then the other freeing them from the panties. She stood, enjoying now being the centre of Joan’s rapt attention. She raised her hand and dropped her panties into Joan’s lap.

“Are you enjoying this as much as I am”, Kim asked in a raspy voice.

Joan looked at her, “I don’t think I have ever felt anything so intense as when we were naked together Kim. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. When Ms. Phillips, I mean Megan, tested me after that I was thinking about you. I came again and again just thinking about you. I hope you don’t mind?”

Kim’s fingers began tracing circles around her nipples, “Mind. God no Joan, I have been coming thinking about you as well. And right now I am hotter than I have ever been”.

Joan’s legs spread, exposing her small beasts and her pussy. Her fingers trailing lazily over her hairy lips.

“I have never been with anyone Kim, I’ve never even had a proper kiss. I don’t know if this testing thing has turned me lesbian or if I was always one but I do know that I want to kiss you and much more than bahçelievler escort kissing”.

Kim smiled and nodded her head. She moved towards the bed and knelt slowly and carefully between Joan’s legs. Her right hand went to Joan’s face and gently stroked her cheek. She used the back of her fingers of her left hand to brush lightly against Joan’s nipples. Joan shivered in response her hands moving to rest on Kim’s hips, content to let Kim take the lead in whatever was going to happen.

Kim moved her face closer and closer to Joan’s face. Their eyes locked as they became more and more aware of the other’s breathing, both feeling the other’s hot breath. Kim now held Joan’s chin in her hand, their lips inches apart. Closer still until their noses brushed against each others. Joan’s eyes closed and her lips opened slightly. Kim smiled, feeling equal parts of lust and power. She dropped her left hand and cupped Joan’s hairy pussy tightly, feeling the hot pussy juices soaking her palm. Joan’s eyes opened in shock as she gasped. Then Kim closed the distance between their mouths and kissed Joan softly. Maintaining contact between their lips as they gazed into each other’s eyes.

As Kim felt the warmth of Joan’s lips on her own, her hand felt the furnace like heat between Joan’s legs. She slowly moved her fingers, enjoying the sensation of Joan’s juices as they drenched her hand. She opened her mouth and felt Joan respond. Their tongues rushed lightly against each other. Kim pushed two fingers gently between Joan’s cunt lips, pushing slowly till they met an obstruction. Kim smiled as she kissed Joan, realising she was now touching Joan’s very innocence. She withdrew her fingers a fraction and began to thrust them in and out of Joan, ensuring she merely grazed Joan’s intact hymen and not pushing threw it.

Joan began to pant, her hips jerking spasmodically in response to Kim’s thrusting fingers. Her eyes closed as she searched hungrily for Kim’s tongue. Her hands dropped slightly and cupped Kim’s full ripe bottom cheeks. She squeezed them convulsively as she felt her body approach a mind searing climax. Kim felt Joan’s response, her tongue savagely attacking Joan’s. She groaned in pleasure as she felt her bottom being fondled so passionately. She kept her fingers working between Joan’s cunt lips and over her hardened clit. She felt her own cunt weeping in unsatisfied lust but maintained her concentration. She began to move her fingers faster. Her frustration forgotten as she felt the power she now had over Joan’s quivering body.

She moved back her head and placed her free hand on Joan’s neck. She pushed Joan back so that they could see each other. Her fingers moved even faster, her eyes locking with those of Joan. Despite their locked gaze she still noticed Joan’s rising and falling breasts. She kept her hand tightly around Joan’s neck, staring at each other as her fingers feasted on the hungry wet cunt between Joan’s legs. Joan began to grunt loudly, her eyes losing focus and her teeth bared in an animal snarl. Her eyes opened again and she stared fiercely at Kim, so fiercely that Kim almost lost her rhythm. She had never seen such fire and never imagined Joan capable of such depth of feeling. Joan whispered hoarsely through gritted teeth.

“I’m cummmming…I’m cumming”.

Her hands squeezed Kim’s ass painfully for several moments, before she collapsed back against the wall. Her breath coming in huge ragged lungfulls. Kim’s fingers began to gently stroke Joan’s wet cunt lightly, as she watched with a grin as Joan struggled to recover.

“That looked very sexy hun, I can’t wait for my turn”

Joan pulled her down to her, hugging her close and kissing her deeply.

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