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Sophie’s Late Night Phonecall

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Part two of the “Sophie” series

“Call now for instant relief, you’ll just lo….”

The rest of the advert was cut off as Sophie switched the tv off.

Leaning her head back on the sofa she sighed softly. Glancing at the clock on the wall she noted that Josh was an hour late.

He had gone on a business trip, an urgent contract. One that could make them rich supposedly. She had not wanted to go, business trips were not her style. He had been gone a week already and aside from missing him terribly, she was as horny as fuck. She hadn’t got laid in a week. She had tried using her vibrator but it didn’t seem to satisfy her need anymore. She needed hot, erotic action.

It had been two weeks since her illicit fuck with Ben. She would have called him to help her out but he was on holiday in Europe and he wouldn’t be back till the end of the month, two more weeks away!

Josh had phoned after the meeting had finished early in the afternoon and told her he had secured the contract and had told her to get all dressed up so that they could go out tonight, but of course, Josh wasn’t back yet.

This was why Sophie Harper was all dressed up. She was wearing a short black cocktail dress, which clung to her curves, emphasising her very ample chest, which was held by two thin straps over the shoulders. She wore black high heels, to further enhance her sexual presence. Finished off underneath by matching black lace bra and panties. The bra pushed her tits together to form a formidable sight of cleavage.

She looked a knockout as always. Her long straight blonde hair hung down her back, her long white legs were shown off perfectly by the mid thigh length of the dress. Her blue eyes looked even bigger than normal, emphasised by the mix of black and blonde.

She had been so horny lately that she had thought of seducing the next man who cam by, even the paperboy.

Just as she was thinking of a way she could fin someone to fuck tonight, the doorbell rang.

Jumping up, her 36C breasts bounced with the full life they had. Soft and firm.

She ran towards the door, smoothing her dress when she got there. She calmly opened the front door.

Opening the front door, expecting to see Josh, Sophie had a bit of a shock, she hadn’t expected to see the man staring back at her.

Charles Riley was Josh’s boss. A nice guy from all that she had heard about him. He gave money to charities and even ran homeless shelters around the city. A respected man and well liked in the community. He wasn’t one of these rich people who stuck their noses in the air or only mingled with other rich people. Charles Riley was as much at home with the homeless people as with the rich and famous. Everybody liked him, except Sophie.

At the work party almost a year ago he had pinched her ass and had tried to dance with her a little informally. Now Sophie wasn’t one to mind flirting with people, but Mr Charles Riley was not the man of her dreams.

Charles Riley was 56, grey hair on his balding head, a large nose, short and overweight. His suit looked ready to burst at the seams. And he stood there with a large smile on his face, obviously ogling at her body.

“Mr Riley! What can I do for you?” Sophie said trying to hide the surprise in her voice.

“Sophie. Looking good as always.” He said with that stupid smile on his face. Sophie moved a little more behind the door. “Josh phoned me after the meeting this afternoon and told me he had got the contract, I was happy for him of course and asked him to come over for a drink, but he insisted that I come over here. Is he in?”

“No he isn’t back yet. He should have been an hour ago but he’s not and he hasn’t phoned yet.” Sophie answered

“Ahh, he said he might not be back, what with planes being as they are. He said if he wasn’t to just wait for him, that you would take care of me.” His smile deepened at the last words.

“He never told me.” Sophie said, “I suppose you had better come in.”

Sophie moved behind the door and let the old man in. There was no way she was gonna walk in front of this guy and give him an excuse to view her ass.

When he had entered, she shut the door behind her and followed him into the lounge. Riley sat down on the sofa opposite the chair. The table in between, the TV to the left and the other sofa opposite that.

Sophie held her dress as she sat on the chair. “Dirty old bastard!” She thought, “I’m old enough to be his daughter.”

They sat there for a couple of minutes in silence. Sophie looking everywhere else while Riley openly ogled her.

“Fancy a drink?” Sophie asked, anything to get her out of there.

“Yeah, sure.” Riley replied.

Sophie stood up and berated herself mentally for bending a little too far forward, then quickly walked into the kitchen.

She opened the fridge and took out a beer. Popped the top off and brought it back through to the lounge, handing it to her boyfriends boss. Riley held onto her hand as she handed him the bottle. Sophie pulled adana escort her hand away from his and moved back a little. Riley took a swig of the brew and placed it on the table in front of him. When he stood up he was a little shorter than Sophie.

Walking over to her slowly, she did not back away. “Damn it, this is my house. I won’t let him beat me in my house.” She thought.

Riley stopped and offered his hand out to her.

“May I have one dance please Sophie?” He asked all gentlemanly.

“A..a.dance?” Sophie stammered incredulously

“Yes, just one dance.” Riley replied smiling

Sophie was a little confused. Maybe he wasn’t a sleazy guy after all.

“Just one.” Sophie replied sternly.

Riley took the young lady’s hand. Damn she looked so hot today. Every time he had seen her she looked amazing, but in that figure hugging dress, she looked radiant, and so unbelievably fuckable.

He gently pulled her to him. His plan might work, he thought to himself. He had planned to ask her to dance, accidentally fall on to the sofa and cop a feel as he did. It might just work.

Placing his hand on her thin waist, he held her other hand tightly and pressed himself lightly against her. Her large tits brushed lightly against his chest and he wanted to pull her tightly to him, put her on the floor and fuck her senseless. But he knew she wouldn’t go for him, no, a feel of her tits, which can be innocently covered up as a fall, would suffice him.

They danced a few steps, then a few more, a little turn, then some more. She was a good dancer, she must be good at everything, Riley thought. He turned her around so her back was to him as they danced a little more; she was getting into this. Then he could feel the sofa he had been sitting on behind his foot and made his knee give way. He fell backwards onto the sofa pulling the hot blonde on top of him. This was not how he had intended to fall.

Sophie fell backwards on to the sofa with Riley, landing on him as he sat down in his fall. She landed with a little force straight onto his lap, sitting down on him. As she landed square on his lap, Sophie felt something hard drive right against her pussy. With the shock of the fall, Sophie just sat there while her mind cleared a little. When she calmed down a little she noticed that Riley still held her by the waist, that she was sitting on his lap and that something hard was digging up against her pussy. “His cock!” She thought, “I’m sitting on his hard cock through his trousers!”

Indeed she was, the fact that the hot blonde had landed on his lap and had sat down had given Charles Riley an instant hard on.

“I’ve got to get up!” Sophie thought. But she didn’t move at all. The feel of a hard cock pressing against her pussy was too good, especially as she hadn’t had sex for a week.

Charles Riley couldn’t believe how that fall had worked out. He had fell wrong but this was so much better than he had expected, and what was even better was that she was not moving. She must be able to feel my dick, he thought to himself, and she must be liking it.

Sophie thought of moving again, she wouldn’t mind sitting on someone else’s cock, but this was Charles Riley! But it felt too good to move.

She moved her ass a little so she could feel the hard object rub against her pussy. This seemed to turn the old man on more and his dick grew even harder.

“Oh” Sophie couldn’t help let out a little moan as the feel of a hard cock against her stimulated her. “It’s been so long.” She thought.

Riley’s hands tightened on her waist and held her directly over his cock.

“Hmmm, now this seating arrangement is so much better, wouldn’t you agree Miss Harper?” He asked

“Yeah” She gasped before she could think

Totally in the clutches of lust, Sophie had completely forgotten that this was a guy she hated. All that she knew was that this was a hard cock, and it was rubbing her very horny pussy.

Riley slowly bounced his knees so that Sophie gently bounced on his hard pole, pushing it against her made her moan lightly and turned her on even more. Feeling that dick trying to penetrate her made her lose control.

“You like my little game?” Riley asked her

“Uh-uh” She nodded

“You like the feel of my hard dick against you?” His hands clenched on her waist. She was bouncing a little faster.

“mmm, yeah” She managed to moan. What was she doing, she hated this guy, and he didn’t turn her on at all.

Riley’s hands let go of her waist and slowly moved up to cup her large tits from behind.

He held them for a moment, thinking about how it must look, Sophie lightly bouncing on his lap while he cupped those large firm tits from behind. The thought made him hornier than before, and he bounced her a little faster. Her large breasts bouncing up and down beneath her thin dress, with his hands gripping them. He squeezed them and Sophie moaned. She was hot and hornier than him, judging by the look of things.

Then ankara escort he stopped bouncing her as the phone rang.

Sophie was extremely horny now. Riley was squeezing her tits from behind and the monster pressing against her pussy continuously grew and put more and more pressure against her pussy.

Then the phone started to ring and Riley stopped bouncing her on his lap. In one way she was glad but another she wanted him to carry on. She was so incredibly horny.

She stayed sitting on Riley’s lap as she reached for the phone by the side of the sofa. It was a cordless phone and had a little LCD screen, which showed the caller’s ID. The little screen read, JOSH, which meant he was phoning from his mobile.

Still feeling the pressure of the hard cock under her, and her boyfriend’s bosses hands cupping her tits she answered the phone.

“Hello?” She said

“Hey honey, it’s me” Josh replied

“Hey baby” Sophie said and Riley started to squeeze her big tits again, she stifled a little moan.

“Honey, the plane has landed, but I’m still waiting for a taxi. They say there has been some kind of accident on the roads somewhere, and traffic is really bad. I don’t know when I’ll get home, could be in about half an hour or it could be a couple of hours.” Josh explained

“Oh baby, I miss you. I can’t wait for you to come back.” Sophie told Josh as Charles Riley pulled her back to lie against him with her tits. He fondled and squeezed her more as he bent his head to kiss her neck gently. “Oh” She moaned lightly

“You ok baby?” Josh asked worriedly.

“Yeah, I’m fine sweetie. I just sat on something hard that’s all.” Sophie’s eyes were now closed. Her head turned towards her boyfriend’s boss and they locked lips with each other. Tongues probing each other as they exchanged a passionate kiss. Riley continued his assault on Sophie’s tits. She held the phone to her ear.

“Sweetie, I forgot to tell you that my boss is coming over for a drink, so he should be there soon. Can you keep him entertained till I get back?” Josh asked nervously. He knew that Sophie didn’t like his boss.

Sophie broke the kiss, “Yeah I will baby.” She replied to him. Riley continued mauling her breasts. Sophie looked down at the pudgy hands covering and squeezing her melons over her black cocktail dress. “I’m entertaining him right now, he seems to be enjoying himself.” She told Josh.

“Good, I’m glad things are going ok. I’ll be back there soon sweetheart.” Josh said.

“I can’t wait to see you baby.” Sophie cooed down the phone. All the pleasure she was feeling was starting to get to her. She needed cock, and she needed it now. And there was one right under her at that moment. Then a wicked idea came to her and she almost came from just the thought. “Baby, I have missed you so much this last week, will you stay on the phone with me a while?” Sophie asked in her best pouty voice.

“Sure baby. I have missed you loads too” Josh replied after a short laugh.

“YAY” She said down the phone. “I’ll pass you on to your boss so you can speak to him for a while. I’m just gonna have a snack, I’ll be back later.”

“Ok then baby” Josh told her

Sophie turned around on her boss’s lap, making him release his hold on her firm tits. Smiling at him she handed him the phone, but as she gave him the phone with her boyfriend on the other end, Sophie whispered into the old mans other ear.

“I am gonna suck you dry while your on the phone to my boyfriend!”

And with that teasing smile she had perfected she gave him the phone.

Sliding off his lap, Sophie felt unhappy she had to leave that nice dick, it had felt so good against her. But she would have it in her mouth soon, She thought.

As she went to her knees in front of Charles Riley and began undoing the belt and buttons on his trousers, she could hear him talking to Josh about “How his girlfriend was entertaining him” and that “She was very kind” and “was really looking after him.”

Sophie pulled the old man’s pants and boxers down and was shocked by what she saw. The large cock in front of her could not belong to this short, pudgy man. It must have been 11 inches at least. He was even bigger than what Ben was.

Sophie looked up at the old man who just smiled back at her, then she returned to looking at the monster cock in front of her face.

Reaching for it she wrapped one of her small, slim hands around its length and was surprised when her fingers didn’t meet. The man was a monster.

Slowly Sophie started to rub her hand up and down the shaft. Looking up at Riley she said, “Do you like that?”

“It’s very nice” He replied whilst looking at her, “Oh, Sophie is just showing me a picture of hers.” Riley told Josh.

Sophie smiled. As much for herself as for Riley. This was so kinky.

All of a sudden Riley said, “Yeah, I’ll put you on to her for a second.” And with a smile for her he handed the phone to her.

She took antalya escort it with her free hand but she jacked at the old man’s cock faster now as she spoke.

“Hey baby, what’s up” She asked her boyfriend of 3 years.

“What picture is this he was talking about? You don’t paint.” Josh replied normally

Sophie had bowed her head after she finished speaking and had licked the head of the monster cock.

“You remember that old one I did of the boat years ago.” She replied to his question. Then as he spoke, she went back to licking the head of Riley’s cock. Then slid her tongue down its entire length and all the way back up, to circle the head again with her sweet wet tongue.

While she was doing this her boyfriend said, “Oh yeah, now I remember, I thought you had thrown that away a while ago. I told you, you should never have stopped painting.”

“I know, maybe I’ll take it up again.” Sophie said, still with the taste of Riley’s cock on her tongue. “Honey, I’ll put you back on to Mr Riley, I think my food is just about ready.”

She had been jacking at Riley’s cock fast and the look on the old man’s face said he couldn’t take much more of it. His eyes were closed and his hands tensed on the seat of the sofa.

She handed the phone back to Riley, who immediately said to Josh, “Your girl is really hand-y, with a paintbrush.”

Sophie smiled at Riley and kept her eyes on his as she lowered her mouth over the head of the large cock. Sucking it into her mouth slowly. Lowering her head painfully slowly, whilst never taking her eyes off her boyfriends boss. Riley had his eyes closed now and was mouthing the words “Oh fuck”, while trying to stop himself from moaning down the phone.

Sophie was more turned on then ever now. She was going down on her boyfriend’s boss while he was on the phone to him. Her pussy tingled with the excitement. She continued to slowly lower her head down the length of the thick cock. Her jaw was stretched as wide as it would go, but she knew she could take it all in one go, because she had had the practice with Ben on how to suck a big cock.

Keeping her eyes on her boyfriends bosses now, she felt the thick cock enter her throat and sucked the last bit into her mouth. Her head hit the base of his cock and she well and truly was impaled on it. Looking at the shock on her boyfriends bosses eyes, she knew no one had ever been able to go this far down on him. But she knew how good at sucking cock she was, and she intended to bring him off.

Placing her soft hands on to the wide mans hips; Sophie started to raise her head off the monster pole. Sucking all the way up. Once she reached the head she slowly lowered her head back down, still never taking her eyes off his. Up and down, Sophie slowly lowered and raised her head along that thick length, using her tongue to flick across the shaft of the cock as she continued sucking up and down.

The feel of the long hard dick in her mouth made her moan and she closed her eyes as she really started to get into the illicit action. Faster and faster she bobbed her head up and down the hard pole. Sucking harder and harder.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmph” She moaned around the cock shaft.

“Oh, you’re…girlfriend…is..really looking..after me, Josh.” The fat boss tried to say without moaning.

Sophie bobbed her head up and down with increased vigour when she heard Riley say Josh’s name. The thought of sucking off Josh’s boss while on the phone to him drove her crazy.

“Mmmmmm, mmmmmm, mmmmmm” She moaned around the hard shaft. Sucking it and tasting it. Feeling the large member slide wetly from her mouth then slide easily into her mouth and down her throat.

Sophie began to pick up speed, sucking the man for all she was worth. She was enjoying this so much. She would never have guessed that Charles Riley would have a fantastic cock like this. If she would have known, she would have let him dance how he wanted and fucked him that night too. He may be old and fat but his cock was young and virile and he must have stamina like a bull to be still hard after she had played with his dick this long.

She bobbed up and down faster and faster. Holding on to his hips for support. She wanted to squeal with the pleasure but the cock on her mouth wouldn’t let her, all that escaped was a muffled moan.

Sucking him harder and harder she was determined to make him cum down her throat.

As she sucked more and more, faster and faster, bobbing that pretty little head of hers up and down that long hard cock, Riley placed his free hand on her head, no pressure, at least not yet. She smiled to herself, he was gonna cum soon. How could he not. He had wanted to feel her up at that work party, and now he was getting more than his dreams, she was down on her knees sucking him off.

The hand on her head, the dick in her mouth and the thought of what she was doing made her moan.

Charles Riley his hand on the young blondes hair as she bobbed her head up and down his raging hard dick.

He had never even dreamt that this would be happening. He thought that he might be able to cop a feel, which he did in a big way, but never had he thought that this young beautiful blonde he had wanted for so long, would be down on her knees sucking him off, and while he was on the phone to her boyfriend.

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